Finally A Fuckbuddy

Several of my buddies take an annual trip, just the guys, leaving the wives at home and taking a week to do all that stupid stuff that wives hate; drinking beer, watching sports, swapping stories, and generally being guys.

This year we decided to go skiing and found an awesome cabin in the woods near Lake Tahoe. Even better, the cabin was near a casino; drinking beer, watching sports, and gambling, it just doesn't get better than that.

Eight guys were able to convince their families to let them go, so we boarded a plane in Phoenix on Saturday morning, and were relaxing in front of the fire, cold brew in hand by Saturday night. As a group, we were all married, ranging in age from 34 to 46, and all with at least one k**. In fact, it was mainly through the k**s' school that we had all become friends.

Several guys hit the casino Saturday night, but I figured I had all week to blow my nest egg, so along with a couple of others, I stayed in. Bruce broke out some cards and poker chips and we had a friendly game of low stakes Texas Hold'em. He had picked up a set of XXX playing cards in the airport, and I had a hard time concentrating on the game with all the hot little porn sluts caught in various acts of debauchery on each of the 52 cards.

That night, I had some wild sex dreams and woke up with a raging boner. After lying in bed for several minutes, masturbating slowly, I realized my morning wood wasn't going anywhere without some further attention. I snuck out to the dining room and grabbed the pack of XXX playing cards off the table before heading to the bathroom for a little private stroke session. I dealt several cards on the bathroom counter, yanked my shorts down around my ankles and went to work giving my horny dick a thorough jerking. As I neared the point of no return, the bathroom door opened and Vince stepped in.

Too late to stop, with one last stroke, I shot a huge wad across the bathroom counter, coating the mirror in several spurts of thick, creamy jizz.

"Oh, shit, sorry man," Vince apologized as it slowly registered in his foggy morning brain what his eyes were seeing. "The door was unlocked, I...."

His voice drifted off as he quickly backed out of the door, closing it behind him. I didn't say a thing, caught completely off-guard, embarrassed worse than the time my Mom had caught me jerking off in the shower. At least then, I was only a k** and I was just doing what teenage boys did. I couldn't fathom what Vince must be thinking, but I hoped he would keep his mouth shut. I didn't want to be the butt of the guys jokes all week long.

I didn't get a moment alone with Vince until later in the morning as we shared a ride up the mountain on the ski lift.

"Vince," I began, shakily. "I want to apologize for earlier. That was totally out of line."

"No problem," Vince replied, a wry smile curling at the corners of his mouth. "My fault man; with a house full of guys, I should have knocked before barging into the bathroom."

"I was totally embarrassed," I admitted, my face even now turning a bright shade of red. "I hope you won't say anything to the guys."

"My lips are sealed, buddy-boy," Vince replied. "I know being away from the wife for a few days can make a man miss the carnal pleasures."

"Yea," I answered, glad to see that Vince understood my situation. "Nothing wrong with feeding the ducks, I'm just sorry you had to witness that."

"Actually," Vince began, "I kinda envy you. I've never been able to get off just using my hand."

"What do you mean?" I questioned, instantly regretting opening this can of worms.

"I'm keeping your secret," Vince replied, "So what I say here is with the strictest confidence, right?"

"Absolutely," I answered. "Buddy-buddy confidentiality."

"Marsha is a dynamo in the sack. I mean the sex is fantastic. She's adventurous and pretty damn talented if you know what I mean."

It wasn't hard to imagine. Vince was an ex-college linebacker, built like a Mack truck with all-American good looks and a full head of wavy dark hair. At the summer pool parties all the wives drooled over the silhouette Vince cut in a pair of wet swim trucks. Lucky for the guys, Marsha, Vince's wife, was a complete babe. Tall and blonde, she had a body that was toned from hours of aerobics and a rack straight out of the pages of Playboy magazine. Thinking of Vince and Marsha getting it on was like imagining Ken and Barbie fucking. It was only natural that the all-American couple was having all-world sex.

"Anyway," Vince continued, "Using my hand to get off has just never appealed to me. Maybe it's the Catholic upbringing; you know, hair will grow on your palm or you will go blind. And with the great sex at home, I've just never had the need to masturbate."

Knowing that Vince traveled a lot with his job, I asked, "But what about when you are out of town. Don't you get horny?"

"Fuck yea," Vince chuckled. "I don't know why I'm telling you this. I guess it's the bond formed when a guy catches his poker buddy jerking off in the bathroom."

"Very funny," I said, now generally interested in hearing his confession. "Your secret is safe with me."

"Well," he stuttered, "I have needs just like any guy. When I'm out of town, I mess around."

"On Marsha?" I exclaimed, genuinely surprised.

"Yea. But hold on, I don't actually have sex. I limit my fooling around to oral sex. I know, I know that sounds like total horseshit, but I have never fucked anybody else since I married Marsha."

"So let me get this straight," I began as the lift neared the top of the mountain. "When you're out of town, you find local women willing to suck your dick? Well no fucking wonder you don't like to masturbate."

"I never said women," Vince replied as we unloaded the lift, meeting up with the other guys before I could follow-up on the bomb he just dropped.

* * * * * *

Later in the bar, Vince headed up to buy a round.

"Let me help you carry them," I offered as I followed him to the bar.

As the bartender was pouring our drinks, I couldn't resist, "What did you mean earlier by "I never said women"?"

"I knew I should have kept my big mouth shut," Vince began. "But since you asked, I prefer getting head from women, but to be honest, when I'm out of town on business, I don't have the time or the energy to wine, dine, and seduce a woman. I'm not about to pay a hooker. Instead, I post a personal ad on the internet with a picture of my dick and a very specific scenario of what I'm looking for and within a few hours I have a host of willing cocksuckers from which to choose."

"You mean guys respond to your ad, willing to suck your dick?" I asked.

"Not just willing, they are usually begging to swallow my load. Guys are the biggest fucking size queens. I get e-mails from guys actually willing to pay me to suck my dick," Vince replied, a boastful smirk crossing his face. "And I gotta tell you, men make fantastic cocksuckers. Marsha gives great head, but nothing compared to some of the service I've received from these anonymous dudes."

"So you hook-up with fags?" I asked, somewhat appalled, but still fascinated.

"Actually, most of the guys are married, you know, closet queers with regular lives, but with this thing about sucking dick. You'd be surprised how many are out there. My ads are very specific and I prescreen all the replies, usually meeting guys in a local bar or coffee shop before bringing them back to my hotel room. I stay away from the real homos and twinks."

"And it always works?"

"Usually," Vince continued, "Although being out here in the middle of nowhere this week, I haven't had any luck yet."

"You posted an ad this week?" I gasped.

"Yea, I figured I'd give it a shot."

"What internet site do you use?" I asked, trying to understand why I was so enthralled with Vince's seedy sex life.

"Mostly craigslist, but there are other ones as well," Vince replied, as he paid the bartender. "I know it sounds strange, but somehow, when it's a dude swallowing my dick, I don't feel as if I'm cheating on Marsha. I never reciprocate and I keep everything totally anonymous. I don't even think of the guy as a guy, just a willing mouth to work a big load from my horny cock. It's no different than you using your hand to relieve yourself."

"Right," I answered, not believing Vince was right at all, but intrigued and somewhat turned on by his confidential admission.

* * * * * *

Trying to fall asl**p that night, I kept replaying our conversation in my mind. Craigslist huh?; unable to sl**p, I broke out my laptop and logged on. The cabin had a wireless network and I was surfing craigslist in no time. I found the men-seeking-men personals for the general area we were staying and tracked down what must have been Vince's posting:

Hung white male looking for a sub cocksucker to worship and swallow – In town the week of March 19 – 26. Looking to meet at a local coffee shop, before returning to my rental and spending several hours fucking your face into submission. If you are not an expert deep-throater, you will be when I finish with you. You should take instruction well and be willing to submit to light bondage and humiliation. I will not reciprocate and am not looking for chit chat or drama.

Me: 6'2", 195, in-shape, aggressive, verbal, 9+" uncut (see attached pic), disease free, safe and sane. You: Regular guy, prefer married or bi, disease free, expert cocksucker, submissive and discreet.

Holy shit, I thought to myself as I reread the posting. The attached picture did not show Vince's face, but the physique looked familiar. He must have used some picture alteration software or something because the dick attached to Vince's body looked otherworldly. It was fucking huge, his big masculine hand barely reaching around its girth as he squeezed his root, the bl**d engorging his mushroom head and the big veins throbbing angrily down the length of his impressive rod. This guy was hung like a horse.

As I stared at Vince's picture, my cock began to stir between my legs. Maybe Vince was right. Maybe men, including me, were size queens. I had messed around with guys back in college, usually to make a girl I was seeing happy, but I had never been as sexually charged by a naked man as I was looking at Vince's big dick literally leaping off my laptop's screen.

Before I knew what I was doing, I clicked on the anonymous e-mail link and began typing a response to Vince's posting, even as I was slowly stroking the raging boner now tenting my boxers:

Sub cocksucker here, 5'11", 175, married (must be discreet), disease free, looking to give no recip head. Staying in same area and willing to come to you. Can meet tomorrow to drain your load.

Without another thought, I hit the send key and watched as my innocence disappeared into cyberspace. Immediately regretting my actions, I wondered if Vince would even be checking his e-mail tonight. We had all drank pretty heavily and I figured he must be passed out by now.

To my surprise, a responding e-mail came almost immediately. Vince was obviously hornier than I had imagined:

Meet me at 9am at the French Roast on Main Street. If all is a go, I'll bring you back to my place and fuck your throat into submission.

Vince was a real piece of work. I could just imagine this big dicked stud taking complete control and fucking some stranger's throat with reckless abandon. But I had to admit, I couldn't get the image of his big appendage out of my mind. For whatever reason, I pictured myself on my knees sucking his big cock and swallowing his salty load. I quickly shot off a reply:

I know the place. See you there. I'll be wearing a baseball cap backwards.

I shutdown my laptop and rolled over, trying to decide whether I was just messing with Vince or if I really intended to go through with the proposed rendezvous.

* * * * * *

As the guys geared up next morning to go skiing, I noted that Vince had not come out of his room.

Knock, knock, "Vince, you coming with us?" I asked.

"Matt, you and the guys go ahead without me," he replied, "I've got a conference call with work I've got to take this morning. I'll catch up later."

My heart skipped a beat. Vince didn't have a conference call, he had a booty call and the coffee shop down the hill was his reception area.

Unsure of my next move, I walked down to the shuttle stop with the guys at 8:30 to catch the bus to the mountain. Just as the bus pulled up, I grabbed Bruce, "It's starting to snow and I forgot my goggles. I'll catch up with you guys on the mountain."

As the bus pulled away, I realized I was halfway to doing this. I walked into the coffee shop, grabbed a latte and a newspaper and found a secluded table in the back, setting up my stake-out.

Fifteen minutes later, Vince walked in wearing jeans, boots, and a sweater, obviously not dressed for skiing, bought a coffee and sat down at the table near the door, watching intently as each customer entered.

Taking a deep breath, I stood up and made my way to Vince's table. I pulled out a chair and sat down.

Turning to me, a look of utter shock on his face, Vince croaked, "What the hell, I mean, what are you doing here, Matt? I thought you went skiing."

Slowly, I reached up and spun my baseball cap backwards on my head, "I'm here to meet you. I think you called it a pre-screening?"

"You fucker," Vince exhaled, clearly pissed at what he perceived was a practical joke.

"No, not a fucker, a cocksucker," I whispered, trying to ensure the elderly couple at the next table didn't overhear our conversation.

"What are you up to?" Vince demanded, a look of real anger spreading across his chiseled face.

Jumping in with both feet, I replied, "Seriously man, I'm here to answer your craigslist post. I'm ready to have my face fucked into submission."

"Dude, this is not funny," Vince cackled. "I told you that stuff in the strictest confidence. It's not some joke."

"I know," I responded. "This is not a joke. I want you to take me back to the cabin and use me like one of your other faggot whores. I don't know why I want this I just know that I want it. Your story yesterday intrigued me and that picture you posted drove me over the top. I can't stop thinking about sucking your cock. You don't have many other options, are you telling me you're not interested?"

"You're not fucking k**ding are you, Matt?" Vince replied.

"No, I'm completely serious. So do I pass your screening test?"

"Have you ever done this before?" he asked.

"It's been awhile," I admitted. "I fooled around with a couple of guys back in college."

"Well, let's see. You've caught me more than a little off guard. You certainly pass the visual inspection and seeing as how we are friends, if you tell me you're disease free, I guess I trust you."

"What kind of questions would you ask a typical mark?" I asked.

Trying to remain calm, Vince replied, "So, Marc, are you willing to completely submit to my demands? Will you take my instruction and do as I order?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Again, buddy, this is not a joke, I don't want to have a sexual relationship with you. I mean, I want to treat you like any of the other faggots I hook-up with. I like it rough and I like to humiliate my cocksuckers. It's just my MO, it's what gets me off. Can you handle that?"

"Yes," I answered again, conscious to keep the small talk at a minimum, even as I tried to hide the growing lump in my ski pants.

"OK. Do you mind if I bind your hands behind your back during the action?"

"No," I replied, feeling my cock stir uncontrollably.

"Can I fuck your mouth for as long as it takes to get me off?"


"Do you understand that I will not reciprocate? I will not touch you, kiss you, lick you, etc."

"I understand."

"Will you swallow my jizz?" Vince continued.

"Yes," I croaked, barely above a whisper.

"OK, then follow me. From the time we step inside the front door, I own you, do you understand? You will follow my orders and pleasure me as I instruct. When I am done, you may leave," Vince completed his interrogation.

"I understand," I replied as I stood up to follow Vince out of the coffee shop, grateful for my loose fitting ski pants that concealed the raging boner between my legs.

* * * * * *

As Vince closed the front door of the cabin, he turned to me and ordered, "Strip naked, now."

Eager to please my self-professed tormentor, I stripped and gathered my clothes in my arms. I was proud of my body as I spend several hours each week at the gym. But after seeing the picture of Vince's big cock, I was somewhat embarrassed of the rather average boner now sprouting from my naked crotch.

"Just drop them here," Vince ordered.

"But what if the guys come home?" I responded.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch, and do as I say," Vince commanded, giving me a wicked stare.

He was obviously serious, so I quickly dropped my clothes in a heap.

"That's better boy. Now get down on your hands and knees and crawl over here," Vince instructed.

"Yes sir," I replied as I followed his directions.

"Nuzzle your face up against my crotch, bitch," Vince demanded.

Without hesitation, I rubbed my cheek against the large bulge forming in Vince's Levis and immediately knew that the dick in the picture on his personal ad was not a fake. I mouthed the growing lump in Vince's jeans and ran my tongue up and down the length of his growing tool, making the denim wet with my saliva. I had watched plenty of porn in my day and I tried to visualize the hottest head scenes I could remember, intent to perform like a cocksucking star for Vince. A wet spot began to spread on the denim as his cock began to leak copious amounts of precum. I sucked the salty spooge from the wet denim, smacking my lips as I got my first taste of Vince's seed.

"You like the taste of my precum, don't you queer?" Vince chuckled.

"Very much, sir," I replied.

"You want some of that big dick, don't you faggot?" Vince growled.

"Yes sir," I obediently responded.

"Let me hear you beg for it."

"Please sir, I want to suck your cock," I heard myself say, unsure where the words or the urges were coming from.

"You want me to fuck your pussy little mouth don't you cuntface?" Vince snarled.

"Oh yes sir, I want your big cock stuffed down my tight, eager throat," I moaned as I felt Vince's cock swell to semi-hardness.

"You think you can handle all that cock, bitch?"

"Yes, sir, I'll try my best."

"Oh, you'll try alright, slut. You'll try not to choke to death when I shove my cock balldeep down your piehole. I'll train your throat to take cock like a fucking whore."

Vince's nasty verbal abuse had my cock rockhard and I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth so bad I thought I might erupt just from the thought of it.

"Use your teeth bitch and unzip my fly," Vince ordered. "Don't use your hands, do you understand?"

"Yes sir," I replied as I bit down on his zipper and slowly worked the fly open.

"That's a good bitch," Vince purred. "Now work your tongue down in my fly and taste my cock."

I did as instructed and ran my tongue over the firey flesh of Vince's pulsating prick. Wanting more, I brought my hand up to Vince's crotch, intending to pry his big bone free of the confines of his jeans.

Smack!!! I felt my cheek go numb as Vince slapped my face hard. "I said no hands, dumbshit. Can't you follow a simple instruction?"

"I'm sorry," I managed, torn between the pain in my cheek and the anger rising in me. I didn't have to take this shit but at the same time, I wanted to please Vince and show him what a good cocksucker I could be.

"Don't let it happen again," he grunted. "Just use your tongue and work my cock out."

After several minutes of hard work, I finally managed to suck his cock through the fly of his jeans, his now nearly hard tool finally popping free of the spit and pre-cum soaked material. As his cock sprang into the open, I swallowed hard; fuck this guy was hung like a goddamn donkey. His dick bobbed wickedly and slapped against my cheek several times as I stared down the full length of his rigid rod.

"Good boy," Vince chuckled. "I knew you could do it. Now don't just stare at it, get to fucking work."

Without further delay, I opened wide and Vince's inched his cockhead between my open lips. The big mushroom head completely filled my mouth and I had to stretch my jaw to accommodate his impressive girth.

"Use your tongue and lube up my shaft as I work some of this meat down your virgin throat," Vince ordered.

He wasn't wasting any time. As he began to feed me several inches of his boner, I freaked out. Without thinking, I reached up and put my hands on Vince's hips, trying to prevent him from stuffing any more cock down my challenged throat.

"That's it faggot," Vince yelled as he pulled his nearly fully erect boner from my mouth and slapped my face with his spit covered cock. "You don't listen very well. My fucking dog follows instructions better than you."

He reached down and unbuckled his leather belt, yanking it off.

"Put your hands together behind your back," he ordered as he looped the braided belt around my wrists and fastened it tightly, effectively immobilizing my hands. He held the end of the belt, a leash by which he could further control and limit my movements.

"You won't be using those hand any more faggot," he barked. With a sharp tug on the belt, he ordered, "Now use that tongue and suck my balls out of my fly."

With additional work and instruction, I freed his large, hanging nuts and took turns massaging each of the hairy balls in my warm mouth as Vince's hard cock lay heavily across my exposed head.

"You ready to try working that big cock back down your throat, bitch?" Vince continued.

"Yes sir," I replied, unsure of how I was going to get more than a couple of inches of his cock down my throat.

"Open wide cocksucker and stick out your faggot tongue," Vince ordered as he waggled his enormous phallus handsfree back and forth across my face, slapping my tongue and thumping my cheeks repeatedly. Letting out a hearty chuckle, Vince grabbed my head in his masculine hands and taking dead aim, thrust forward, impaling my face on his throbbing hard-on.

Several inches were rammed down my throat, and with my hands effectively immobilized and my head locked by Vince's vice-like grip, I could only sputter and gag as the big mushroom head of his angry cock filled my throat to its limits. As my eyes began to water and my throat struggled to accommodate this monster, Vince kept his dick stuffed down my windpipe for what seemed like several minutes, although it must have been no more than thirty seconds.

Just seconds before I thought I would blackout, Vince withdrew his weapon from my tortured throat and I coughed and gagged, fighting hard not to blow chunks all over the entry hall floor. The cold entry hall tiles were hell on my knees, but all I could think about was getting Vince's dick stuffed back down my throat.

Without additional warning, Vince thrust forward, several inches of spit covered steel again sliding past my tongue and down my stretched throat. "Watch those teeth, faggot," Vince instructed as he again held my head firmly, keeping my throat impaled on several inches of his massive meat.

This time my gag reflex receded quickly and by relaxing my throat, I was able to take another couple of inches of Vince's cock as he maintained a constant pressure against the back of my throat. After thirty seconds, Vince withdrew, repeating this performance several more times, each effort resulting in bottoming out deeper and deeper down my throat.

After five minutes of this torture, I was amazed to feel Vince's untrimmed pubes tickling my nose. Somehow I had deepthroated his entire shaft. My jaw ached and I was still struggling to breath, but my throat had somehow defied logic and I had taken all Vince had to give.

"Oh, yea bitch," Vince moaned, his cock still held ball deep down my throat. "Now that you've learned how to work a real cock down your piehole, its time you learn how to suck cock."

Slowly, Vince began to fuck my now accommodating throat with deep, steady strokes. "Use your tongue on the underside of my shaft," Vince ordered. "And lick my nuts each time I bottom out down your throat."

My knees ached and my bound hands were going numb behind my back, but I was elated to be taking all Vince had to dish out. As my face was being plowed, I could feel my rock hard dick bouncing off my belly as my body was being thrown around like a rag doll under Vince's relentless pace.

"Yea bitch," Vince moaned as he held my head and fucked my face without mercy. "You like getting your pussy mouth fucked by that big dick, don't you?"

I could only moan my approval as Vince continued to drill my throat ferociously. After several minutes of sweaty face fucking, Vince pulled his sloppy cock from my mouth and slapped my faced hard with his meaty appendage. "Suck my nuts, cuntface," he ordered.

I obeyed instinctively and spent several minutes rolling each big ball in my wet mouth, feeling Vince's sperm bubbling in his hairy, sweaty sack.

"Edge it cocksucker," Vince ordered as he roughly turned my head sideways and ran his harmonica back and forth over my tongue. "Now open wide," he instructed as he again mounted my face and fucked it ruthlessly.

After several more minutes of deepthroating, Vince pulled his cock from my ravaged mouth and with a sharp yank on my belt/leash, pulled me to my feet. "Into my bedroom, bitch," Vince ordered, "I'm gone fuck that pussy throat of yours into complete submission."

Dragging me behind him, Vince entered the bedroom and roughly threw me down onto the bed. "On your back, faggot," Vince ordered, "and lean your head back over the edge of the bed."

As I did so, Vince stripped naked and stood over me, straddling my head and slowly stroking his huge tool, his nuts hanging mere inches from my exposed face. Vince squatted down slightly and smothered my face in his sweaty sack.

"Suck those balls bitch," Vince commanded as he continued to jerk his tool. Vince leaned further forward and ground his musky asshole against my nose and mouth. "Rim my hole, cocksucker," Vince moaned as I used my tongue to explore his anus.

"Oh yea, that feels fucking fantastic," Vince exhaled as I buried my tongue as far up his pooper as I could.

After several minutes of tongue-fucking his ass, Vince stood back, "You keep that up faggot and I'm gone loose my load. And I know you don't want me to waste a load, do you bitch?"

"No sir," I croaked, my throat still sore and my voice unsteady.

"Where do you want my jizz, cocksucker?" Vince enquired wickedly.

"Down my throat, sir," I replied, genuinely eager to taste the big, salty reward I had been working hard to earn.

"I knew it," he chuckled. "Lean that head back and open up that throat, cause I'm gonna fuck your mouth like a pussy and blow this spooge straight down your gullet."

With my hands still tied behind my back, I was helpless. Vince put his hands under my neck and tilted my head back as far as it would go, opening a straight pathway down my throat. He positioned his cockhead against my tongue, and I eagerly lapped up the precum still leaking from his piss slit.

With a grunt, Vince shoved his cock down my throat till his balls were bouncing off my forehead. He rapidly built to a ferocious pace as he screwed my face with deep, powerful strokes, my tongue working overtime to keep his piston lubed as he pummeled by aching throat. After several minutes of deep dicking, I felt his penis swell noticeably and knew he was near eruption.

With one last deep thrust, Vince held his cock stuffed down my piehole and with an earth shattering grunt, he exploded, jets of hot spunk shooting straight down my throat. As I began to gag and sputter, Vince pulled his slick rod from my mouth and continued to shoot his thick, sticky wad all over my face and chest, the violent eruptions splattering down my belly and glazing my still rockhard boner.

"Fuck yea, buddy," Vince exhaled as the current from his hose slowed to a trickle. I eagerly lapped up the last few drops of thick spunk, sucking the jizz from Vince's semi-hard cock as it sagged against my cum coated mug.

As Vince collapsed on the bed, he reached down and unbuckled the belt binding my hands. "Good job, cocksucker," he conceded. "You can go into the bathroom and squeeze out your load if you want."

I had totally forgotten about my ignored member and only now realized how much my throbbing boner needed attention. I staggered to my feet, weak from the thorough throat fucking I had endured and stumbled into the bathroom to masturbate.

After five or six quick strokes, my cock exploded, erupting long ropes of sticking jizz three or four feet, all over the sink, counter, and mirror, as I relived the unbelievable experience of being dominated by Vince.

As I slumped against the counter, I looked up to see Vince watching me from the door, slowly squeezing his now limp dick. "Well buddy, you did pretty fucking good for a newbie. Sorry if I got a little carried away, but I told you I like to be aggressive and really dominate my cocksuckers. Marsha would cut off my balls if I tried that shit with her."

"No problem, buddy," I replied, happy to have received a good grade but bummed that the sexual tension that had made me Vince's cocksucking bitch was no longer in the air. I had really enjoyed submitting to Vince's demands and would have happily reenacted the scene right now if Vince had ordered me to my knees.

"I'm gonna jump in the shower and get ready to go skiing," Vince smiled. "It's against my policy, but you are invited to join me if you want."

Vince ducked into the shower and without hesitation I followed him. Vince was staying in the master suite and the shower was a big double stall with several shower heads and a tiled bench.

As we soaped up, I turned to Vince, "Man, that was fucking intense. How did that compare to your average encounter?"

"Well, to be honest, I was probably a little more aggressive with you than normal," Vince admitted. "Originally I thought you were full of shit and would wimp out. I pushed pretty hard but you didn't show any signs of breaking. I gotta tell you, you're a pretty fucking good cocksucker; and you clearly have a dormant submissive side."

"Yea, I guess so," I responded, fully aware that Vince had me pegged. "I think you are right. Some guys are size queens and I think I would have done anything to please you."

"Anything?" Vince asked as he soaped up his schlong.

"Yea, I think so," I answered, reaching down to soap up my Johnson, surprised to find it was rock hard again.

"Would you bend over and let me fuck you in the ass?" Vince questioned, an evil mischief in his voice.

"Huh?" I replied, knowing damn well where Vince was going with this as I watched him stroke his now semi-erect cock.

"Well, I've always wanted to fuck Marsha in the ass, but it's the one thing she absolutely refuses. I've seen porn stars take dicks bigger than mine up their poop chute, but Marsha is adamant. She says I could injure her for life."

"I thought you only had guys suck your dick?" I asked, curious to see how this would play out.

"Oh, for sure. With all the diseases and shit, no way I'd risk my health to fuck some anonymous guy in the butt. Guys have asked, no make that begged, me to pack their fudge, but I always refuse."

"But you want to fuck my ass?"

"Um, yea. I know you're clean and healthy, and when you were rimming my hole earlier, I had these totally nasty thoughts of bending you over and stuffing my pole up your shitter."

"So you've never done this before?" I quizzed Vince.

"No man, your cherry ass would be my first. And I can see from the boner you're sporting there that you kinda like the idea too."

I didn't need any more encouragement. I wanted to be the first to enjoy the pleasure of getting my ass reamed by Vince's fat fuckstick. And he was right, this conversation had my dick so fucking hard it hurt.

I turned my back to Vince and bent over, resting my hands on the tiled bench, "Make me your fuckbitch, stud."

Vince didn't need any further encouragement. He grabbed the bar of soap and lathered up his now rock hard prick before lathering up my crack and working a lubed finger up my virgin hole.

"Damn your hole is fucking tight, dude," Vince exhaled as he took turns working his fat digits into my butt. The soap provided plenty of lube, and even when he stuffed his pudgy thumb up my backdoor, I didn't mind at all.

As he worked first two and then three fingers together into my rump, I began to realize the predicament I was getting myself into. Vince was being patient and taking his time, trying to stretch my anus slowly before he impaled me on his mighty manhood. But I knew no amount of advanced preparation was going to make my ass ready for his impending invasion. Besides, I was so fucking horned up, I wanted to feel him screwing my ass right now.

"Thanks man," I managed as he humped my hole with three soapy fingers. "But don't worry about me. Take my ass now, man. Fuck my little manpussy like you fucked my face before."

"That's what I wanted to hear, cuntface," Vince snarled, immediately falling back into character as the aggressive, dominant top.

My grip on the tiled bench turned white knuckle as I looked back between my spread legs to see Vince soaping up his massive boner. From this point of view, his cock looked enormous and I was going to have a front row seat to see him shove that b**st up my poorly prepared pooper. With one hand, he grabbed my waist and used his other hand to steer his cockhead to the entrance of my backdoor. He rubbed his sudsy schlong up and down my wet crack, teasing my hole as he applied light pressure against my sphincter.

I tried repeatedly to lean my weight back against his rod, driven insane with the desire to feel his prick violate my hole. Each time, he expertly shifted his weight and his cock simply rocked back and forth in my soapy crack, his nuts slapping against my butt cheeks.

"Beg for it bitch," he ordered.

"Please," I implored. "Stop teasing me and **** my virgin hole. I need to feel your hard cock stuffed up my ass."

"That's better," Vince replied. And with a sudden movement, he locked my waist in both hands and drove his lubed piston home, nearly half of his enormous cock buried up my butt in one swift thrust.

"Oh my fucking #@&*....." I yelled, the string of explicatives echoing off the walls of the big shower. I couldn't imagine anything hurting as much as my ass currently hurt; not c***dbirth, not breaking a bone, hell, not even getting shot. My wind was knocked from my gut as I struggled to pull forward and free my ass from this sadistic bastard and his killer cock.

But Vince held my hips firmly and continued to drive his weight against my ass, my head shoved up against the wall of the shower, my body no further escape route from his invading horde. In fact as I struggled, I could only push back off the shower wall which resulted in additional inches of Vince's dick being shoved further down my tortured hole.

"You're gonna fucking split me in two, Vince," I struggled, barely able to vocalize words around the sheer pain I was fighting. A searing white heat enflamed my rectum as Vince maintained a steady pressure on my puckered hole.

"That's the plan, slut," Vince laughed as he continued to f***e his soap-covered cock deeper into my butt. "You really need to loosen up buddy cause I sure like having your ass-meat wrapped around my prick. I think I'm gonna take to this buttfucking real nice. I might fuck this prime piece of ass all goddamn day."

"You're one sick bastard," I exhaled, as I felt Vince's hairy nuts brush against my ass. Looking back between my legs, I saw all but the last couple of inches of Vince's rod buried in my stretched hole. My head was spinning and I saw stars swimming before my eyes; I thought I was going to pass out.

"Shut the fuck up and take it like a man, pussy," Vince barked. "And quit all that squirming. I'll train that ass to love my cock."

Very slowly, the pain in my ass began to subside, replaced first by a dull throb and then a feeling of complete fullness. Vince held firm and began to grind his cock into my stuffed shitter. Although I received no physical pleasure from the constant grinding, I was amazed to see my cock was still rock hard and leaking precum.

I reached back between my legs and massaged Vince's balls, wrapping my hand around the base of his tool trying to extricate a few inches from my tortured butt.

Mistaking my attempt to free my ass from his prolonged penetration, Vince smiled, "That's it buddy. I knew you'd come around. So you want me to start fucking that butt do you?"

Before I could answer, he slowly withdrew several inches of butt meat and began a slow, steady assault on my hole. As he initiated a steady fucking rhythm, the friction on my sphincter grew more and more pleasurable. I quit trying to resist Vince's forward thrusts and began to buck back against his torso, trying to match his movements and maximize his penetration. His cockhead found a magic spot deep inside my tortured rectum and as he continued to pound my ass, I began to moan.

"Oh, yea bitch, you like that don't you?" Vince questioned.

"Fuck yea," I groaned, finally beginning to enjoy every inch of his big cock as it drilled my man cunt. "Fuck my ass, buddy like you fuck your wife's pussy. Feed me that magnificent cock."

"That's so fucking hot bitch," Vince moaned. "My cock is stretching your hole so wide. You're not gonna be able to walk right for a week."

"I don't fucking care," I exhaled. "Pound my hole into submission, man. I can't get enough of your cock."

For several minutes, Vince pounded my ass with long, steady strokes. Periodically, Vince would pull his dick from my hole and apply a new coating of soap suds before driving his rod back down my wide-open anus.

"Fuck, dude, your ass feels better than my wife's pussy," Vince said as he continued to train my virgin butt. "Time for you to do some work."

He withdrew his tool and spun me around. As he sat on the bench, he lowered me down onto his towering tool. "Bounce up and down on it bitch," he commanded.

I didn't need any additional instruction as I lowered my ass down on his cock till his balls were grinding against mine. Sitting on Vince's lap, I had close to a foot of dick shoved up my rear.

"Fuck dude, you've got every inch of my cock buried in your ass," Vince moaned. "Now fuck it."

I began doing squats on Vince's lap, loving the feeling of his cock working in and out of me. He reached around and tweaked my nipples hard, sending additional spasms of pleasure shooting through my body. I bounced up and down on his pogo for several minutes, my own dick slapping against my belly as I fucked him like cheap whore. I resisted the urge to reach down and stroke my cock, sure that one quick jerk would send my dick over the edge into spasms of ejaculation. I could feel every pulsating vein of Vince's angry cock as he trained my ass to take his full length, the warm water from the shower continuing to cascade over our naked, sweaty bodies.

As the water turned colder, the hot water spent, Vince slapped my ass hard and pushed me off his tool. He reached over and turned off the water before ordering me out of the shower, "Get up on the counter top, bitch. Yea right there, sitting in your own pool of jizz."

I sat naked on the cold tile where only recently I had jerked out a huge load, waiting for Vince's next command. Still dripping wet, he stepped up, roughly grabbed my ankles and through them over his shoulders, my ass dangling over the counter edge, his cock poised at my tattered hole.

"I'm gonna fill your ass with my spooge," Vince announced as he entered me violently and resumed his furious fucking of my abused ass. With my legs up on his wide shoulders and my head back against the mirrored wall, I was a helpless fuck puppet to Vince's powerful assault.

In this position he pounded my ass for several more minutes before grabbing my waist and shoving every inch of his manhood up my hole. With a load grunt, Vince tensed and erupted deep in my ass, his cock filling my hole with warm spunk. As I felt his cum filling my butt, my cock twitched violently and I shot a huge wad all over my belly and chest, my hand never touching my boner.

Vince chuckled, "Guess I found your g-spot buddy."

"Fuck yea," I exhaled, "I've never experienced a more intense orgasm. Marsha doesn't know what she's missing."

We cleaned up and dressed, heading up to the mountain to meet the guys for an afternoon of skiing. We met the guys in the lodge for lunch.

"Hey Marc," one of the guys yelled as I walked into the cafeteria, "You're limping like you took a nasty fall."

Shooting a knowing look at Vince I replied, "It was nasty alright; a real fucking ass breaker."

Vince snickered, knowing that his dick was the reason my ass was out of whack and I was walking on eggshells.

I followed Vince around like a love struck puppy the rest of the week. Every opportunity we had, Vince used and abused my body to satisfy his sexual urges. I sucked him off in the mensroom and on the gondola. He fucked my ass in the trees beside a ski run, in the hottub, and at night in his bedroom. I couldn't get enough of his cock and he loved r****g my ass.

We are already planning next summer's golf trip. My packing list includes two dozen golf balls, a bag of tees, a new pair of spikes and a giant bottle of lube. Having a regular fuckbuddy is going to be a real blast.
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