Best Friend and his fiance

I have known my best friend all of my life and have had many wild nights of partying and meeting women being each others wing man but as we got older we were getting to that age where we wanted to start finding "Ms right" and settle down. We were out one night in the town that we both had grown up in and I met this very cute little blond Sara who was in her mid 30's and for having a couple k**s from a previous marriage had a perfect a little ass and nice 34c breasts. Her smile was amazing and she laughed at all of my corny jokes so I was enjoying what possibly could be. Even though there was a 2 hour drive between where we each lived I thought I would see where this would go.
We went on a few dates and had lots of fun and as great as she was there was just something missing and decided to just be friends and see other people. Even though we went on a few dates sex never happened. We came very close a few times with lots of touching, grinding and lots of oral but it just never happend. A month or so went by when I decided to tell her and my best friend Ryan how the 2 of them are so much alike and how perfect I think they would be together and that they should go on a date together. They both said they would think about it and nothing else was said of it. About 6 months went by and the two if them ran into each other at a bar in our home town and decided to have a drink together. That drink turned into 5 years of dating and 1 c***d and are now living together about an hour away from where I currently live.

In the years of them dating we all had went out many times together some with me as a third wheel and some with the latest girl I was dating at the time. A few times I would crash at thier house where we would just sit around having drinks and talking about old times. There had always been some sexual tension between Sara and I so we would exchange casual looks and open flirtation that never went anywhere. On one particular evening they called me and said they lined up a sitter and invited me out for dinner on Sara's 40th Birthday. They also said they had a suprise for me and that it was something I would really enjoy. Curious about the suprise I told them I would love to join them and would see them that weekend. The entire drive to thier houdr I kept thinking about the suprise and I was convinced that they had set up a blind date with one of her hot friends and with them knowing me the way they do I was in for a hot night of sex......Was I ever!!!

I get to thier house and the sitter was already there so we got into thier car and we drove to the restaurant. I didn't push for hints about my suprise because I couldnt take my eyes off of Sara. She was looking smoking hot in a little blue tight fitting dress that had her breasts pressed together and showing beautifully. Half way thru dinner I realized that my suprise wasnt one of her hot friends so I finally asked what it was. They both say to me that they had a favor to ask me. I said "sure what is it"? Then my friend Ryan started to tell me how Sara had always wanted to have a 3some before she turned 40 but they never made it happen so now that she has turned 40 he wanted to make it happen tonight. Sara then started to explain that since her and I had a little bit of a past together and she knew everythiing about me she knew that she wanted the other guy to be me. As excited as I was to be a part of it I wanted to act cool and told them both to let me think about it thru dinner. They both were Ok with it we went about our dinner. We were openly flirting and talking about past girlfriends and Sara's past boyfriends. Sara said she heard stories from some of her friends from our hometown that have had sex with me about my sexual stamina and if it was true? She went onto say that she also heard that I left everyone of them completely satisfied. With a cocky grin I said I have been known to go about 3+ hours non stop. Ryan then looks at her jokingly and says to her "with the big dick that he has and that kind of stamina what the hell you doing with me"? We fisnih up dinner and have a few more drinks before we decide to head back to thier place as it starting to get late.

As we are getting into the car they ask me what I decided about the 3some and I I was willing to make it happen. I told them that I would do it as long as they promised it wouldnt ruin our friendship or make it all wierd in the future between us all. They both agreed and as I was getting into the back seat of the car Sara got in next to me. When Ryan started to drive Sara wasted no time starting to kiss me and grab my cock thru my jeans. Her lips kept kissing mine as well as my neck and nibbling on my earlobes. She then unbuttoned my shirt and was pinching my nipples and kissing my chest. Her hands have now unbuckled and unzipped my Jeans freeing my almost 9" cock. Her hand is stoking up and down on the full length of its shaft as she kisses her way past my chest and down my stomach. Right before she is about to take my throbbing cock into her mouth she stops and turns me so my back is agianst the door then proceeds to take my cock into her mouth. She is devouring my cock like a women possessed moaning and slurping as she ravishes my cock and balls. Ryan was having a hard time focusing on the road trying to watch in the review mirror as Sara sucks and strokes my cock. He pulls into the garage and immediatly shuts the garage door and turns off the car. She opens the side door of the car and gets out pulling me down further onto the backseat. My head is now on the arm rest as she stands between my legs further servicing my cock with her mouth. Ryan is standing behind her and pulls down her dress to her waste exposing her breasts. He then grinds into her with his cock as be plays with her breasts while she pleasures me with her mouth and hands. I then stop her sucking and I start to pull her back into the car as I start to get out the other side. I position Sara so she is kneeling in the backseat with her knees tucked under her breasts while she faces Ryan. Ryan and Sara begin to kiss each other as Sara removes Ryans cock from his pants and begins to stroke it. After a little while of stroking she bends down and takes his cock into her mouth. I then hike Sara's dress over her nice little ass and start kissing her ass and lick her pussy from behind. I spread apart her ass cheeks and lick between them and making it easier to get deep into her pussy with my tongue. With Ryan's cock in her mouth her screams and moans are muffled as her mouth and pussy is being worked over. She is so entranced with what is happening that her sexual prowess takes over and has Ryan cumming in her mouth in no time. We decide to get dressed and take this inside.

Before Ryan goes into the basement to get the sitter he says he needs to take her home so we can either have a drink and wait for him to get back or we can play around a little bit while he is gone. He then gets the babysitter and leaves to take her home. As soon as the door is shut she takes me over to the huge ottoman and throws me down and rips off my jeans all the while stepping out of her dress exposing her completely naked body. She climbs on top of me as she lowers her wet pussy into my hard cock. She lowers herself so slowly as she feels my entire length for the very first time. My cock is filling her pussy like its never been before. once I am balls deep inside her she sits pefectly still as if she is locking that feeling into her mind. I try to be funny by saying "I guess we are not waiting for Ryan"! She looks me into the eyes and tells me that she has always regretted that we never had sex when we went out and that after hearing her friends talk about how incredible sex was with me that she had to find out for herself. She then started to ride up and down on my shaft bringing her pussy to the very tip and just before my cock would fall out she would push back down onto my cock. With each thrust she would begin to go a little bit faster and a little bit harder. We continue awhile longer then with my cock buried deep inside her she maneuvers into the reverse cowgirl. I now have a perfect view of her little ass and pussy as I see my cock spread her pussy wide as in disappears into her. We didn't realize that its been 40 mins aleady when we hear Ryan say "I guess you decided not to wait for me"! Sara then pulls him close and removes his clothes while still riding my cock. She takes Ryan into her mouth again as she sucks him even harder and deeper then she did in the garage. After about 15 minutes of this Ryan pulls her off of me and bends her over the ottoman and takes her from behind. I move to the couch and stroke myself as Sara watches me while I sit back and watch them for a moment. A littl while longer Sara pats her hand on the ottoman calling me over to her which I do and she begins to suck me while Ryan takes her hard and deep from behind.

Sara then stops all the action and stands Ryan and I up as she drops to her knees between us. She begins to suck one cock while stroking the other switching back and forth between the two cocks. Ryan not knowing how much longer he can last lays her onto her back diagonal on the ottoman and gets between her legs. He puts her feet near his face as he enters her pussy and fucks her as hard as he can. Her head is now below me as she bends my cock straight down into her mouth. She is milking my balls with one hand while using her other hand to pull my cock deep into her mouth. Ryan then says he only has a few minutes left in him and tells Sara that he wants to cum in her mouth and on her breasts. She then gets off the ottoman and pushes me onto the couch. She pulls my ass to the edge of the couch as she faces away from me and lowers herself onto my raging hard cock and begins to fuck me while she sucks and strokes Ryan's cock til he cums in the back of her throat and on her breasts.
She cleans up his cum making sure every last drop is swallowed. Ryan tells us to continue the fun while he goes up to shower and goes to bed. we pause long enough to acknowledge him leaving then get back to where we left off.

Sara and I then put on some soft music and turn on the gas fireplace as we move down the the furry rug that they have in front of it. I then crawl in between her legs and begin to eat her pussy again this time much slower and much more sensual then before. I hold her hands to her side as I enjoy every bit of her pussy. Sucking on her clit and pussy walls, burying my tongue deep inside her as I gently rub her clit. Her body is trembling and quivering as I bring her to the brink of earth moving orgasm. She rips her hands from my loose grip grabbing my hair pushing my face into her pussy as she cums all over my face and into my mouth. She keeps my face locked there until she finishes her orgasm and is able to catch her breath again. She the rolls me onto my back then straddles me as she slowly and sensually as possible rides my cock. She is softly yet hard enough to leave a mark runs her nails up and down my stomach and chest. I use one hand and caress her breasts and nipples as she takes my other hand and sucks each finger as if they were mini cocks. She continues to ride me for what seemed a life time as she presses her legs tight against me squeezing her pussy lips tight around my cock. She is sensing that I am getting ready to cum so she climbs off of me and moves her body in between my legs. She doesnt remove her eyes off of mine as she deep throats my cock until I shoot my huge load past her tonsils into her stomach. She begins to gag as she fights thru it swallowing every drop. She then rests her head on my pelvic area absorbing the moment of everything that has happened.

We both get up and begin to head to opposite floors to our bedrooms when I say to her "care to join me in the shower"?. She smiles and takes my hand as we head off to the shower. In the shower we seductlivly wash each other bodies and share some flirty little kisses where she strokes my cock again leaving me hard. When the shower is over and me still hard we both head to different parts of the house. While laying in the guest bed the door opens and Sara walks and kisses me on the forhead and pats my cock feeling that it is still hard. She takes into her mouth as sucks it again. She tells me her mouth is getting tired but wants to make sure I cum so I thrust my hips towards her mouth and let go of focusing on my stamina allowing myself to cum. She had just removed my cock from her mouth when I start to cum and shoot my load all over her face and mouth. She uses her fingers to wipe it all up and sucks the remainging cum off of my cock and balls. She lays next to me for a few minutes then thanks me for the best 40th birthday present ever!!! As she was about to leave she turns to face me and says that I definatly was good as her friends said I was.....
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so sexy mmmmmmm
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That was absolutly HOT