Anal Lovers Invite Anal Studs Over

You'd think we were a couple of seasoned, jaded perverts by how depraved we'd become. But I was only 26 and my wife was two years younger. We married three years prior and almost from the start we started dreaming up and living wilder and wilder scenes, with each other, and then with partners, another girl, two of them, a couple, a guy, two guys. We were bi from the start and loved that about each other; it meant there were so many ways we could mix it up with other sexy partners. And Alicia and me are as much voyeurs as we are a pair of raving exhibitionists; we just loved to watch and to be watched.

My wife, a beautiful, slender, sexy, athletic woman, is a tennis coach for the very successful women's tennis team at our local university. Now and then she tells me some nasty locker room stories, or how she's had these little post-tennis flings with some of the cuter players, many of whom were dykes or were bi. I love it and encourage it. That's the kind of sexual relationship we have.

And then she told me about these two new girls who just made the team, Nicole and Jasmine, two 18 year old freshmen.

"They're as sleek and sexy as a pair of kittens," Alicia told me, describing them, "just beautiful. A little bratty. You know, spoiled high school cheerleader types now in college. And horny as shit."

Then my wife told me, when I came home from work, that after practice that day she brought the two of them over to our place. They all showered and then spent the rest of the afternoon eating each other. She even brought out the dildos, Alicia said, and the two girls were game for it all, hot as hell. Naturally hearing this made my dick very hard and my wife and I enjoyed a raging drawn-out fuck afterwards.

Alicia kept it up with these two and kept telling me more about them, tantalizing me. They had boyfriends, two 19 year-old sophomores who were on the swim team. Alicia turned on the computer and we went online so she could show me a pic of these two girls and their boyfriends. There it was, Nicole and Jasmine, a pair of sensationally sleek and sexy teens, and the boyfriends, Jason and Kurt, just the sort of boys who make teen girls drool, lithe and gorgeous, boyishly handsome. In the pic, the four of them were at the beach, the girls in bikinis, their guys in swim trunks, showing off smooth, perfect, lithe, gym-toned bodies, the crotches of their trunks bulging. All four had sexy gleams in their eyes, in fact they looked a little lewd, almost jaded, like a quartet of teen models in an Abercrombie & Fitch ad.

"I asked them about the boyfriends," my wife continued, "and they 'fessed up the guys were amazingly hung, both carrying eleven thick inches down there when they became nice and hard, which, according to the girls, is just about all the time. The four of them fuck like bunnies and do it together sometimes, two teen couples rutting like a quartet of horny sex freaks, it sounds like."

"Do they take it up the ass yet?" I asked my wife. The two of us are complete anal sex addicts so this subject immediately comes up when we talk about someone else's sex behavior.

My wife smiled knowingly.

"I was just about to get to that, babe," she said, "No they haven't. They want to. Real bad, they said. But they never did in high school and their boyfriends are just too hung for them to take those two cocks of theirs up the ass. Let me show you."

Now my wife punched in a password and found another pic online. My eyes almost popped out when I saw it. There were Nicole and Jasmine holding two foot-long rulers against their two boyfriends' fully erect cocks, those cocks measuring just under the ruler's length, eleven inches, the massive penises as thick as the two girls' wrists, if not thicker.

"Holy shit!" I said. "Those are two amazing dicks. I can see how one of them found herself a boyfriend hung like that. But how did both of them happen to find studs hung like horses?"

They told my wife all about that, it seemed. Alicia explained that when Nicole first told Jasmine how hung her boyfriend was, even showed her a pic, Jasmine started moping, saying how she wished she had a boyfriend hung like that. And when Nicole mentioned to her boyfriend how Jasmine was wishing she too had a boyfriend as hung as Jason, Jason told her he had a good buddy, Kurt, who happened to be as hung as he was. How did Jason manage to know that, his girlfriend asked with a wicked smile. He squirmed a little, Nicole said, and said he and Kurt sometimes watched porn and jacked off together. And that's how Jasmine hooked up with Kurt and the four of them started messing around, the girls even switching a couple of times, Nicole fucking Kurt, and Jasmine Jason. And of course the two guys loved nothing more than watching their sexy teen girlfriends go down on each other and play with sex toys. That's when Nicole told her, my wife said, how the guys always seemed to check out each others dicks, how they sometimes looked like they were in love with each other's huge cocks.

So Alicia asked the girls if they were turned on by guys getting it on and they told her, yeah, in a big, big way. They love to talk about and imagine their two super hung boyfriends having wild boy-boy sex in front of them. That of course caught Alicia's attention. Then she asked them if maybe they'd like to come over and meet me. They said, sure. So she brought them home one day after tennis practice and I saw just what she meant, these teen college tennis players were a pair of ultra sexy foxes, sleek and nasty, I could see from the start. To make a long story short at this point, soon Alicia had us all undressing and by the time the afternoon came to a close I had fucked them both up the ass. They were desperate to end their anal virginity, and I did them both the favor, with my wife's urging.

Alicia even strapped on one of her dildos and had them watch as she fucked me up the ass. God, they just loved watching that, saying they'd do anything to see their boyfriends take it up the ass. Then they admitted that once in a while they had their two boyfriends play the role of their sex slaves, doing what the girls wanted, told them to do. They told us how just last week they had the two studs get up on their elbows and knees next to each other, spanked them, and then finger-fucked their assholes. My wife and I shared a knowing look, a very knowing look, when we heard that.

The next thing I heard is that Alicia had arranged for Nicole and Jasmine to come over again, and this time to bring their boyfriends along.

They arrive and the guys look just the way they did in the pics, down to the big bulges in the crotch of their jeans.

Then, after we get nice and comfortable, my wife has the two girls stip, and she strips off her own clothes. That's followed by a wild all-girl sex show, my wife and the two teens, the three of them eating each other up. Alicia makes a big show out of eating out their smooth, tight bottoms, no doubt trying to give the boys ideas. The two of them purr like a couple of horny young alley cats as they push their tight sexy bottoms against my wife's face, Alicia hungrily worming her tongue into their humid cracks, digging into their hot, sticky teen assholes.

Then Alicia pulls her tongue away a moment and tells us three guys to strip down. We rip off our clothes, our cocks fully and spectacularly erect. Alicia's jaw drops and my eyes go wide when we take in the two boys' tools, in the flesh now. My wife and I share a look. We've never seen penises as impressive as these two, even more impressive since they're attached to two gorgeous teen boys. Me and the boys now start stroking ourselves as the girls stop eating each other and pay attention, especially to our cocks.

Now Alicia, with a knowing, wicked look on her face, and the girls, all three gaze at the stunning three cock panorama. I'm no slouch myself in that department, carrying eight thick inches down there, but I'm merely a man among giants, with these two on either side of me. The vivid massiveness of our cocks is on full display, those engorged cocks so alive with sensation as we stroke ourselves furiously. Stark naked and spectacularly erect and engorged, we pose for the trio, my wife and the two teens, each reaching between her legs to finger herself as they take in the spectacular priapic display. Alicia approaches and with the most feather-light of touches she begins to graze with her fingertips the almost painfully taut skin of our cocks, the girls following her lead, all three moving from cock to cock, teasing, probing the contours. We groan, barely able to endure the tactile teasing, a mix of sublime ecstasy and near torture. Reaching lower, Alicia first and the girls following, they now fondle our balls and behind our balls, sliding fingers into the humid clefts between our buttocks, barely, teasingly touching our assholes, Alicia turning to the girls, telling them with lewd glee that if she has her way, which she usually does, these three assholes they're now fondling will soon be obscenely reamed and fucked.

Then Alicia reaches into a closet and pulls out a big sack. She empties it and out tumbles our huge collection of dildos. The teens ooh and ahh at the sight of all those rubber cocks. Next Alicia lines up three chairs. She picks up three identical dildos, nine inch numbers which I know well, and which have suction cups on the bases. She licks each base to wet it and slaps them down on the chair seats, so that each chair now has a big dildo sticking up from it, hard and straight. The teens are speechless, their eyes fixed like lasers on what Alicia is doing. These dildos were molded from the real cock of a very hung porn star. You should've seen the looks we got when my wife and I bought three of them at a downtown sex toy store. Me and the guys had just been watching Alicia and the teen girls excitedly eat each others' assholes, and now Alicia mentions the obvious, that boys have assholes too! She blithely tells everyone how her husband just loves taking it up the ass and how she does him like that all the time with her dildos. The girls are already well aware of this, but now their two boyfriends hear it. She looks over at me as they all listen in wonderment and tells them that I will now demonstrate for the two boys how to use a dildo anally. The girls clap with youthful glee, thrilled at where this is all going.

My wife hands me a tub of lube, and I scoop up a handful and reach back, slapping it between my cheeks, bending to make sure the girls and their boyfriends have a good view as I work the grease over my hole and then into it with stiff fingers. Then I apply a light coat of lube to one of the dildos, Alicia telling me that I might as well coat the other two since all three will be used. The girls reach down and masturbate unabashedly, amazed at what is starting to unfold here. Alicia gets behind them and between them, wets a finger of each hand in her mouth and then reaches down, and from the way the teens wince, I know my wife has jammed a finger, or several, up each of their assholes.

"Ooooh, that feels so good!" Jasmine purrs, pushing her sassy bottom back against my wife's fingers, wiggling that trim teen ass of hers. The sight and sound of that inspires me as I now squat over the middle chair and its protruding dildo, my back to everyone, and reaching down to take hold of the big greased rubber cock, slowly work it up my ass, impaling myself on it to the balls, then riding it as lewdly as possible, eager to put on a show, to inspire Jason and Kurt.

After I ream out my own ass in this position, I lift off and turn, lower myself again and impale my ass once more, this time facing everyone. Twisting my erect cock in my hand as vividly as possible as I ride the cock again, the two studs gaze down at the sight, whacking away wildly at their thick eleven inch cocks with greedy teen horniness.

"Suck their cocks, babe, while you fuck yourself," Alicia tells me as the teen girls' eyes light up gleefully.

"Oh yeah, uh huh, yeah!" I hear, an enthusiastic chorus of two, "we wanna see you blow our boyfriends' huge dicks!"

Alicia had promised them that for the first time in their young lives they would get to see males having hot, raw sex and they couldn't have been more eager. So I tell Jason and Kurt to come closer and then I bend down and start licking and sucking Jason's cock as I stroke Kurt's, stunned at the sheer massiveness of these two young penises, the spectacular girth, the virile steeliness. I take more and more and more of Jason's massive cock, straining to engulf the big smooth cockhead of the wrist-thick shaft in my mouth and down my throat. Then I move my mouth to Kurt's and suck his, the boys' eyes closed as their sublimely aroused and sensitive cocks are blown. Even very straight boys will often let another guy suck their cocks, so the real test will still come, and Alicia encourages that with a wink.

I finally lift myself off the rubber cock I am riding and drop to my knees behind the young studs, taking hold of Jason's smooth, muscled buttocks and spreading them wide as I look back at the girls and lick my lips. Then I press my face into the warm cleft and start to lick his ass. He groans as his buddy looks down over his shoulder to watch Jason get rimmed. I make a real show of it, lapping away lewdly at the teen male asshole, the girlfriends cheering me on, looking on disbelievingly.

"Holy shit, your husband's licking Jason's asshole! That's so fuckin' nasty!" Nicole gasps. And then I move over and lick Kurt's. Next, I reach for the lube, telling the guys to bend over. They hesitate a moment. They're not having their cocks sucked now or their assholes rimmed, but being asked to bend over, something rather different. Bending over always implies at least a touch of submissiveness.

"C'mon, guys, bend over," Jasmine commands them in a petulant, demanding voice, "he wants to lube you up so you can take those big things up your asses the way he did! Like, duh! Don't you get it?"

And so they bend and I slap grease into their cracks and work slick fingers up their tight assholes, nice and deep, looking back at the girls. Little did the two teen girls imagine they'd be watching another guy sticking a couple of slick fingers up their boyfriends' assholes, but that's what they're witnessing now. Next I have Jason and Kurt each squat over one of the dildos. They look eager but apprehensive, new to all this. I take hold of the two greased dildos and position them, telling the boys firmly to lower their asses. Very slowly, almost excruciatingly, they feel the big dildos begin to pierce their assholes, biting their lips, straining to endure this stunning new intrusion into their young, rugged bodies.

The girlfriends' jaws now drop in astonishment as they watch their boyfriends impaled on the dildos, riding them, utterly transformed, suddenly eager to take the dildos deep.

"Have them suck your cock now, honey," Alicia says, reading my mind. This will be a real moment of truth for the two teen boys as I step up to them, my cock blazingly erect, at face level, Jason looking up at me with almost puzzled eyes as he and Kurt continue to ride the dildos like two cock-addicted zombies. And, like a zombie, he opens his lips as I push my cock between them and have him start sucking me. This may be his first time sucking cock, but he knows what he's doing. I remember back to that first time me and Alicia invited a guy over and she watched me suck his cock. She said I sucked cock like a pro. After all, we men understand cock.

"Oh my God!" Nicole gasps, turning to my wife, "Jason's sucking cock, he's sucking your husband's dick!" I make a real show of fucking Jason's mouth now, forcing it down his throat, telling him to reach behind my balls to finger my ass as he sucks me, which he does. Then I step over and have Kurt do the same, looking back over my shoulder at the girls, a horny grimace on my face.

"Now sit between them, babe," Alicia tells me as I pull away and lower myself over the middle dildo, the three of us now lewdly riding the three dildos my wife had set up on the chairs, stroking our rock hard cocks with furious need.

"Don't cum until I say it's okay," Alicia says sharply.

"Yeah, we wanna watch you three sluts fuck yourselves nice and hard!" Nicole cackles, laughing lewdly along with her girlfriend.

"They're fuckin' their own assholes, that is so, so freaky!" Jasmine blurts, masturbating furiously at the sight as my wife fingers her asshole, and her girlfriend's from behind.

"Mmmmmh, I just love sticking my fingers up your tight bottoms, girls," Alicia purrs.

Jasmine turns to look at my wife. "And we love having you finger us back there... coach!" Then looks back at the three of us. "Especially when we get to watch our boyfriends and your husband take big rubber cocks up the ass!"

Then my wife leads the two teen girls up to us. "Let's fuck them," she says as she straddles and mounts my cock, Nicole mounting Jason's and Jasmine mounting her boyfriend's. Rubber cocks up our assholes, riding them, we now have tight cunts clenching our own strained cocks.

"Don't you guys dare cum until we cum!" Alicia warns us. And the three of them are in no hurry, enjoying the ride of their lives, until first one, then the second, and finally Alicia, explode in three blistering orgasms, riding us with raw vigor, their sleek bodies gleaming with sweat. Now they lift themselves off of us, and Alicia tells us we can finally cum. Like three maniacs, we fist our slippery cocks, drenched from the three extravagantly wet and aroused cunts, the two teens' and my wife's always wet one, the three of them leaning right over the massive shafts, waiting for what they know will be three spectacular ejaculations. And we do not disappoint as, in unison, we go off like three volcanos, spewing eruptions of white lava all over the three picture-perfect faces, over their tits, the girlfriends' titties so youthfully firm, the girls luxuriating in the lavish outpouring of semen, smearing it all over their faces and titties with extravagant lewdness as we stroke and stroke, squeezing out every last fucking drop, balls now emptied, cocks utterly satisfied, and rectums totally reamed. Then, with Alicia leading the way again, the three of them lean close and kiss their lovers, sharing our own cum with us.

"Now let's each kiss each of them," Alicia tells the teens, "so they can taste each other's cum." And that's just what they do, pressing their sticky, cummy lips to ours.

We take a break and my wife prepares snacks for us. Rejuvenated and aroused again, we return to the bedroom.

Horny and ready for more, my wife tells me and the two boys to get down on the floor and go at it orally for the her and the two teens' amusement, to put on a real 'cock sucking and ass licking' show for the three of them as they watch and idly masturbate. And so that's just what we do. By now Jason and Kurt have gone way over the edge, all inhibitions vanished, suddenly intoxicated by cock, by ass, by the pleasure of male-male sex. I hold back and join my wife and the girls in watching the two teen studs assume a 69 position and do their best to wolf down as much of their massive, wrist-thick cocks, the teen girls masturbating maniacally as we watch this awesome bout of mutual fellatio. I don't think I'd ever seen mouths stuffed with so much cock, in real life, or in videos. Then I join the boys and we just go wild, orally wild, sucking cocks and licking balls, getting up on all fours and offering hot, fuckable assholes to eager, waiting tongues. The girls especially enjoy watching our 'rim circle' where the three of us lick each others' assholes at once.

And then comes the fucking. These two teen studs need to have their anal cherries busted by a real cock, and I'm the man to do it.
"You want to watch my husband fuck your boyfriends now?" Alicia asks the teen girls while the three of us are still in the midst of our circle rim, lapping away hungrily at one another's assholes.

"That would be so, so freaky," Nicole oohs and ahhs, "wouldn't it, Jasmine? I wanna see Kurt take a real cock up his horny ass so bad!"

"Well, babe?" Alicia says with sparkling and mischievous eyes as our gazes meet, me still lapping away at Jason's puckered hole. So I pull away from the teen boys and break up the circle, getting Jason up on elbows and knees and telling Kurt to kneel in front of the other stud's face.

"Suck your buddy's big cock!" I order him, pushing down on the back of his head, as Kurt, with a satyr's smile lighting up his face begins to feed his friend the thick eleven inches of young erect penis sticking out from his smooth, lean washboard stomach. All this would make for quite a sensational Abercrombie & Fitch spread, I say to myself.

Now, as the girls gather around for a good view, I spread open Jason's cheeks and wedge my cock into his perfect little hole. "Fuck 'im!" Nicole sneers, reaching between her legs to strum her clit, feverishly eager now to see her boyfriend take it up the ass. And fuck him I do, holding him open so the girls have a perfect view as I slide my cock right up his ass, to the balls.

Damn! He feels good, so tight, his asshole clenching my cock. I love fucking ass, especially a fresh young one like this. I'd fucked the two girlfriends up the ass, putting an end to their anal virginity, now I was going to do the same for their boyfriends. Reaching under as I fuck his ass, I can barely get my hand all the way around that wrist-thick cock of his as he sucks on Kurt's tool. The girls watch excitedly, strumming their clits and fondling each other anally, as I can see from all the fingering going on out of sight behind them.

"That is so, so hot", Jasmine says, "now fuck Kurt." She wants her boyfriend fucked and I oblige, pulling out of Jason's ass and having the 2 teen studs trade places, slamming it up Kurt's ass while Jason feeds him his cock. That tight teen ass of Kurt's feels just as good as his buddy' and soon I just let myself cum, groaning loudly as the girls cheer me on and I shoot a huge, huge load deep inside Kurt, one spurt after another after another.

"Now you're going to see just how nasty my whore of a husband can be," my wife tells the teen girls with a lewd smirk, "Watch this. Honey? Lay down on your back, okay? And Jason? Would you squat over my husband, with your ass right above his face? And take hold of his ankles and pull his legs back."

A second later I'm looking up at Jason's smooth, perfect bottom, the exposed hole showing off that appealing 'well-fucked' look, courtesy of my cock work, as he jackknifes my legs. "And Nicole? Would you take this lube and grease up my husband's's asshole some more?" Surprised, but more than willing, the sexy teen girl slaps lube into my crack, working it in with her delicate fingers.

"Good," my wife continues, very much the mistress of ceremonies here, just what I expected her to be, "And Kurt? Will you kneel down there and try to get that big cock of yours up my husband's asshole? He's never taken a cock that big inside, right, babe?"

I'd taken some pretty big ones, real and rubber, in hot little scenes with my wife but Alicia was probably right. These two teen boys were one in a million.

"You know what to do honey, don't you?" my lovely wife says, leaning down and catching my gaze. And I do know what to do, taking hold of Jason's rugged ass cheeks and spreading him wide, then starting to rim the open asshole. As my tongue runs a slow circle around his hot, dilated anus, I feel the amazing sensation of Kurt's massive cock slowly entering my ass as he starts to fuck me in earnest. I'm big, very big, but Kurt's cock is huge! Monstrously huge!

"Oh my God!" Jasmine yelps, "Holy shit! How can he take all that cock up his ass? Me and Nicole, we can only take about three-quarters of what Jason and Kurt have for us in our tight little pussies."

But take it I do, gladly, as everyone watches, stunned at the steely massiveness of the immense penis completely filling and stretching my ass, the sensations so overwhelming, I almost see stars. And then they have something else to watch as my own load of cum, first leaking, then trickling, and finally spilling, pours out of Jason's ass and into my mouth. I slurp away lewdly at the ass-warmed semen as my own ass is plowed with cock, all eleven inches of Kurt's, right down to his balls.

"Can you fuckin' believe it, Nicole? Can you?" an astonished Jasmine says to her girlfriend, the two kneeling down and watching closely as I lap away at the sticky, open hole, "Can you fuckin' believe what you're lookin' at? That has gotta be the freakiest thing I've ever seen."

"The freakiest and the hottest, him eating out the ass he just fucked, lapping up his own fuckin' cum while he takes Kurt's tool up his ass and gets fucked real solid!" Nicole adds as the teens strum their clits feverishly, my wife standing above us all, hands on her hips now, looking down at us, very, very satisfied, almost smugly so, with everything she has orchestrated here tonight.

It's later. My cock is rock hard again, despite the intense, draining cum and ejaculations of a short while ago. Is it the excitement of the scene? Or did my wicked wife spike up the morning coffee with some of that super viagra, that underground viagra she got a few months ago from a Russian woman, a tennis pro, she met at an international meet? I sure as hell don't need viagra. But maybe Alicia, sex savvy as she is, figured that, with it, I'd be able to go again and again and again. If so, she was right!

"Babe" Alicia says, her bright green eyes sparkling with erotic mischief, "I think you and the boys could use a sandwich, know what I mean?"

I know just what she means although the teens all look a little puzzled. She turns to Jason and tells him to lay down flat on his back and spread his legs and pull them all the way up, exposing his hot little hole and perfectly positioning it for entry.

"Fuck him, lover," Alicia hisses at me, "fuck his ass!"

"Oh goody!" young Nicole cheers when she sees what is about to be done to her boyfriend again. The two kittenish teens have been fingering their clits incessantly and it seems that every few minutes one of them squeals joyfully as she brings herself to yet another orgasm. I kneel down between Jason's open legs and slide my cock up his ass.

"Girls? Will you join me back here?" Alicia says, disappearing behind me. The next thing I feel are wet tongues digging into my asshole, Alicia and the girls taking turns rimming me, then adding more lube to my hole.

"Now Kurt?" Alicia says, "will you get back here and stick that monster cock of yours up my husband's ass. He needs more fucking." The sensation, again, is almost otherworldy as Kurt begins to slide his steel rigid, wrist-thick eleven inches of cock inside, fucking me as I fuck his buddy. I gaze into Jason's eyes as I fuck him, raw passion written on his face as he takes the onslaught of my hard, rough cockwork. Behind me, Kurt is sodomizing my ass with raw, savage power. The girls look on excitedly at this display of male lust, urging us on, loving every moment.

After a long, long threeway fuck, we switch, and now I get on top of Kurt and fuck his ass while Jason gets behind me and begins to fuck mine, picking up just where his buddy left off. Alicia and the girls all kneel down and drag their tongues up and down the massive length of Kurt's exposed cock, all three licking and sucking that just plowed me, ample male meat down there for all of them. And then it happens. Sweating as we thrust, groaning and grunting, I can feel Eris's cock begin to throb and unload deep inside my ass as I unload inside Kurt's. Moments later, Kurt's cock, courtesy of the girls' skillful oral attention, throbs spectacularly, splattering cum everywhere, especially all over my face, the three girls staring at me as jet after jet after jet of thick sperm lands on my face, my hair, my chest.

"You look so lewd, honey, you should see yourself!" Alicia cackles, the girls cackling along with her.

I'd fucked both the teen boyfriends up the ass, and they had both fucked me with their stunningly oversized cocks. But they still hadn't fucked each other. Of course my ass had been well used and trained (largely due to my own wife's love of seeing that ass of mine well reamed!) and these boys were novices. Sure, deep arousal made them impale themselves on the dildo chairs and they both happily took my cock. But would these two teen boys be able to take each other's steely, massive slabs of male meat?

Alicia was determined to find out. "Okay fellas," she says, turning her gaze to the boys, "I think it's time for you two studs to take something a little bigger, and a little thicker, up those horny assholes of yours. In fact, something much bigger and thicker!" Then she turns to Nicole and Jasmine. "And also I think it's time for you two sluts to have cocks of your own." Alicia reaches into the pile of dildos and pulls out her two largest strap-ons. I knew these babies well, thick nine inch numbers which I'd taken up the ass many times, usually strapped to my wife.

The two freshmen, fascinated, look down as Alicia expertly works the harnesses and attaches the dildos to them. My eyes go saucer wide at the amazing sight. Each of them very slender and on the petite side, these teen foxes look sublimely obscene with those disproportionally thick cocks sticking out from their thin, washboard tummies. When they turn to the mirror, they're stunned at the sight of themselves.

"Oh... My... God!" they gasp almost in unison. My wife, continuing to orchestrate everything brilliantly -- a regular choreographer of depraved sex couplings -- now gives further 'direction.'

"Jason? Get above my husband, on elbows and knees, facing his cock, and suck it." The next thing I see, looking up, are Jason's big balls and smooth hard ass, and sticking out, looming so immense above my face, his massive cock. And what I feel next are Jason's lips taking my cock in his mouth, sucking it down. "Okay, let me add some more grease," Alicia says as, gazing up, I watch her slap a big dab of lube into Jason's ass, really getting it in there with a few stiff fingers. What a fucking sight!

"Very good," Alicia continues, "Now Kurt? Get back here and stick that big dick of yours up Jason's ass. Fuck him! Fuck him with that huge tool like you fuckin' mean it!"

I look up with mesmerized, unblinking eyes to see, just inches away, Kurt's massive penis, still steely hard, slowly forcing open his buddy's asshole as he works it inside and starts to fuck Jason in earnest, Jason's groans muffled by the cock he has in his mouth, my cock.

"Oh wow! Nicole gasps in her still kittenish voice, taking in the three-male panorama of wild sucking and ass fucking. "Like this is so fucking cool! It really turns me on to see guys suck cock and take it up the ass! Doesn't it turn you on, Jas?"

"Sure as shit does!" Jasmine said, real ardor in her voice, "especially when their cocks are so huge, and they get them in so deep!"

I can see Alicia smiling, loving the way these nasty teens are reacting. Now Alicia bends down and with a raw, nasty leer on her face, pulls Kurt's cock out of Jason's ass and brings that cock, hot and slick, freshly torn from Jason's humid depths, down to my mouth.

"Suck it, babe! Taste this hot slick, cock! Suck it and then stick it back up his asshole."

"Oh fuck! Far fucking freaky!" Jasmine howls as she watches me suck a cock pulled right out of her boyfriend's ass.

"And you two," Alicia says to the girls, "I gave you those two big cocks for a reason. Get between my husband's legs and start fucking his ass, take turns."

Like two frisky sex kittens, they scamper over between my legs and looking down, around where Jason is sucking my cock, I can see Nicole get between my legs and the next thing I feel is yet another cock being rammed up my ass, this cock strapped to a sexy teen girl whose ass I had fucked a few weeks ago. I am overwhelmed by sights and sensations. Still sucking Kurt's massively thick cock I finally work it back into Jason's asshole, watching the anus stretch to the limits to accommodate the ungodly girth. Looking up, the panorama is of smooth skin glistening with sweat, nearly a foot long shaft being driven up a tight ass, behind that ass, a pair of big balls and behind those balls a vivid asshole which had been fucked plenty in the last few hours. I reach up with my tongue and lick Kurt's balls and asshole as he drives it into Jason, then shift my gaze to Jason's balls, licking those now, then licking the underside of Kurt's shaft as he keeps on driving it inside his pal, reaching up with a hand to slide three stiff finger's up Kurt's asshole.

My wife has managed to wedge her face between my body and Jason's above me, and has Jason's cock in her mouth, sucking it furiously. Further down there's more cocksucking, Jason sucking my dick as he takes it up the ass. And then further, the gleeful coeds taking turns fucking my ass with sexy teen fury.

"We love fucking your husband, coach, we really love it!" Nicole yelps as she buries it inside me with an athlete's raw power, slamming it inside me, so hard, so deep. And that's how it all goes until, looking down, I can see a rivulet of white cum flowing out of my wife's mouth as she sucks off Jason. Then Alicia quickly scampers up and tears Kurt's cock out of Jason's ass, twisting it in her hand, until Kurt shoots a massive load all over Jason's smooth, sleek buttocks, the semen dripping down onto my face and in my mouth as I reach up with my tongue to circle the obscenely open rim of Jason's thoroughly fucked asshole. That, and the hard ass-fucking I'm taking courtesy of Nicole and Jasmine brings me right over the edge as I blast my load between Jason's lips, the teen boy swallowing every last drop.

Two hours later. The five of us, stretched out nice and naked, enjoy yet another rejuvenating snack my wife has prepared. The sexy wink she gives me makes me think she might've slipped more of that 'special' viagra not only in my drink, but in the teen boys' also. That would explain why the three of us, despite having fucked for hours and cum repeatedly, are rock hard again, cocks swollen and erect to full mast.

"You boys look like you're ready to do some more fucking," my wife says, looking over at Jason and Kurt, sitting on either side of me as I reach over to fist both their massive dicks.

"Oh yeah!" Nicole yelps, youthful ardor in her voice, turning to my wife, "I wanna see him fuck your husband up the ass again, coach. Is that cool?"

"Very cool," my wife says with a knowing tone, sexy smile creeping up again on her pretty face. "And you know what, girls? Now that I've seen my husband take those monster cocks, I think I'm ready to give one or both of them a go myself."

"Oh goody," Jasmine pipes in, "you're gonna let our boyfriends fuck you?"

"Yes, indeed. As long as I get fucked up the ass. I'm jealous, watching my husband take it like that. I want it too. I want my asshole stuffed with some really huge cock."

I can't help smiling to myself. This sure sounds like Alicia, never backing off from a challenge, especially an anal challenge.

Soon after we met and started fooling around, Alicia confessed that they used to call her 'anal Alicia' back in her sorority because she went around telling everyone how much she loved taking it up the ass.

"Honey?" she says, turning to me, love and lust in her eyes, "Let's take it together. Let's get up on elbows and knees next to each other and each take one of their huge cocks up the ass. I'd love that! Husband and wife getting fucked up the ass together by two sexy teen boys with thick eleven inch cocks!"

"Oh wow! That sounds so wild!" Nicole yelps, hearing my wife make the suggestion.

So me and Alicia get up on elbows and knees next to each other, bottoms sticking out like two cats in heat.

"Here, grease us both up," Alicia says, reaching for the big jar of lube and handing it to Jasmine.

I'd been lubed and fucked plenty in the last five hours, so I just needed a little more. But my wife was another matter. She was going to try taking one of these massive wrist-thick cocks up her ass for the first time, so she'd need to be well greased and prepared. And the two teen sluts are happy to do the honors, first licking my wife's asshole as she purrs with pleasure, then slapping plenty of lube between her smooth, firm ass cheeks and working it with their eager fingers.

"Babe?" Nicole says to Jason, pointing to my ass, "why don't you fuck him while we get Alicia ready for Kurt's dick. And Kurt? Let him suck your dick until his wife is ready for your cock."

Now Jason got behind me and, before he works that cock of his back up my ass, he drives a couple of stiff fingers inside, twisting them around while my wife looks over her shoulder to watch him do it, enjoying the view.

"I love it, Danny! Seeing a gorgeous teen boy behind you, sticking his fingers up your ass, about to slam his cock inside."

Jason takes the cue, and the next thing I feel is him again jamming the tip of his cock against my asshole and then slowly driving it in, inch by thick hard inch, as my wife continues to look back, once again mesmerized by the sight of her husband getting fucked by a huge cock. Then suddenly Kurt is in front of me, waving that massive stiff pole of his in my face, his cockhead the size of a big plum. Now Alicia's gaze shifts to my face as she watches me open my lips wide and take the mammoth cock in my mouth.

"Oh lover, I fuckin' love seeing that so much, you taking all that dick up your ass while you suck a huge one."

"Soon you'll be taking a huge one too, coach," Nicole says, a teasing wickedness to her voice as Jasmine joins her, the two teens cackling as they keep greasing my wife's bottom.

"She's ready for you, Kurt,"Jasmine says to her boyfriend as he pulls his dick away from my mouth and gets behind my wife.

Alicia's eyes glow with blistering anticipation, her breathing deep and heavy, biting her lip as she looks right at me and waits, waits to take what I have already taken and am again taking right now, cocks the size and thickness we'd never seen and never imagined we'd see. The girls are behind her and, looking back, I can see Jasmine wrap her hand around her boyfriend's shaft, a shaft so thick, her hand cannot encircle it, and rub the head of that shaft against my wife's lubed and exposed hole.

I look at Alicia, at my gorgeous, sexy wife, her lean, smooth athletic body glistening, covered with the sheen of a fine film of sweat. I love those long, sleek thighs of hers, especially in this elbows-and-knees position where you can see just how perfectly toned those thighs, her whole body is. She's looking into my eyes, hers blazing with excitement, then that gaze drifts back behind me where she again watches the stunning sight of Jason's eleven inch cock plowing into my ass. The twin of that cock, she knows, is about to be plowed up her ass!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhghgaaaah" she cries out, the sound of her voice almost otherworldly. I know and, looking back, can see that Kurt's cockhead, the size of a billiard ball, has just been f***ed inside her. With all the many, many times Alicia had been fucked up the ass, all those cocks, all those dildos – she was about as experienced an ass fucker as you could hope to find – she had never taken anything as massive as the two cocks with which these two teen boys are spectacularly endowed. Jason is slowly forcing the full length of his up my ass, filling me up again, Alicia looking back to watch as her own is fucked and filled.
The two teen girls kneel behind Alicia, alongside Kurt, Jasmine holding my wife's perfect buttocks wide open so they can see every detail, see how my wife's asshole is being f***ed open to the limits, dilated like a stretched rubber band as Kurt's massive tool enters and fills her. I crane my neck to watch as Alicia groans and sighs, flailing her head back as the awesome feelings utterly overwhelm her.

"Oh my God!" Alicia howls as he slowly drives it inside her, beads of sweat forming on her forehead, her face a grimace of intense sensation as her asshole is f***ed open and her rectum slowly filled with steel hard, obscenely thick young cock, eleven inches of it! She looks at me in amazement, her jaw hanging slack, then suddenly grimacing and biting her lip as the raw sensation is almost too much.

"I can't fucking believe how huge he is, babe," she gasps as he drives it in even deeper. "This is so sexy, so intimate, so hot, lover. You and me, next to each other on all fours, taking it up the ass together like this. Taking what we're taking, these two amazing cocks. I feel so close you, honey, knowing I'm feeling what you're feeling and you're feeling what I'm feeling. I just love it, sweetheart, love it! Love how he's filling my ass up with so much cock! And Jason filling yours with just as much!"

My wife couldn't have put it any better, the two of us enjoying yet a new form of intimacy. I remember the first time she fucked my ass with a dildo and saw how much I loved it, she said you may have a cock and I may have a cunt, but we both have hot, tight, hungry assholes between our cheeks, that's one thing we have in common. And we sure were proving it now!

Looking over at Kurt sliding that stunning cock of his up my wife's ass, it seems almost like it could be one of Nicole or Jasmine's forearms being f***ed up there, and up my own, so huge, so thick are these two cocks. Finally he works the full eleven inches up her bottom, his balls pressing against Alicia's cheeks, Alicia panting, grunting now, breaking out in a sweat, her face contorted in a grimace that reveals the amazing feeling of penetration she is experiencing, the very same feeling I' m now experiencing as I feel Jason's cock so deep inside my ass, his balls slapping loudly against my cheeks as he pounds it inside me.

"Oh fuck!!!" Nicole shrieks, "coach and her husband both taking it up the ass together, taking our boyfriends' two big dicks. That fuckin' blows my mind!"

"Blows mine too," Jasmine adds, reaching down to stroke her strap-on, smiling lewdly at her girlfriend. "Why don't we get behind Jason and Kurt and fuck them up the ass while they keep up the fucking. Let them feel it."

"Great idea, Jasmine!" Nicole squeals as the two teens get behind their boyfriends and slam their rubber strap-on cocks up their asses while they keep on fucking me and my wife.

It goes on like this for a long, long time until Alicia notices Kurt is panting and moaning, sensing he's very close.

"Baby?" Alicia says, looking at me with lustful, heated eyes, "I want him to pull it out of me now and I want to see you suck him off. Suck off that big cock of his, straight out of the oven, right out of your sexy wife's hot ass, okay?"

My wife reaches back with an arm and pushes Kurt out of her. That massive cock of his is achingly hard and so fucking slick. A year ago my wife found some edible lubricating jelly, just so she could suck my cock after I fucked her ass without it tasting like lubricant. That's the jelly we'd been using today, tasting and smelling like melon.

"Go over there and have him suck you off," she says to Kurt, directing him to come up to my face. Staring at the giant tool, I can hardly believe my wife took all of that up her ass. But I took that tool too, and his buddy's. I am taking his buddy's right now, Jason slamming his inside me as I wrap my hand around Kurt's shaft and bring it up to my mouth.

Nicole's still fucking Jason, behind me, but Jasmine now comes up with her boyfriend, grabs hold of his cock and feeds it to me.

"Oh yeah, suck that dick! Suck it off!" the nasty teen girl hisses at me, "taste it, and taste your wife's hot ass! Me and Nicole, we both love the taste of coach's sexy ass!"

"That's right, honey," Alicia says with a pleased chuckle, "do what she says, suck him off, taste his hot cock, taste my hot ass. Cock and ass, baby, ass and cock."

So I wrap my lips around Kurt's cock, sucking the smooth knob that had just been buried eleven inches deep in my wife's hot, humid ass, everyone looking on, the girls cheering as I suck the thick meaty shaft.

"Oh lover, that's so hot!" my wife cries out, "seeing you suck him right after he fucked my ass."

Alicia loves to suck my cock after I fuck her ass, but she's never seen me suck a cock that's fucked hers. The slut is seeing it now!

So I suck him as I reach under his balls and drill his asshole with two stiff fingers, the asshole his girlfriend had just been fucking with her rubber cock. Meanwhile Jason is slamming it up my ass harder than ever, really pummeling me, hammering away with his strong, rigid tool, eleven thick inches of erect teen penis packed into my ass. And then I feel it, the cock throbbing between my lips, the asshole throbbing against my fingers as Kurt unloads with unbelievable f***e, shooting a massive load, filling my mouth with semen, flooding it. And at that very moment I can sense more throbbing, this time inside my own ass, as Jason, letting out a very satisfied moan, ejaculates deep inside me and fills me with his cum. Here I am, taking these two teen boys' bounty of semen front and rear, mouth and ass, the girls and my wife watching, loving it.

"Oh wow!" Jasmine gasps, her eyes wide as saucers, her jaw hanging slack in awe. "Guys fucking and sucking each other, I fuckin' love it, don't you, Nicole!"

"Fuck yeah!" Nicole hisses, "they're sluts for hard cock, just like you and me. And coach."

Finally I suck that cock off, every drop, mouth stuffed, looking over at my wife as she wags a sexy finger at me.

"Come here, baby. Come here and share," she says as I lean over and give my wife a wet, loving, luscious, sloppy kiss, letting my lips open so Kurt's sticky cum spills from my mouth to hers, husband and wife sharing. Sharing cum!

And then I feel Jason finally pulling out of my ass, feel the cool air on my wide-open, ravaged, totally fucked asshole. But not for long. Because as me and my wife kiss passionately, the two teen girls scamper behind me and, like two frisky kittens greedy for a nice helping of cream, start lapping away at my hole, lapping up Jason's cum as it spills out of my raw, open ass, an ass repeatedly fucked for hours by the two sexy teen girls and their two hugely hung boyfriends....
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