Out of all the positions two stand out above the rest. The first is the spoon position. It can start out nice and slow, sweet even. A kiss on the cheek then my hand sliding down the side of her body; feeling the contours that can never be forgotten. The kiss on the cheek leads to the beginning gentle kisses and lingering lip embraces until the dance of the tongues starts, all the while teasing her with my hand around her thighs. Once she bites my I slide my hand into her panties, slowly and lightly from her hips to her clit. Nothing compares to that first touch of longing I've induced, making myself wait until I can bring my fingers to my mouth. After more kissing and teasing I let my fingers explore that wonderfully wet pussy while rubbing my palm on her clit. All my work is repaid when she can no longer stand to feel my hard cock rub against her ass and frantically throws her hand into my briefs to get a handful, which always leads to louder moaning. I'll push down on her just a little bit to make her grab my cock even harder for that second of surprised pressure and then I start to jump in her hand. More passionate kissing transpires until I slide her panties off just one leg and then lift it so rub my cock on her pussy. I know she likes the feeling of the precum that I wiped on her thigh so I can get completely wet from her. Now with her hands free she pulls out her breast and massage them. By this point I am so hard it hurts. We pause to look at each other, kiss, and then she pushes me inside her. Just the tip at first letting me know she wants me to take the lead. After I hear that first gasp I slowly go all the way in to hear a long subtle moan. She looks so beautiful laying on her side, breasts exposed, her hands together in front of her face, eyes closed and biting her lip. I gently grab her hair, kiss her on the cheek, then pull her hair so I can take her lips and lick them. And now I get a bit rough. My hands on her hips, pulling her fast onto me. Oh how I love the clapping and moans echoing off the walls. Her breasts jumping from every thrust I make drives me wild. Once I can tell she is getting close I reach my hand across her thigh and lightly rub her clit. Her body spasms get me so close to cumming I can hardly endure it, until her last hard final contraction and she stops. When I feel her warm juices sliding down our pressed together bodies I let go and fill her up. We both lay still for a moment with, of course, the occasional jerk from her because my cock is still jumping inside her. Then finally she looks back, reaches over, and touches my face telling me she wants to kiss. And there we lay, in sensual bliss.
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