My Bestfriends Mom

My friends mom was a woman who just had gotten done with a horrible divorce. I always went to over to play video games with Zach. I always had an eye on his hot mom. She was a little chunky and tall with long curly light brown hair. I couldn't get the fantasy out of my mind of her being naked. I always imagined her rubbing her fingers on her clit, begging me to fuck her. Then again, I was 16 and didn't think I had a chance with her. That didn't stop me from eyeing her though. I loved to look at her sexy body. She saw me looking at her too. She didn't mind though, she tease me by bending over pretending to pick up something. Her loose shirts and tight blue jeans showed her big bust and round ass. She looked at me when she did it. I always acted like I wasn't peeking, but her and I both knew I was.

Zach finally left for college and I had left my cell phone charger at his house. Since I was only 16 I was still stick in high school. I went over to retrieve my charger. I knocked on the door and his mom answered, peeking her head around the door. I asked to go get the charger I left in his room. She let me in and she closed the door. I turned and looked at her. To my disbelieve, she was naked. Just out of the shower. I was in shock looking at her beautiful wet naked body.

"Ma'am .... I...." I said mumbling.
"Shhh.... Zach isn't here and I know you've been peeking on me. Do you want to feel now?" She said stroking her pussy.
I said nothing and looked at her fingering her self. She knew I wanted her. She walked to me and pulled of my clothes, sliding up and down my body rubbing her huge breast whispering "I know you want this, you want this fat wet pussy, don't you".
I grabbed her by the waist and walked her to the nearest bed. Rubbing her breast and grinding on her ass. I sucked on her neck and moved my hand down to her pussy and stuck my finger in and out.
I laid on my back and told her to ride me.

She got on top and slid my beating hard cock inside her pussy. She moved back and forth slowly. "You love this pussy, huh?"
I didn't say anything, I just smacked her ass and grabbed tight on her hips; Letting her know to ride me faster. Her moans grew louder as she sped up. Her breast began to bounce and her ass became bright red as I smacked it.

I gently pushed her to the side, put her on all fours and started to fuck her doggy style. Her pussy was warmed up. She was getting looser and wetter by every thrust. I pulled on her hair and bit on her neck. I pushed her face in the pillow and fucked her hard. "Oh.... yeah..... fuck me harder.... ba-baby... don't stop... make me cum..." I stopped and trusted slowly then sped up again. She began to shake, she let out a big scream and her pussy started leaking. I was about to cum too. I pulled out and stuck my prick in her mouth. Her soft lips and the popping she made with her mouth on my dick made me cum.

We laid in bed for a while, she lit a cigarette and took out a deep breath. After I came to the realization I fucked my friends mom, I got dressed and left.

I have to admit that was the best day of my life.

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4 months ago
HOT Thanks for the posting
1 year ago
ds me of my buddies mom when he went to military school.
3 years ago
3 years ago
I like your story.
3 years ago
Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Nice one.
3 years ago
Cool story
3 years ago
nice story!