Loken's Femdom Chastity Story

This is my own, original, fictitious work:

Chapter I
Submission, Discovery

A state of contentment washed over Loken, the morning was usually the most stressful part of the day. Not including, of course, what evening activities were to occur or were planned. Loken had successfully got his mistress up, made her breakfast of half a g****fruit followed by a poached egg on toast, cafetiere coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice whilst she was in the shower.

Mistress Inara was immaculately dressed in a figure hugging black jacket and matching smart black trousers with a white blouse and high heels. Being the head of a small local public relations and marketing firm, Mistress looked every part the important business woman she was. Loken couldn't help but stare as she came down the stairs into the kitchen just as he was serving her poached egg. As he pulled a chair out for her and seated her, Mistress Inara stated

'You can close your mouth, Loken'
'Yes, Ma'am, sorry Ma'am' replied Loken

Inara inwardly smiled, it was precisely the reaction she had wanted. She knew how to manipulate men and used this to her full advantage in the business world. For everyday use she preferred her submissive to use Ma'am as, although there was always the mistress and submissive relationship ever present, there is also a bond of real warmth and caring as well. Such informal settings as the kitchen table dictated the use of Ma'am.

By stark contrast Loken's attire befitted his status in the household. He was naked with one exception, his chastity device which allowed Mistress Inara complete control over his releases. Although a very short time period had passed since he'd first starting wearing the chastity device he actually didn't feel naked when he was wearing it. It was as if Loken had always been wearing the device, it felt part of him and completed him. Although at that precise time his body seemed to be trying to reject the chastity device because seeing Inara had caused his manhood to become as erect as it could, fighting against the design of the device.

'If you break that device, I'll not be happy' warned Inara
'I'm sorry, Ma'am, I cannot help it' said Loken
'That is something we will have to work on, I will have to train you so that if I do not wish my possession to be erect, it is not erect, understand?'
'Yes, Ma'am'

Loken stood at his 'at ease' position whilst his mistress ate. Feet shoulder width apart, arms behind his back. His breakfast would be a simpler affair, some plain porridge and whatever Inara had decided to leave him from her breakfast.

The reason why Loken was usually stressed at this time was because anything wrong that happened or he did would be noted by Inara and appropriate correctional action taken later. "Wrong" was a relative term as well, sometimes Loken did everything he thought was "right" and yet still get marked down. What made it worse for Loken is the fact that he had to worry he might have been marked down and his mistress would be planning a punishment for him upon her return from work. Inara liked this situation as well since it enabled her to put some thought into any punishment or reward that was required for Loken's actions, in between her meetings and at lunch.

'I'm finished' stated Inara
'Very good, Ma'am, did you enjoy it?' asked Loken
'Enjoyed is a much too positive word, today's breakfast was up to the usual high standard I expect, slave.'
'Yes, Ma'am. Do you want anything else?' Inara made a small motion to stand and Loken immediately moved her chair to allow her to rise.
'A glass of water' Loken went to the 'fridge, took out the filtered water, poured her a glass and handed it to her. 'Thank you, slave'
'It was my pleasure, Ma'am'
'And, slave?' Inara paused
'Yes, Ma'am?' asked Loken
'Firstly you will only have pleasure at my discretion but secondly well done on controlling yourself a bit more'

Loken wondered what she meant but then realised whilst he had been watching Inara eat and then getting her a glass of water his mind had focused on being pragmatic and his erection had subsided somewhat. Just as he realised this he started getting hard again, ruining the good work. Loken blushed furiously at the fact he couldn't control himself, especially since his Mistress had only recently commented on it. He saw Inara frown at this latest development but inwardly she was smiling, another victory for her. She knew he'd be unable to stop himself after she had commented on his erection.

Mistress Inara shook her head as she climbed the stairs to brush her teeth. Loken was left to clear up the dishes from breakfast. Inara had left him some g****fruit and a small portion of poached egg and toast. As his porridge was microwaving he consumed the leftovers. He was somewhat nervous, his erections and his Mistress Inara frowning were not good omens for later that day.

As Loken heard her coming down the stairs he positioned himself, as always, by the front door. He was in his submissive position for her departure, sitting on his heels, arms behind his back and head bowed forward, his eyes looking at the floor. Inara collected her office bag from the ground floor study that was her home office and headed towards the front door. As was the custom she stopped at the front door, let Loken kiss her feet and was away through the door to her job.

Loken was content and let it wash over him, sat at the kitchen table where his mistress had been sitting he was now eating his porridge. Part of the submission to Mistress Inara was giving up his somewhat pathetic job as an office manager for a small company in the town. This he had done gladly but it did mean that now he had to keep the house spotless and do all of the menial chores such as washing, cooking and cleaning. After he eaten and done the washing up his erection was quite subsided, since his mind focused on practical tasks rather than fantasising.

When not doing tasks Lokens mind tended to wander and therein lied the problem since he had quite recently discovered he could free himself from the chastity device.

It was a simple plastic construction mistress had got for him from the Internet. First of all a plastic ring went around his penis and behind his scrotum. His penis was then contained in a downward facing, small tube that fitted almost flush to the ring, but allowing a slight gap for his scrotum. This was then locked in place by a bar that connected the ring and the tube. The captive could not remove the tube without pulling the whole device forward but his testicles would be trapped and thereby stopping him pulling too much without causing immense pain. It was known as a CB-3000.

Loken, unfortunately for him, was barely four and a half inches when erect. Much less so when flaccid. Although perhaps he was also fortunate for this affliction as it enabled him to bypass the security of the chastity device. When flaccid, as he was now since he had just finished doing the washing up, he was able to pull the device far enough away without causing significant pain for him to release his flaccid penis. Loken did this now, he took his penis out of the suffocating confines of the chastity device.

No sooner had Loken remove his manhood had it become erect and expectant. This was only a recent discovery. He had been desperate to orgasm but, of course, Mistress Inara was less keen to oblige. As such he had been without orgasm for the longest period he could remember. Once, out of frustration, he had tried to remove the device and now he had succeeded he never looked back from that first time. Each day, after mistress had gone to work, he would masturbate to let his frustrations out.

Today, he strolled from the kitchen to the living room and started to masturbate. He closed his eyes and imagined Mistress Inara was there, looking as spectacular as she did this morning. Since Loken was almost constantly on a sexual high it did not take him long to begin the inevitable strokes that would take him to orgasm.

Disaster struck.

There was the sound of the door opening. It was too late for Loken. There was no stopping the orgasm. Mistress Inara called out.

'Loken? It's me! I just forgot a file from my office, where are you?'
'In the living room' Loken replied

Loken was feeling crushed. He knew there was no escape at all. Even if he had wanted to try and hide the orgasm, there was no way he could get his erect manhood back in the chastity device plus there was the evidence, sprayed on the wooden floor of the living room. He simply assumed the kneeling position, hands behind back and head lowered as much as he could.

Mistress Inara entered the living room.

'Mistress Inara?' Loken spoke
'I'm speechless.' whispered Mistress Inara
'I'm so sorry, Mistress Inara'
'Not as sorry as you will be, slave, you disgust me. Lick up what vile secretions you have made! NOW!'

Loken tried to obey but since chastity was part of his submission he had not had the opportunity to practise consuming his own ejaculate. As such he was slow to start licking. He heard an audible sigh and heard Mistress Inara stomp out of the room. She returned, only to throw down the key to the padlock that held his chastity device in place.

'I haven't got time for this' she said.

Loken heard her march out of the room once again and the front door slam behind her. He finished up his grim task of licking up his own ejaculate and then reached for the key to open the chastity device. Inara was completely right, what was the point in having a key when he could control his own release?

As he packed his meagre collection of clothes into the bag he'd brought them in not so long ago he realised how foolish he had been. The first time he'd worn the device and insisted he could not escape Loken knew in the back of his mind there was some potential for escape. He thought he had the willpower to resist, the willpower that failed him this morning and several other mornings previously. He got dressed, something forbidden for a slave without permission, and went down stairs.

Loken watched the driveway through the front window, in preparation to kneel at the front door with his packed bag beside him as soon as he saw his mistress's car return from work. From the high of being content to have sent his mistress to work successfully and having the house to himself, to the humbling low of impending rejection, this was one of the worst days of Loken's life.

Watching, waiting, hoping.
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I bet it makes you know that you're really alive when you agonizingly struggle so mightily for your goddess-5 stars