mothers story

My life fucking sucks. I was knocked up in high school by a guy I barely knew. I couldn’t afford an abortion and had no choice but to have my son. I had plans for college but those dreams were quickly crushed replaced by a reality of working end jobs and living on welfare just to support my son. There was a time I could have had anyone but after having Jimmy I was considered damaged goods. I never fucking wanted this life. I never fucking wanted to be a mother. I have paid for that mistake all these years raising him and he was now finishing high school eager to start college. Well I didn’t get the opportunity to earn my degree. Instead I was stuck raising a bastard that I regretted ever giving birth to. I was in his room when I discovered a condom under his mattress. I took out a pin and poked tiny holes through it. I was going to ruin his life just like he ruined mine! He was going to know what it was like for me, all the fucking sacrifices I made for this burden I called my son. I was just about to put the tainted condom back under his mattress when Jimmy walked in. He was shocked, screaming at me to explain myself. Well, I just told him the fucking truth. I yelled at him that he was a mistake and that I regretted the day he was born. He was furious! We argued back and forth at each other, calling each other names and yelling out obscenities. He screamed at me to shut up and shoved my mouth down on his cock. I bobbed up and down his rod, slurping up his precum. He told me I was a filthy fucking whore and that this was all I was good for. I bitched back at him as I continued to suck his cock. I knew he wanted to fuck me and my pussy throbbed with anticipation. I yelled at him to lay down and began to pull my dress up, slowly revealing my curves as I slipped my fingers into my panties rubbing my moist pussy. I yelled at him to lay back as I straddled his face with my cunt feeling every flick of his warm tongue on my clit. I grinded on his face until he made me cum gushing all over his mouth and chin. He pulled me on his cock thrusting himself into my hole hard and deep. We continued to call each other vulgar names as we fucked in a frenzy. My son fucked me like he owned me, like I was his little fuck toy and ya know what? In that moment, I was. I wanted his cum. Yesssss! I wanted my son’s fuck juice all over me! I wanted to feel it, I wanted to touch it and more than anything I wanted to taste it. I fucking begged for it, pleading with him to reward me with his milky, warm jizz. He shot off his load, drenching my face and filling my eager mouth with his spunk. As I layed there covered in his cum he told me he hated me and left the room. Fuck him!
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1 year ago
3 years ago
It's not his fault you spread your legs back in school.
3 years ago
WTF is up w/all these stories of incest??
3 years ago
shouldn't have spread your legs in high school, slut