Big and sexy!!! blow job

I fucked alot of the internet... lots of girls , small, tall, skinny, fat, everything. but one of the best nights was when I met this big arab girl on blackplanet... she was very pretty and very thick... I knew we'd have some fun so i called her over.

when she got here I could see she was a thick girl off the bat but I didnt care.
I love thick girls too!!!!

Any ways we went up stairs , talked for a lil and then started makeing out... she had a real sexual energy to her, I was really feeling it..

when we got nake she asked me to lie down on my back... she grab my cock looked me in the eye and asked me something i will never forget " How do you want it? Wet or dry?" I was ssssssooooo turned on, I whispered " Fuck baby give it to my wet". She started slobbering all over my cock, sucking up and down, makeing the most hottest cock sucking sounds I ever heard... the other she would do was stop and play with my dick so i would cum and the blow job would last longer... she finale went a****l on my sucking like a wet vac till BBBOOOMMM I came in her mouth... even while i was cumming she was sucking so good... she had my body twiching... till this day I have never had a bj like that but i am in such of it ....

Help me out ladies....

p.s ... Sometimes the big girls are just ssssooo much more fun then the lil ones
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