BBW Neighbor teaches a pup some new tricks. Part 1

Mrs Anne Davis. I’d known her since I was a k**; she lived four doors down from me. Her husband was a good guy, but built like a brick shithouse, so he soon got the nickname Shrek after he shaved his head one year. He was a lorry driver so would be out to work all over the country, leaving poor Anne home alone quite often.
I’d lost my virginity a little while before, but was still a little bit of a state when it came to girls. This confused and delighted them no end – because I was a total pretty boy. I should have been the cock of the walk, but hell - That just wasn’t me. Plus of course, I secretly liked older women. Or rather, the curves that only the older ladies had.
Anne was about 40, her k** had left home recently and she was looking great. Standing around 5’2” she was a hourglass shaped milf with round heavy breasts that I must dreamt about a million times over. Her butt was enough to make me spring a hardon in a second. She had an ass that was about five times the width as my own hips. Her broad firm buttocks were mighty globes of pure sex appeal, and every time I saw her past age 11, I couldn’t stop myself from staring. I wanted to just grab this woman in the street and start biting, spanking and worshiping her huge ass while groping it madly with each hand. To this day I put my love of big asses down to her and her broad backside.
It was when I was about age 16, it was the middle of summer. The only time of year we get some decent weather here in dreary Wales. It was early but already getting hot. I was on my way to see my mate Kelly. He’d told me he knew where we could find some scrap metal to sell. I knew he was too squeamish to go dumpster diving, but I always got stuck in with anything messy. So, always eager to earn a little I’d agreed to go meet him. While walking down the street towards his house I can remember vividly how empty the street was, and how bright and hot it was that day. I’d been looking up at the clear sky idly and had missed Mrs Davis coming out of her house; she’d stepped down onto her path. The moment I looked back to the street, I was treated with Mrs Davis bending over to pick up her bottle of milk. She had her back to me, wearing a short pink dressing gown. When she reached down to grip the bottle, the rear of the dressing gown rode up and around her huge buttocks, her pubic mound clearly visible, giving me a fabulous view of her love nest. I just couldn’t believe how wide her ass was. It seemed wider than my garden gate! As quick as it happened - it was over, she turned around to see a horny youngster trying to act nonchalant while walking past her. It was useless, I was trying to hide a Cheshire cat grin and the blatant swelling of a hard on (I had a fair old length at 16) but more so the fact my face was red as a maid. Anne’s composure on the other hand never faltered, and without skipping a beat she greeted me warmly.
“Jon-boy! Looking a bit flushed there! You alright?” I barely heard the words she spoke, because of the look in her eyes after they’d flickered over my crotch. It was the sultriest look I’d ever gotten, like she wanted to fuck me to death there on the street, coupled with the naughty promise of her wicked half grin and the fact that her huge breasts were barely contained by her dressing gown, my shorts were straining painfully and I knew my face and neck must be crimson.
“Bit hot already Anne, C.-Can I have some water?” I have to admit that my asking was purely because I wanted to get off the street with a hardon. I honestly didn’t realise how serious Anne’s flirtations were, much less could I have anticipated what happened the second the door closed behind us.
She had walked ahead of me a step or two into her home, leading me in and waving her massive hips at me as she did. I was at full mast and probably red as a beetroot by the time I closed the door behind us.
Just as I turned around I came face to face with Anne, she was grinning like a cat with the cream, and I felt her hand had snaked down to my crotch. Before I could open my mouth to say anything Mrs Davies plumped up her overflowing chest into my face. My world now consisted of the biggest pair of tits I’d ever seen, let alone felt, and her hand, which was slowly rubbing my cock through my jeans. Using her massive breasts she had pinned me against the paisley wallpaper with her gloriously big and heavy cage. Instinctually I raised my hands to them, groping at first, and then kneading them as she did the same to my cock. I couldn’t believe how hard (Or big!) her nipples were, and before I knew what I was doing I’d slid one of her breasts out of her dressing gown and was sucking on the hugest nipple I’d ever seen. I must have been doing well because the horny woman sighed in my ear, mumbling something like ; “Oh god it’s been a while..”
Her hand had slipped past my zip and into my underwear. I couldn’t even remember hearing my zip. This woman had skills! Her small hand gripped my cock from above, her thumb playing along my glans and her fingers gripping the underside of my shaft. She saw how I reacted when she run her thumb across the head of my cock and grinned down at me. I was still merrily sucking on the biggest nipples on the biggest tits ever and couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I hadn’t even noticed how my own hips had started bucking up into anne’s hand.
“You are a big boy aren’t you? I bet your going to break a few hearts with this.” She said, naughtily waving my cock about – now that she had freed it from my jeans.
“But I know what Boys really love.” She pulled her breasts from my face and winked at me while pulling her dressing gown back over her shoulder, and led me into her living room. I was dumbfounded - But I was also at my horniest. While she was walking ahead of me my eyes were firmly watching her huge buttocks. So I kicked off my jeans off and practically ran after her.
I stood before her in my young 16 year old glory. A lanky pretty boy with a big thick cock, she smiled at my schlong and with one hand pushed me back onto her green leather sofa. She knelt in front of me, and spread my legs gently. She rested her massive breasts across my knees, and my eyes probably looked like spring mounted googly eyes from a joke shop, staring at the tits I’d lusted after for ages, while they were spilling out onto my lap!
But Anne wasn’t going to just let me ogle her. Reaching for my cock, she gripped it in both hands and started stroking it. Soft at first, but then harder, using her thumbs again to send shivers through me by scr****g the underside of my glans and cockhead. I started squirming, then thrusting with her hard strokes, the sultry grin on her face told me that this is what she was wanting, and on my biggest thrust she lowered her mouth over my cock. Continuing to stroke my cock, she kept my cockhead inside her piping hot mouth. I could feel her tongue running along all the tiny groves and bumps around my circumcised cockhead. Then I realised, she was enjoying tasting it. She started to suck gently after she had thoroughly licked every trace of flavour, and then started dragging her tongue roughly over my piss hole when the first drip of pre cum seeped out. I was in ecstasy. I was squirming and groaning and god knows what else beneath her attentions. This woman was a seasoned pro. She had switched to one hand on my cock, but started taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. I felt a kind of clustered resistance at the back of her mouth. I didn’t quite understand, but it felt good scr****g around my cock, so I thrust upwards. Anne’s eyes bulged slightly as my cockhead slid down her throat an inch or so, but she kept her rhythm and started to do it herself. Suddenly it seemed she was on a mission to take my whole cock into her mouth. This was the best (only the 2nd) blowjob I’d ever had and I wanted it to last forever, but the hungry, sultry look she gave me as she was stuffing my 14 year old cock down her throat was such a turn on, I could feel myself coming close. After about ten minutes of this she had managed to relax her throat and managed to bury her nose in my pubic hair. Then, to my unending surprise I felt her tongue tickle my balls. She reached under with a spare hand and began to tickle them, before trying to ease one into her mouth along with my cock.
Now this was heaven. I just couldn’t believe my own dumb luck. It was a moment of abstract wonder that made me look across the room; when I had a curvy milf on her knees, spoiling me rotten, but something had caught my eye. The Davies’s had a large bronze pot besides the fireplace. And in the polished surface of this pot I could easily make out the huge buttocks of my favourite neighbour. From her position on her knees, with her head in my crotch, her hefty ass was raised, and in the reflection I could see her sodden underwear, between the huge fleshy boulders I’d lusted after for what felt like an age. I just couldn’t take it anymore.
She must have felt my cock swell a bit from the sight of her ass, because she looked up at me with a filthy grin on her face, her lips were soaking, her cheeks flushed, and a thin curtain of saliva ran from her chin to the tip of my cock. She grinned naughtily, and didn’t protest when I lifted her gently from my lap, only to push her down onto the couch lengthways, ass up. She gave a loud whoop of surprise and a gasp as I tore the underwear off her, running fingers over her soaking pussy mound; I sank my nimble fingers into her pussy to a soft gasp. But when I stuck my tongue up her asshole she gave a loud exclamation of “Oh god Jon, he never goes near my ass!” I was enjoying being tongue deep up the gigantic ass of this woman I’d known forever. She squirmed when I tickled the inside of her pussy like I knew she would, and when I was grinding my tongue in and around the inside of her ass she started to wiggle and grind it into my face, I could even feel her flexing her asshole, it was like she was trying to bite my tongue with her ass. I couldn’t help but grin, and give her a huge hard spanking for it.
She then hissed at me; “Fuck me Jon!” These three little words made me feel like an adult for the first time. So I did as I was told, but not before teasing her first. I raised my mouth from her ass, stood behind her massive behind, I took my cockhead and slid it up and down her soaking pussy lips and sc****d around the hard little tip on the top of her pussy. I didn’t know the names of anything back then. But I always was a very quick study. I ran my cock just inside and just out again all the while running my wet thumb across her asshole. I sank the very tip of my thumb into her ass just as I started easing my cock into her body. She gasped as I fed inch after inch into her, all the while teasing her asshole with about a half inch of thumb. I remember for the briefest of moments thinking how her hips must easily be like 5 times the width of mine, and somehow.. that turned me on even more.
I can’t remember the first few minutes of fucking Anne, but I remember taking a pause for breath and looking down at her, her broad ass cheeks were littered with bite marks handprints and beads of sweat, which were trickling down between her buttocks onto her back. I couldn’t believe how tight her pussy felt, so hot and wet - it was heaven. And when she turned to look up at me she looked like she was a woman in heat, a greedy grin while red faced, sopping wet pussy, obscenities on her lips and her big proud ass waving invitingly at me. Her pussy mound was flushed red and drenched, and her small pinky brown asshole was glistening with saliva and stubbornly remaining closed.
I grabbed her hips and sank my long cock back into her and fucked her as hard as I could. I spanked her ass, clawed her hips, and groped her huge hanging breasts as we fucked. She loved it, urging me on all the while to fuck her deeper, harder, this way or that. We started moving around the house, always away from the windows though. When I had her on her back on the kitchen table, I was able to fuck her as hard as I wanted and not worry about balance. While we fucked I was kneading her large flopping tits, and while fucking her upwards from beneath, I could feel I was scr****g the upper inside of her pussy, it was awesome, and she started to feel tighter still.
She surprised the hell out of me by grabbing my ass and pulling me into her, hissing “Faster!” into my ear. With the last few upward strokes her pussy was clenching tighter and tighter as I thrust on, but I did as I was told, and after a good ten or so thrusts, the noise changed from a slapping of bodies to a squirting and splashing, her crotch became a fountain of piss, that I was just happened to be fucking. I’d never felt a hole so tight before, and since I’d never been squeamish I continued to thrust another four/ five times, only to meet another shower of approval, before her pussy clenched so tight, my cock was literally popped out. I couldn’t believe it!
She lay back on the kitchen table and panted for breath, it was a few minutes before she could explain what had happened, she was half gasping, and half laughing, yet despite the fact she was laughing and apparently well satisfied I detected a small sense of embarrassment. She was hiding her eyes under a hand.
“Sorry boy, it happens with some women when we come hard a few times in a row. We’re the easy ones to tell if you’re doing the right things.” She laughed.
I was bemused by my situation, and because Anne seemed a bit dazed I felt bold enough to ask her to join me in the shower. The look she gave was strangely affectionate, maybe because I wasn’t offended by her squirty climax. After a few wobbly steps, she led me upstairs. Watching her huge buttocks and swaying tits I followed eagerly.
When we got to the bathroom Mrs Davies tried to talk about something.. I forget what exactly. I was too enthralled with her curves. I had watched her ass intently all the way up the stairs, and my hard on was as spry as ever, and my balls were now aching like hell because despite all the fun, I still hadn’t gotten off yet. But when I was standing behind her in front of the bathroom mirror, I slid my arms around her, reaching for her breasts. With each hand overflowing with a her huge breast. She caught my eye in the mirror. She was very sexy, I realised. This older woman had a pretty face but her naughty smile and bedroom eyes held such horny promise all I could do was grin back with lustful intent. This was the moment that my hardon was bobbing around her ass, and when she leant forward onto the bathroom sink, she skilfully raised her naked ass back at me caught my cockhead between her slick ass cheeks, raising her body up so my cock sank deeper into her ass cleavage. She was grinding my glans and wiggling her hips so it felt like her massive ass was chewing my cock.
“Like that?” She asked with a naughty wink.

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Great Story cant wait for the rest.
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That was some good and horny stuff...thanks for that! You know what you're talking about.