Mom plays Nurse Pt I (RE-EDIT)

Mom Plays Nurse by BLUEgoblin

Authors note: Due to the story being true, character names have been

After braking both of his arms in a motorcycle accident, a teenager has to rely on his mother to help him in everyday things including bathing and going to the toilet, but gets extras in the process.

I always remembered my dad once talking about motorbikes with the f****y in the front room of the house, debating how the great Barry Sheen was a rare breed after he'd come off his bike again braking his legs, and how they were death traps.

"bl**dy dangerous if you ask me," dad said, "if you come of one of them you've got no metal between you and the road unlike a car."

Watching the news report of Bazza being hauled into the back of the ambulance dad continued,

"And it's even worse for the person on the back!"

"Why?" I asked bemused,

"cos they always come off second best that's why, the ones riding pillion always get hurt more than the rider, if ever anyone, even one of ya' mates ask ya to go on the back of their bikes stay off you're safer that way son!"

Well of course being just 13 years old I completely ignored what he said, what the hell does dad know. Let's face it at that age you just do things and to hell with the consequences and that was the case when on a Tuesday summer evening after school on some open ground my friend Paul and his b*****r were riding around on their bike or as us locals called them 'chicken-chasers'.

To say it was barely legal was doing it a favor, no tax, no insurance, sounding like a Sherman tank because of no muffle on the exhaust and blowing bluish like the Flying Scotsman as Ryan sped all over the waste ground with his b*****r on the back doing his best impression of a Hell's Angel.

"Wanna ride Mat?" Ryan said as his b*****r got off the back after being scared witless from his journey.

"Come on then!" egging Ryan on with bravado, making out I wasn't scared as I took Paul's helmet off him and placed onto my head for protection.

Sitting down on the back, Ryan revved the engine over and over again causing me to giggle as I put my arms around him to hang on waiting for the burst of g that was surely going to hit me as he sped off.

"Hang on tight, ok!" Ryan shouted as we went off like our arse's were on fire all across the waste ground, my vision blurring from the trees, rubble and greenery flying past at breakneck speed.

That's all I remember until I woke up in hospital with a fractured shoulder and both arms broken and set in a pugilist's stance. From the shouting outside the room it dawned on me that it wasn't just me that went flying, the accusations started to fly also between my parents and s****rs. Who was to blame, why wasn't the bike legal etc etc.

To be fair, it was harsh blaming Ryan as he didn't f***e me to go on the bike, I did it on my own free will. As it started to quiet down mom then entered the room and gave a right old ear full about how stupid I'd been and how close I'd come to being killed.

After mom had calmed down the rest of the f****y entered the room as she
explained what had happened, it appears that as Ryan and me went over a knoll on the waste ground we both fell off, he unbelievably just got a sprained ankle but like my dad had warned me earlier I came off worse, it was only the fact that I was wearing a crash helmet that saved me from more serious injury. She then carried on,

"Jesus Mat! what the hell was you thinking of?, you know this has screwed up your schooling for the next 6 weeks as you can't write or even go to school."

"Soz mom!" I replied in agony from my fractures while my s****rs giggled.

"The staff have said they're going to keep you in overnight in case you
have concussion."

"Are you going to stop me from hanging around with Paul because of this?" I asked knowing mom was upset about what had happened.

"Of course not, let's be honest it wouldn't make much difference anyway,
you'd still hang around with him." mom took a deep breath and finished by
saying "I just want you to be a bit more careful, that's all."

With that they left the room leaving me to think about what had happened
and how I was going to cope with both of my arms immobile. Dad then
brought some light hearted relief to the proceedings though when as he
exited the room and took the piss out of me because of the day's events and
even started shouting like the Japanese Kamikaze pilots used to in WWII
laughing out loud as he left the room to go home with mom and Diane and


After waking up the next day and having breakfast with the help of a nurse, who was a stern looking woman of around 45 years of age I found out that the doctor was going to give me checkup to see if I was well enough to go home. Not having gone to the toilet since the day before I told a her that I needed to go and she obliged by helping me off the bed the pulling down my boxers and letting me shuffle over to a table with an urinal carton placed upon it. After a bit of a struggle while I swung my hips side to side I managed to put my cock in the end.

Standing there with my boxers around my ankles and arse cheeks in full view it took ages to relax knowing that the nurse was somewhere behind me watching.

"Sorry about this son, I've got to stay with you in case you fall over
and hurt yourself."

Finally after looking straight at the blank wall for a few minutes I managed to empty myself, filling the carton to the rim. Having an empty bladder wasn't my only relief as I knew only too well that mom was on her way and it would've been almost unbearable for me to let mom to see me like this.

Mom was already there at 8 o'clock when he came round, and after a quick once over I was given the all clear to go. Mom then got a pair of p.j's and a house coat out of a sports bag she had with her then said

"I've bought these and 3 other pairs which I've left for you at home love, it'll be easier than trying to continually get in and out of ya' jean's and t- shirts" then showed me the pair that she brought with her.

"Now!, let's get ya' dressed so we can go home"

Mom then proceeded to dress me in the clothes which she had brought, luckily for me I still had my boxers on from the previous day thus allowing me to keep my modesty.

Mom e****ted me to the car and helped me get in and then buckled me in for the 10 minute drive to the house. Starting the engine mom said

"When we get home I need to have a serious chat with you about how we're going to get through this as your arms broken and you're going have to rely on me for help for the next few weeks"

"Ok!" I replied not really taking in the ramifications of what she had said.

"What about school?" I asked,

"Don't worry!

It's all sorted and they know everything, they're going to send some material around to the house every week so I can teach you a little so you don't lose too much in the way of schooling."

Now before I go on let me tell you about myself and my f****y. As you already know my name is Mathew or Mat to everyone else. I'm the youngest of 3 c***dren and with the rest of my f****y we lived in a 3 bedroom house and at the time of the accident my s****r Diane who was 15 then there was Claire who was 14. My dad who is named John worked in a local engineering works on and finally my mom whose name is Eileen.

Both mom and dad are tall, dad's 6ft 2in while mom's 6ft which didn't make it surprising that at the age of 13 when the accident happened I was already 5ft in height. Mom had a gorgeous hourglass figure with a size 16 dress size with sexy curvy hips and large tits which as you will read on I later found out to be double E cups.

Due to her large tits mom always wore baggy shirts and jumpers to hide them. Her hair was blonde and wavy down to her shoulders, and despite having had 3 k**s and being 37 she didn't look it. My dad was surely a lucky man to be married to her. I'm sure that's the reason since then that I've always gone for blonde haired woman, in fact my friends were all dead jealous and called her a 'yummy mummy'.

We pulled up into the driveway and mom helped me get out and into the house, along the hallway and into the front room, all the time mom being over-
protective of me as she kept her hands on my hips for fear of me stumbling or falling over. Sitting down I could finally relax as mom then raced into the kitchen to make a pot of tea.

After a while mom returned and put both cups of tea on the floor next to the sofa that I was sitting on and then she sat down next to me, her body and knees facing towards me so she could talk, it was now that I had a nervous feeling come over me which made my heart beat faster from the impending conversation mom had indicated to me earlier in the car. After helping me take a sip of tea mom got down to business.

"Now look Mat, we need to talk and sort some things out about what we
are going to do with you." I listened intently to what mom had to say.

"Being that both of your arms are in plaster means that there are things that you're clearly unable to do for yourself like going to the toilet and taking a shower which means I'll have to get in there with you to help you wash" I became stunned as mom continued to explain how she was going to help me take a shower.

"Don't be offended when I get undressed in front of you, ok? But this is the only way we can do this, besides me and the rest of you lot used to take baths with me before when you were k**s so it's not like you haven't done this before."

Dread came over me as I realized that mom would have to see me naked. Mom hadn't seen me in my birthday suite since I was around 5 and especially since going through puberty and now to cap it all I was expected to stand in a shower completely naked exposing myself to my own mom as she put her hands all over me while she was naked.

"Now as for you being naked in front of me I don't want you to get all stressed up about this because trust me I've seen it all before, I know that it's going to be embarrassing for you having me help you go to take a shower but I'm afraid that it can't be helped. There's no other way around this.

"Sheer terror started to get hold of me as mom continued

"The thing is that when I help you take a shower you know I'm going have to touch you between your legs don't ya?" I ummed to acknowledge her, unable to speak. "And when I do, I'm going have to touch the end of ya cock, especially when I have to clean under ya foreskin!" After taking a gulp of air I said.

"Yes mom!"

Mom then put one of her hands up to my face and put the palm on my cheek to comfort me then said

"Look!, I'm not naive and know what'll happen when I do this especially as I'm naked also so don't get upset or feel that you're doing something wrong when you get a hard-on in front of me, at the end of the day it's one of those things and a normal reaction of your body and I won't be offended in the slightest bit." "So when we shower together I want you to relax and not get embarrassed, upset or feel ashamed ok?"

Feeling stunned at the way mom casually talked about this subject and mom's language regarding saying the words cock and hard on I slowly became more at ease from mom's words of encouragement. I nodded in reply, then mom trying to break the tension in the air chuckled loudly while tapping my knee with her finger and said,

"Besides if you feel uncomfortable about being naked in front of me just remember what happened to me when you was 11, to say I was mortified would be an understatement." Mom smiled devilishly at me and then said "let's just say it'll make us equal in the naked stakes!"

Mom was right, I had seen her naked before. Around 3 years earlier I came downstairs one school night after waking up and entered the front room to find my dad watching TV while standing in front of the fireplace. After doing a double take dad said

"What brings you down here?, can't sl**p?"

After nodding my head in agreement dad told me to relax and make myself a drink. I then sat down in dad's chair which was just behind the door while I watched the last half of News at Ten. After finishing off the last of his cig dad said

"I'm glad you're here to be honest, it means I can go to bed without waiting for her, you couldn't do me a favour could you?"

"What's that?" I asked

"Leave it until around quarter to 11 and bang on the bathroom door to wake ya' mom up, you know what she's like for sl**ping in the bath."

Dad was right, mom was terrible when she got into her bath, she used to have it red hot then fall asl**p, despite a shower being installed a couple of years earlier and if dad didn't wake her up she'd be in their all night.

"Yes dad" I replied as dad exited the room and went to bed.

As I said earlier we lived in a 3 bedroom house that had a ground floor bathroom with a toilet and as a consequence meant that if anyone was having a bath you'd have to wait until they'd finished to go on the toilet.

As I was continuing to watch TV with the time getting near to when dad had asked me to wake up I heard the sloshing of water and the plug being pulled in the bathroom as mom surprisingly had woke up. Sorted! I thought to myself as I then knew I didn't need to wake mom up.

After much fumbling about I heard the bathroom door open and the chord to the light being pulled to turn it off and then the sound of mom walking towards the door to the front room.

What happened next put me in a state of panic but at the same time exhilaration. Dad's chair which I was sitting on was just behind the door, and as mom came through it opened left to right and hid most of it from her view and thus the blurred outline in the corner of her eye's which she saw she mistook me for dad.

It was then that my jaw dropped in amazement as mom walked into the room totally naked in front of me apart from holding a couple of medium towels in her left hand and still blissfully unaware of the show she was giving me casually shut the door with her right hand without even looking behind her.

Still oblivious to the fact that I could see everything mom walked up to the fireplace and with her back to me bent over and placed one of the towels on the floor to step on and then lent forward to dry herself with the other.

Fear struck me as I became slightly panicky, realizing that mom had thought I was dad. What do I do?, do I say something or do I just let events play out?, not only that will mom blame me for this or for not saying something? It was no good, fear overcame my urge to say something so I just had to sit there as mom continued to expose her most intimate parts of her anatomy to me.

I watched me in dual awe and nervousness as mom continued to lean forward drying her feet, then calves and as she lifted herself up slightly her thighs.As she was doing this I ogled her fanny which was in clear view, her clam shell fanny lips causing my cock to harden. Despite this being my own mother I didn't care, this was the sexist, most erotic thing I'd ever experienced.

Although I couldn't see a clear view of her pubes I knew she had a very hairy fanny because as she moved up and down while drying herself, her mound kept coming into view between her thighs. Not only that her huge tits drooped downwards and swung from front to back due to her drying action which I could just see the sides off despite most of their mass being hidden behind mom's upper body.

She then stood upright and while still having her back to me started to dry off her front, this then allowed me to admire mom's arse which was magnificent. Round and curvy and didn't have the slightest bit of flab or stretch marks on them, I strained at the leash trying to overcome the urge to put my hands on them but gladly winning the duel not too.

After drying her front mom then leaned forward again and put her towel over her head covering her face and letting the towel dangle down each side of her head. As she started rubbing her head to dry her hair mom casually turned around to face me giving me uninterrupted views of her womanly figure.

Again sheer terror washed over me waiting for mom to realize I wasn't dad but yet again she didn't. This respite allowed me to again take more views of mom's sexuality. I was right about mom having a very hairy fanny.

Although hidden mostly by mom's tits which were drooping as she leant over I could see that her bush was extremely thick and of course black, and with it her hairs stuck out at least 2 inches from her pubic mound and covered a fair good area. Because of this it showed off mom's thighs and curvy hips which caused me discomfort between my legs as my hard on became full and pressed against my boxers.

Rubbing the towel across her head in the bent over position caused her tits to again swing back and forth in front of me giving me a clear view of them. It was an awesome sight as I took it all in and thus I understood why mom always wore baggy clothing on. Mom bless her had enormous areoles which were at least 4 inches across and pulled her large nipples into a point like a volcano.

I was delirious at this point and didn't want mom's show for me to end, but it soon did as mom still bent forward began to wrap the towel around head like a turban and then proceeded to stand up straight, still completely naked in front of me with nothing covering her.

It must of only been 2 seconds at most but it felt like a lifetime as I waited for the inevitable bollocking from mom as she took a breath to stop herself getting giddy from leaning over for so long then put her head down to look at what she thought was dad. My and mom's hearts both skipped a beat and our stomachs turned over as me and mom's eyes locked.

"Ooohhh! . . . Shit! . . . Mat! . . . Shit! . . . Shit!"

Mom squealed as she fell to her knees trying unsuccessfully to cover her fanny
with one hand and her tits with an arm.

"Erm! . . .erm! . . . what are you doing here? . . . I! . . . I! . . . erm! . . . I thought that you were ya dad!" mom stated, falling over her words from the shock and realization that I'd seen everything.

"Soz mom, I wanted to say something but . . . but!"

Mom interrupted me.

"Erm . . . it's ok! . . . it's not your fault I shouldn't be going around like
this, don't get worrying about it, you've done nothing wrong!"

With that mom got back up onto her feet still trying to cover herself and then stepped off the towel.

"Mat!, how about picking this towel up and helping to wrap it around me?" I did what mom asked of me, even looking away in politeness as mom walked into the open towel.

Mom then went into the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea while she composed herself. A little later she came back in with her tea and apologized again.

"Sorry about that Mat, as I said that was my fault, the thing is I don't want you to worry about what happened" mom exclaimed as she continued to fret about doing me some mental damage to me despite little knowing that for me it was a truly wonderful experience.

With her apology out the way mom relaxed as she finished off her tea then went to bed. A few minutes later I then heard dad pissing himself with laughter as mom told him what had happened.

As I sat there next to mom she again helped me drink some more tea then got up and put the TV on to entertain me while she went about her housework. While I awkwardly switched channels with my exposed fingertips with the remote resting on my lap I went over the things mom had said to me.

It then dawned on me what a lucky situation I had found myself in. Sure! I'd be naked in front of mom and it would be of course embarrassing but after a while I'd get used to it. It was the fact that mom would have to touch me up every day in the shower, and not only that she'd be totally in the buff when doing it.

A smile grew across my face when I realized that this was to all intents and purposes a teenager's greatest fantasy. The times me and the rest of my school friends had talked about how we all was trying to with various degrees of success to 'danger wank' in front of our mothers even getting them to catch us as we cum.

If my friends could know about this they'd be kicking themselves with jealousy. My cock then started to get stiff thinking about this as I heard mom humming to herself in the kitchen.

Within a couple of hours I needed to use the toilet and called to mom who was by then in the front room with me watching TV.

"Mom, I need the loo!" I said as mom turned around and got off her chair.

"Ok, just let me get you up and then we can go."

Carefully getting me off the sofa, mom stood behind me and put her hands on my hips as again she became overprotective, nervous that I might fall over while I walked slowly through the door, into the hallway and after nudging the half opened bathroom door with my knee we entered the room and walked up to the urinal and stopped.

"Right!, as I said earlier on don't be embarrassed by exposing yourself to me, I've seen it all before ok?"

"Ok mom"

I replied to mom's reassuring words the let mom go about her business.

After leaning around me and lifting up the seat out of the way which 'clanked' against the cistern, mom got her fingers inside the elastic waist of my bottoms and with a quick pull yanked them down.

As they travelled down past my waist the tightness abated allowing them to fall to me ankles on their own.

I then took a deep breath as mom then moved to my boxers and again put her fingers inside and did likewise as before, again the boxers falling on their own after moving past my waist. Cold air from the bathroom hit my exposed arse cheeks and thighs as I then clenched my thighs together as modesty hit me knowing mom could see everything if she wanted too.

Putting her right hand back on my bare hip with her palm open fully she then with her left hand pulled my shirt tight so as not to let it hang down and piss over it, then again put her hand back on my left hip. Although she was only touching my hips I felt slightly erotic as I stood there trying to relax so I could relieve myself.

"Well love!" mom said while smiling, "that's a view I haven't seen in a few years!" then jokingly spanked my right arse cheek twice gently with her hand then put it back on my hip.

"Now don't rush, we've got all the time in the world ok?, just relax and you'll go" mom reassured me as she waited patiently behind me. A couple of minutes later, trickling echoed around the room as I finally relaxed enough to go.

Mom moved forward and put her head the side of mine then spoke

"Oh!, by the way... about your showers, we're going have to have 'em sometime in the afternoon because after that I'll be busy cooking the tea for you lot before your dad comes home and I'd rather have a quiet night in than messing about with this, you ok with that?"

"Yes mom" I answered despite having no choice in the matter.

Finally finishing I tried to shake myself by moving my hips left to right quickly which creased mom up. Knowing full well what I was trying to do mom said

"Brace yourself . . . and don't worry . . . I'll do this for ya."

I took another deep breath as I prepared for mom's touch. With her left hand mom gripped me halfway down the shaft of my cock which then she leaned over and with her right hand grabbed some toilet roll from the spool that was on the wall next to me.

After doing that she quickly wiped the end.

I groaned "aaahhh! . . . aaahhh! . . . aaahhh! as mom dried my cock with the toilet paper, causing me to clench and shudder and my legs to buckle slightly.

Within a few seconds it was all over and mom let go of her new toy as I tried to get my breath back.

"See!, . . . that wasn't too bad was it?" then she chuckled to herself.

"Let's face it, it's been a few years since I've done that to a bloke!"

It was then I went red at mom's innuendo while waiting for my cock to go soft which took a few minutes. While mom redressed me I thought that although I hadn't cum if this was anything to go by then the next 6 weeks were going to be enjoyable, what I didn't know at the time was how enjoyable.

Sitting back down in the front room I eagerly counted down the time until I was due to have a shower, trying to keep myself occupied with things to do and watch on TV despite the time dragging on and suffering from a case of blue-balls.

I even managed to have another encounter in the bathroom a couple of hours later on to take a piss which mom was only too happy to oblige, again going through the same routine as before.

Mom made me a another cup of tea and with the time approaching 2 o'clock then went up the shops to get some produce for the evening tea as she'd been unable to go shopping with all the furor surrounding my accident.

My balls twitched and ached as I waited there expectantly for my upcoming
shower, evening feeling a few drops of pre cum entering my tip of my cock.

Half an hour later mom returned and walked into the front room then through to the kitchen with her bag of groceries and went about her chores.

While I listened at her movements as she put the contents of the bag away then made herself a drink, my stomach started to turn over with excitement knowing in a sooner or later I would be with mom, naked in the shower together and able to ogle mom's naked body again.

Suddenly mom came through the middle door that separated the kitchen and
front room and said,

"Well!, it's about time with gotta move on . . . . you ready?"

"Yes mom"

replied trying to conceal my delight about what might happen to me in the next half hour or so. Again mom helped me to my feet and put her hands on my hips as in tandem we again walked into the bathroom as my heartbeat at a hundred miles an hour.

"As I said before Mat, just relax and don't be ashamed of being naked in front of one another, I won't be the last woman you're going to be naked in front of and I won't be the last woman you're going to see naked. You'll see a lot worse when you're married ok?"

Mom then guided me to the centre of the bathroom where while she was behind me then pulled my bottoms and boxers down in one go then got me to lift each leg at a time while she bent down and pulled the objects from my feet, her face just catching one of my arse cheeks as she did this from being a bit too close.

After completing that task she carefully removed my top and then let it drop to the floor thus allowing me to stand their naked in front of her. I clenched my thighs together, as if I could hide my cock and pubes as she did this, still not getting over my modesty as mom shouted

"Woooooh!" to embarrass me from being exposed.

Mom then moved around to the front of me and looked straight at my crotch to rub it in. Smiling as she did this and noticing my comfortableness mom said,

"I'm sorry love, I'm like every other mom, it's just that I'm thrilled to notice that my young boy's turning into a man that's all."

Mom then started getting stripped off herself saying,

"Suppose it's my turn then!"as she did this.

First mom took her shirt off, opening her buttons one by one in quick succession exposing her bra' then her navel as the shirt flung open. With a quick tug, it slid down her arms and onto the floor letting me see her bra' which was white but thin enough for me to see her nipples and areoles underneath.

Then it was the turn of her jeans, which she first unbuttoned then pulled down allowing me to look at her thighs which just like before were as sexy as hell. Her panties were also white and again very thin allowing the darkness of her thick hairy pubes to show through causing her crotch area to balloon out.

Mom smiled continuously as she did this noticing that I'd begun to have a hard on from the show she was giving me. Stepping out of the legs to remove her jeans, one leg at a time she then laid them on the toilet, putting the lid down as did this so she could wear them later.

Then it was the turn of her undies. Mom lent forward and put her hands behind her back to unclip her bra'. As she did this, her tits swung under her from the
lack of support, giving me a tremendous view of her cleavage and nipples which started to go erect from the slightly chilled air in the bathroom.

Standing upright and seeing that I was taking everything in, mom asked if I was ok.

"Yes mom . . . erm! . . . erm! . . . can I ask something?"

"Of course ya' can love, why what is it?"

Nodding at her tits I asked shamefully, knowing full well it's not usually a polite thing you ask your mom.

"Erm . . . how big are they?"

Mom then looked down at her ample tits then cupped them with both hands shaking them playfully.

"Oh, these? . . . erm they're a double E cup, why? you like 'em?"

I nodded in response as mom put her hands back down by her sides then pulled her panties down, showing me her fanny. My cock became rock hard as again I looked on at mom's womanly figure as before, her curvy hips, her magnificent tits and her thighs which showed off her camel's hoof and raven haired pubes.

God! I thought to myself, mom was absolutely gorgeous as I stood there starting to fantasize about mom.

Just as mom finished stripping off and went walk over to the bath she shouted


"What mom?"

I replied knowing something was wrong,

"I haven't wrapped your arms, the plaster will be ruined if I don't cover your arms."

With that mom trotted to the door and went through it naked into the hall, through the front room and into the kitchen leaving me standing there bare while I watched mom go about her travels.

A few moments later she returned with a couple of carrier bags and some ducting tape.

"This i'll have to do for the time being" as mom re-entered the bathroom and come around to my front.

I then stood there, not moving an inch as mom covered my arms and hands with the
bags and taped up the ends to my upper arms. Noticing that mine and her own body was less than a foot away from one another and my hard on just tantalizingly a few inches away from her crotch area mom jokingly said.

"Now don't get any ideas!" then smiled as she wallowed in the fact that she was still having this effect on me.

Having finished this mom then walked over to the bath and beckoned me over. Grabbing onto my hips she instructed me to put one leg over into the bath which I did. Mom then let go of me as she then stepped completely into the bath and put her palms back on my hips as she again instructed me to step into the bath with my other foot.

As we both stood there virtually against one another due to the limits of the space, mom asked me to turn right and face the shower head then used her right hand to close the shower door on the ledge of the bath, which went 'ssshhh' as it rode along the rail.

With the door and shield running the best part of 2 thirds of the way along the bath mom could now help me take a shower knowing there would be no water spraying on the floor.

Helping me to shuffle up to the end of the bath where the shower was mom again instructed me.

"Mat, for crying out loud don't start shuffling about when the waters on as we've got no grip up this end, I don't want us going over ok?"

She was right, as the plug end of the bath was at the same end as the window it f***ed the plumber to put the shower at the other end. This made it quite tricky standing there even on your own when the shower was on taking away your grip even with the help of a mat. As I didn't answer mom gently smacked me once on the arse to get my attention.

"You listening Mat?"

I then nodded as mom's right arm came around and switched on the shower, her body rubbing up against mine as she did.

We both gasped as we tried to get our breath back when the cold water hit us,

"Jesus! that's cold"

Mom shouted as we waited for the water to turn hot. We stood there like startled rabbits as we encouraged the hot water to appear, which in a couple of short moments duly did. As the steam rose, mom again lent over and took the shower head off its hook and started soaking me all over including my hair.

Making sure I was totally soaked all over, mom replaced the hose and left it running then took shower gel from the shelf, again her body nudging into mine.

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