His first try with bi-

At the time of his seduction Greg was an 18 year old total virgin, He had never got much further than heavy petting with a girl and never even thought about dudes. We had gone to a quiet country bar for a drink with some friends like we had done many times before. It was a nice warm summers evening and we had a few pints and played darts until closing time. When we left we had to walk to the end of the lane to a small car park on the edge of a forest that the local people used for walking their dogs, before turning in for the night.

We stood chatting for a while in the light from a full moon, until one by one people left leaving just my old school friend Greg and I chatting in the moonlight, when I, who Greg found out latter had some experience with other dudes, suggested we walk as we chatted and headed off down the smaller of the three paths leading from the car park into the woods with me following.

As we slowly walked and chatted through the woods I turned the conversation onto girls and sex, asking how far he had got with his current girlfriend and how long he thought it would be before he had sex with her. As he was replying that it was early days, we turned off onto a smaller path and I asked if he had got as far as playing with her tits yet, He replied that as he really liked her he was taking it slow and careful so as not to scare her off.

I had planned what was coming, as I said to him, "follow me" and turned off the path pushing my way through a dense thicket of Rhododendron's.

He said, "Why are we going in here?" As he innocently turned to follow me. I said, "you'll see." After struggling through the dense foliage we entered a small clearing about fifteen feet in diameter with a large Oak tree stood in the centre. He walked over to me as I leaned against the tree, took out and lit a cigarette and leaned back against the tree, next to him, as he resumed chatting.

Talk about naive, there we were, late at night finishing a cigarette in a secluded clearing as I talk about how wet my girlfriends pussy gets, eating her out, blow jobs etc. I am being seducing him, I think. Then as he is carefully putting out his cigarette changes the conversation as I turn towards him and say, "Are you getting horny?

"What do you mean?" he reply's.

I say, "I bet your cocks getting nice and hard like mine, isn't it?"

Before he can answer I have stepped in front of him and start to rub his cock through his clothes. For a few moments he is so surprised at the turn of events that he say's and does nothing. Then he suddenly realises what is happening to him, close to a road and only a few feet away from well used footpaths in a barlic wood.

Greg's mind is in a turmoil,He wants me to stop but he is scared of being heard and caught like this. So quietly for fear of attracting a strangers attention he tells me I must stop, its not right, he is not gay as he struggles to get my hands off his now hardening cock. For some reason he never thought of pushing me off or hitting me to get me to stop.

He couldn't understand why his cock was getting so hard; He didn't fancy me or any dudes for that matter he said. As we struggled with him continuing to quietly plead with me to stop and keep my hands off his cock I managed to unzip his fly, push down the front of his underpants and grip the middle of his rigid cock.

His struggling reduced as I got a grip on his bare hard cock and I sensed it and started telling him "you have a nice cock, its nice and hard, you like me holding your cock, you want me to make you cum?" As I was saying this I moved my grip to the top of his cock and pulled the foreskin back exposing his sensitive purple knob, which I started to rub gently with my thumb.

Because of the feelings I was causing in his cock he had stopped struggling now and just kept quietly telling me "stop, we mustn't, its not right, let me go."

I took no notice and continued to rub my left thumb over his now leaking knob, as I undid his trousers with my other hand and pushed them down with his underwear until they fell to his ankles. I then undid and dropped my own trousers and underwear.

He just stood there absolutely still, resigned to hisfate, knowing that what I was doing was wrong but enjoying the exquisite pleasure my hand and thumb were causing on his now aching, leaking cock.

I knew I had won now and put his hand on my cock. He knew what I wanted but didn't dare move, so I wrapped his fingers round my cock and started pulling his hand up and down my long cock as I now started to use his leaking precum to lubricate his knob and put more pressure on my thumb as I circled the underside of his cock.

He was lost in the pleasure I was raising in his cock, his whole being seamed to be focused in and controlled by the sensations in his cock. He started to wank my cock, stopping every now and then to rub his thumb over my knob like I was doing to him. After a few minutes he could feel my copious precum lubricating my knob and shaft causing his hand to loose grip so he gripped me tighter and started to wank me faster.

As he felt my cock swell slightly and begin to twitch I let go of his cock and pulled his hand off my cock as I sank to my knees. He stood there leaning back against the tree with his hard aching cock flat against his stomach, wondering what I was going to do now.

As I knelt before him, I reached up with both hands and pulled his cock down horizontal and started to wank him with long slow, sensous strokes, pulling his foreskin back so far it was almost painful. He had done a lot of wanking since his early teens, and he thought "what am I playing at, he will never cum if I doesn't start going faster."

He found out as I leaned forward and started to lick all the precum off his cock shaft and my hands, before concentrating on his leaking knob. He remembers thinking of the blow jobs I had been talking about and thought no way would I do that to him.

he was snapped out of his thoughts by me slowly slipping his cock past my lips as I swirled my tongue around his knob and then around the shaft as I slowly took his six inch cock fully in my mouth till his balls were on my chin. The exquisite sensations this caused bordered almost in pain, he closed his eyes tight and bit his bottom lip to avoid screaming in pleasure at his first ever blowjob.

I used my left hand to keep his foreskin pulled right back as I started to bob my head up down the whole length of his cock using my tongue to tease whatever went past it at the same time. He just leaned there against the tree withhis eyes shut in sexual ecstasy unaware that I was wanking my own cock with my other hand.

As he got close to cumming he was incapable of anything other than panting and moaning in extasy as quietly as he could at what I was doing to his cock with those angel lips of mine. His legs went weak and started trembling as he pumped his first jet of cum into my mouth.

I pulled his cock from my mouth and aimed the remaining jets of his cum at my face and open mouth as I continued to wank myself and he. As his fifth jet of cum landed on my forehead I groaned and sunk my mouth back over his cock as I started to cum all over his bare legs. As I finished cumming I thoroughly licked his cock clean before standing up and getting dressed.

Once I was dressed I used a hanky to wipe His cum off my face and then passed it to him and said "Clean up and get dressed! Hope you enjoyed that and want more soon?"

He didn't reply at first as I had done such a good job on him it took several minutes for him to recover enough to talk or dress. When he did reply he said, "Yes I want more."


That was 37 years ago and even after all this time I get a hard on thinking about it. Until we both married we used to meet about once a week somewhere secluded for sex, which progressed to rimming and anal. After we married it reduced to about once every two weeks either somewhere secluded or at either of our houses until the k**s got older and put a block on us using our houses.

Since then it's about once every three weeks either somewhere secluded or a hotel. And before you think we are gay we are not. We both like and try for as much female sex as possible, but women place restrictions and do things differently. Sex with another man is more open and only another man knows exactly how to arouse and tease another man.
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1 year ago
DAMN! Hot!
3 years ago
got me very hardand jacjed off thanks
3 years ago
Made my cock so hard....loved the story....i was waiting for you to describe trying out his ashole.....
3 years ago
You got the 'battle of the sexes' right!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
nice story so hot