The White Swallow

I was sailing around the SF Bay with some Guys recently. After a Week of High Seas, High Times, and High amounts of semen swallowing, we decided to put our feet down on solid ground for a bit.
We stopped at a small pub near the dock where our boat was moored. It had a strange but clever name. “The White Swallow”. We all went inside to have a draft and play some pool with some of the locals. There were a few biker-looking dudes playing pool. We wondered how our friend Jack would respond to their presence since his attack on the beach a few weeks ago. He met One of the Bikers at a Bar and he invited him to have some drinks with his biker Buddies and him on a beach nearby, once he got there, one of them said since they knew he was a fag that he had to suck them all off, all night long and they would share their beer with him, he tried to leave peacefully and they ended up knocking him around until he gave in and ended up service 32 guys non stop from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m. He called me up to come get him and when i got there, his face was swollen, his lips were cracked, tears were streaming down his face, his clothes were tore up he stunk like beer, dried cum, and stale piss. He vomitted at least 5 times on the way back to his house, and then slept for 3 days before re-emerging.

I sat quietly as I watched Dave and Rocky drink their beers. I knew they were thinking the same as I. All we could do is wait for a response from Jack or gradually leave for another bar. Jack got up from the bar, went over to the pool table, and placed his quarter on the side of the table challenging the winner for a game. We took a sigh of relief, and knew everything was going to be o.k.

I had to use the head so I headed to the back of the bar where a door leading to a back hallway said “Restrooms.” I opened the door and went down the hallway to the men’s room. It was an old bar so the restroom showed wear and tear but looked clean. It had one sink, a double porcelain urinal, and one booth toilet. I went in the toilet, wiped everything down, and then sat down. It had a very large hole drilled out right next to the urinal. You could see anyone standing there pissing very well. The glory hole, as it is called, looked well used over the years. No one had bothered to cover it so I guessed it caused no problem with the bar owners. I finished my job and flushed when I heard the door open. I thought I would wait until they finished before I left.

I peeked thru to see who it was. Some one had entered thru the back door from the parking lot. I could see a grayish tan pant of a California Highway Patrol of the motorcycle division. He whipped out a very large cock and started to take a piss. He still was wearing his leather ridding gloves and didn’t bother to remove them. I didn’t think he was aware I was watching him piss. He took a very long piss as the golden stream splashed into the urinal. He placed both hands on his hips and let it drip the last few golden drops then shook it hard. He did not put his cock away but instead; he reached down with his other hand and started to get it hard. It was a very thick dick.

I kept watching hoping he would jack off while I watched. Instead, he got it hard and moved closer to the hole. I did not move away. He stopped moving his dick then leaned over to the door and locked it from inside with his dick still hanging from his uniform. He wanted a blowjob and he knew I wanted it. He came back by the urinal, spread his strong legs, and then stuck his dick directly into the big hole. I guided it through with one hand and with the other pulled his hairy balls from the bottom of the hole. I touched the head of his cock with my tongue tasting the wet piss on his cock slit. It had a salty but sweet taste. His cock had the scent and taste of a man, a biker man. He leaned against the partition of the booth, spread his legs, and held on to the top of the booth. He was ready for me to service his big C.H.P.s dick.

I got to my knees on the tile floor and tried to go down on his dick but found it was so large around I could only go down on half of it. My jaws spread as wide as I could but to no avail, I could not take him all the way. His dick was so firm and hard. I would sure like to have him fuck me with his hard dick but knew this was not the time or place. I did the next best thing as I licked on his sweet tasting balls and sucked on his dick. He gasped with pleasure as I quickly manipulated his shaft up and down swirling my tongue around and around his large dick head.

I could already start to taste his pre-cum on his cock then I knew he was going to cum. He started shaking as he held on to the partition. It shook as I sucked his cumming cock. I knew that someone might hear us but the noise of another motorcycle arriving in the parking lot covered the sounds of his moans and the shaking of the wooden partition. He shot and shot and shot his load shaking and moaning like a bull. I had to swallow quickly as not to lose a drop yet some of his manly cum shot on my face and down my chin. He started to relax as he let me service the remaining juices milking down every drop of his sperm from his dick. He slowly pulled away and put his dick back in his pants, walked over to the sink to wash, then as he adjusted his pants, he said to me.

“Stay in here. I want you to give my partner a blow job too.” Then he opened the latched door and walked out. I heard the back door open as he left.

“That was a big hot dude, or not?” I wonder if his buddy was half as nice. I licked the remaining cum off my thumb and fingers as I heard the door open once again from the parking lot then the head. I watched the next man walk up to the urinal and whip out his long uncircumcised cock. It was a bit darker than his blond haired partner. Perhaps he was Latino but what ever he was, he was equally as hot. Not as tall or large frame as his partner but a well built man.

He took a short piss then milked it down a few times and he reached for the door and locked it. His cock was not even hard yet as he leaned into the partition and placed his cock into the large glory hole for me to service. I liked to suck on a cock before they get really hard. I tasted his cock piss but it was sweet and yet tasty. I sensed some cock cheese inside his foreskin. I didn’t mind the manly taste. It was turning me on even more. I placed my tongue under his foreskin and licked around and around the head of his tender cock. He sighed with pleasure. I continued to play, lick, and suck on his beautiful member. He was so much easier to handle than his partner’s huge thick dick. His partner’s dick was the kind I like to get fucked with but this patrolman had the kind of cock I liked to suck.

I was doing a good job on this one but knowing someone might try to use the head, I had to get him off. I started with my hands and mouth at the same time then I knew he was going to cum so I slowed my action bringing him to a peak then starting over again. I wanted to serve his manhood like it should be done. I teased him up too many times but this time I let his juices flow into my mouth as he sighed and bumped his body against the partition. I took his cum readily into my mouth tasting his sweet white sperm. I let him soften in my mouth as he relaxed. I continued licking the last few drops of his cum milking down every drop. He knew he had to go soon so reluctantly pulled his cock out of the hole and just stood there for a moment as I viewed his handsome manhood cock hanging from his tailored pants. He put away his cock and without washing, opened the door and left.

“Wow. That was great and very unexpected.” I was so hard and so excited I wanted to shoot my load right there but was still hoping for that blond pirate from the restaurant.

I stood up and left the restroom still tasting the warm sperm from my last load. I headed back to the bar with my other buddies. Jack, Dave, and Rocky were playing pool at the other end of the bar. I wondered if they even missed me. Jack walked over to me as he chalked his pool cue and said.

“Were you sucking cock thru that hole in the restroom or do you always looked so happy?” I grinned back at him and said

“If you only knew.”

About that time, the big hunk blond CHIPS officer walked into the bar from the back room. He looked around the room as several people as I tried looking away with out being noticed His eyes directed my way then he walked up to me and pointed.

“You, please come with me.” I looked over at Jack as he started to go with me in case something was wrong. The officer looked at him and shook his head.

“Not you, just him. He’ll be right back.”

I was frightened and a bit nervous as I was directed to the back door and outside where he and his partner stood. His partner was leaning against one of the motorcycles. The big blond cop took my arm and told me to lean against the building and spread them. I did as he said. He started searching my body with his hands and felt up to my still semi hard dick. He gave it a nice firm squeeze and he roughly felt my ass several times and squeezed my buttocks.

“Hey, cocksucker, what is your name.” He said in a rough sort of tone.

“I am Marcus I said quickly.”

“Well, my partner and I thought that since you are such a good cocksucker, you would probably have a nice fuckable ass. I think we both agree,” he said as he looked over at his partner.

“We want to meet you sometime in the near future and fuck the hell out of that sweet looking ass of yours. What do you say?”

I could not believe my ears. They wanted to fuck my willing ass. I leaned away from the building and turned around.

“Are you 2 k**ding? You went thru this just to feel me up? You sure the ‘fuck’ is welcome to ‘fuck’ my hot willing ass anytime you ‘fucking’ please, so what do you say to that?” I smartly replied.

They both broke into laughter and started to put on their helmets and mount their cycles. One handed me his personal card.

“You call us when you can get it together and we will arrange to meet you, or should I say “meat you”.

They started up their motor and drove away leaving me standing there in their dust. Just as I turned around to go back inside, I found my three friends standing behind the hallway door listening to this unbelievable conversation.

“Can’t I have any private moments with my fans without the 3 of you listening?” I said in a sarcastic voice, then laughed and walked back into the bar with the three of them. They were laughing and teasing me as we walked back to the bar where they each set me up with a beer.

“I see why they call it “The White Swallow” now. I said.

We all burst into another round of almost uncontrollable laughter. The bartender looked at us wondering what the hell we were laughing at.

They were questioning me about that situation and I told them it was a private thing, but Jack knew I had sucked them off at the Glory Hole. I was looking forward to meeting them again. They were both hot in their own sexy way.

It was getting close to closing time as the Pirate Boy walked into the bar still dressed in his tight white pants and bright colored shirt. He was even better looking than I had remembered or I was even hornier now that I had sex with those two hot Cops.

Jack greeted him and started to buy him a beer but he was only 18 so could only drink soda. We were winding up our pool games and finishing our last beer. Jack tipped the bartender for us and we left the bar and headed down the dock to our boat.

Our new friend’s name was Chad. He was from up the coast but was working for his b*****r-in-law at the restaurant and going to college next fall. He had a nice speaking voice and nice manners. You could tell he was from a good f****y. I didn’t notice how tall he was until now either, and those tight white pants would give anyone an instant hard on.

When we headed towards the boat, he was a little hesitant but Jack assured him we would not leave the dock until morning. He said he was o.k. With that and I could understand his reluctance with four complete strangers a*****ing you for unexpected pleasure. We sat on the back deck, lit up some joints, and started to get high. It was a great evening and no one was close to our boat so we could play music and talk as we pleased. There was a full moon and the reflections glittered on the small waves as they found their way to the boat.

Jack kept the conversation going but even he was showing lack of sl**p, for he would yawn now and then. Rocky and Dave had dozed off a couple of times while sitting on their boat chairs. Even our new friend Chad looked a bit tired too. Jack said to everyone before we all passed out.

“Guess it’s about time to go to our bunks. Rocky and Dave you have staked out your bunks already and Marcus, Chad and I will take the large stateroom in the bow. It may be a bit close but Marcus and I usually sl**p all curled up so Chad you may find enough room. However time will tell, perhaps we will ‘sandwich’ someone and that will give us more than enough room. Now lets put away our gear, bottles and cups and head for the rack.”

Each of us slowly cleaned up our area and headed down below. We had a good but tiring day and welcomed the rest. As Dave and Rocky went into their cabin, we heard Dave instructing Rocky as he said.

“Rocky, where did you put that big dildo you threatened us with earlier today? I don’t want that thing near me. You might get some weird ideas in the middle of the night. I know how this sea air affects you. Come on Rocky, where is it, or do you have it up your ass?”

Everyone was giggling as Dave and Rocky manhandled each other in play. Chad was wondering what we were talking about and Jack grinned. Shook his head, and said he would explain later.

“I know you just want to sl**p with my dildo buddy. If I let you have it you promise me won’t wear it out?” Rocky said in response to Dave’s joking about the dildo.

Then Rocky and Dave started to wrestle and hit each other with pillows. They were two of a kind and it was fun to see how well they got along.

“O.K. you two. If you don’t stop and go to sl**p I will have to cut the dildo in half then you both can use it all night, but we might have better things to do. What do you say we settle down and rest before we play any games tonight?” Jack instructed them as he stood looking into their open cabin door.

They both stopped and snapped two giving Jack a salute and said.

“Aya, Aya, Capitán.” And jumped into the lower bunk.

Once again, they started arguing over who was to sl**p in the lower bunk. Jack stood there and gave them a look.

“Why don’t you sl**p in the same bunk? You sl**p together most of the time anyway.” He left them alone and headed back to the larger cabin were Chad and I had settled.

The Cabin and the bed was an average size double bed. There was room enough for the three of us. We all started to take off the remaining clothes. Jack lowered the lights as we all crawled into bed. We made sure Chad was in the middle of the two of us. I could tell Chad was nervous in anticipation of what either Jack or I might do to him. I put my arms over Chad just about the same time as Jack placed his arms over him. Jack sat up and leaned over Chad’s body to give me a kiss. This surprised Chad a bit. I gladly gave Jack a nice long kiss also as poor Chad was being crushed by our bodies. I slowly put my hands on Chad’s stomach and moved down to his pubic hair. Jack moved down to Chad’s balls cupping them in one hand while I took Chad’s cock in my hand. I pulled away from Jack as I said.

“Jack, look at this beauty!”

I felt his cock getting hard in my hands. He had a big cock. Much larger than I had expected and it was only partly circumcised leaving some nice skin just over his big cock head. Jack reached up from his ball caressing placed his hand around Chad’s cock along with mine. Chad did not know what to do or say as Jack and I looked into each other’s eyes, smiled, and then looked at Chad. I moved down to Chad’s cock and Jack went up to his lips.

He was so excited. It must have been his first three way. I licked on the head of his growing cock for a short time then I pulled back the remaining loose skin on his shaft and gulped down his 8-inch cock. It had not grown to full size yet and because of its thickness I had a bit of a time trying to go all the way down. I must have pleased him because it started to grow immediately. He placed his arms around Jack while responded to his kissing. I knew Jack was a great kisser and Chad was eagerly returning his kisses.

I had managed to place myself between Chad’s long firm legs and was giving him a slow but sensuous blowjob. He was in ecstasy as I manipulated my tongue down to his big warm hairy balls. One of my hands was searching for the sensitive area of his asshole. I wet one finger then returned to his ass. He spread his legs further apart as I moved my finger into his hole as I continued to suck his cock. I knew if I kept sucking his cock as I was putting my finger in his hole, he might cum. I did not want him to cum yet so I scooted my body under his ass.

Jack moved his leg from his body and moved over the edge of the bed as I lifted Chad’s legs up over my shoulders and started to explore his ass. Then I placed my tongue to his tight warm hairy hole. I knew this was a new sensation to him and he was getting turned on quickly.

Jack kneeled on his legs watching me as he jacked off. Chad had placed his hand under Jack’s balls and was playing with them. I had gotten Chad up far enough to tongue fuck his ass and get it wet so I could place my cock into his hot body. He sensed what I was going to do and relaxed as I tongue fucked him for a few minutes. I wet my own cock with saliva and pulled Chad’s ass to me as I placed my cock to his hole. I waited as it slipped in the opening. Chad tensed up and moaned with a sound of pain and pleasure all in one. He did not push me away so I pushed a bit further and it went all the way in his warm hole.

I waited again then I lay on his body with his legs now wrapped around my neck. I began to fuck him slowly at first until he relaxed. I leaned forward to him and started to kiss him on his mouth. He felt so warm and tight.

I knew right then none the 5 of us on this boat would get any rest tonight. Chad was a willing and good piece of ass. I think he was still rather new at the ass fucking the way he responded to me. I knew he wanted my cock and perhaps more. There were three more hot and hung dudes that were going to use his willing ass tonight. I continued to fuck and enjoy him. Jack was waiting patiently for his turn.

Jack went behind me and watched my cock go into Chad. He reached under and played with my balls and ass remaining for a short time then stood up, spread his legs over Chad, and placed his cock into my mouth as I fucked Chad. I like sucking Jack’s long cock. He knew this would excite me more and he was right. I should cum in Chad and give Jack a turn to enjoy Chad’s nice hole. I started pumping faster and faster then I came is gushes of warm sperm into Chad. I paused and slowly pulled out as Jack took his position and placed his hard cock into Chad even before he could put his legs down. Jack got so hot watching me fuck that he quickly placed his cock in that warm hole before he came in my mouth.

Our hard and heavy movements had started the boat to sway in the water. Rocky and Dave quietly came into our cabin to join in the fuck session. These two were always ready to have sex. Jack was plunging away at his newfound pleasure hole. Jack was already breathing heavy as I came up to Jack and kissed him, as his dick was about to release his sperm. He moaned and cut loose with a deep sigh and unloaded his cum in Chad’s well-lubricated ass.

Chad had not made any effort to stop us so as Jack pulled out, Dave crawled into the bed while Chad rolled himself over on his stomach. I immediately placed a pillow under his hips to lift him for better penetration. He adjusted his cock on the pillow while Jack was spreading his legs so Dave could have his pleasure. Dave was usually pretty fast in cumming but had learned to control it better now with my help. I didn’t know if he could handle this hot man’s ass as well.

Dave got into position, parted Chat’s butt cheeks, and aimed for the cum filled asshole. It went right in as Dave pleasured himself with Chad’s love tunnel. Dave did fairly well and lasted longer than usual but when he did cum he seemed to let out a sigh of ecstasy as he shot his load. He paused and kissed Chad on the back of his neck then slowly pulled out his cock.

Rocky was almost ready to shoot as he watched all of us enjoy Chad. I knew Chad was looking forward to Rocky. I had noticed a few wondering looks Chad had given Rocky all evening. He was really hot for Rocky and he had a right to be. Rocky was so tanned this year and looked like a bronze god. He had been working out extra hard this year at football and was looking exceptionally good. We had all made comments about how good his body looked and he would pump up his arms, grab his dick, and make some funny comment.

So now, Rocky had his turn. Last but not least. Rocky had a good size dick and usually liked to fuck rough and hard. Sometimes, he would talk rough while having sex but he was really a gentle sweet man. He put his hands on Chad’s buttocks and rubbed them while he pulled on his own dick. Then Rock did something I had never seen him do before. He kneeled over, placed his head in Chad’s asshole, and started to make love to his well-used hole. There were still three loads of cum in his ass but Rocky was slowly licking and sucking the juices out of Chad. We gave Rocky his room to do his thing as Jack lit up a joint and offered it to us. Chad seemed to be enjoying Rocky’s ass licking and had pushed his ass up to meet him.

Rocky had enough ass licking pleasure and pulled Chad back over on his back. Chad turned over as Rocky lay on top of him and started to kiss him as they rubbed bodies together. We were all relaxing and enjoying the performance and love making as we smoked the grass.

Finally, Rocky lifted Chad’s legs up around his neck, placed his cock to his hole, and slowly moved into Chad’s asshole with one long and determined move. Both Rocky and Chad let out a sound of pleasure as Rocky started to fuck him long and deep. Rocky fucked giving Chad pleasure then he bent over and continued to kiss Chad as he pumped his cock into him. They fucked and fucked moving first one way then another as if to feel every moment of pleasure of their bodies.

Then Rocky started his famous athletic style of fucking and really pumped away at Chad. It was exciting as we watched them make love and fuck. We were all jacking on our cocks again as we watched this wild man fuck his new found pleasure hole. Then Rocky came and came and came. I had never seen Rocky get so wild but Chad was receiving his every move and when Rocky came, he too shot his load over both of them. His cum shot up and over their heads hitting the headboard of the bed. Cum was rolling down his ass crack and onto the pillow beneath him. He had so much cum in him already and the wild fucking of Rocky caused it to ooze from his hole.

Rocky made one more moan then fell on Chad with his dick still in his hole. By this time we had all shot our cum all over the bed and onto Rocky’s back and each other. We all utterly collapsed on the bed.

The next morning we were woken by the sounds of another boat mooring besides us and voiced of men. Rocky and Chad were up and in the galley brewing some coffee and making everyone some breakfast. The two men seem to be getting along very well. Dave was up on deck with Jack preparing our route back to our home mooring by Santa Barbara. The weekend was up and it was back to college for the four of us and back to work for Chad at his b*****r’s restaurant. Soon everyone was at their designated jobs and we were ready to leave the harbor. Chad reluctantly left our boat but we all makes plans to have Chad come visit with us and stay a few days real soon. Rocky and Chad made one more trip to the stateroom for one more round of lovemaking. The boats was rocking so much with their fucking that the men next to us gave us a strange look and probably wonder who was causing all the rocking. We started to snicker at each other and when sounds of moaning and groaning filled the air, we started to laugh, hoping to drown out the sounds. One of the men on the other boat besides us made some comment about how someone was enjoying themselves. We could hardly wait until they saw it was two men that were causing all the commotion.

Soon after Chad left the boat, he tossed us the mooring lines; waved us a good bye and we were off.

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