busted part 2

so anyway she stands over me and gets 2 her knees her ass in my face her strap on hanging resting on my chest so i start to eat her ass and pussy just going to town and she hunches over and grabs up my cock and starts stroking it and squeezing and tugging my balls.i can see her stroking me in the mirror and notice her eyes stuck on the tranny porn cock in hand.the tranny then starts to fuck the man on the video and my wife starts to get worked up i guess kinda ranting at me/is that wat u like being fucked like a bitch huh wearing my panties a dick in ur mouth in my bed huh u fucking nasty mother fucker u gotta sneek around and this is what i catch u doing,stroking my cock very firmly then she grabed my ankles pushed them 2 my chest making my ass point 2 the air cheeks spread my cock pushed into my belly and buried her mouth and toung in my ass hole just chowing down,making a mess her spit dripping down my crack her tounge probing me tell she finelly entered me w one finger then 2 untell finely 3 as far in as she could go saying u like that motherfucker do ya just like a bitch,im moaning w pleasure and a little pain the whole time casually eating her pussy and ass tell she jumps up and says hold ur own legs up bitch pushing them up,i grab them about at the knee pulling them back legs spread like a female her in front of me like a man w the strap on in her hands stroking it like it w real putting lube on it and rubbing it between my cheeks probing my little asshole w the head of it tell she says finely u want mommas big cock in ur ass baby and the while im hunched forward legs behind my elbows stairing down at her w this big shiny dick looking so small in her hand directing the tip of it 2 my my wanting little o ring.she pushes the head in slowly letting me ajust wimpering softly at the feel of myself stretching over this huge thick cock atached 2 my sexy wife all caught up in the moment fucking her man like he does her.i see her in the mirror and the man in th3 video
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