BBW Neighbour teaches a pup some new tricks. Part

Mrs Davies had her back to me, leaning up on her sink as I mauled her fat heaving breasts, tugging lightly on her long brown nipples. She was sticking her huge ass back towards me, and moments before she’d used her ass cheeks to grab my soaking wet cock and proceeded to use her ass crack to chew my cock. She looked back at my face with her sordidly saucy grin, beads of sweat trickling down her reddened face. “Like that?” She asked.

“Oh, yeah!” I exclaimed, unable to gather my wits beyond the feeling of my slick cockhead getting chewed by the widest, deepest butt cheeks I’d ever had the pleasure to have got my hands on. I could feel the little hairs around her asshole scr****g around my cock, her ass-crack was awash with pussy juice, sweat and my saliva and I loved every second. I reached out with my hands and grabbed a handful of each massive buttock and began mauling her ass. Fucking her ass-crack a little, pushing her own efforts on my cock that much further.

“Oh you dirty young man” She said teasingly to me. “You’ve been staring at my big ass since you saw it on the street haven’t you? You love it that much?” She asked her question with a powerful clench of her buttocks, holding my cock up against her ass crack, so its length was dragging along her pussy, and my cockhead glancing agonisingly near to her asshole, but still feeling every course hair around her pink brown little hole. I had no idea a woman could build up such strong buttocks, especially given the size of hers! But she had my cock in a fleshy slick vice, and then lowered her ass slow, and raised it again. Wanking my cock in her asscrack.

“I love it so much I just wanna get my tongue up it and fuck it like mad” I blurted out without thinking; simply mesmerised by the sight of my cockhead squelched between her fat butt cheeks. She answered first with speeding up her grinding, and as abruptly as it started, she stopped. She relaxed her ass-cheeks and my cock sprang out, rock hard and practically glowing angry at this stage. My poor swollen balls were killing me.

“Best get it all clean then” she said with a wink, and grabbed my cock with her small hand, and led me by my cock to her shower. Luckily her husband was a bear of a man, and had built a huge shower (It was amazing to me because I’d only ever seen bath/shower combos.) I followed diligently, watching her huge plump breasts, my eyes taking in the natural s shape of her bulges, her huge full breasts, tipped with long nipples at the centre of wide areolas, and the stacked ass that followed her around. It was her ass that had me hypnotised though, it stuck out inches, she could of balanced things on top of it when standing straight, and despite how big they were, her dimpled buttocks still kept their rounded shape all round. Seeing her walk was a joy, getting them in my hands was heaven.

Once in the shower I ignored her dealing with setting on the water, and dropped to my knees behind her. I used a hand to grab the underside of each heavy buttock and lifted and pushed them apart, enjoying the weight of them in my hands as I squeezed them. She gave a big gasp as I ran my tongue straight up her plump pussy. I licked her up and down and settled on sucking on the top of her pussy, it was the easiest to get at from my angle, and she was going wild besides. The shower of water had started rising us down from three sides, but we were oblivious in our fun. Mrs Davies was leaning against the side of the shower, her huge breasts sliding around against the glass. She was grinding her fat ass back and down onto my face. From this angle her behind looked more massive than ever, and I couldn’t get enough of it. She was riding my face as soon as I got my mouth buried at the top of her pussy, and I started sucking and playfully gnawing at her. “Oh fuck yes Jon, don’t stop, Oh you dirty little fucker” I started mashing my face into her, sucking on her pussy and slid one wet finger around and around her crinkly little asshole. It was still a little puckered from my earlier teasing and looked very inviting.

Anne began to flex and relax her asshole beneath my finger, so feeling bolder than ever with my face buried in her gigantic behind I slid my finger into her asshole. It was the first time I’d gotten up a woman’s ass, and I found it a tight tube of gripping flesh around my finger. She grunted at me, a base growl escaping her throat, but she wiggled her ass back at me encouragingly. I started to fuck her ass with my finger. “Oh fuck don’t stop… C’mon..” She muttered.
I took my cue and sucked on her pussy harder, mashing, tonging and biting her little tip like mad, and worked a second finger into her slick ass. That was more than enough for Anne; she sprayed my face with an eruption of piss and obscenities from the horny housewife. I continued for a few moments, only to get soaked a second time, then I stood and bold as I dared, and crammed my cockhead into her now red little asshole.

She was bewildered, and was obviously expecting more of a run up to the act; the air went out of her in a whoosh. My cockhead had been slick already, and her ass was well lubed by its own dirty looking moisture from my fingering. So it only took a short thrust of pressure and my cockhead popped into her asshole.
I was looking down and seeing the head of my cock inside this tiny hole, at the centre of this huge backside, her hips outsizing my own several times over.. But it was the sight of the shower water racing in rivers down her fleshy back, and pooling above her ass before splitting into three rivers, down the sides and down her ass-crack, around my cock.. It framed the whole act so perfectly I knew I would never forget the sight. I grinned like the Cheshire cat.

“Ohh.. god..” Was all she could manage for a second, but given a few tiny thrusts she started to give out her low grunting noises. As I eased the shaft of my cock slowly into her she tensed, struggling. My cock being quite thicker in the upper middle of my shaft, she was having a tough time. But I was diligently massaging my cock into and out of her asshole in very short, shallow strokes, and she was getting more and more into it I could see. The juices from inside her ass were starting to get up and around my cock shaft and it was making things far easier, slicker and dirtier - and I loved every second. Her asshole and anus was like a vice on my cock, and the inside had a dirty, almost sandy friction all around my cockhead as I dragged it back and forth through her ass. I thought to myself the shower is definitely the best place for this. Anne was starting to push back too, and was making low grunty noises again, god I loved hearing them. Her head was bowed forward, water running down her face; I could see her lip curl when grunting in such a slatternly way it made my cock swell enough to make her gasp as her small asshole stretched around it. “G’on Jon.. Get it.. Get it all up in there” she growled and then gasped as my cock flared in size again in her ass. I just kept getting turned on more and more by this woman.

I grit my teeth and reluctantly took my hands from her swinging breasts, and slapped them both onto her wide hips, grabbing a handful of her flesh and with a determined grunt I thrust my length up past the tight channel just Inside her asshole and into the clammy sloshy depths of her bowels.

“FUUCK” she gasped with a high pitched edge it. “Fuck you’re a bit too big for this..” I was loving her swearing at me, before today I’d never in my life heard swear. Just had to get her naked first I guessed. I could see the screwed up base pleasure on her face though.. so I was having none of “Too big for this”.
I held her fast in place and began sawing my eight and a half up into her ass and out again, dragging just my glans to pop out of her clenching, raw asshole and then driving my thick length back up into her. “Uuuuhhhhh” she exclaimed with a nasty sweaty grin on her face. I took that for a sign and started using my right hand to roughly spank her huge ass cheek.

This was the moment she shoved back at me; She stood up straight, with my cock firmly planted up her behind, and backed me against the corner. She turned her head and grinned at me “Nasty little fucker, how do you like this?” She held onto the side rails on the shower walls at either side (Me pinned in the corner with her massive ass between us.) started raising and lowering her fat ass up and down my shaft, clenching both her anus and her buttocks together, once when both raising and then again when lowering. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and feeling. My cock was greasy with ass juice and there was a sordid earthy smell every time she bounced on my hardon. Not only was the inside of her ass the kinkiest, tightest thing I’ve ever felt, and her bowels a filthy sloshy bed of resistance around my cockhead.. But she was once again in firm possession of my cock with her huge strong buttocks. I spanked her hard on each buttock during, spurring her on.. I must have lasted about two minutes with that.
“I’m gonna blow..” I said suddenly feeling self-conscious, as absurd as that sounds. Seeing I’d been face and cock deep up this woman’s nether places all afternoon.. I made to grab her hips, to start fucking her ass furiously, but instead she slapped my hands away, lifted her mighty ass off my cock, my cockhead leaving her asshole with a satisfying popping noise as well as some baser human noises. She turned around and with a hand on my chest kept me pinned in the corner when she grinned at me, then squatted in front of me, and took my filthy cock into her mouth..

((This was years before ass to mouth had become a common sight in pornos. Hell, Pornos didn’t exist to us k**s at this point, bad vhs tapes hidden in parents houses were only rumours. Only the odd dirty mag that was found under bridges and the like was to be the only adult entertainment a k** could see!))

So when Anne, pushed me back, squatted in front of me, and slid my greasy cock into her mouth, over her lashing tongue, and deep into her throat, I was in seventh heaven. I looked down and she looked up, and started fucking her mouth onto my cock a little, keeping my gaze with a sultry look that was taunting my straining balls. She slurped obscenely on my cock between deep-throats. She raised her other hand to squeeze my aching balls and within seconds I couldn’t control myself. I started fucking her mouth for all I was worth and with a loud groan I started to cum. She quickly pushed my hips back against the shower wall and drew my length out from her throat, keeping my cockhead in her mouth, with her wicked tongue lashing at my piss-hole as I sprayed gouts of cum at her tonsils.

“Fuuck… Anne..” Was all I could manage, I felt drained. It was the best, dirtiest and horniest sex I’d ever had, and had never even imagined any woman would let me do half the things that had happened. And I just loved the fact that she was so much older than me, and married too. (Not something I’m proud of still, but hell I was a teenager.) She half grinned around my shaft at me, my cock like a gigantic cigar in her mouth, and gave my cockhead an extra hard suck, that made me squirm under her attentions. I could see she loved having her way with me. And I’d thought I was having my way with her? She opened her mouth and proudly showed me how much sperm she’d gotten, though I already knew it was a lot. I couldn’t see her teeth for the load I had dropped. With a filthy grin she closed her mouth and loudly swallowed, then stood in front of me, moving in closer. My hands found her heavy breasts without any instruction from my brain, as she grabbed me and kissed me hard, I responded in kind, kissing hard back at her, and pawing at her huge tits and ass, sucking on her tongue. I was fully erect again by the time she pulled away, and my cock was pressing against her plump pubic mound. She liked to drag her pussy over my cock head, not fully penetrating just enough to tease me like hell. She reached for the shower gel.

“Time to soap me up” She said with a wink.

To be continued!
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