Just A Swallow Away When You're Ready To Play

I took a long drink from the bottle of water I brought with me along with some breath mints, Vaseline, some condoms and a book. I hadn’t had time to read much this time but had no complaints. I was having a good time but was still hoping for more cock to suck and more cum to taste.

I heard more talking outside as the door opened, and in walked a man with a k** about 6 years old. He went to the third booth, yet I could still see them through both glory holes. The younger boy took his piss while his father stood nearby. They did their business, and then walked to the sink as daddy instructed his son to wash and dry his hands. Then they left.

Just a few moments later, the father came back in, and sat in the booth next to me. “Aw Ha” I thought to myself. “ Daddy wanted to play.” I'll bet he took his k** back to the car, and now Mom was watching the k** while Daddy got his cock sucked.

He remained quiet for some time before he made any move. I decided to show him my cock and perhaps he would get the idea. I leaned back to give him a peek. Much to my surprise, he motioned for me to place my cock into the hole. I stood up to give him a good look, then put my cock and balls into the hole. He held it very gently caressing, fingering and touching the head of my cock and exploring every inch of it. He placed his finger under my foreskin and wiped the head of my cock to taste pre cum now dripping from my piss slot. He was carefully exploring my cock. He wanted to do something with it but not sure what he wanted to do. I thought I was not going to get any sucking from this married dude. He wanted to fulfill a fantasy of holding another man's cock in his hand. Suddenly I felt his warm tongue touching the head of my cock and slowly started to jack me off. I let him play around with my privates not only because it felt good but also I knew I could cum again. He continued to work my cock
up and down and gently caress my cum filled balls with his fingers. If he kept jacking on me this way I would cum all over him.

It was exciting having a married man jack me off. I could feel my nuts tighten as an orgasm was building. I was going to shoot another load. I started breathing heavily and deeper. He seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. He didn’t stop or pull away when I started to cum but instead he placed his face against my pulsating cumming cock. I surely shot a big load on his face and lips but he continued to rub it against his rough unshaved face.

I remained standing at the hole while he masturbated his own cock. I could hear him start to gasp and sigh with pleasure as he came. I wish my mouth was on this married man's hot cock as I had done with the others. I remained at the hole until my hanging cock started to get softer. I pulled away slowly and looked thru the hole to watch him shoot his last load into his hand. He paused then raised his cum filled hand up to the hole for me. I placed my mouth up to the hole while he placed his fingers, dripping with wet cum, into my mouth. This made me hot again.

His sweet juicy cum was running down his hand to his wrist. He stood next to the hole as he milked down his semi-hard cock. He wiped the last oozing cum from his piss slot placing it on his fingertip to offer it to me. I motioned for him to stick his cock into the hole, which he did. His cock was very sensitive after he had just cum and he gasped when I continued to lick and suck on his soft member.

He had a nice thick cock and it fit well into my mouth. He stood quietly letting me suck on him. I realized I could get another load from his already spent cock as it continued to grow hard in my mouth. A few good movements of my mouth and tongue and he was building up to another orgasm. He started to gasp and tremble with excitement. He then let loose with a deep moan and shot another load into my mouth. This dude was hot and horny. He pulled away slowly after I milked it down again for the second time. He sat down on the stool to gather his composure then he whispered to me in the hole.

“I always wanted to do this but I am married and never had the chance. That was great. Thanks. Hope to see you again sometime.” then he got up and left.

I bet his wife and k** were waiting for him somewhere. “That was a good session.” I thought to myself. I loving making it with a hot married dude. They are so appreciative for a good blowjob. Hope this activity continues before it gets too late. I had already been there for 2 hours and had at least 10 good cocks. I was still ready to suck on some more cock.

The doors opened again and in came a young man about 25. He went to the last booth and shut the door. I guessed he just wanted to use the toilet so I drank some of my water while I waited to see what new adventures were going to happen. I heard another person enter the restroom and head for the urinal, take a piss, wash and leave.

Meanwhile another person arrived. I caught a quick glimpse of him at the urinal. He was wearing some sort of uniform like a rent-a-cop security guard. He took a piss then took something from his jacket pocket and went into the 2nd booth next to me. He hung up his belt and club on the hook behind the door and dropped his pants to his ankles. He quickly sat down, spread his firm hairy legs and proceeded to manipulate his cock to get it hard.

He started to place a condom over his now semi-hard cock. He knew I was watching him and I think it turned him on even more. He managed to put the condom on, and then he reached in his shirt pocket, and pulled out a picture of a naked woman. He lustfully looked at the picture as he pounded on his now hard cock. The sound of the rubber could readily be heard. He moved back so I could watch him thru the large glory hole.

He proceeded to jack off and on occasion would pull on his big balls. After a few minutes, he moaned out and shot his cum into his condom repeatedly filling it to capacity. His body seemed to go into spasms as load after load of his white cum shot into the rubber. He finally stopped cumming in the condom, put away the picture of the naked woman and slowly and carefully stretched the condom so all his cum went to the end. He emptied such a load that it looked as though half of the condom was full. Then he slowly started to pull the used rubber off his still firm cock. As he pulled it over the head of his cock he was very careful not to lose any of his spent cum. He carefully milked down his cock making sure every available drop was in the condom. He rolled the condom up carefully and twisted the end keeping his entire warm cum inside. He looked over to me nodded then offered me his warm load now in the condom.

I was so hot watching the masculine hot cop jack off his hot cock and shoot his load into the condom. I felt honored that he offered it to me. I took it gently as not to lose any of his warm cum from the condom. I found a couple of his dark pubic hairs remaining on the condom adding to the sexual excitement. I eagerly took the warm cum filled condom and placed my tongue into the sweet hole tasting the stud sperm of this horny cop. It was the first time I had ever done anything like this and it was really turning me on.

I watched the cop starting to pull up his pants but instead of putting his cock away, he quickly slipped it into the glory hole. I was offered the last of his cum from his semi hard cock. I started sucking and worshipping his juicy cock. He remained at the hole enjoying my warm mouth and fast moving tongue. I knew he wanted to cum again so I eagerly and honorably serviced his cock and balls. He relaxed and rested his hands on the top of the booth to brace him, spread his legs and offered me all his manhood. I continued sucking his now hard cock until he shot another hot warm load into my eager mouth. I licked all his sperm from his hot cock, wiped his balls clean and relentlessly released his cock as he pulled away from the hole. He pulled up his pants, dressed and left the booth without saying a word; went to the sink to wash and left the restroom.

I took a deep breath and looked at the used condom I had placed on top of the paper dispenser. It was still filled with the cop's cum but was starting to turn clear instead of the cream white of his fresh sperm. I placed the condom up to my lips and placed my tongue into the rubber. I wondered if this cop made a habit of giving away his cum like this or perhaps he knew he had a “cum slave” ready to drink his cum even when offered from a rubber.

I don’t think he had planned for me to suck him off the second time but he got so hot knowing I was receiving his sperm, that he let me have it first hand. That was fine with me. I continued licking out more of his cum but decided I would save it for later. I tied up the rubber and gently wrapped it in some paper and placed it in my bag for a later ‘jack off’ session.

I had forgotten about the young man that had come in before the cop arrived. He was still in the last booth and must have watched the whole procedure. I peeked into the hole to see his eyes looking back. I motioned for him to move into the booth next to me. He quickly moved into the booth while his pants were still half around his knees. He got into the booth, shut and locked the door and immediately stuck his young cock into the hole. He was hard as a rock and ready to go. I should be careful with this young stud because he probably would cum quickly. I managed to pull his balls into the opening and took a long lick of his young hairless balls. I rubbed his hard cock against my face as I continued to lick his balls. He possessed a perfectly shaped 7-inch long penis with a round tulip shaped head. It had a gentle upward curve with dark veins running up each side of the cock shaft. Sweet clear pre-cum juices were already flowing from his piss slot. I began my cock sucking routine to pleasure him. H

is hands grasped the top of the booth to brace himself for my cock sucking mouth. I teased him by arousing him to a sexual crescendo; ready for an orgasm then I would pause at his cock head then back to his balls for another lick or two. He was shaking with excitement. He pounded his young firm body against the booth wall, and then he almost yelled out to me.

“Oh, Please make me cum! Please make me cum! Awwwww yeah. That is it, suck it cocksucker take my load, oh yeah. Take it cocksucker! Yeah! Yeah! Awwwww!“ He continued to moan and gasp with excitement and pleasure: his young body slapped against the wall as I welcomed his gushing hot spurts of cum shooting to the back of my throat. Load after load he came until after 6 or 8 gushes it came to a slow trickle. He shook and trembled like a young bull in heat. This young man was wild and sure liked to cum.

I continued licking and swallowing his hot sperm that had escaped my mouth and licking the cum from my hand before it fell to the floor. He stayed pressed against the hole as I continued to milk him down. He didn’t pull away from the hole and stayed hard. Ever so often he would let out another slight tremble like aftershocks. I took a few deep breaths and kept on licking him clean. I went back down to his balls to clean the remaining juices that had run from my overflowing mouth, then back up to his hard cock. I loved sucking on his cock, It seemed so perfect and fit so well in my mouth. I continued up and down it slowly as he too continued to enjoy his last orgasm.

I had gotten my second wind by this time so I thought I would try to get another load from him. I once again started my famous cocksucking methods as he stayed close to the hole. I knew I could get him off again if we were not interrupted by anyone.

Up and down slowly I went on his magnificent youthful cock. I used my hand, mouth and tongue once again but this time I stayed on the cock and left the balls for later. We continued on for a few minutes until I knew he was going to release another load to me. In and out of my cocksucking mouth his cock went until he started to tremble and moan once again while releasing another squirting load into my mouth. He came as much the second time as he did the first. This young stud was filled with hot sperm. I pulled back just enough to taste his load as it shot in my mouth again. Then I pulled it all the way in my mouth and let him shoot the remaining sperm as it trickled down my gullet. He rested against the wall as I licked his cock and balls dry. I think he could have cum again but there were sounds of people talking outside the restroom windows. I reluctantly let go of his balls and he slowly pulled out of the hole and sat down on the stool. I saw his face as he leaned over to the hole and whispered to

me. He looked like he was about 16 to 18 years old. He had on worn jeans and tennis shoes and a cut off body shirt. He said to me.

“I am with my f****y at the drive in. I would like to come back after the movie starts again. Could you take me off again? I had never had a blowjob before and I think it was awesome. I will be back in one hour.” Then he pulled up his pants. His cock was still hard and ready for my mouth again in one hour. I would be here ready.

I heard several people coming in the restroom so I figured the drive-in was out and it would be too busy to suck any more cock right now. I watched a few dudes take their piss at the urinal then started to leave my ‘suck throne’ and go check out the truckers at the truck stop next door. After all, I did not want to be selfish and give all my cock sucking talents to just this one place. I knew there were more hot and juicy cocks to be had at the truck stop. Truckers were always ready to give a talented cocksucker a few loads.

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1 year ago
Damn, that was hot! More please!
3 years ago
What a wonderful slut!
3 years ago
AHHHHH glory holes mmmmmm
3 years ago
love your stories
3 years ago
you are so hot i just can't stop jacing off this is amazing thanks
3 years ago
like it, sounds very real, I have stuck my cock in a hole in the toilet. it was an amazing feeling being blown by an unknown person, what a day haha