Once I Was The Carnival Cum Dump

When I was a young man there was a Circus being set up on a vacant lot near my home. I heard that if you help set up the ‘Big Top’ tent you would be given some free passes. I arrived, as the Midway was being built with dozens of concessions, booths, fun house, and rides. I was excited by all the activity that was taking place.

Some of the other teen-age boys in the neighborhood had arrived earlier and were waiting for me to join them at the Big Tent site. I was heading for the empty field where they were setting up the tent when I was distracted by one of the men at a booth now under construction. He was chatting with a girl I knew, while trying to put his booth together. She was attracted to this good-looking man about 28 years old, 6ft tall. He was wearing tight jeans, boots, and an open plaid shirt exposing his abs and hairy chest. His solid sweaty muscles were glistening in the noon sun. I recognized the girl as one of our locals. I heard some of the older boys’ say she was a good piece of ass but charged for it. I was more interested in the man right now. He was a real hunk. Perhaps my eyes lingered too long in his direction because he looked directly at me as the girl walked away. He kept looking at me and then yelled for me to come over.

"Hey, buddy" he said, can you come here a second? I need some help."

I looked back at him again and walked over to his booth. He was trying to hook a shelf against one wall but needed my extra hands. I was willing to help besides it gave me a good chance to get a closer look as this hunk.

"I need your help while I do some screwing" he said jokingly. He continued his screwing the screw into the bracket.

"Thanks buddy. Would you like a cold soda? Come one over here and set with me while I take a breather." He said.

We sat in the shade under the shelf in the front of the booth. I joined him as he handed me a soda and crossed his legs on the ground.

"What’s your name?" he asks.

"My name is John," he continued. I answered back.

" My name is Marcus. I live near by and have come to help set up the tent so I can get some free tickets for the show."

John nodded knowingly.

" I figure you were just checking out the chicks. I saw you looking at Eva. Do you know her? I think she wanted some action but didn’t have the time. . Or money." Ha Ha. "If you know what I mean. She said she would come back later and talk." John said. " She makes my dick twitch but I like a good blow job better than anything. Most chicks can’t suck dick for shit."

We sat drinking our soda when a knock was heard. John said,

"I think that is Eva returning. Stay here under the shelf and listen to me ‘fuck’ with her." Then John stood up by the front of the booth.

All I could see was John’s body from his waist down. It was Eva. He started talking with her. I set drinking my soda and enjoying the view of John’s crotch standing directly in front of my face. He was showing a nice cock and balls through his tight jeans. He crossed his arms and was leaning into the shelf. Eva did not know I was below the wall nor could she see me.

Soon he was talking and saying very sexy and suggestive things. He was getting excited because his cock started getting hard and I was getting excited just eyeing John’s hot looking body. He lowered one of his hands to his cock area rubbed it a few times. This was getting too much for me. Then to make it worse he slowly unbuckled the top section of his tight jeans exposing more hair on his lower torso.

I was not too sure if he knew I desired him but he was sure teasing me. I was ready to suck this man’s cock. John's cock continued to get harder as he chatted with Eva. I knew Eva still did not know what was going on below. I very nervously reached up and touched John's cock through his jeans. He responded by pushing into my hand to let me know he liked it. He unbuttoned another button, then another. I knew he needed to release his cock from those tight pants. I unbuttoned another and pulled his jeans down below his hips exposing his cock and balls. It sprung out hitting me on my cheek. His cock was dripping with pre-cum. Some of his juices wet my face when his cock hit me. I caught the remainder with my fingers placing it in my mouth. I held on to his beautiful cock and leaned forward to touch my tongue to taste his cum. He responded with a forward movement then spread of his legs placing his hands on his hips. He was poised for action. My action. He wanted me to service his cock and balls.

I wet my lips then went down on his cock as I held onto his big balls. His cock gave off a musky manly scent. I licked over the skin of his cock as it throbbed with excitement. I licked the shaft of his manly cock and went down to his big hairy balls licking and sucking on them. His pants fell to his boots giving me more space to lick under his balls. He smelled so great. I reached around to his firm buttocks with both hands and pulled him into me. I continued to service his cock while anticipating the taste of his love sperm from his manhood. I wanted to take my time and enjoy his man shaft but I knew this was not going to last very long. He was slowly building up for a nice orgasm. After a few more strokes, I could taste his warm cum squirting into my mouth. He started to tighten his body then let loose with a slight moan and a deep sigh as he shot load after load into my welcome mouth. I let him cum at his pleasure then relax as I enjoyed the taste of the juices from his cock. I kept his cock in my mouth until he slowly became softer. Even soft, it was a great cock.

He said his good bye's to Eva and then shut the upper part of the booth. I started to help him pull up his jeans as he reached down for them. He pulled them up still unbuttoned and then set down besides me with a plop.

"Wow!" he said as he let out a deep sigh of pleasure.

"That was sensational! Wild! I never had such a good blow job!" he said to me.

I blushed and shyly looked down as he talked about the blowjob.

"I liked it too." I said.

"How did you keep Eva from knowing what was going on?" I ask.

"She thought I was jacking off while I was talking dirty to her. She loved it. Boy, if she only knew." Then John laughed.

"We must do that again sometime soon!" A short pause from John. " I’m serious. What are you doing later tonight before it gets too busy here? I would like to show you my ‘special booth’ with holes in the front used for cock sucking. We could do it again besides I would like you to meet my younger b*****r, Jim. He has a nice cock and loves to get a blowjob. Are you interested?" John inquired.

I hesitated then looked at this hunk as he looked into my eyes.

"Please?" he said. I could not resist, besides it sounded exciting.

"Sure, what time?" I ask.

The Return

I had a good day visiting with my friends and ask them if they would like to return to the Circus than evening. I had worked ‘hard’ for my free tickets and since I had 6 of them I would share them. They agreed to go and would meet me later at the evening show about 7 p.m. That was all right with me because it would give me another chance to check to see if my new midway friend John was there. If I was lucky I could get a repeat performance of sucking his cock again.

I returned to see many booths along the midway set up and ready for business. There was lot of activity and many more people cruising the midway. I casually looked for John’s concession but found another younger man working his booth. Perhaps it was his younger b*****r he told me about. I was gazing around when someone grabbed me from behind. I turned around to find it was my friend John.

“I see you have returned.” He said. “ Ready for some more action?” he said teasingly.

I smiled but did not verbally respond to his remark. He knew I wanted to make love to his big cock again. Then John motioned for me to follow him and said.

“I want you to check out the booth I told you about. I’ll show you the location and if you want to come by I will introduce you to my b*****r and his working companion.”

We walked down the midway as John spoke to several of the other men working at the booths and the rides. He was a friendly person and they seemed to like him. We arrived at the booth located at the end of the midway near the “Fun House”. It didn’t seem to be doing much action so we stood there for a few minutes talking then he motioned me to come around to the opening in the back. I followed him to the back and through a canvas curtain opening. There were small boxes and all sorts of stuffed a****ls they gave out for prizes stacked along the walls. Around the side and the front of the booth was a shelf covered with canvas like a small tunnel. John ducked under and motioned me to follow. We crawled up to the front of the booth and set under the shelf still on our knees. John and crossed his legs and proceeded to direct me to a large hole cut in a section of the wooden partition. Directly in front of me was the crotch area of his b*****r standing before me. I got the idea. They had cut holes just at the right level so someone could suck on their cock while standing at the counter. No one could see them below the waist nor see the other person sucking their cock. John said.

“I remembered this today but only used it one time before. Would you like to try it out with my b*****r and me? He is cool and likes to get sucked too.”

I was rather amazed and excited at the thought of sucking this stranger right here in public.

“ Sure. Why not.” I said.

“Good! I though you might like the experience.” John said. “I’ll get things going and we’ll play it my ear”. John crawled back down the canvas tunnel and disappeared leaving me ready for action.

“How did I get myself into this” I said to myself.

I was scared and excited all at the same time. I heard the shuffle of feet as his b*****r walked up to the hole. He was talking to some prospective customers that had arrived at the booth. I got a quick glimpse of John’s b*****r, and he looked rather nice. He was perhaps about 20. He had on light colored jeans and showed a slight bulge.

He was standing directly by the hole. I was afraid to make the first move. He reached down and rubs his crotch a couple of times then unzips his pants. He just stood there for a while then unbuttoned the top button and pulled his pants down over his hips. He was wearing white briefs and already starting to show a large bulge. He continued his strip and teasing me with his seductive moves. He continued to pull his pants down and leaned against the hole while placing his hard cock into the hole.

John came into the booth area and started talking to a customer while his b*****r, Mike stood fast at the hole. I pulled his cock through the hole while he spread his legs and braced himself waiting for my warm mouth to wrap around his long 8-inch cock. He slightly gasps when I went down on it as far as I could. I placed my one hand around his cock and the other around his big balls. I knew this young one was hot and would cum real fast if I wasn’t careful. I worked him up and down using my hand moving it around and around with his pre-cum juices. He had a manly musk smell. I could taste his dried pre-cum juices mingled with a salty taste of piss and sweat. I could occasionally taste his pre-cum as I worked on his cock. I had almost forgotten about John, as I was engrossed in this wonderful cock. I knew he could not wait any longer so I started to work faster causing him to gasp again and shoot his load. He shot load after load until it was running down my hand and chin. The cum came out with such f***e I could feel it hit the back of my throat. His body shook and he laughed as he released his load. I continued to drink his hot cum until the last drop was drained from this long shaft. When he started to get softer he put his cock out of the hole and placed his cock back into his pants. He quickly zipped up and walked away from the hole.

I heard some laughter as both he and John looked at each other. John nodded to his b*****r Mike and they laughed again. John walked toward the hole bent over and offered me a bottle of Cola then he squatted in front of me.

“What did you think of my big cock little b*****r? He is a hot little fuck. Would you like some more action? I can give you some more cock if you are willing,” he said.

I was still trembling from the excitement of sucking off his younger b*****r’s cock.

“Sure. Why not? What did you have in mind?” I ask.

He stood up without saying a word and started to unbutton his jeans, reach in, pulled out his semi-hard cock, and said.

“ You can start on this again if you like. I know you know what to do with my meat. I was pleased by your actions today and have had a boner all day thinking about it.” He said.

Then he offered me his manhood again for the second time that day. I thought his cock was great the first time so I did not hesitate. I reached out pulled him closer to the hole, cupped his warm balls in my hand and started to tongue the slip of his cock. He already had some pre-cum so this got me turned on to him again. I licked some of his cum from his Dick then went down the shaft to his hairy warm balls. I took a deep whiff of his manly stud balls and licked then hungrily. I cupped his balls with my hand and put one finger towards his moist ass hole. This seemed to make him hotter and he spread his legs to give me better access. I continued back up his cock shaft and pulled my finger away from his hole. I smell it before putting it in my mouth to moisten it and placed it back into position. My finger was closer to his ass hole this time as I edged toward his hot spot. I knew he liked his ass played with and wish I could kiss it and make love to it.

He was a hot man that any woman or gay would love to work on. I continued sucking on his cock while his b*****r was setting up some things in the back. I was not as nervous this time so I was enjoying this cock even more. He was more relaxed with my cock sucking too because he did not have to hold back.

We were continuing our hot session when I heard another man’s voice talking to John in front of the booth. John did not pull away but let me continue servicing his balls and cock. His voice called out.

“How the hell are you doing and just what are you doing? You have such a pleasant look on your face.” He said.

I stopped sucking for a minute and wondered if the man was aware he was getting a blowjob. John laughed but still didn’t say anything. He stood there with his cock still in the hole and staring me in the face. The man spoke again.

“I bet you are into one of your games again. Are you getting your cock sucked at the suck hole again?” he said.

John said, “What makes you think that?”

“Because you looked like you are enjoying something good there. I have known about that hole since you had that chick sucking your Dick in Topeka.” John spoke up again.

“O.K. Bob, you caught me but please don’t spoil it for us. We have a great cocksucker here and we don’t want to loose em. “ Bob continued.

“ I thougth so, you sex fend. I won’t tell anyone if I can get my cock sucked too.”

I stopped sucking John’s cock as he stood there still with a big hard on. John told the man he would agree but for him to come back in about 15 minutes, after he had ‘popped his nuts’. Bob agreed and walked away. John reached down shook his cock and shoved his cock deeper into the hole. He sure loved me sucking his cock. I got turned on at his f***eful way he pulled my head back down on his cock. I knew he wanted to continue but would probably shoot quicker than he had planned because of Bob returning.

I loved on his cock until I could feel him starting to cum. He just stood there and let me handle his cock sucking all the warm sperm; he was now shooting into my mouth. After he started to relax, he put his cock back in his pants and set down in front of me again.

“Sorry I committed your service to Bob. He is my boss and is really a nice guy. I know you will like his big cock. I’ve seen it a couple of times when we were pissing. Hope you don’t mind an uncut cock. If you don’t want to do this you can still take off before he gets back.” John said.

“I have never sucked so much cock in my life but I think I like it,” I said. John laughed and hit me on the leg. I continued,

“Does he know it is a man under here about to suck his cock?”

“Shit, he wouldn’t even think twice about it. He just loves to get his cock sucked like most of us men. You should hear the stories he told me about his stepb*****r and how he fucked his mouth and young ass almost every night. One night his step-dad caught them and from that night on his step dad, and Bob were both taking turns fucking him. I think I hear him now. Get back behind the hole again, and enjoy” John instructed.

I was a bit nervous again and was wondering what this ‘Bob person” was like. Was he tall? Thin or fat? Was he going to enjoy the pleasure I know I can give him? I peaked through the hole as he came through the back entrance and nodded to John and Mike standing at the back of the booth. He was about 40 with dark hair and a mustache. I thought he was a good-looking stud. He had on khaki pants and work boots and in a tight tee shirt showing off his firm body. I was not displeased yet. Lets hope his cock is just as nice.

Bob was now inside and told John and Mike to close the front flap of the booth from the public because he did not want to be interrupted. John agreed and closed the front while Bob walked up to he hole. John moved to the back with Mike as Bob took his position at the hole.

He did not hesitate but un-zipped his khakis dropped them pulled down his boxer shorts and exposed his big soft uncut cock. I was fascinated not only the size but also the long foreskin now covering his uncut cock. He didn’t look down at the hole but offered me everything he had. I took his balls gently with both hands caressed them, and then touched his beautiful cock. He moved closer to let me have full access to everything he had to offer. The veins in his cock stood out as I assumed he had lots of action. The head of his cock was completely covered with soft pink skin. His big hairy balls hung beneath as if to support his cock shaft. This was going to be a new experience for me and I knew I was going to like this one too. I felt his cock twitch some as I placed the foreskin in my mouth and run my tongue around tasting the pre-cum.

I thought this was a hunk of a man that wanted his new cock slave to love and worship his manhood like it should be worshipped. I started to work on his cock with more touching and tongue action. His cock was getting bigger and longer with each stroke until it reached it full length of about 9 inches. He did not hesitate to move his body with my action. He called around to John and Boy without looking around.

“Hey you have got a great cock sucker here. Don’t lose track of this one or better still, take em with you.” John agreed with Bob as I kept sucking his shaft for a few more minutes.

I wanted it to last forever but he started to moan and move his body to my hand movements then he placed his rough hand behind my held and started pumping his body and his cock into my eager mouth. He was very large and I had to pull all the way out to catch my breath before going down on him again. Bob knew how to give it to me with out making me gag. I was anxious to drink the cum from this large cock. He started to cum. He continued to pump away then as he came. He was shaking and gasping as he shot load after load of white sweet cum. Most of it was going down my throat before I could swallow. It was the best cock I had sucked all day. I was gasping for air but finally got my breath and slowly started licking all the cum from his Dick. I pulled the foreskin back away from the head and licked his sensitive cock being very careful not to hurt him. He left me at his mercy but knew I was doing it right. He let me do my thing and gradually pulled away from my warm mouth. I blow dried his cock and reluctantly released his cock. He stood back pulled up his boxer shorts, then his khakis and hooked his belt, turned to John and Mike and said.

“O.K See you men later. Thanks.” Then he walked out.

I continued to hang around the circus grounds all that week, blowing Harry, Mike, and their co-workers. And when it was time for them to move on, they offered me a job as their special assistant. I eagerly accepted and set off to suck cock from one end of the country to the other.

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8 months ago
hot story and sounds like he had fun!!
1 year ago
1 year ago
oooo I luv this story
1 year ago
excellent. especially the first BJ when John told the girl he was jerking off
1 year ago
I bet that really goes on. When I was a boy visiting the carnivals that came to town I would have been more than happy to be a cum dump.
3 years ago
Great details that ring so true!
3 years ago
3 years ago
I want to go with you i c=love to suck cock anytime thanks