Just a cock, dick and a chump away

I would occasionally visit one of my favorite glory holes at a strip mall rest room near a drive-in movie theater and truck stop in North Kansas City. The drive-in theater was behind the mall and the truck stop was right next door. Located outdoors at the end of the Mall, and at the center of all this activity, was a men’s restroom which was open 24/7.

The drive-in theater was fenced, but a large hole had been cut thru so men could conveniently use the restroom at the mall instead of walking to the rest room. Couples would park in the back section so they could make out. If they were “lucky”, they might get either a hand job, blowjob or even some pussy. Many a straight man and boy had found the glory holes to give them the satisfaction they craved.

Located up the highway about 2 miles was an Air f***e Training School filled with lots of hot horny young studs looking for action during their free time off. Word had gotten around that many a young cock had donated load of sperm into willing cocksucker’s mouth or ass at this location.

Truckers could park overnight next to the mall where a truck stop gas station and restaurant where located. Many of the truckers would visit this restroom to get sexual relief after several hours or days on the road.

Just imagine this location. You have the local men shoppers and deliverymen, the horny men from the drive-in-theater, the young men from the nearby air f***e base and the hot and horny truckers from near and far, all using this centrally located rest room. It was not only a cocksucker’s haven it was a perfect relief station for horny gay and straight men and best of all it was free.

The rest room was set back from the street with gravel paths leading to the squeaking double doors. You could hear someone coming up to the restroom several minutes before they entered. It was almost impossible for anyone to sneak up on you.

Inside the restroom was a urinal about eight feet long. Located next to the urinal were four large enclosed lockable booths with wooden partitions. All four booths had large holes, or as we say, “Glory Holes” in the right location and height to place your cock through comfortably for anonymous sex. The partitions were tall enough you could hold on to the top of the partition while being serviced. A large hole was also drilled next to the urinal so if you could not get into one of the booths, or you were in a hurry, you could get a blowjob right there before or after you took your piss.

One early Saturday afternoon I decided to take a few hours to see what kind of Glory Hole action I could get. Usually it was pretty busy and you almost had to take a number to get sucked or to suck but for some reason I caught it at a slow time.

I hadn’t been seated very long when I heard a person enter the restroom. He proceeded to take piss at the urinal while glancing at the large suck hole in the wall. He looked to be about 18 years old or even younger. Many a time some young man shopping with his parents would use the restroom. Then because of young man curiosity and a hard dick, would stick around to get his dick sucked for the first time. Perhaps he came in to just take a piss and continued to piss while reading the graffiti on the wall. He shook his soft cock a couple of times then put it back in his pants, went to the sink washed his hands and messed around with his hair. He slowly walked back to the urinal but closer to the hole and pulled out his cock again. He definitely wanted some action.

He moved closer to the hole and started to play with his cock wanting to be sucked. I gave him the sign by rubbing my finger around the hole. He was just barely tall enough to reach the hole but managed to place his young hard 6-inch cock directly into the hole. I slowly placed my tongue on the end of his pink sweet cock slit and tasted a combination of piss and oozing pre-cum. Then I licked the head of his cock, reached through the hole, and pulled his hairless egg shaped balls to my side of the hole. He leaned into the wall and relaxed. I worked it up and down and round and around. He was pleased with my action but still seemed a little tense. Perhaps he was with his parents but wanted to get his nuts off before someone came into the restroom.

I continued to suck on his youthful hot cock until I knew he was about ready to shoot his load. He was gasping and shaking and then he exploded his cum into my mouth. I eagerly took his juicy wet cum into my mouth swallowing every delicious drop. He slowly pulled out, zipped up his pants, and left in a hurry.

That was a nice way to start the afternoon. I was hoping he could have lingered longer but I was happy that I could satisfy the young lad. It might have even been his first blowjob. Now that he knew of this place perhaps, he would visit again. I love the taste of young men’s cum. It is always so juicy, not so when they get older. Perhaps next time I could have his father too or maybe I already had.

I heard someone else coming up the path to the restroom. This person went over to the booth next to me and sat down. He sat quietly for a moment, leaned back, and started playing with his cock. I knew right away he was there to get some head. I watched thru the hole trying to see what he had to offer. He stood up to show his cock and offered it to me at the hole. I motioned as he shoved his already semi-hard cock into the hole. I went down on him all the way playing with his balls at the same time. He placed his body closer to the wall so I could take it all. I proceeded to pull his big hairy unshaved balls into the hole. I licked them as I rotated from balls to cock then back again. He seemed relaxed and was enjoying the sucking I was giving his cock even when we heard some one coming up the path. He didn’t seem to mind the company so I kept on sucking his cock.

We heard the sound of feet on the concrete floor and the running of some warm piss in the urinal next to me. I stopped for a minute to check out his cock thru the hole. It was a nice looking masculine large uncut cock. I knew this must be a trucker from the truck stop next door. Many of the truckers came in here to get their cock serviced. He went back to the sink as I turned around to my waiting cock and continued to suck away to get his warm nectar into my mouth. As I went down on his hard cock again, he let out a soft moan of pleasure.

We continued our sexual pleasure while the trucker leaned against the wall by the sink. In a few short moments, the cock I was sucking began to ooze out short spurts of pre-cum until he gave me his final gush of cum. He gasped out several times as several large squirts of warm cum shot into my welcome mouth. I savored the moment and continued to slurp down my second load of cum within the last 20 minutes. After he shot his load, he wiped off his cock, pulled up his pants, and left the booth. Just before he left, he gave me an upright thumb of approval and thanks.

Meanwhile the trucker was waiting patiently and did not hesitate to walk over to the open booth, lock the door and pull out his big uncut cock. Still standing close to the open hole, he began to stroke his cock and pull some of his long foreskin away from his cock head. A white stream of pre-cum was dripping from his foreskin. I motioned him to place his manhood in the glory hole. I love to suck on a cock that is not fully hard. It is really hot to let their cock grow in your mouth. Especially one that is uncut.

I placed one hand around his cock pulling him into the large hole and with the other hand guided his balls into position to be served. Since his cock was still semi-soft and uncut, I ran my tongue around the foreskin and licked under the sensitive skin, next the large sweet head of his cock. He had a nice musk smell and taste of a hot truck driver stud.

He shoved his body tightly next to the booth spread his legs to get more comfortable. He still had his jeans on and I could hear his belt buckle hit against the wooden partition. He pulled his balls out of his tight jeans and offered them to me through the opening. I caressed and made love to his manly hot truck driver balls and cock. I went to my knees to totally give his cock and balls all of my attention.

His breathing became heavier with slight moans of pleasure as I continued to service his cock. First, in and out then around the head then back again all the way down. He grasped the partition and held himself as close to the wall as he could get. I pleasured his wonderful cock until I knew by his body movements he was going to shoot his trucker load. He began to move with the rhythm of my movements. He moaned softly as he thrust his cock into my welcome mouth letting his sperm drain into me. I held tightly on his balls and went all the way down on his large cock letting him enjoy his last long blast. We both gasped for breath. I came up for air and released his balls while savoring the taste of his last spurts of cum. After a few minutes, I had milked out every drop so I licked it and dried off the cock. Once more, I ran my tongue under the foreskin of his uncut cock before he pulled it back thru the hole. I watched as he stood over the stool trying to piss with a semi-hard on. He managed to piss then put his balls and cock back into his jeans then left. Then he said in a deep low voice.

“Thanks man. I really needed that. I've been driving all day. I’m in the truck parking lot next door and if you are around later look for the Blue Cab with the Eagle on the door. Just knock. I could drop another load in a few hours if you are interested. See ya later good buddy.” Then he left.

I sat there reminiscing about the previous hot trucker and his fantastic uncut cock, when I could hear some another person or persons coming up the gravel pathway to the restroom.

The door opened and several young men entered. By the sound of their conversation, I knew they were young service men from the near by air base attending the movie and had come through the back fence. They chatted about the movie and briefly about their dates. Two of the men stood at the urinal taking a long piss while the other one came to the booth next to me to piss. The two at the urinal were reading aloud the various graffiti on the wall and laughing. The one at the booth also finished his pissing put his young cock away and pulled some paper from the paper dispenser then quickly bent over and peeked into the hole. He then left and joined his buddies. They started to talk to each other, laughed quietly and went outside. I guessed they were talking about the obvious holes in the booth walls. I assumed they had gone until I heard the door open again.

Someone came into the restroom and entered the booth, next to me. I thought it was one of the young Airmen but was not sure yet. He dropped his jeans and sat down next to me. I hesitated because I didn’t know if they were up to ‘no good’, so I waited. He shyly reached between his legs and started to play with his cock. Then he leaned back and pulled up his big hard cock while dropping his jeans to the ankles. It was obvious that he was ready for action and I obviously was ready to service his young firm cock. I peeked into the hole while listening carefully to see if his two buddies had sneaked back in the restroom without my notice. It was impossible to open those two doors without making a noise so I knew it was safe. He clutched his balls still hanging in the toilet bowl and out of sight. I motioned my finger to the hole and he stood up quickly and put his cock right through the hole. I was thrilled at his merchandise. His large shaft was about 7 ½ long and fairly thick around. His circumcised young cock was perfect without even a hint of a scar around the cut. His cock head was big and round like a golf ball and his cock slit was large and long. Small amounts of clear oozing cum were forming at his piss slot. I held it in my hands close to my face to look closely to admire it. His upward turned cock, pulsated with each excited heartbeat. A few nicely formed bl**d vessels carefully directed up and down his perfectly shaped cock. I managed to put my soft warm tongue in his pink piss crack to taste his sweet innocent love juices. I took a firm hold of his young but manly cock as I licked the cock shaft while gently pulling his low hanging balls closer to me so I could kiss and love them. He had a nice clean service man smell with a hint of musk.

I continued to lick and suck on the young hard cock while using my hand to increase each full sensual stroke. He had a firm body with great rippling abs. A small amount of fuzzy blond hair tapered down his upper torso to the base of his cock shaft to form his pubic hairs. He had a great trim body and was obviously in good shape. I really loved this young stud cock but suddenly was reminded how hot these younger dudes can be when excited. Before I could stop sucking, he was ready to cum. He let out a moan and stood stiffly against the wall letting all his cum shoot into my eager warm mouth. It was such a perfectly wonderful full sized cock and was so great when he came that I wanted to suck on him for hours. He stood there as I made every moment last as long as I could. I continued on until I thought I had sucked and milked out every drop. I realized he did not want to pull away either, so I kept on sucking him for another 5 minutes or so. His cock remained hard. I never pulled my cock sucking mouth from him and realized he was going to cum again for the second time. He moaned again even louder and longer as he shot another even bigger load of cum into my hungry mouth. After a few, more gasps and my continued sucking, he started to pull away from the hole. I think I could have gotten him to cum again but thought I would let him go. He slowly pulled away and sat down with a ‘plop’ on the toilet seat, still hard and still sighing. He leaned forward to the hole and said,

“Thanks, sir! That was a first for me. I can see you love to suck cock. Would you enjoy sucking off my other two buddies? They are still outside and are as horny as I was. Sorry for the first quick delivery, sir, and the second one was even better. I would like to come back for another round or two if you are still in the mood. Would that be O.K. sir?” He said as he asked permission.

“That would be great. Send them in but are you sure they are O.K. with this too?” I questioned as he laughed and said,

“They might be shy, but they are hot and ready to go. We came to the Drive In to get some pussy, but all these cunts want to do is tease. Sir, we are hot to go. We have been in training school all this month and needed to get our nuts off somehow. Wow. This was sensational. I never knew it could be so good to get your cock sucked. This was my first blowjob and it was so hot. Would you mind hanging until my buddies get up the nerve to come inside? They are cool dudes. They don’t know what they are missing….and if they don’t come in I just might let you blow me again.” Hang in there and I will send in my buddies”. The young airman said as he quickly pulled up his pants and left.

He left and went outside to talk to his buddies. I had to laugh to myself about asking me if I would be willing to suck their cocks … and calling me “SIR”. That was hot.

A few minutes later one of the air f***e men entered but went to the urinal instead of the booth. He stood there and quickly pulled out his hard cock and started to stroke it. It was cleanly cut but in perfect shape and color. It was about the same size as his buddy's 7-½ inch cock but with a bit smaller cock head. I could not see his balls at first until he lowered his jeans exposing his firm balls and his flat hard stomach. His cock was ready to get sucked.

As I looked through the hole, I was hoping this one would not cum as quickly as his buddy did. I would just have to take my time on this one hoping I could control his orgasm. I am usually pretty good at keeping the orgasm under my control and let them cum when ‘I’ wanted them to cum. I might be a cocksucker slut but I am really the master when it comes to control.

I motioned for him to stick it in the hole. He didn’t hesitate and placed his large young cock into the hole for me to worship and service. I dropped to my knees on the other side of the partition and started to service his cock. He loved being sucked. I was wondering if he had had his cock sucked before. He started to relax as I sucked his cock and he moved in closer and placed his hands to the top of the partition to brace himself.

What a sight this is to see a young hot stud standing at a wall with his eyes closed, hands at the top of the partition while getting his cock sucked and waiting for his server to drink the load of cum that he was about to offer. I always refer to a man's sperm as “The Nectar of the Gods”. I guess I have always been a ‘cum freak’ from the time I was about 12 years old when I was already sucking off my hot good-looking b*****r-in-law…. But that is another story.

We were really getting into it when I heard someone walking up the pathway. He slowly pulled away, put his cock back into his pants, and walked over to the washbasin. The door opened and it was one of the other airmen. They spoke softly to each other but I could not make out what they were saying. One of three airmen asked if he could open my door and suck him off while he watched his buddy get sucked off at the hole. I answered,” yes”

He came into my booth and dropped his pants. He took hold of each wall and offered me his cock to suck. His white boxer shorts were still clinging around his firm hard buttocks. I realized immediately this was not the same cock I had been sucking at the hole. This was a different cock. It was larger and uncut and a beauty in its own right. The cock was a bit darker and much thicker than the other two. This was buddy number 3. He must have gotten too impatient to get into the action so he decided to join us. This Airman’s body was just as firm and solid as his two friends. He was a bit taller and perhaps a year or so older. His cock had more color to it and his balls hung much lower. I immediately noticed a wedding band on his finger. Married men like a good blowjob too. I love the way his big scrotum hung down between his legs. My first choice was to put his balls in my mouth to lick them and taste his body. He immediately responded to the touch of my warm tongue. A pleasurable sigh was released from his lips. I moistened my middle finger and slowly manipulated his sphincter very slowly. Once again, a moan of pleasure came from his lips. I knew right away this hot young married airman had a sensitive asshole. I would come back to that place later after I took care of his buddy now jacking off at the hole.

I continued to suck my newfound friend. I glanced up to see his face. He was in high heaven as he tossed his head back to enjoy my exploration of his asshole and his delicious tasting uncut cock. He had a great cock. I placed my hands under his shirt as he sighed and moved with the rhythm of my cock sucking. I knew this one wanted it real bad but was trying to control his orgasm.

As we continued our session, my buddy at the other booth stuck his cock back into the hole again. I placed my hands around his cock as I sucked on the married stud in front of me. I moved back over to his cock to finish his load before he came. The airman in front of me was now aware I was sucking his buddy. He was curious about his buddy’s hard cock and enjoyed watching me suck him off. He started to jack himself off as I serviced his buddy. I didn’t want him to cum without me taking his load so I kept my eye on him too and my hand around his low hanging balls. Now and then, I would slip my finger back to his asshole causing him to gasp again.

I continued to suck on both cocks switching from one magnificent cock to the other. I was in cocksucker’s heaven. I hated to discontinue this but I felt the one at the hole starting to get hot so I was about to let him shoot his load. I looked up at the manly cock in front of me, and the one at the hole. They were both cocks to be proud of. I didn’t want to lose the load from the buddy at the hole so I continued on this one while his buddy watched me sucking away. I moved back so he could watch his buddy's cock going into my mouth. He was so engrossed that he reached down to touch his buddy's cock. He pulled on his balls and put his finger near my mouth as I was going down on him. He was enjoying every move and getting even hotter playing with his buddy’s cock as I sucked on it. The airman at the hole started filling my mouth with his hot warm sperm as he gasped and bumped his firm young body against the hard partition causing the booth to shake. I held on tight making sure I did not lose any of his load. He continued to shoot and gasp enjoying his orgasm to the fullest.

I let some of his cum shoot on my lips and face and run down my hand. The Airman at my booth was getting so hot. He bent over and licked my hand sucking and tasting his buddy's cum. This made him so excited that he was going to start cumming. I pulled my mouth away from the cock and went to his cock right away. He was shaking and moaning so loud that I was afraid they might hear us clear over to the truck stop. My moist finger found his asshole again and I shoved it right up to his prostate. That threw him over the edge.

“Awwww, fuck, fuck, fuck.” He kept repeating as he moaned and groaned as he gave me a nice hot load. I placed my mouth over the head of his big cock and let it just squirt into my mouth so I could taste his sweet cum and let it mingle with his other buddy. It was hot and so was I. I started to cum on the floor without even touching my cock. My cum shot right between the Airman’s feet almost hitting his boots. He kept moaning and calling out obscene sexual remarks as I kept my mouth to his cock. My finger was still in his asshole. I slowly pulled it out and rested on the floor with his cum still filling my mouth and dripping from my chin. His buddy at the hole pulled his cock out of the Glory Hole and said.

“ My God, Anderson, I thought you were dying. You’re a fucking a****l when you cum. Shit man; remind me never to let you sl**p with me. You are wild. fucken wild. “ Then we all laughed.

I looked up at the Airman as I tried to wipe off some of the cum from both boys sweet and wonderful orgasms. I pulled up his pants so he could reach them better. He looked back down at me still with that ‘glassy sexually satisfied look ‘ and spoke softly to me as he rubbed my head in gratitude. He said.

“Don’t tell my buddy I was rubbing his cock and licking his cum. They might think I’m queer.” I smiled and nodded understandingly.

“ How about us doing this again sometime?” I said as I handed him my personal card and phone number.

“Yes Sir, that is a date. We will give you a call before next weekend. We’ll get a motel together near by and have a good old time. Perhaps I might have a few other horny Airmen that need a good cock sucking. What do you say?” Anderson said as he once again put his finger to my lips and rubbed my cheek affectionately. Then he winked.

He adjusted himself then left the booth to join his two friends. That was a hot session I thought to myself. WOW. More than I had expected.

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Nothing more to add!
3 years ago
let me know where that restroom is so i can go there too thanks
3 years ago
Great story :)
3 years ago
WOW is what I say too!!! hot
3 years ago
Very Hot story! I just love the Glory holes, but they are so hard to find nowdays.