My M.I.L.F

I had just ended a relationship that threw me into a weird place in my life. When I finally decided to move on and try something new I came upon internet dating. I had known about it but never tried it. So I gave it a shot. The first few weeks were kinda shocking to me. I am a handsome man but I don’t think I am better than anyone or above anyone. In fact a lot of times I was kinda shy. I was getting daily responses from all types of woman. So I began meeting them.

The first girl I met was a young single mom. She was very cute and had a very large, round ass just like I like. I took her out to dinner. I could tell by her body language that's she thought I was handsome and interesting. We headed back to her place after dinner. Upon our arrival she invited me in. As I entered the small apartment I could see the look on her face. It was like she was waiting for me to take her. I have always been a gentleman but I know how to lay it down in the bedroom . She was a short girl so I leaned down and gave her a slow, sensuous kiss on her lips. She started to shake a bit. I knew I had her. She told me she had to pee so I sat down on her bed. When she finished she walked out of her restroom completely naked. We kissed for a minute then I sat her down on her bed and I pulled out my smooth, milk chocolate 7 1/2 incher. Her eyes lit up as she put me in her mouth immediately. She was fantastic. I had never had an orgasm from oral sex but she sucked and licked my dick so passionately for the next 20 minutes until I exploded in the back of her throat. She didn't waste a drop. As I sat there in amazement I decided it was my turn to show her what I could do. I pushed her down onto the bed and spread her legs as wide as they would go and then I slowly put myself into her. At every inch she would gasp. Once I was all the way in she had a very excited look. For a single mom of 3 she had a very tight vagina. It was a pleasant surprise! I continued to pound her in missionary for a few more minutes then it was time for me to see that ass! I stood up and rolled her over revealing her large backside! It was round, big, and very soft! I got her on all fours and I slid right in! There was no going in slowly I was pounding her right from the start. With every stroke her ass moves like a wave in the ocean and that excited me to no end. We finished out the night in various positions and we ended with her swallowing all the cum I gave her and she never spilled a drop. This was the start of a crazy time in my life.

Over the next few months I would use the dating sites to meet ladies and have a little fun. I met small, medium and large ladies and learned a great deal of things about each type. Regardless of their size all of the ladies had one thing in common, all had beautiful round asses! The next few encounters were definitely awesome experiences! More stories to come!

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Please dedicate this story to where its due
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what site is that??? lol