Firemen Fun

I lived in the San Francisco area right after I had moved from Scottsdale, Arizona. I had found a nice condo apartment in the Marina Area, which I was to share with three other men. We each had our own bedroom and bath.

The condo had a nice size back yard with a pleasant garden, patio, and a small pool. Next to the fence was a storage shed, which shared a wall with the neighboring condo.

The other three men living in the condo worked various hours throughout the day and night, giving me ample time to myself for either reading or relaxing in the back yard.

Victor was a handsome city police officer of Italian descent. He seemed quiet, until you got to know him, but when he did open up, he would joke, and tell a few stories about the people he worked with or his f****y presently living in New York. He was fun to be around and I was especially fond of his Brooklyn accent.

Bruce worked as a trainer at a Gym during the day, and as a bouncer at a disco dance club at night. We called him “Big Bad Bruce”, but he was a kind and gentle person once you got to know him.

Then there was Todd, the male model, and actor. He was a narcissist who would spend hours in front of a mirror looking and talking to himself. He was much sought after model, and had been on the cover of several magazines, including Playgirl. He had a good personality but projected a dumb blond attitude, which I always thought was part of his act.

My name is Marcus. I consider myself to be masculine, well built, 6 foot 2 inches tall, with blond hair, blue eyes, and a deep tan. I am proud of my appearance and felt very comfortable and self-confident around these men. I may not have the muscles of Bruce, the pretty face of Todd, or the humor of Victor, but I can hold my own with any of them.

The first week at my new home I spent just relaxing and enjoying the back patio and garden area. I like to read, sunbathe, and exercise in my ‘alone time’, so this was ideal for me.

The patio was large enough to use as a ‘workout’ area. The storage building held some gym equipment, and our street bicycles. Part of the building was finished, and could be used for small gatherings or as a game room for card parties. There was also a small hot tub in an open Gazebo next to the patio and garden. Overall, it was the center of many recreational facilities for everyone.

As I was exploring the storage building one day, I realized it could use some fixing up. I decided that I would tackle this as my personal project. After discussing it with my roommates, they gave me full approval and chipped in to buy the paint and supplies I needed. They would occasionally drop in with new supplies or to chat while I worked. Sometimes they might even lend a hand. It began as a small project, but it seemed to evolve into a much larger one as time went on.

We added new lighting, and covered one wall with mirrors and added more storage space and shelves. We discovered an unused window air conditioner, installed it, and opened one wall with French doors to the garden area. Everything was shaping up very nicely and everyone enjoyed helping out. In addition to my enjoyment of the company of these hot men, it also gave us a way to get to know each other better.

I was working alone one day in an enclosed closet area, when I saw beams of light coming into the closet from the other side. Hearing voices, I peeked thru the holes, and saw two men on the other side of the common wall

I knew that four single men, working for the city fire department, occupied the condo next to ours. I was curious, so I continued to peek thru the small hole. I had a good view of two men working out with weights. I realized I was looking thru their closet to the other side. They either had no doors on the closet, or it was presently open. I was enjoying my present view, and I wasn’t about to tell any of the men in my condo for fear it might spoil my voyeurism.

I sat on the floor of the closet and leaned in closer to get a better look. I was getting aroused watching these two hot men working out. I could see right up the one man’s workout pants and see his scrotum. The other fireman had on tight cut-off jeans and was showing a huge bulge and nice firm ass. I drew out my cock and started to masturbate while watching these two hot sweaty men work out. I had my eye pressed tightly against the small hole, when a larger section, about the size of a large wooden shingle, fell from their side of the wall. I was startled to say the least, and quickly sat back, hoping they couldn’t see me. One of the men looked over immediately, then headed my way. I grabbed my nearby toolbox to give them the impression I was working.

“Hello?” He said as he bent over to peek into the hole.

I didn’t know if I should speak but I did anyway. “Hey there. It seems like we have adjoining rooms.” I said nervously as I sat up to a kneeling position.

“I’m Marcus from next door. We have been doing some repairs over here, and apparently the wall is rather thin in this spot. I was painting and must have knocked something loose on your side. Sorry about that. I’ll fix it right away.” I said nervously as I gathered up some tools from the toolbox.

The fireman sat down at the other side of the wall, trying to peek thru the hole and said. “Oh that’s O.K. That hole has been there ever since those gay dudes lived there. This was our ‘relief station’, as we use to call it, but since they moved away, it hasn’t been used.” He seemed very nonchalant about sharing this information.

It was still dark on my side of the wall, and he couldn’t see my face but I was observing his, in the light of their room. He had a nice strong face with a slight cleft in his chin. His face glistened with sweat and around his head; he wore a sweatband, keeping his dark blond hair from his face. I had seen his body earlier in his tight Jean cutoffs and he looked great.

His buddy walked over to see who he was talking to at the hole.

“Hey Brad, who the fuck are you talking to? Did the cocksuckers move back, or just come to give us a visit? I sure miss those hot cocksucking mouths.” He said as he grabbed his cock thru his shorts.

“If it is one of my gay buddies, I could sure use a good blowjob.” He said as he walked over next to Brad.

Brad didn’t say anything, but stood up as Carl pulled his cock from under his shorts and moved towards the hole.

I was rather taken back by the casual way they talked about getting a blowjob from the gay cocksuckers that used to live here. Before I knew it, Carl had placed his semi-hard cock into the large hole waiting to be serviced. I hesitated but realized I might as well take advantage of this situation. After all, I loved to suck a good cock, and I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity like this. I was already positioned on my knees, so all I had to do was lean forward, and touch his cock with my tongue. When he felt my eager tongue, he pushed his body against the wall.

“Yeah! Hot damn! We’re back in business. Our ‘relief station’ is open. Wait for me to get my nuts off, then you can have a turn.” Carl said to Brad.

“ Man, I’m so fucken horny. Wow! That feels so fucking great. Oh yeah, cocksucker. Work it. Work it. My ‘old lady’ left me a couple months ago and I haven’t had any pussy since. I need my fire hose drained. At the rate this cocksucker is working, it’s not going to take me long to pop my nuts,” Carl continued as he shoved his dick farther into the hole.

“Oh yes, baby. Make it feel good. That’s it. Suck it! Suck it!

I continued to service Carl’s big hot cut cock as he moaned, sighed, and talked dirty to me. He back from the hole just long enough to pull his shorts down, and then he returned to give me full access and control of his balls as well as his cock. The manly scent from his sweaty and musky balls was a real turn on. It wasn’t long before he was ready to cum. I was trying to hold off his orgasm as long as I could. I sucked on his cock for a few more minutes until he started pumping my mouth begging for relief. Then he let go and shot his load. His bittersweet cock juices flowed into my mouth as he moaned and groaned with pleasure.

He bumped hard against the wall as he shot out several gushes of his cum and shook with orgasmic spasms. He must have been right about no sex for months; because he came so much I couldn’t swallow it fast enough. It ran out of my mouth and down my chin. I finished draining his cock and licked off the remaining juices from my hand as he was still jerking and moaning enjoying the feeling of sex. He sure loved to cum. Slowly he pulled his cock out of the hole.

“Man, I’m glad you’re here” he said. “I needed that, but I need it every day. I come here to work out all the time, so keep watch. Thanks buddy. Later”. Then he pulled up his shorts and moved away.

I was hoping Brad would come back to the hole for a blowjob. I wanted to see if that bulge in his shorts really was as big as it looked. He came into the closet and shut the door. He undid his buttons very slowly and let his cutoffs drop to the floor. His cock was already half hard and almost popped out of his cutoffs. I took it in my hands before it got completely hard.

He was uncircumcised and the foreskin was hanging down over his cock head. I pulled him closer and placed my tongue under his foreskin searching and tasting the pre-cum juices along with a salty taste of sweat and a hint of piss. He tasted as good as Carl. He relaxed and enjoyed my cock sucking mouth as he gave me his manhood.

His cock quickly got hard as I worked it up and down and in and out, sucking and licking every inch of his now 8-inch cock. I held his balls in one hand and buried my nose next to his warm hairy balls. I inched one finger towards his warm hairy asshole, then withdrew it and tasted his body sweat. He was sensitive near his asshole and I didn’t want to arouse him too quickly, so, I concentrated on his cock and balls. His cock head had emerged from the silky pink foreskin.

He slowly pulled away from the wall and turned around bringing his tight buttocks into view. He bent over and spread his buttocks placing his brown asshole directly over the hole. I was happy to accommodate him, as I placed my nose into his ass crack, and savored the manly scent of his sweaty ass. My tongue was desperately searching for his sweet sphincter as I continued to lick his butt crack. Soon I found the puckering bud and did a deep tongue action into his sweaty asshole. He backed into the wall as far as he could, enjoying my flicking tongue fucking.

He continued to jack off as I rimmed him deep and fast. His asshole began to tighten. He quickly moved his wet oozing cock back to the hole and shot his hot cum on my face and lips. I guided his pulsating cock into my mouth to savor his warm sperm. He gasped and leaned into my face generously giving me the remainder of his juices. I gradually sucked his cock dry and milked down every creamy drop of his sweet manly nectars.

I finished sucking and licking all the cum from his nice cock. He stood there for a minute to catch his breath and get his composure and then he leaned down to the hole.

“ I’m glad you’re here, too. I was going to apologize for Carl’s blunt approach, but if he hadn’t spoken out as he did, this might have never taken place,” Brad said as he sat on the floor by the hole. “ I guess you know there are four of us here. We all stay pretty horny, so you can be sure there will be plenty of dicks for you to suck. The other two guys are sl**ping right now, but they’ll be out soon to work out. We’ll keep this closet door open and you can watch us and whenever you’re in the mood, just dangle your finger from the hole and one of us will be happy to accommodate you.

Brad got up and left the closet open. Still within my view, he went over to the open toilet and took a short piss. I watched him point his semi-hard cock to the bowl as he pissed a golden stream. His long foreskin was starting to cover his cock head again while he pissed. He milked it down and squeezed out the last drop of piss.

I heard the two firemen leave the gym shed, laughing and talking as they went back into their own condo. I was still sitting on the floor of my closet attempting to place a shingle over the hole to hide it from my roommates when I heard the door open from the firemen’s side of the shed. The hole was still exposed, so I sat quietly until I heard someone pissing into the nearby stool.

I slowly peeked into the hole and saw another hot looking man standing in front of the stool. He had lowered his workout shorts down over his firm buttocks and was exposing his hard muscular ass. As he drained his cock, he flexed both buttocks, causing his butt dimples to flex. I wasn’t sure that he knew of the hole yet. He walked over to the barbell bench, sat down, and took a few deep breaths. He stood quickly, pulled off his shorts, and dropped them to the floor, exposing his soft low hanging balls and cock. He adjusted his balls, and then lay back on the bench to do his exercise.

I had a great view of his full body and his big soft balls hanging down between his legs. He continued with one exercise, then on to another, changing my viewing angle pausing briefly between each exercise. I was getting aroused again, watching this naked fireman work out. I once again released my cock from my shorts, and started to jack off as I watched this hunk do his thing. At one time, I thought I saw him glance towards the closet. He would pull on his cock; adjust his big balls and occasionally his hard protruding nipples.

Much to my delight, he started to manipulate his soft cock until it was starting to extend and grow. His legs, still spread over the end of the bench, gave me a perfect view. His hot young body glistened with sweat from his workout, and his six-pack abs rippled like a washboard. He adjusted his balls, placed one hand around his cock, and slowly began to jack himself off. He gently pulled on his balls while a few fingers explored the moist crevice of his asshole area. His body muscles constricted with each movement.

I was getting so hot watching this young fireman I too, was jacking off, but I was holding off, waiting for his orgasm. His hand moved faster and faster and his breathing became quicker and shorter. He sighed, and moaned as he began to release his cum, shooting it up and over his taunt body. His cum shot in several long streams of white creamy gushes. One stream of cum landed on his lips, and into the corner of his mouth. His tongue quickly licked and savored his own sperm, while the remaining cum was shooting all over his wet body. Sperm was running down his chest and gathered into his navel forming a pool. He shook in spasms as he came, but finally became still as his orgasm subsided. His one hand rubbed his body with his cum, and occasionally brought it up to his mouth to taste. It was such a hot scene to watch. I was about to cum, when he sat up on the bench, looked down at his semi-soft cock and rubbed his remaining cum on his cock.

He stood momentarily, walked over to the closet, and carefully placed his semi-hard cock into the opening for me to savor. I quickly caressed his cum soaked cock between my lips. I could taste the salt from his body sweat mingled with his spent cum. I licked and cleaned his semi-hard cock in my warm mouth. He sighed as I continued sucking on his sensitive spent cock. Then his cock began to get hard once again, as I continued cleaning his cock and moist balls. He pushed his body closer into the hole as his cock continued to swell, getting harder and fuller. I was pleased that he needed to be drained once more. Then he quickly started to fuck my face anticipating his release. His body stiffened as he grunted out loudly releasing another big load of his cum into my receptive cocksucking mouth.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming!” he called out as he shot another stream of cum.

Once more, he stood quietly at the opening as I carefully held his cock in my mouth without movement. I let his remaining cum trickle into my warm mouth and slowly released his penis and squeezed down the last few drops on my tongue. It hung thru the hole still pulsating from the pleasure of his last orgasm. I gently licked the remaining juices from his wet balls and kissed his softening cock. He slowly backed away from the hole as I guided his balls over the partition. Then he said, in a seemingly satisfied voice.

“Oh. Man, that was so hot. I’ve never had a second orgasm so quickly or as pleasantly before. You are great, you are great.” He kept repeating as I was still licking the cum of this hot young fireman from my hand.

He walked away from the closet to the workbench where he had first begun. He picked up his worn jockstrap and wiped his armpits, cock, balls and the crack of his buttocks and then he came back to the closet and pushed the jock strap into the hole as an offering for my services.

“Here, cocksucker, you deserve a little prize for your job well done.” Then he walked away once again, headed to the shower area, to wash away the remaining sweat and cum from his body. I would have been more than happy to clean his whole body with my tongue, but perhaps another time.

I was ecstatic with the offering of his manly scented jock strap. I placed it to my nostrils to inhale. I could sense the musk of his body, a hint of his piss, sweat from his ass and perhaps his dried pre-cum. I continued to jack off as I inhaled and licked his jock strap while watching his perfectly fit body under the warm waters of the shower. As I explored and caressed his jockstrap, I noticed on the back of the elastic band was an ink imprint, of a name. It said “Robin”. What a good name for such a hot man.

As I continued to masturbate while watching Robin in the shower, I heard another man’s deep voice speaking to Robin. Into my view came a medium height man about 30 years old with short well-trimmed hair, and hard rippling muscles. Here was another hunk. A chain link tattoo wrapped around the large, ‘hard as steel’, bicep of his right arm. As he strutted across the room he seemed to be admiring Robin’s nude, wet body.

“Hey, Peter. How’s it hanging? Robin called out to his fellow fireman.

“It’s hanging loose but needs someone to swing on it or some warm hole to bury it in.” Peter joked as he grabbed his dick through his tight fitting spandex shorts. They both laughed.

“Not me, you sex maniac. Don’t come near me with that horse cock while I’m in the shower. I’ve seen you in action, dude, and you have no mercy.” Robin said as he continued his shower.

Peter laughed as he went over to the urinal and pulled his tight shorts down over his hips so he could manage to pull out his cock.

“’I’ve been riding that new Italian bike of mine. It’s awesome. I think I went over 25 miles today and my balls ache from the seat. Either that, or from all that load I have been carrying around this week.” Peter continued.

Robin finished his shower and reached for the nearby towel, drying as Peter finished pissing, he sat on the nearby bench to pull off his riding shoes, his cock and balls resting between his legs. After he removed his shoes, he continued by pulling his shorts all the way off. Released from the tight spandex, his pendulous uncircumcised cock hung down about 7 inches. He had big hairless balls, one hanging lower than the other but still perfect in every way.

“Man I’m glad to get those hot spandex off. Now I can breathe.” He said as he once again pulled on his cock and scratched his soft low hanging balls. He glanced over to the closet where the hole remained in the closet wall. He took a closer look then said to Robin,

“I see our relief hole is back. I could sure use some action again.”

“Oh yeah,” said Robin. “I was going to tell you about it, but you just got here. Someone is over there, because I got one of the best blowjobs I ever had about 15 minutes ago. I could be wrong but I think he’s still at the hole and ready for more action.”

“Yeah, right. You son-of-a-bitch! You’re hoping to keep this action for yourself?” Peter k**ded. “Man, I’m going to try it out,” He said as he headed toward the closet. He bent over slightly to see if he could see anyone. Then he stood there playing with his balls waiting for a response.

As I eagerly watched him approach the hole, my first thoughts were of his overpowering masculinity. I cautiously ran my finger around the edge of the hole but quickly withdrew it. Apparently, that was just the sign that Peter needed. He walked slowly towards the hole as I watched his growing cock.

His dick flopped from one side to another, when I first saw it soft, but not now as it began to harden. I could see that taking this monster cock was going to be a challenge. His cock was semi-cut, and as it got harder, the cock head began to slowly slip out of his foreskin, revealing a big tulip shaped deep pink cock head. His cock was darker than Robin’s cock and much bigger. I could see that he shaved his balls. They were completely hairless and smooth.

Robin was still drying by the shower, but was eyeing Peter as he stood by the hole still playing with his cock. Robin was starting to get hard anticipating the action that was about to happen.

I motioned once more hoping Peter would let me get it hard before he got it in the hole. He immediately adjusted his balls and placed the head of his growing cock into the hole. I had turned into a real man whore cock-sucking slut, and I loved it.

I guided his cock through the hole, taking note of how perfectly beautiful his cock head was with it’s big piss slit opening. It was so smooth, and the cock shaft was firm, with the hint of bl**d vessels. As I continued holding up his huge manhood, it kept growing, and growing, until it must have been a good 10 ½ to 11 inches of stud cock hanging on my side of the partition. His smooth hairless balls hung down another 3 inches.

I knew I could not suck this one off easily because I could never relax my mouth enough to take it all the way. I would have to use hand manipulations on him. I wanted to please him so I started to lick, kiss and rub my tongue around the head tasting his sweet pre-cum. I could taste and smell some of his body sweat and a manly musk scent under his warm balls. His foreskin had some taste of pre-cum. He was a hot and sensuous man with lots of sexy body aromas. I would occasionally sit back just to look and admire his huge manly cock, then go back to make love to it once more.

Robin was still watching, but then I heard him tell Peter he was leaving. Peter moaned something back as I continued to suck on his magnificent cock. After a few minutes, he slowly pulled his cock from my mouth and leaned over to the opening of the glory hole

. “Hey dude.” he said. “ You’re doing a fantastic job but it’s hard to get me off this way. I think it would be better if you could come to this side of the wall. I would like to shove my cock up your ass. This closet has a larger opening and if you want to come over here, I can open it from this side. You will have to crawl thru to get to my side. Do you want to come over?”

I was willing to try because I wanted his cock in the worst way. I didn’t usually take a cock up the ass but this was too good not to try. I placed my mouth to the hole and said.

“ Yeah, I’ll give it a try,” I said, putting my mouth up to the hole, “but I can’t promise you I’ll be able to take it.”

I heard some latches being released from his side and he pulled on a small door at the bottom of the closet. I couldn’t tell it was there before because it had been painted over on my side. He pulled once more and it opened.

He reached his large strong hand thru to me as I crawled toward my destiny. I was rather nervous, and thought how silly I must have looked as I crawled into his area. I already had my shirt off but was still wearing my cut off shorts and work boots. My cut offs were still open, where I had been jacking on myself.

“Hey man.” Peter said as he offered his hand. “You’re a good-looking dude. I see you’ve been working out. Nice solid body there. I like to see a man that keeps his body fit.” He inspected me as if I were a new toy to be used for his pleasure, and I guess that is what he was thinking.

“Hey,” I said back as he continued to look me up and down. He motioned for me to turn around for full viewing. I nervously turned, and then spoke.

“My name’s Marcus. I just moved in this past month. I was working on the storage shed when I found the hole in the wall.”

He looked even better than he had through the hole. He was a very sexy looking man. Almost like a young Yul Brenner, only with more muscles and more hair on his chest. I looked shyly at him as I firmly shook his hand, and impulsively placed my other hand around his big cock. He laughed as he slapped me on the back and said.

“Yeah, you’re a fine looking cocksucker all right. You like that cock, don’t you? I sure hope so, because I haven’t had any good sex for about a month, and I’m tired of beating my meat two or three times a day. I sure hope you can manage to take my cock up your ass. I promise I’ll will be gentle,… at first, but I won’t promise you what’ll happen after I get started. I get like a wild stallion once I get going,” He said as he placed his large hand on my buttocks.

I was still caressing his cock as he spoke. I didn’t mind him calling me a cocksucker. In fact, I was proud to suck his manly cock. I didn’t even look up when I said. “That’s OK, stud. I’ll be your ‘mare in heat’ and I hope you can manage to hold on. I need your cock up my ass.” Then I dropped to my knees as I started to wet his cock again for the entry.

He sighed and said, “Oh boy, this is what I’ve been waiting for; a man that can take it like a man. Let’s take our time. No one should bother us for a while, and even if they do, they can just join us.”

I continued to lick on his smooth balls as I removed my shorts over my work boots. Peter waited patiently until I was undressed, then he pulled me up in his strong arms, pressing me against his firm body. He placed his arms around my body caressing my ass and spreading my buttocks. I turned around so my ass was facing him, and leaned over the bench to give him full access. I actually did feel like a mare in heat waiting for the stud cock to penetrate my ass.

He wet his fingers and placed them to my asshole, exploring the opening. His cock was still wet from my sucking and his pre-cum juices. One of his fingers quickly went into my ass. I jumped at the sudden intrusion. I hadn’t been fucked for almost a year, so I felt like a new virgin again. I wasn’t sure if I could manage his large cock, but I was so enamored of this man, that I was willing to try it. I didn’t want to even think of what this stud cock could do to my tight ass. Had I started something I couldn’t finish?

My body was wet and sweaty from the heat of the room. I could feel his large masculine finger working my hole. He dropped to his knees behind me as he continued inspecting my anus with his wet fingers. He gently placed one or two fingers deeper into my hole. It was feeling good already. He then placed his face into my ass crack and started licking up and down my butt crack with his nose and tongue searching for my hole. He found it quickly, and placed his long hot tongue into my ass, quickly fucking me with in and out motions.

He ate my ass rough and hard as I sighed at the pleasure of his deep tonguing. His rough unshaven beard rubbed against my butt cheeks, adding to the wild sensation of this butch hot man eating out his pussy boy. He continued eating my ass, then immediately pulled away. I heard him speak in a low sexy voice. “Nice sweet hole, better than pussy. Love your ass, man.”

Then he went back in for more. He continued for a few more minutes then quickly stood and placed 2 of his fingers back into my relaxed hole.

“Now I think that ass is ready for a nice stud fucking.” Peter said as he parted my buttocks again, and with one hand on his cock, and one on my back, started to move his cock head into my wanting hole. I felt his tool start in, and then he paused. He pushed again and I felt the cock head go right in. I gasped with delight. He moved in slowly but firmly and slid the whole 11 inches deep into my love canal. I let out a moan and immediately came all over the floor. He hadn’t even touched it but he rubbed against my prostate causing my unexpected, but pleasant orgasm. He paused as I had my much-needed release and then he started to push in and out of my warm asshole.

“Oh, Man. You are so tight. This is hot. Oh yeah. Good ass.” Peter said as he started to gradually move in and out of my ass.

I thought I would have a hard time receiving his big cock, but it felt so good inside me. I was still leaning over the bench, with my cock hanging down. I rested my upper body on the bench as I let Peter have his way with me. He was a hot fucker. I could feel his balls hitting against my balls as he went in and out of me.

Peter started talking dirty to me as he fucked harder and harder. “You like that cock up your ass, don’t you cocksucker? You are better than a pussy, and I don’t have to worry about getting you knocked up. Man, this is heaven. You’re my ‘man whore’. I’m your stud cock, and you are my fuck mare. Your ass is mine, isn’t it? Answer me pussy ass. You’re my man whore.” Then he slapped my butt as he pumped into me.

“Yes sir. I’m your man whore. I’m your mare pussy to fuck, as you like. You’re my stud cock and I’m your man pussy. Oh, fuck me, sir, fuck me,” I said as he plowed into me harder with each plunge. Then he would slap me again, harder than before.

Peter was getting more and more excited, but still didn’t want to cum too quickly in his newfound man whore. He was going to enjoy this ass. It had been sometime since he had fucked any pussy or ass, especially a man’s ass. Most of his women couldn’t take his big cock. Only a whore he would occasionally visit in Oakland, could even halfway satisfy him. This man whore was the best ever. He enjoyed being able to shove it in without complaints or being pushed away. He was r****g this willing young man’s ass and it was awesome.

I felt back to caress his balls. I felt the warm pre-cum juices oozing from my ass. I brought my hand back to my mouth to taste the warm cum and the dripping sweat from Peter’s body. I started backing into Peter, letting him know I was his and needed his cum in my hole. Peter responded with a deep lunge, almost knocking me over the bench. I gasped but braced myself and sighed as Peter studded me. I had never enjoyed a fuck so much in my life. I wanted it to last forever. He completely filled my inner body and I felt so full of cock and love.

Peter started once again with his long deep plunges. He would pull it almost all the way out of my sphincter then plunge in deep again. Peter started to unload all of the cum he had been holding back for so long. It felt so good to both of us as we sighed, moaned, and gasped. Peter let out a deep growl and shook with spasms of delight. Peter couldn’t hold back his feelings as he expressed his compassion with obscene words of love to his man whore.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m cumming, cumming in my man whore; you feel that cock, cocksucker? Take that mother. Yeah! Yeah! Oh Yeah! That’s it fucker. Drain my stud juice, you whore, you hungry fucking, man whore. Oh yeah…fuck, fuck, fuck. I’ m cumming. Awwwwww.” Peter blurted out.

I felt my cock cumming at the same time. My ass tightened, heightening the already great feeling of both our orgasms. My own cum shot out of my cock and down my leg, while Peter unloaded his fireman’s 11-inch hose up my ass. Peter came so much I could feel the trickle of warm cum and my ass juices running down my leg and into my boot. I came again for the second time. Peter and I were both yelling in ecstasy as we had our orgasms.

We collapsed forward on the bench. My cum was dripping down my leg as Peter’s cum was oozing out of my well-used ass.

After a long and wonderful pause, Peter lifted his sweaty body off mine but let his cock remain in my cum filled ass. He slapped my buttock again and said.

“You’re a man’s man. You can really take it. I’ve never had such a good orgasm. You’re ass is mine, but I guess you know that now. I’ll be off duty for the next two days, and I want you here to satisfy me.” Then Peter slowly eased his cock out of me as more of the warm juices flowed out of my asshole and down my leg.

“You’re not finished yet, cocksucker. Clean off my cock. You were a good fuck and you deserve to taste my love juices. Get your mouth on it and do a good job of cleaning it. That’s it cocksucker. Clean it good. Now lick my balls. Get all those juices.”

I gladly took my new master’s cock and milked down the godly nectar, savoring the cum and licking his semi-hard cock. I could still taste Peter’s body sweat and musky balls as I continued down to Peter’s balls and licked them dry also.

I realized Peter was now unquestionably my master. I didn’t mind because I liked the idea of being used by this stud. I kept on licking and cleaning his huge cock. It had finally softened to the point that I could go all the way down on him. Peter looked down at me and stroked my head in affectionate appreciation.

You’re a good cock slave.” Peter said as he pushed me away from his cock.


I slowly rose from the bench, hoping not to lose the entire warm cum now filling my well-fucked ass. I slowly walked over to the nearby toilet to reluctantly release my master’s sperm from my body. I wished it could remain, but I knew if he were to be fucked again tonight, I would have to deposit Peter’s load.


“Finish there and take a good shower. I might want to repeat this before I go in the house.”


Wow! How’d I get into this wild session with my neighbors? I wonder what my roommates would think of me if they knew? How would I ever explain this if it should ever come up?


Peter is such a hot and demanding stud. I know he enjoyed our sex as much as I did. I’m looking forward to another session, yet I wonder if he really wants to repeat our wild fucking. Sometimes, after a man has gotten his nuts off, his attitude changes.


I looked over at Peter as he turned off the shower. He reached for a towel and handed me one. He smiled then flipped his towel at my butt. I smiled and flipped mine back at him, both of us laughing.


“I hope you’re all right with this.” Peter said as he continued drying) himself.

I felt better with his comment, as I continued to dry his back with my towel. I was starting to get aroused again looking at his great body and that horse cock.


“I can’t believe I took that fireman hose.” I said as I gazed admiringly at his huge cock as I was drying.


Peter laughed, touched his dick once again, and playfully grabbed at my ass. I quickly moved away. He pulled me over to him and turned my bare butt up against his body. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take it again, but he was very strong and commanding. He held me in his strong arms then gently started kissing the back of my neck and started pulling on my hard cock as he held me close. His cock was already starting to get hard again.


“Are you ready for my cock to go back into your love canal? You’ve aroused me again. You’re such a good fuck. How can I resist you?” Peter said as he once again started to finger my ass.


He pulled my ass cheeks apart and was guiding the head of his cock into my hole. He pulled me to the nearby bench, and turning me to face him, laid me down and pulled my legs over his shoulders. As he put the head of his cock into my hole, I guided it into my well-lubed hole. He pressed slowly and it went right in without any effort. I shook with delight as his eleven inches slid deep into my anus. Peter trembled and laughed softly as he looked down at me.


He moved into me as he held my legs apart like a wishbone. Then he placed them on his shoulders and leaned forward over my body. The feel of his strong warm muscular body against mine, and his huge cock in my ass, was dizzying. As he began fucking, I put my arms around his neck and pulled him down to me.


“Oh yes, baby. You like my cock in your fuck hole. I like it too. Wow! That feels so fucken good!” Peter growled as he started his plunge into me once again.


I wasn’t aware until that moment that two of the other firemen had quietly entered the room and were standing behind us. I saw Brad and Carl in the wall mirror watching Peter’s cock plunging into my receptive ass. They had removed their shorts and were jacking on their cocks. I didn’t mind them watching because I was enjoying Peter’s cock in me. Peter was obviously aware of their presence and motioned for them to come closer. Carl didn’t hesitate and came over and placed his cock into my mouth. His balls rubbed on my cheeks as he moved into my mouth.


“We have a winner here, Peter. What a sex machine! Fuck that ass Peter. That punk’s in heaven! Fuck him hard! Give it to him. Dude! Fuck that punk’s ass! Hey, Brad. Come over here and sit on this whore’s face. Let him eat your ass. He needs a hot ass to eat.”


As Carl pulled his hard cock from my mouth, Brad came around, straddled my head, and squatted on my face. He lowered his tight buttocks over my face as I guided his sweet brown sphincter to my mouth. I looked up at his tasty hole and quickly stuck my tongue to his hole. I had been there before, and knew how Brad loved my tongue in his ass. I pulled his butt down on my face as Peter banged away at my ass. Brad’s balls now were resting on my forehead. I was licking his hole as I sniffed his warm hairy balls.


Carl stood to the side enjoying the show, jacking on his beautiful low hanging curved uncut cock. He held onto his balls as his other hand pumped on his cock. I wanted his cock back in my mouth but Brad had taken my face to use for his ass. I would get back to Carl later.


I was really in a cocksucker’s heaven. A huge cock was fucking me and I was eating out this hot man sitting on my face. I could feel Peter’s huge cock swelling in me. He started to fuck harder and wilder. He was gasping as he started to pump his load into my ass once again. His sweat was rolling down his body and dripping onto my stomach. Brad moved off my face and stood behind Peter waiting for him to pull out so he could fuck me next.


Peter pulled out slowly, but before I could move away, Brad lifted my legs back into the air and placed his cock into my wet hole. It wasn’t as long as Peter’s but it was very large around. He was so excited he shoved it in with one lunge. I gasped and shot my load all over my chest. He didn’t wait but started to pump his cock into me. He rubbed my fresh cum with his hand and placed it in my face. I licked his hand and fingers tasting my own cum. Brad looked into my eyes as he fucked my tight hole.


“You are a hot son of a bitch… and what a tight fuck. I thought after Peter fucked your ass; it would be all out of shape. Good fuck, Good fuck. I don’t think I can hold out too long. Oh, baby. You are hot.” Brad said as he moved in and out of my asshole.


While Brad was fucking my ass, Peter sat to my side watching and Carl squatted over my face lowering his hairy ass on my willing tongue. I could taste the musk of Carl’s hot asshole and quickly lapped the brown tasty lips of his hole. I tongue fucked him like I had done Brad earlier. He squirmed as his balls rested on my chin. He was facing Brad and they would occasionally bump bodies. The sweat from both their bodies was now dripping onto my stomach and on my hard cock and balls. I tongue fucked Carl’s ass and penetrated his hole. My tongue plunged in and out of his hole as he squatted deeper on my face.


Brad was still fucking me hard and rough. He leaned into Carl’s sweaty body and put his head next to Carl. He started to fuck faster and faster then he shouted out as he pumped a hot load into my asshole. He continued to fuck and talk.


“Oh, my God. I am going to cum in this fucking tight ass. I’ m cumming. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh yeah. Uuuuggggg.” Brad yelled out as he pumped his load into me.


I could feel his spurting cum inside me. He shook and leaned into Carl for support and put his arms around his waist as he came. Carl was getting so hot I was expecting his to cum also but instead he moved away from my face and went to take Brad’s place in my asshole.


As soon as Brad pulled out, Carl moved in. He was still hard from my ass rimming and placed his cock into my juicy hole. Carl’s hard cock immediately impaled me.


My legs were beginning to get numb and I struggled to move them down around Carl’s waist. Peter noticed my struggle and helped to position my legs in a more comfortable position. Then he sat at my head and placed his semi-hard cock across my forehead. It was still dripping with pre-cum and juice from fucking me. I looked up at his face as Carl continued fucking me. He held my head as he rubbed his cock over my face wiping his cum juices on me.


Carl fucked and fucked me from as many angles as he could without cumming too quickly. He too liked to talk dirty as he fucked and used my ass.


“You are a good fuck, man. Take this cock. Take it all the way. Feel those balls hitting your fucking ass? Those balls are going to unload in your sweet asshole. Yeah. That is good. I’m going to cum in your hot fucking ass, you asshole. You like that uncut cock, huh? OK, babe, you are going to take my hot load. Oh yeah, Oh yeah. That is good. Oh, fuck. I’m cumming. Awwwwww, yeah, Awwwwww oh man, fuck.” Carl kept talking even as he finished shooting his load. “Oh yeah, oh yeah. What a good fuck. Want it again Peter? It is really full of cum now. Man that is good ass. Good ass.”


Carl slowly pulled out letting the cum run down my ass cheek and on the bench. I lowered my legs and put my feet on the floor. My cock was still hard but I was too exhausted to cum again. Peter was still straddling my head with his cock lying on my forehead and clear down to my lips. I could taste his cum still oozing from his cock. I looked up at his handsome face as he looked down at me and smiled.


“Are you all right?” he asked.


I shook my head and licked on his cock juice. “Want to fuck me again, sir?” I said to Peter.


He laughed and said. “You’re okay. Cocksucker. Get the fuck up. Here, drink some water.” He said as he handed me a bottle of water. He took another one and poured it over my head.


I sat up, caught my breath, and took a long drink as he straddled the bench next to me.


“You are a real cock hound, cumsucking, man whore. Aren’t you?” Peter said.


“Not normally, but I got caught up in this orgy. Besides, who could resist four hot hunky stud firemen?” I smiled at Peter as the other two men sat drinking their water.


I wanted to lick Carl’s uncut cock again before he left, but figured I’d better stop while I was ahead. I kept watching him as he stood by the mirror with his long cock hanging down his leg. Peter could tell that I wanted him again.

“Carl, come back over here and make this cocksucker clean that hose of yours before you shower. He needs to be trained right.” Peter said.


Carl grinned, hesitated for a moment, and then walked over to me and pulled my head towards his low-handing soft cock. Peter watched as I took Carl’s uncut cock and placed my tongue into the long section of foreskin. I could taste the remaining cum from our latest fuck. I had never been this kinky before, but now that I was their ‘cock slave’ and ‘ass whore’, I was willing to do anything they asked.


Carl was obviously enjoying the cock cleaning I was giving him. My tongue lapped away at his cock while I savored the taste of the remaining cum under his silky pink foreskin. I was a good ‘cock slave’ and always enjoyed a good uncut cock. I continued under his foreskin, and downward to lick and clean his balls from the remaining cum and sweat. Carl placed one leg on the bench and said, “Lick my balls and clean out that asshole again punk. You’re my ass licker as well as an ass whore. Lick that ass. Yeah, that’s good. I may require that you do this for me every day after my work out. Would you like that, cocksucker?” He lowered his leg and shoved his hard cock back into my mouth.


“You want another load from my fire hose?” Carl said as he pumped his cock in my mouth.


I couldn’t speak, but mumbled and nodded my head. Carl held onto the back of my head and started rough fucking his hard prick into my mouth until he shot a big load. I gobbled down the juices as quickly as possible, but he gushed out so much cum that it was dripping from my mouth. Peter came closer to us and put his finger into my mouth, to sample the cum dripping from my mouth. Then he placed it to his own mouth to taste.


When we finished, Carl gave me an appreciative pat on my head. Then he eased his spent cock out of my mouth, picked up his shorts, and gave me quick thumbs up as he quietly left the gym. It wasn’t until then that I realized that Brad had already left the gym.


“Well Marcus, do you think you’ve had enough for tonight?” Peter said.

“Yeah. I guess I should head back to my place. I don’t want to wear out my welcome.”


As I started to get up Peter said, “There’s one more thing I want you to do. Bend over the bench one more time before you leave. No, I’m not going to fuck you, I just have a sudden desire to eat my buddies’ cum from your ass.”


I thought at first that Peter was just k**ding, but as he looked directly into my eyes, I knew he meant it. How hot and kinky, I thought to myself as I got up, positioned myself over the bench, and offered my ass to Peter.

He got on his knees behind me kissed my ass, parted my buttocks and moved his face into my butt. Then he started kissing my ass crack and my asshole. He kissed and made love to my asshole, which he, and his firemen buddies had just used to deposit several loads of their cum. He placed his tongue deep into my asshole and tongue fucked me. I sighed as he began jacking himself off.


Peter then started to suck on my hole. He pulled me down and sat me on his face. My asshole was directly over the stud that had fucked me earlier. This was so hot. Peter sucked my tender ass until he devoured all of his buddies’ juices from my ass. I got so excited, I pleaded with Peter to fuck me once again.


“Peter. Fuck me again before I cum. I need your cock in me again. You make me feel so good. I’m your ass whore. Please fuck me. Please SIR.” I begged him.


He didn’t have to be asked twice. He stood up and put his cock in my ass. This time it slid right in with out any problem. I was mad with desire. I groaned and gasped. Peter began fucking me fast and hard. We had both gotten so hot while he was eating my ass, that he quickly shot another hot load as I shot my load all over the bench again. We collapsed on the floor and rested for a few minutes before be kissed the back of my neck and squeezed me tightly. His big squishy dick slowly eased from my hole. I turned to look into his face. What a hot man. I knew we had to quit for today.


“I guess we should call it a day,” he finally said. I’ll let you go back to your ‘hole’. I need to get some rest anyway. I have duty for the next few days and won’t be around here much. I want you to continue to service the other men and treat them as you would me.” Then he added. “But not better!” He slapped me hard on the butt.


I was pleased he enjoyed being with me. I even saw a little bit of jealousy in his comments. I was flattered. I grinned as I joined Peter in the shower.

He playfully grabbed me, started soaping down my body, and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

I managed to finish my shower without getting m*****ed again by Peter. I put my cut-offs and shoes back on and his cum filled condom in my pocket to enjoy later. I said good-bye to Peter and crawled back through the hole into my own little world. I know how Alice in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ must have felt in her adventures, only mine were superior. I was looking forward to my return to my ‘Peter the Rabbit, Carl ‘the Cheshire cat’, and Brad the ‘Mad Hatter’. I laughed to myself at this deliberation. I hadn’t thought of a name for Robin yet but he definitely was not a ‘Queen’.

I managed to get back through the hole and home with out any problems. I proceeded to put the small door back so no one could tell it was there and concealed the smaller glory hole where it had all started several hours ago. What an afternoon!

I came ‘out of the closet’ carrying my toolbox and threw my tee shirt over my shoulder. I looked around to make sure everything was in place, put my toolbox on the top shelf, and shut the door. I went back to our small gym to admire our work when I saw Victor, the handsome Italian SF Cop heading towards the gym. He was already in his workout clothes ready for action. As he approached, I knew this stud was a hot number. I would sure like to make him happy sometime soon.

“Well, well, Marcus. I see you’re still working here.” Victor said as he entered the gym. “Things are looking good, very good.” He took a quick look around as if to inspect the gym then looked me up and down inspecting me.

“I was here earlier but didn’t see you. I was hoping you would help me do some spotting lifts with the bells. I don’t want to drop one of these weights on my head. Might break one of them.” He said jokingly as he lay on the bench and waited for my help.

“Sure, Victor, I would be delighted to.” I said as I moved over to the head of the bench and straddled his head.

I assumed he could look right under my loose fitting cut-offs and could see my cock head and balls. I very seldom wore any underwear or jock strap. I really didn’t care if he could see me, in fact, it kind of excited me. I felt myself starting to get hard as I admiringly observed Victor’s terrific body stretched out before me. He was profusely sweating, and his T-shirt was now soaked with his perspiration. He looked directly at my eyes, then under my short pant leg. I have a fairly good size cock and was getting excited. I soon had a semi-hard bulge pressing against my shorts. Victor motioned he was finished his work out, so we stopped.

He relaxed and inhaled deeply while I replace the weights back on the rack. He sat up, removed his T-shirt, revealing a well developed chest covered with a mat of crisp dark hair between two beautifully muscled pecks. He vigilantly wiped his brow, armpits and torso with his shirt. He started to fling it to the other bench, but instead tossed it towards me striking me right in the face. I could smell the body sweat from his moist body. I detained it to my face and inhaled deeply and caring less that Victor was still in the room. He turned slightly to see my reaction but said nothing. I laughed and put his shirt on the rack behind me, hoping to take another whiff of Victor later. Victor took a quick drink from his water bottle then said to me.

“You have a big piece of meat hanging there, buddy. I trust you know how to use it well. I know a few ‘chicks’ that would enjoy taking that big cock; and a few dudes as well. Some chicks are after me all the time, but I would rather have their boyfriend’s or husband’s ass.” Victor said as he turned towards me. I must have had my mouth open, because I was surprised at his comment.

“Don’t look so shocked. You must have known I like men, just like the rest of us here at the Condo. Why do you think we took you in? You’re a hot dude, and with an ass like that, you’re most likely a good fuck. So what do you say? Do I get to suck your cock and fuck your ass, or are you just going to stand there with your mouth open?”

My ass was still a little tender from all the fucking I’d received from the firemen next-door but how could I pass up an opportunity to have sex with this hot cop? I’d fantasized about him several times, but never thought he’d be the one to suggest the two of us to have sex.

Victor moved over to me like a lion stalking his next prey. I was preparing my self for his next moves. His firm shoulders, muscular arms, and chest were so scrumptious and sexy. I could just lick the sweat from every crevice of his body, but where would I begin? He was searing from head to toe.

He looked directly into my eyes, cupped my face in his strong callused hand, leaned over, and gave me a deep rough kiss. His lips were soft but his unshaven beard roughly rubbed my cheek. I could feel my semi-hard cock mounting as we continued to kiss. He reached into my shorts and manipulated my cock while pulling my shorts off my hips. They fell to my ankles.

He started nibbling and kissing my neck then moved to my hairy chest, and on down to my nipples. He chewed on one then the other and surprisingly gave one a short quick bite. He continued down my abs then dropped to his knees, gripped my low hanging balls in one hand and engulfed my eight inch cock down as far as he could take me.

This hot cop was an incredible cocksucker as well as a lover. I stood while enjoying his warm mouth slurping down my cock. He had a great technique, first using one hand then going down on me with his hot mouth, then doing it over and over again. I wanted to suck him too, but I was not going to stop him from taking the offering of semen I was about to unload in his gifted mouth. I sighed with contentment as the sperm expelled from my rigid cock. It was an awesome blow job.

Victor didn’t hesitate to consume all my spunk. I felt as though I was being turned inside out and sapped of all my energy. I became wobbly and my legs weaken. I leaned backward on the workout table. Victor continued to savor the remaining juices from my cock and balls, then he unexpectedly lifted my legs and started rimming my ass.

He stood, moved closer to me, guided his cock to my anus, and shoved his big 9 inch thick and hairy cock deep into my fuck hole. He triggered my prostate and I shockingly came again, shooting the load directly onto my face. He didn’t even pause but fucked me even harder. After my sudden orgasm, he hovered over me, licked the fresh cum from my face, and mutually shared it with me in a deep tongue penetrating kiss.

He relentlessly fucked me hard without letting up. Sometimes he would withdraw his cock entirely out of my fuck hole and then thrust it back in without mercy. He fucked for as long as he could contain his orgasm, then he grunted comparable sounds of a man at the height of an ecstatic and overwhelming fuck orgasm. After several body spasms of organic pleasure he collapsed onto my well used body. Our clammy bodies were covered with cum and sweat. Victor slowly lifted his body from mine, looked into my eyes, and gave me a grin.

“Hey Marcus, you are one damn good fuck. We’ll have to do this more often.”

There was a sudden round of applause from Bruce and Todd who had been watching us have our untamed sex.

“Bravo. Bravo. I think we should all do this more often. You two were so involved and entwined around each other you never heard us come into the shack.” commented Bruce.

“Wow. You two make a great team, but we’d like to supply some dicks to that alluring aperture too.” Todd said as he adjusted his video camera. “I started filming you the minute I came in. No faces, just dicks and ass. I got some great shots too. Damn you guys were so hot together.”

My two other roommates were standing there with hardons bulging from their shorts. I had seen both of them naked but not with full hardons. I could tell both were totting big cocks and no doubt big loads as well.

I awkwardly looked up at Victor as he looked down at me.

“You knew they were here all the time, didn’t you?”

“No. This is just as big a surprise to me as it is to you.” He paused then added,

“What do you say? You want to take ‘em on? They are both pretty well hung, especially Bruce. He has a cock on him as thick as your wrist. Ya want to try? I could film them just to make sure they didn’t try to blackmail us.” He said as he slowly eased his wet cock out of my used hole.

”I’m so raunchy and wet. Let me clean up before I take you guys on.”

“Fuck no!” Bruce insisted. “I like you wet with sweat and covered with cum. That makes me even hornier. Now put your legs on my shoulders and get ready for the ride of your life. I like it rough.” He said as he kicked off his shorts, aimed his thick cock to my wet hole, and shoved it in without any consideration to my feeling. He must have sensed I was a ‘rough and ready’ kind of guy.

“Aw fuck. Bruce you’re gonna be another good fucker. Plow me stud. You’re stretching my man pussy, but it feels great. Fuck me! Oh Yeah! Fuck the shit out of my nasty cum filled hole! Oh God! That’s so good. Fuck me harder. Harder, I said.”

Bruce continued to pound away at my succulent hole. Thank goodness Victor had deposited a big load up my ass before Bruce took over. His dick was not only thick, but felt like it was about 10 inches long. He was touching places inside my rectum I’d only felt when my Fireman friend Peter fucked me a few hours earlier. I’d liked Bruce from the first time we met. He was a big muscular bruiser, but not overly muscular. His bicep’s were huge, but his waist was in portion to the rest of his body, and hard as a rock. I looked into his deep dark eyes as he plowed away as my ass.

“Dude, you are a good fuck. Damn I’ve cruised your ass every day thinking how sweet it would be, and now I’m fucking your tight warm ass. I’ll tell you right now, this will not be the last time we fuck. Damn it’s sweet.”

Todd was standing on the side of the padded table where I was being used by Bruce. He came closer and rolled his long cock across my cheek. I turned my head to conquer the clear liquids oozing from the opening of his piss slot. He smelled so good. His pubic hair was trimmed and his balls were shaved to perfection. His cock was perfectly cut revealing a full-size pink cockhead formed like a tulip.

I pulled him closer and caressed his balls with one hand as he guided his hard cock to my mouth. I directed my middle finger into his moist anus and continued to suck his cock. He sighed and moved in closer. I started kissing down the smooth shaft towards his balls and Bruce leaned over to share Todd’s long dick with me. Victor kneeled behind Todd, spread his butt cheeks, and buried his face in Todd’s perfect hairless ass. Victor’s rapid moving tongue entering Todd’s ass hole along side my finger still buried in his ass.

After a short time of rimming Todd, Victor stood and guided his dick into Todd’s tender ass. Todd’s dick jumped with anticipation as Victor entered him and began his brutal fucking. Victor and Bruce started to kiss each other while fucking me and Todd. Sweat trickled down our bodies as if we were in a hot steam room. Todd was expressing sounds of gratification as his cock was being serviced by me and his ass was being plowed by Victor, the handsome cop.

I became consciously aware that Bruce’s substantial large cock was starting to enlarge and knew he was gonna blow his load. He began to breathe more rapidly and kissing Victor with more fervor. This caused Victor to start pumping harder into Todd’s ass, which in turn caused Todd to begin pumping deeper and faster into my mouth. He was gonna cum too. Just then everything and everyone started moaning and groaning. We were all cumming at the same time.

Just as Bruce’s cock erupted inside of me, I started cumming, then Victor unloaded in Todd just as Todd was releasing his load down my throat. It was utterly untamed. The four of us were gasping, moaning, and shuffling around resembling four men in a wrestling match. The scent of male testosterone projected throughout the room. I was so drenched from the body fluids I would have slipped from the table if Bruce hadn’t firmly held onto my buttock while impaling my anus and injecting me with a huge load deep into the caverns of my fuck track.

We all paused momentarily. As we began to retrieve our composure, Bruce stood and looked down at me. “I think you’ve just paid this months rent. Want to try for two?”

The four of us entered the large shower we had created and continued our manly ‘horse play’ with washing and caressing of each others body. We would no longer be inhibited around each other and sex would be open and pleasurable. It would be the beginning of a good relationship among four men.

I still hadn’t confessed to them of my adventures with the sizzling firemen next door, but that would remain my little secret for now. I am a hungry cum slut cocksucker and loved to get my ass fucked hard and rough as many times as I possibly can. The firemen would just be my extra sex on the side…..for now.
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this was so hot i'vd never been this hard or had a hard on for so long but this was fantastic i came three different time and i never got soft thanks