Blow Buddy Blowout

I had to be in San Francisco for a week last month, for business meetings. The meetings were started at 10 am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, but on Wednesday the meetings were late night. Most people had to be their from 7 until midnight, but my department wasn't expected to be there until 9. It had been years since i had been to Blow Buddies and I planned on making a day of it. When people asked me what i had planned. I responded, " well you know me, always the foodie, when i get to a city I always like to make sure to get a taste of the local fair. I'm going to get up and get out early, gotta make sure I get my fill, is my motto." I would say with a laugh. I'm sure it went over better than if i said what I truly was up to. "I WANT TO GO SUCK SOME DICKS!" Who know's, maybe i'm wrong.

I woke up around 7.a.m. had a light breakfast, needed a little something in their before i filled it with as much semen as i would be able to entice into my waiting gullet. I got my backpack, grabbed a small bottle of Jack Daniel's, and some 420, a fresh bottle of poppers and headed straight to the gloryhole club. I got there around 11a.m. and there were a few guys already there, circulating and
going in and out of the booths. I got a locker and put my backpack in and was
set to drain some balls! How many dicks did I suck that day? I have no idea, but
I remember spending at least an hour sucking a few bones. I took a break and
went to my locker to get a smoke and found that there were a lot of guys who
had come in while I was servicing in one of the booths. I guess a lot of guys had the same idea of hanging out at the gloryhole club, due to the fact that it was also raining outside.

I had done a lot of servicing at Blow Buddies in years past and I had never seen so many guys at the club like that rainy Saturday, it became so busy that you had to pretty much fight to get a booth. I was a little pissed off that I left my booth where I was nursing on 3 dicks at one time. I decided to take my backpack with me and keep it with me, so that I didn't have to loose a booth again if I needed a smoke or a drink! Finally, I eventually was able to get a booth and this time, cum hell or high water i would hold onto it! I was hungry and needed to nurse on as many bones and I could! I sucked a lot of nice dicks all day long, black, white, Latino. Really nice big thick dicks. I do
throwbacks too, I won't suck on dicks I don't find appealing, so I ignore those ones and throw them back! I'm what I guess you would call, a cock snob.

I took a restroom break later on to take a piss and tried hard to run back to try and get the same booth that I had had but no luck,Busy day today at Blow Buds.

I have had some big thick bones, guys with sweet mushroom heads, but as I said, dicks where coming out of the walls that day. Well, this day the Gloryhole Gods gave me one of the biggest dicks I every sucked. It was sooooooooooooooo fucking big! As I was getting back into my booth, I was with this trucker looking type of guy, baseball cap, beard, with sun glasses. I licked my lips and went into my booth. He came into the booth next to mine and I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth wide through the gloryhole. NASTY, LOL Well, even before I knew how big it was or not, I would have thrown him back if it was to small! Well, I became overstuffed and had to process what I was dealing with! I can deepthroat big bones, but his meat was tooooooooo big to deepthroat. This man shoved the biggest white bone in through that gloryhole that I had ever seen in my face!

I was a little nervous because it was more meat then I had ever tried to suck. EVER!!!!

Well, once I was done processing how much dick I had to deal with and got over
the intimidation! I pigged out! Took a very big fat hit of poppers and sucked
dick like a MAD MAN! He was shoving that big sausage into my face. Throat fucking me hard, and so hard, that I almost threw up a few times. The trucker was pounding so vicious and being verbal that guys started to come into the opposite holes. I only had one other hole free because I was in a booth with 2 holes, the guy watching me suck was begging me to let him come into my hole and help service this hung trucker guy. I was like hell no, this mother truckin dick is mine mother fucker. The guy even offered to give me money if I would
let him in, but before I knew it, the trucker was dropping his seed through
the hole and oh what a big load! Just as quick as he came, he went, ejaculaet and eject, zipped up and zooted.

I spent the remainder of that day sucking dicks with a wide open throat! I left the club around just in time to make the 9p.m. meeting. Oh what a glorious day that rainy Saturday, sucking and draining balls. ALL DAY LONG!
87% (10/1)
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3 years ago
Wow, could i take my wife there?
3 years ago
Well i hope youleft some cock for us poor people you rich bastard you thanks
3 years ago
Sounds like you were very lucky. Good for you. And thank's for sharing all the details, I am now hard as a rock.