First Night With My s****r (Part 3)

***Part 3 and final one to the series...I think I should point out that this, as the others, is fiction only and never really happened.***

It was now about 9pm and my s****r and I had sat back down on the couch to watch some tv. We had a great time so far and I felt closer to her than ever. I had my arms around her as we sat and watched. Kathy had chosen an odd set of clothing after our shower. She had gone into my room and went through my drawers to look for something to wear. She wound up with one of my old t-shirts and a pair of my shorts. I do have to say though, she made them look good and she looked good in them.

We watched tv and talked about numerous things and every now and then we would kiss. Eventually this led to her reaching down into my shorts and fondling my dick. She looked at me and said, "I just can't get enough of your cock you know." I smiled at her. I liked hearing that and hearing it from her sent a tingle down my spine. What we had done...what we were doing was so bad and so wrong...yet it was so exciting and I craved more. I reached into her shorts and slowly ran my hand down to her pussy. I felt the landing strip patch of hair and paused on it for a few was so soft for pubic hair. I then went further and found her clit, which I started rubbing gently in a circular motion. Kathy opened her legs a little to allow me better access as she continued stroking my now hard cock. She laid her head back and closed her eyes and started moving slightly under my finger. "Mmmmmm....I like that" she told me softly, "Keep going just like that."

I did as I had been told and I kept working at her clit. I stuck my fingers into her now and then to make them wet and then I continued rubbing. She seemed lost in what I was doing though she still played with my dick. She started moving more and her breathing changed so I knew she was getting close. "Yes, just like that," Kathy mumbled, "It feels so good." I kept at it for about three or four more minutes and then she started moaning quietly. I felt her body stiffen up and she let out a long sigh, then loosened up.

"Oh god that was so good....holy fuck that was so good" She said to me in a pant.

"You finished?" I asked, because this orgasm seemed to be a little quieter and less 'violent' than her previous ones.

"Oh yes...I sure did and it was unreal. Not every orgasm needs to be insane to be good." She smiled as she told me this.

"Ok, just as long as you liked it."

"I did...a lot...your fingers are magic like your tongue and cock." Kathy then took her hand out of my shorts and pulled them down. I was extremely hard and she grinned while looking at my erection. She stood up and pulled her shorts off and climbed onto my lap, facing me. She slowly lowered herself down on my cock and then kissed me. She felt so good on me and I still couldn't believe this was happening. I put my hands on her small, round ass and pulled her close as she slowly rode my cock and kissed me. This continued for a few minutes and I was close to cumming when she whispered into my ear, "Cum for me baby...shoot another steaming load into my cunt...I need your cum, baby...please give it to me." As she was saying this, I lost control and squeezed her ass tightly and thrust upwards and let out a huge spurt of cum up into her. "Oh yeah, fill my cunt, lover" She squealed.

She sat on me and we kissed until I went soft. I told her I loved how she talked to me when we were fucking, how it really turned me on to have my s****r saying things like that to me. She told me that it turned her on to say those things to me and then said she might like me to talk to her that way some time too. At that point Kathy suggested we go to her room and lay down rather than sitting on the couch with her pussy dripping my cum all over. We got up and she led me by my hand to her room, almost pulling me along. She laid down on her bed and pulled me down next to her. We wrapped our arms around each other and held each other. I found myself staring into her eyes between kisses and at some point, I noticed she was also staring into my eyes. For the next hour or two, we just played with each other. We caressed each others bodies, and made out.

She asked me to eat her out again and at first I wasn't too sure about the idea considering she still had most of my cum inside her. She begged me to try it and told me that I could just lick her clit if I didn't want to actually put my tongue inside her. I decided it's been a fucked up day anyway so I thought I would give it a try. She laid on her back and opened her legs, exposing her soaking wet pussy. It was a mess down there. Sperm had leaked out and was all over her inner thighs and down between her ass cheeks. The more I looked at my s****r soaked with my cum, the more worked up I got and the more I needed my face to be in it. Something overcame me and I dove right in. I buried my face into her cum covered pussy and started eating her in a frenzy. She wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me tight against her. She started humping my face as I was fucking her with my tongue. The taste of both of us mixed together made me wild...the fact that I was eating my own cum from inside my s****r made me even more wild for some reason. I was simply overcome with lust at this point. I then stuck 2 fingers up inside her and finger fucked her for a few minutes. She was moaning and writhing and cursing...talking dirty to me. I pulled my fingers out and they were slippery with cum. I placed my index finger against her asshole and pushed. It was so wet that it slid right in. Her asshole instantly clenched down on my finger and she let out a squeal as this happened.

"Oh, you're a dirty fucking pig, aren't you? Aren't you?" she said to me and then she continued, "I like that...fuck my ass with your finger you dirty fucking pig!" I started to push and pull my finger in and out of her ass. Each time I went in I did so all the way to the knuckle and she clenched down on my finger. Between eating her cunt and finger fucking her ass, I was completely worked up...and so was she. "You dirty fucking pig...I'm going to cum all over your face" she told me just as she clenched down hard one last time and pulled me so tight against her pussy with her legs that I thought she would surely crush my head. She held me like that for what seemed like minutes though I know it was only seconds. She was breathing hard and giving short thrusts against my face. I knew she was cumming and I kept eating her while she was. Even when she was done and had relaxed her death grip on me, I kept eating. She finally pushed me away saying that her pussy was too sensitive right now to keep eating...and she also needed time to recover from that. She pulled me up to her and we kissed some more.

A little while later, she crawled down between my legs and started kissing my cock and rubbing my balls. I looked down to see her looking up at me with a dirty, mischievous look that was an instant turn on. She started licking my balls and then ran her tongue down my balls to my ass crack and back up again. I was hard again and my dick had been used so much this past day that it was almost sore but I liked the feeling. Kathy ran her tongue up my balls and along my shaft all the way to the tip. When she got there, she spent some extra time licking at my pee-hole to get all the pre-cum that had been dripping out. She grabbed the base of my cock with her hand and slowly took the whole thing into her mouth, never breaking eye contact with me. When she had my entire cock in her mouth, she started sucking and I could feel her tongue swirling around the head. Then she took it out of her mouth long enough to tell me, "I'm a fucking slut, remember? Fuck my face" and then took me back into her mouth and continued playing.

I was thoroughly enjoying this whole thing from what I was seeing to what I was feeling. I put my hand on the back of her head and started running my hands through her soft hair as I gently moved to fuck her face as she wanted. She stopped and told me, "No, fuck my face. Fuck me like you mean it. Don't worry, you won't hurt me. Do it." She swallowed me again and this time I started thrusting against her face. The moans she was letting out and the looks she was giving me told me that I was giving her what she had asked for. She started sucking at me harder and then I remembered our earlier conversation about talking dirty and I thought I would do it for her.

"That's it you dirty little slut, eat my cock. Eat your b*****rs cock" I said and she seemed to react positively to this. I started to fuck her mouth harder and was nearing orgasm. "Eat me...I'm going to cum in your mouth, baby."

She pulled my cock out and started stroking it wildly as she said, "I love do it, cum in my mouth Kevin." and then she went back down on me and started bobbing up and down on me wildly. I couldn't hold back any longer and told her, "I'm going to cum in your mouth you sexy fucking cunt!" and with that, I let go and pumped my cum into her mouth. She stayed on my cock until I was done and I thought she had swallowed it all until I saw her crawl up a little to my stomach and she opened her mouth and dribbled my cum all over my belly. "I thought that since you were such a cum slut that you would swallow it" I said to her.

She looked up at me with cum still running out of her mouth onto my stomach and replied, "I'm not done yet...I am going to swallow it" and she spit the remaining bit out onto me. Next, she slowly started licking it all off me like she was savoring every drop of it. "Your cum is just too good to swallow so quickly. It would be such a waste." she said and then went back to licking it up. She played this way for about 5 minutes and then finished up and crawled back up to me. "Kiss me, lover" she said as she pulled me close and we started making out.

We fell asl**p in each others arms shortly after that. A great end to a great day. The following day we fucked and satisfied each other some more. It was a sad time for me when my parents came home and it all had to stop, though we did manage a quickie now and then at times and they did do weekend getaways a couple times a year which we took complete advantage of. The weekends we got to spend together were just as good as this one, though I will never forget this one since it was the first time I got to have my s****r in this way.

98% (80/2)
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3 years ago
Good story and very well written.
3 years ago
all i can say is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
Great story!!!
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great story
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loved the throat fucking
4 years ago
Yeah..."fiction"...said so in the very first line.

Thanks for all the comments.
4 years ago
That was an incredibly hot story!! I sometimes wish that I could do my sister like that!!
4 years ago
Very hot
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great story!
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excellent sexy
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Great story
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That was really hot.
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very good, excellant story
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great story i liked it
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ohhh that was nice but was it realy ur sister :)