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I still don't believe what happened last year and am sure many of you will not either.

I am a 61 year old guy. I been on a business trip for a week and found out late Friday I was not going home. Had a few more days work to do.
I had spent most of the day Friday trying to get new programs set up and traing the women on how to run them.
By the end of the day I was flustrated that some people so resent change and were not receptive to what was happening.
All I wanted was a good cold beer. some supper and a good nights sl**p.
I went to a bar a few blocks from the hotel that advertised the greatest burgers in town.
I was sitting at a table nursing my second beer after finishing off a great burger when a couple of young ladies came in and sat next to me.
Most guys would not have given them a second look because they were not the skinny girls that seem to be the in thing today.

I one the other hand like a lady that is what we call Big Beautiful Women.
They both had all the curves in the right places.
I overheard some of their conversation and the one sitting next to me told her friend she really needed to get laid.
Her friend laughed and told her if your like me you probably can not remember the last time. They both laughed and started talking about differnt things.

When their drinks were about empty I ordered them a round and we started chatting about my work their work and absolutely nothing of any importance.
One of the girls got a phone call and said she had to leave as she was on call. The girl sitting next to her said she really didn't want to leave.
I told her she could stay I would protect her after all I was old enough to be her father.
They laughed and she stayed.
I found out her name was Pam she was 28 years old and did not have a boy friend.
I told her I had heard what they had said about sex earlier. She blushed and said guys don't like fat girls.
I told her she was not fat and I love girls with a body like hers.
Pam said I was sweet but she knew she was fat
I told her no you are a Big Beautiful Woman and never to forget that
We had a few more drinks and really were having a good time visiting about many subjects.
Around nine it was getting very loud and I asked Pam if she would like to get out of there.
She asked me what I had in mind
I told her get some beer and head to my room.
To my suprise she said yes.
We walked the three blocks to the hotel and she wrapped he hand in mine saying I think this is a date.

When we got to my room Pam said she really needed to use the bathroom and get more comfortable.
Pam was wearing a short skirt that showed her great legs and a blouse which showed her ample clevage.

Whe Pam returned from the bathroom she had a body shaper or some might call a corsset in her hand.
She told me she was much more comfortable now.
My cock started twitching at the site in front of me. Her tummy looked much rounder under her clothes and her clevage was still there but in a much differnt way. Instead of being pushed up her breasts now hung free and I loved it.

Pam told me "Now you see how fat I am?"
I told her she was really turning me on.
She came over wrapped her arms around me told me I was to nice and gave me a big kiss.
I kissed her back and soon we were udressing each other.
Her breasts were absolutely perfect they were full and heavy her nipples pointed to the floor and hung the way a bbw lover likes them to hang.
Her nipples were the size of a penny and stuck out at least there quarters of an inch.
Hot pink and looking like they really needed to be sucked.

I will be honest I love tummys and Pams was fantastic !!
Smooth and soft and beautiful.
Then I got a wonderful suprise when I slide my hand to her pussy.

A full un trimmed bush.
I noticed when I felt her pussy Pam looked at me knowing I was going to be put off by her hairy pussy and when she seen my smile she seemed to melt in my arms.

After that the rest of the night is kind of a blur.
I told her I wanted to eat her. Her reply was are you sure No guys has ever done that because of all my hair.
I do remember her pussy tasted musky and sweet and I thought she was going to crush my head when she came.
I know she came more times that night than I could possibly keep track of.
Once after she had came several times and I had filled her pussy with cum we were laying resting and I was just rubbing her lips she exploded.
We spent the weekend together. No not all the time in bed.
After work on Monday we met for supper with her friend. When Pam left to use the rest room her friend asked me if I was really fucking Pam.
I told her Pam would have to answer that question.
She told me she knew I was just looking at Pam.
The next week went way to fast. Pam and I did enjoy sex every night.
I explained to he she needed to find guy her age. Our thirty plus years age differnce would not be fair to her.
I still chat with Pam and she has found a guy she is interestd in.
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Hot x
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2 years ago
Great Story and you are a gentlemen!
P.S. Please email me the name and address of the bar.
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Good story.
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Hot story. Tyvm