I love you Daddy! Always your kitten!
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I'm:K.H. BaghdadSky. 久美子, 36
From:Columbus, Ohio, United States
Languages:English, German
Personal Information
Kids:Yes, we sometimes live together
Education:BA/BS (4 years college)
Physical Information
Body type:Average
Height:5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Hair length:Medium
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Hazel
About Me

~What Interests Me~
I love older men 45-65 (I do not have father issues a man at this age is at his best. He knows what he wants, he takes his time and cherishes that which is special. They've met their sexual peak and have talent)
I love a man in a suit or tux.
I love having a Master/Daddy who understands TPE (total power exch)
I love my man to be thick like a Bear, not fat, muscled is ok.
I love the idea of being filled with live seed and impregnated.
I love light bondage, spanking, punishments from Daddy.
I love the Gor Master/slave and DD/bglg lifestyle.
I love being a babygirl 24/7/365(different than submissive).

~What Doesn't Interest Me~
!*!*!PLEASE READ!*!*!
I HAVE NO Interest in guys YOUNGER than 45.
(Don't get offended it has nothing to do with you so no need to defend your ego, just not attracted)
I have no interest in incest roleplay.
I have no interest in super skinny guys.
I have no interest in huge cocks, I'm too small anyways.
I have no interest in being a top or a Dom Mistress.
I have no interest in crude, disrespectful people.
I have no interest in random Master/Daddy request.
I have no interest in Scat, Piss, Needles, Vomit, Cutting or extreme BDSM.

**Please don't message me and ask if I want to fuck you or tell me what you want to do to me.
You will be blocked! Have the decency to get to know me, treat me with respect and follow etiquette for D/s couples. I am not a slut.**

~Communication Rules~
I will only share email/Msgr ID with those that earn my trust.
I will only share pics with those that earn my trust.
I will ignore all video requests. I only use my phone it kills data.

~I Have a Daddy~
I met SamGrant1865 on here a three years ago and we built an intellectual friendship and he has always been a gentleman to me. A submissive babygirl chooses to give her gift of submission to a Dom/Daddy, I have chosen him to be my Daddy and I do not want anyone else. He has captured my heart, mind and soul. I tell him everything and I have rules that he and I made together. I don't mind chatting and I am very open to talking about a DDlg lifestyle or you can visit my tumblr page for more info. Please respect my Daddy and I in your communications.Thank you.

Daddies & little's
-Try not to judge what you don't understand. There is a lot of confusion between fetish, age play, etc. You don't just call yourself a Daddy as a little doesn't just call herself a babygirl. It's something you are not something you choose. I've had both and I understand the difference between kink/age play and true DD/bglg relationships.
-Daddy Dom and his babygirl/middle/little does not promote sex between adults and minors. We also don't promote incest but we don't judge others. I had a wonderful Father and he was my hero so I do not have "father issues". My Daddy is my protector, lover, companion, mentor and soulmate and I as an adult have chosen him to relieve me of responsibilities so I can be free to be happy and enjoy the love of my lifelong partner.
-Check out our tumblr Daddyskittenandlittle.tumblr.com

“The first duty of a slave is absolute obedience.” ~ Hunters of Gor p.258

Kajira Prayer

"That she who in her heart wants to be a slavegirl,is already a slavegirl..."
~Tribesman of Gor p.91

~Allow this humble girl to answer questions she cannot fathom
~Allow this girl the spirit to know His needs
~Allow this girl the serenity to serve Him in peace
~Allow this girl the love to show Him herself
~Allow this girl the tenderness to comfort Him
~Allow this girl the light to show us the way
~Allow this girl the wisdom to be an asset to Him
~Let this girl be able to show, each day, her love of her service to Him
~Let this girl open herself up, to completely belong to Him
~Let this girl accept her punishment with the grace of a woman
~Let this girl learn to please Him beyond herself.
~Grant this girl the power to give herself to Him completely
~Give this girl the strength to please us both
~Permit this girl to love herself, in loving Him
~For it is this girls greatest wish, this ones highest power, To make His life so very complete, as He has made hers.

"The Turian collar, on the other hand, fits more loosely,and resembles a hinged ring, looped about the throat. A man can get his fingers inside a Turian collar and use it to drag the girl to him. It does not fit loosely enough to permit its being slipped of course."
~Slave Girl of Gor p.251-2

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1 day ago
I'm looking forward to the day I come home and you hold me close and never let go. I love you!
1 day ago
I am so looking forward to the day you come home.
3 days ago
I always feel you with me Daddy, every second of every day. I love you so completely!
3 days ago
I'm thinking of you. Do you feel it?
4 days ago
It was good. Weather was nice and I just relax mostly.
4 days ago
Good morning, I had an amazing weekend thank you. How was yours?
4 days ago
Good morning, did you have a good weekend?
4 days ago
I miss you too M. Email me!
4 days ago
Your welcome
4 days ago
I mss you my lovedoll!
5 days ago
Interesting page... Thanks for the add
7 days ago
Replied... I have a Daddy I'm very much in love with but thanks for your interest.
7 days ago
Please reply to my messages
7 days ago
Mmmm my strengths and my weaknesses complement yours I think we fit together really well. I'm in love with you! kitten
8 days ago
My little love, you complete me. Daddy is so proud of you!
9 days ago
I love your status change... What a sexy thought...
9 days ago
15 days ago
Yep, sadly not everyone knows how to give those kind of kisses.
16 days ago
That's the best kind of kisses...
16 days ago
You're welcome and I'm sure to favorite some of your liked videos
18 days ago
thanks for add me my lady.kisses and best regards...
20 days ago
Haha thank you! I try! Find me some old man/young woman BBC and I'll add it to my collection ;)
21 days ago
and woman, you have a hot collection yourself
21 days ago
You're welcome JC and I do love your list of videos!
21 days ago
thank you for accepting my request. JC
22 days ago
I have only one Daddy (SamGrant1865) but I do appreciate your comments!
22 days ago
Thank you Daddy and I'm so lucky to be your babygirl!! Can't wait till I'm home with you, soon I know so very soon! In my heart I found a fire that burns so bright and when I was finally able to see it I found you had given me a gift, that of which I had never known... There are no words.
22 days ago
Thanks for the add
22 days ago
You know, Daddy is so blessed by you. Look at all your admirers!
22 days ago
Thanks beautiful daddy loves you :)

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