Mom plays Nurse Pt 2 (RE-EDIT)

Making sure I was totally soaked all over, mom replaced the hose and left it running then took shower gel from the shelf, again her body nudging into mine.

Squirting gel into her hands she rubbed it into my hair rigorously as I just stood there enjoying every minute of it. Then with my hair still covered in suds she got some more gel and put it in her hands, making it into a lather mom then rubbed it all over my back. After soaping my back she lent down and did the back of my legs, one at a time, thigh to calf and then rubbed suds all over my arse cheeks then with her right hand put it between my legs washing my anal area and the back end behind my ball sack causing me to shudder slightly from her touch.

With my back of me done, mom with her palms back on my hips got me to move 180 degrees around to face her. Avoiding my pugilist set arms mom again got some gel in her hands and proceeded to rub it all over my chest, the suds running down to my crotch.

Putting some more gel into her hands mom said

"Now don't move while I wash ya' legs"

She then creasing up laughing about my continuing hard on she said as she bent down

"I don't want ya' poking one of my eyes out"

Mom then washed my legs ignoring the fact that her shoulders kept touching my cock as she did this.

Finishing this off mom then got back upright and looked down at my crotch and said

"Well, you know what I've got to do next don't ya'?"

I took a deep breath and braced myself as I knew what to expect as mom with some gel still in her hands got ready to clean my shaft and cock. Mom then gently rubbed the gel between my thighs and underneath me, all over my ball sack causing me to groan slightly. With that done she then rubbed suds all along my shaft as I tremored from her touch, mom telling me everything was ok, trying to put me at ease.

I then watched as both of mom's hands moved to the end, and with her left hand gripped the shaft halfway down. Her right hand then took hold of my end and rolled back the foreskin. Unbelievable sensations ran up my spine as mom did causing my legs to shake and my body to clench up.

"Aaahhh! . . . aaahhh! . . . aaahhh!"

I continually groaned as mom went about cleaning my glans. Within a few seconds mom had finished this operation and removed her hands letting me get my breath back.

"Right!, let's get you washed down then" mom said as she put her palms back on my hips and guided me back to face the shower.

"You did ever so well then Mat, I know that you're sensitive down there but I can't do it any other way, I've got to clean you" mom said slightly apologetically from the fact that she was giving me blue balls.

She then lent around me again and took the shower head from its hook and washed all the soapy residue from my body, my skin turning a pinkish hue from the heat of the water. When that was complete mom put the shower head back in its place with the water still flowing.

What happened next surprised to say the least. Putting her hands back on my hips mom moved right up to me, her hairy fanny coming into contact with the top of the cheeks of my arse, tickling me as it did.

Not only that mom's tits also pressed into my back just below my shoulder blades, her nipples digging into me from her close proximity. Mom put her head
alongside of mine, cheek to cheek and looked down the front of me. Although her view was somewhat obstructed from my plastered arms mom could still see my erect cock standing to attention.

"You starting to get blue-balls love?"

"Yes mom" I replied "I can't help it, especially as you have to touch me."

Mom kissed me on the cheek, sorry that she was causing this. Standing their together for a few moments mom then put her fingers from her right hand to her mouth in awkward thought.

"Do you trust me Mat?" mom said seriously.

"Yes mom, why?"

After a another few seconds of thought mom took a deep breath and composed herself as she said.

"Well Mat, it's like this. I'm going to have to shower you like this for the next 6 weeks and every time I do you're going to end up with a case of blue-balls and it's not very fair on you to leave you like this is it?, as you can't actually relieve yourself can you?"

"It's ok mom I'll get through it" I said noticing how mom had become concerned.

Mom then put her arms around me in a hug then said.

"Look Mat, why . . . erm . . . ya know . . . erm . . . why don't I do it for
you?" mom falling over her words from embarrassment of what she had offered
to do to me.

"What do you mean mom?" I asked mom not sure I heard her properly.

"You know . . . why don't I wank you off? Don't get me wrong Mat it's not
something a mom should do to their own son is it? and after you're out of
your casts I'd stop it right away, but I can do it while you're unable to, so long as you promise me you don't tell anyone about this"

Completely gobsmacked from mom's candor and offer.

"You sure mom?" I replied not believing my luck.

"Yes Mat, just don't let anyone find out, I'll get sent to hell otherwise."

Accepting mom's offer mom switched off the shower then turned me around and led further up the other end of the bath to where the shower door was then opened it. Keeping her hands on me still nervous about me falling over mom sat herself on the edge of the bath with her legs still inside.

"Stand astride Mat will you, then you can look at my fanny and bust, it'll help you that way"

I did what I was told, mom keeping her legs and knees down then as I got
astride of her, she put her hands on the cheeks of my arse and manuvered me to within a foot of her body allowing me to look down at her fanny or her tits as my casts slipped easily around mom's upper body, my free finger tips just about able to touch her bare body.

She then lifted her thighs back up as her sensual skin on them met my own on the underside of my legs sending wonderful feelings through me as our skin connected.

Mom then opened her thighs wider forcing me to virtually go on tiptoe as her legs locked me in position, allowing my balls to dangle in between her thighs.

As I then strode her thighs mom then got her hands and put them between my legs and down onto my ball sack, nudging my now totally erect cock as she did causing me to judder in excitement.

She then with her left hand made a circle with her thumb and forefinger and used it as a hangman's noose on the top of my sack and pulled tight causing me to clench slightly in pain.

"This'll stop your balls lifting a bit and it'll slow you down." mom said, smiling as she did this.

Stuck in her trap, mom then put her right hand on my shaft and stroked gingerly as I groaned not believing my luck. Moving her hand up to my glands she then covered my tip with her palm the slowly rolled back my foreskin, as I groaned even more with pleasure which caused my feet to tremble on the floor of the bath. Cold air touched my exposed glands as mom then gripped more tightly and started wanking me off in a precise and orderly rhythm.

As I knelt there at mom's mercy I thought about what was happening to me not actually believing it, if someone just 24 hours ago had said to me that in the next day I'd be kneeling naked over my also naked mom while she wanked me I'd would've laughed it off as a thought of a fantasist, but here I was living the dream of every schoolboy.

Over the course of the next few minutes mom brought me to the edge of orgasm repeatedly then just as I was about to cum, stopped, sending me delirious with pre orgasmic waves as mom "f***ed Wanked" me into submission. I couldn't quite comprehend how mom could know how to do this being a married woman.

Breathing heavily as mom continued wanking I felt waves of pleasure travel around my body. Although it felt extremely naughty, it felt like all my wishes had come true. How many boys my age anywhere would get a chance like this, not a single one by my reckoning so I was going to enjoy it with all my worth.

Getting on for about 10 minutes, it was then that mom moved up the pace and gripped me even harder. Looking at me mom encouraged me to cum.

"Come on! . . . come on! . . . cum for me! . . . you can do it! . . . come on! . . . you can do it! . . .cum for ya mom! . . . cum for ya mom!"

Feeling cum flowing into my balls I groaned loudly. "Aaahhh! . . . aaahhh! . . . aaahhh! . . . mom . . . I'm cummin! . . . I'm cummin! . . . mom! . . . ya making me cum!"

My body convulsed as mom's wanking and her vocal encouragement brought me off, my legs clenched repeatedly against mom's thighs making a slapping sound ring around the bathroom as they did.

My back arched and I gasped for breath as mom continued to stroke my cock as cum shot out of me towards mom's camel's hoof, making sure I was spent and wouldn't suffer blue-balls for a day or so.

Collapsing on top of mom, mom desperately trying to stop the pair of us from falling out of the bath I began to recover, a sex flush covering my

"Well done, I bet you needed that didn't ya Mat?"

Nodding as I couldn't speak for getting my breath back, I looked at mom's front and watched my cum running slowly down through mom's pubes. Then all of a sudden mom squealed

"Eeeeehhhh!" and dropping her thighs quickly to let me go of her embrace then said

"You'll have to move, ya cum's dribbling all over my fanny and tickling

With that mom moved me away from her so she could have a quick shower to get rid of my remnants of pleasure, leaving me there at the end of the bath to recover more and think about what mom had just done to me.

Watching mom wash herself down I felt 10 feet tall and as high as a kite and of course empty from mom's help. After her turn mom then gave me another quick wash around my crotch area trying her hardest not trying to get me erect again then we both got out of the bath and got dried. First dressing herself she then walked me into the front room naked and then dressed my in one of the other clean pairs of p.j's.

This then was the routine me and mom found us doing for the next 6 weeks while I was incapacitated with my broken arms unless it was a weekend which meant I'd have to wait until the weekdays due to dad and my s****rs being around the house.

First we got undressed together, then we showered together, then mom wanked me off then we got dried off then we got dressed together. It was only on the last day before I had my plaster casts removed that mom let it be known that she had a special surprise gift for me which I will now tell you about.

. . .then on the final day!

On the Monday morning, the day before my casts were due for removal, mom woke me up for breakfast and helped me get dressed and go down stairs despite it being only 9 o'clock and me liking a bit of a lie in.

"Mom, what's all this, it's too early!" I protested trying to wake up properly.

"Oh, stop moaning, I got a busy day and there's something we need to do later" mom said abruptly.

"What's that then?" I enquired.

"You'll find out after, now come on and get out of bed, I haven't got all day." With that mom then dragged the duvet off me and dropped onto the floor.

Half an hour later and after a cup of tea I'd finally woken up. Mom making us both some breakfast said shouting from the kitchen

"Last day today, ya casts come off tomorrow, I bet you can't wait?"

"No I can't" I replied dishonestly knowing full well that after today's shower together it would be the last of time mom would have to wank me off. Although knowing it was wrong I'd got quite used to it.

Just after 11 in the morning mom had finished her housekeeping and sitting down next to me after telling me to move my legs, mom asked if I was ready for our communal shower.

"Yes mom, but why so early?" I said as I slid my legs off the sofa and put my feet on the floor.

"Cos' what I've got in store for both of us will probably take the best part of the day." Helping me up off the sofa mom then added

"So come on then, let's get started, I bet you'll miss me giving you a shower after today won't ya" mom said insinuating about her wanking me off as she helped me from the sofa and then e****ting me to the bathroom.

In the bathroom we went about our secret routine, first mom undressed me then undressed herself allowing me to ogle her. Then helping me into the shower, mom washed me down then as usual let me sit astride her thighs while she made me cum from wanking me off. Then after washing herself down she would then dry us both off. Only today after drying each other off I noticed that there wasn't a set of my p.j's in the bathroom for me nor any clothes for mom as she'd put her skirt and t-shirt into the laundry basket.

Standing there watching mom dry off I asked where my clean pair of pj's

"There in the front room"

"How come?" I asked.

Mom who then finished off her drying and then said

"Cos we need to do something first, that's why!" With that mom turned me
around then put her palms on my hips like always despite my bones had to
all intents and purpose healed and walked behind me as I went towards the
front room thinking that was where mom wanted me to go. As I went to enter
mom shouted

"Ah! ah!, carry on upstairs!"

Confused as to why mom wanted me to go upstairs I did what I was asked and we both went upstairs in tandem. At the top of the landing mom told me to go into my room and with that we entered my room which still had the duvet on the floor and then sat me on my bed, mom doing likewise to talk to me.

"Mat!, can I just comment you on how well you've behaved for the last few weeks or so when we've took our showers together, let's face if it was any other person I know they'd probably have tried it on and behaved a bit naughty about it, especially faced with a situation that we've had to endure."

"It's ok mom" I said understanding her predicament I'd put her in.

"So why don't I show my appreciation and let you have full sex with me, not that it's going to be a regular thing mind you, just a one-off for today, just to let you get some of those hormones out of your system."

Surprise and excitement rushed over my body in a split second as I said

"Really mom?, but I've already cum mom." Mom nodded then said

"Of course you have but that helps the pair of us because it'll slow you down for the next one and let me have a multiple if you last long enough. But you don't mention anything to anyone about this ok?, this is between me and you, and me and you only"

"I won't mom, I promise" as I exclaimed, not being able to contain my eagerness.

"Well, let's get started then, but we'll have to use your bed though as your dad will smell the sex in mine and I'll have a lot of explaining to do else."

Mom then stood up and told me to open my legs as she stepped in between my thighs and plastered arms.

"You can work on these for a while first!" as she then offered me her tits.

First she leaned forward allowing her tits to dangle in front of me then with her hands cupping each one put each tit into my fingers allowing me to feel them up. Emotions ran riot through me as I moved my fingers daintily across them taking in their sensations which caused my cock to go semi hard.

When after a short while went by she then stood back up and with her right hand cupping her tit guided me onto her right nipple while her left hand rested on the back of my head she f***ed her now erect nipple into my mouth.

"Try not to use your teeth, just suckle." mom instructed me as I devoured her large mammary, while mom continued to cup her tit imitating the actions of breastfeeding a toddler then closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sensations I was giving her and groaned.

Joy filled up inside me as I continually suckled away merrily on mom's nipple making a lowly slurping sound that carried around the room as mom moved ever so slightly back and forth on the spot, enjoying the workout I was giving her assets.

Although still in plaster I again managed to touch mom which increased the eroticism of the moment, my fingers dabbling at her curvaceous hips as she stood there in front of me.

After around a quarter of an hour mom moved away from me as her feet began to tingle as they started to go to sl**p from standing in the same position too long, clenching her toe's as she did trying to get the circulation moving again. Smiling down at me as she ruffled my hair she said

"Well, someone certainly likes these don't they?, I get the feeling that you'd do that all day if I let you."

Then as she moved from between my thighs mom told me to move back onto the bed. When I'd got to the centre she helped me to spin 90 degrees so my head was pointing at the headboard then told me to lie back. As I lay back on the bed mom then grabbed hold of my ankles and dragged me down the bed slightly giving her room above my head for what she had in mind next.

"There!, that's better I've got some room now." mom said as she stepped up onto the bed, making it rock from side to side, her tits doing the same.

Kneeling next to me I became bemused then disappointed as to what mom was doing thinking that she was originally going to mount me.

"So how about you giving me some oral then Mat, would you like that?"

Smiling as I realized I was going to lick mom out I nodded, mom then picked herself up onto her knees and walked on all fours to the top of the bed. There she then put her left knee at the right side of my head and then with her right knee stepped over my head and put it next to my left side of my head.

Looking up I could see everything of mom's fanny which was only inches above my face, a view which I couldn't see before from my earlier looks. Her nice and tidy fanny lips were absolutely mesmerizing and her thick hairy pubes stood out turning me on, making tingling sensations shoot down through my ball sack as I took everything in.

Moving herself forward a few more inches mom then got her fingers and pulled her lips apart and gave me a close up of her clit.

"What do ya' think?, like it?"

"Yes mom, it's gorgeous." It was then mom said

"Well in that case I'll begin, just don't panic, I won't suffocate ya'" as she let herself down on me.

Mom's crotch then nestled down on my mouth, her aroma driving me nuts with exhilaration as I put out my tongue to lick her most private of parts while mom put her hands on to my headboard for support. As I touched her, her womanly taste hit me like a thunderbolt which caused my cock which was semi hard back into the standing position.

Mom then groaned loudly causing her thighs and crotch area to clench. With each groan of satisfaction leading me on I then went to work licking mom out furiously, fanny juice starting to run down the cheeks of my face as I did. Jesus Christ! I thought to myself, feeling as high as a kite doing something most teenagers could only dream about.

Continuing to lick I looked up at mom's front, her tits with her nipples now fully erect swinging slightly as she rocked back and forth on my mouth, enjoying the action of my tongue.

"Mmmm! . . . mmmm! . . . mmmm! . . . mmmm!" mom groaned and groaned as she then closed her eyes while her fanny and thighs clenched in unison with every lick from my tongue.

"That's it love, you're right on the man in the boat . . . keep it at that speed, . . . you'll make me cum like that." mom said encouraging me on.

Time appeared to fly by as by the quarter of an hour mark I was starting to slurp loudly as mom's fanny became more sodden from my endeavour, mom started to groan more loudly, rock back and forth faster and clench at a faster pace than before telling me how well I was doing and signalling her approaching orgasm.

"Aaahhh! Mat!, . . . that's it!, . . . I'm starting to cum! . . . aaahhh! . . . . . aaahhh!"

I again looked up at mom's face to see her still with her eyes shut
grimace in agony, as her pelvis rocked faster and faster and her thighs
came together pinning my head between them.

Moments later, mom's climax hit with a vengeance as the headboard mom was gripping too started to smack against the wall as mom convulsed, her fanny twitched repeatedly on my mouth and her body shuddered.

"Jesus Mat! I'm cumming! . . . I'm cumming! . . . I'm cumming! . . . aaahhh! . . . aaahhh! . . . aaahhh! . . . I'm cumming! . . . Jesus I'm . . . cumming!"

As mom continued to cum I licked on and on until mom told me to stop.

"Aaahhh! . . . aaahhh! . . . Mat! stop! . . . stop! . . . aaahhh! .
. . aaahhh!"

Mom who was still shuddering from her orgasmic waves then lifted herself off my face and rolled onto her side, her leg pranging against my plaster cast and into the foetal birth position then put her right arm across her eyes as she then tried to recover. With my mouth and face covered in mom's juice I looked over at her as she smiled despite breathing heavily and said

"Well done love, you did well there!"

When she had recovered mom got up into a kneeling position and gently gripped my still hard cock sending shocks of electricity through my body.

"Ready for the main event then love?" she inquired as I just lied there unable to answer through raw excitement as she then got me to move further up the bed and put my head on the pillow. She then moved her position astride my thighs.

"Close ya legs Mat" mom said as she gently slapped a thigh, telling me that she wanted my thighs closer together.

Looking down towards mom I could hardly contain myself as mom shuffled forward until she was over my hips, then she again gripped my cock then with her fingers rolled back my foreskin exposing my glans and then keeping me rigid lowered herself down onto me, her body pushing me into the bed pinning me there for her own gratification while I tensed up from the sensitivity. Her fanny then wrapping tightly around my shaft, wetting me in the process causing me to take a big draw of breath as she did.

Leaning forward to put her hands either side of me for stability, her body slipped effortlessly between my immobile arms. As she did this mom's tits rubbed along my chest, her nipples gauging at me then came to a halt around 8 inches below my chin giving me a splendid view of them as I waited for mom to start her motions.

Mom then started her thrusting motions, rocking herself back and forth f***e fully causing the bed to judder and squeak as her pubic area collided in rhymn with my own sending impact tremors through my body, making a slapping sound as it did. Looking up at mom I could see her with her eyes closed in deep thought concentrating on what she was doing and making sure it was for her benefit.

After around 10 minutes, mom's movements became more rigorous and violent as she started her approach to orgasm for a second time.

"Mmmm! . . . mmmm! . . . mmmm! . . . mmmm!"

The bed shook more wildly as my crotch area took more and more f***e from mom's pelvis slamming down on me causing some slight pain, as her breathing intensified.

"You're not cummin yet are ya Mat?" mom asked as she continued her work
with her eyes shut.

"No mom!" I answered, my body being hammered by mom's actions.

"Good, I don't want you cummin yet" mom asked virtually struggling to talk through her breathlessness as she then groaned.

"Aaahhh! . . . aaahhh! . . . aaahhh!" mom said as her orgasm hit, her
face contorting in agony as her body convulsed and twitched and her back
arched. The headboard smacked loudly as mom then shouted

"Jesus! . . . Jesus! . . . I'm cummin! . . . I'm cummin! . . . I'm
cummin! . . . I'm cummin!"

With waves from her cum washing over mom collapsed on top of me, her head hitting face down into the pillow as she tried to get her breath back then recover. As she lied there she turned her head and double checked.

"You haven't cum then?"

"No mom, not yet" Mom then smiled at me proudly then said

"Good lad Mat, I'll be able to go again in a minute" I then looked straight up at the ceiling, aghast at mom's capacity for orgasms.

Just a minute later mom said

"Here we go again, round 2!" then got herself back into position then started thrusting again wildly as she went for the next one of her multiples as I was f***ed to lie there as mom hips pounded at my pelvis, the impacts smacking me further into the bed.

"Let's see I we can cum at the same time Mat!" mom said as with her eyes closed she went hell for leather, again her actions hurting me slightly.

Still high from her previous cum it wasn't long before mom started cumming again. As her tits rubbed along my chest I became more aroused from this especially looking at her nipples, which caused spunk to fill my balls.

"Mom! . . . I'm starting to cum!" I called as I knew from experience I wouldn't be able to hold it in.

"That's it love! . . . keep telling me . . . go on . . . it turns me on when you keep saying that."

Doing exactly what mom had asked I did just that.

"Mom! . . . I'm cumming! . . . I'm cumming! . . . mom! . . . ya making
me cum! . . . ya making me cum!" Mom spoke in union with me as she groaned.

"Oh God! Mat, . . .I'm cumming! . . . I'm cumming! . . . I'm cumming!" mom shrieked as the headboard smashed against the wall for the umpteenth time and me and mom's groaning filling the room, we both climaxed in unison.

As her face contorted and her back arched for the 3rd time of asking, it was more than I could handle as spunk shot inside of mom causing me to shout.

"Mom!" loudly as I shuddered from my orgasm.

Mom then collapsed on top of me again in exhaustion as she too rode her cum waves as the room fell silent as we took everything in for the next 5 minutes or so.

Turning her head from the pillow mom then put her lips to mine and kissed me, her tongue swirling around my mouth French-style. Up to that point I had never kissed properly and found mom's kissing technique a complete turn on, the way she did this was like she was sucking all the air from out of me. I quickly realized that mom was showing me how to kiss and expected me to follow her so I stuck my tongue into mom's mouth and did what she wanted me to do.

Soon enough though I started to struggle as mom's tongue was more stronger, hers pressing down on mine in an unequal wrestling match. Mom knowing this started to stick her tongue down the back of my mouth as a joke while she made repeated movements imitating a thrusting male member, which again made my head fill with erotic thoughts.

When fully recovered mom got off my chest then asked

"How was it?, did you enjoy it?"

"It was brilliant mom, thanks." I said thanking mom for this once in a lifetime event. Mom pecked me on the cheek and said

"I think that's it then, we better get dressed and get back to normal because as I said before no one can ever know about this Mat ok?"

Agreeing with mom about this she then got off me and we went about our routine for the rest of the day. e****ting me back downstairs, mom then gave us each a quick wash-down in the shower then after walking into the front room, dressed us both.

The day after I did indeed have my casts off and finally had normality come back into my life. It was only when I first showered myself that I realized how lucky I was to have a mom like mine. Not many mothers would have done what mine did for me for those 6 weeks while my arms were in plaster, which not only made me feel privileged but extremely honoured, and even to this day despite being married I still sometimes think back to my and mom's encounters in the bath and bedroom.


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Excellent story
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Damn - mom made me cum - hard
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Now how bizarre as you see my names mat and was in casts just the same at that very age and due to a motorbike accident just felt a cold shiver lol great story tho
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Great stuff :))
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Very good
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Nice job
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great writing. good work. got my cum from it. lol
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Very good story. gave me a great hard on!!!!!