Total Submission

Kim sat in her car, the door open, waiting nervously. Bill had said he'd be there as near to eleven as possible and she glanced at the clock on the dashboard. Nearly eleven. She turned and looked back toward the car park entrance and then breathed a big sigh of relief as she saw his car pull off the road and watched as he drove toward her. He parked alongside her, got out of the car and walked over. Then, as he got close enough he took hold of her and kissed her, very firmly, on the mouth. She began to kiss him back and felt his tongue exploring her mouth. Then, just as suddenly as he had grabbed her he let go.
'Kim, you gorgeous woman, you'd be proud of me, I managed to get here without getting lost once!'
She smiled and remember the frantic phone calls when she was waiting for him last time; he'd taken a wrong turning and ended up ten miles away from the hotel. They'd chosen this one because it was easier to get to and no kamikaze roundabout to negotiate when leaving.
'Good boy,' she said, smiling at him.
'I take it you've dressed exactly as you were told?'
'I need to make a visit to the loo Bill, there was no way I was going to drive here half naked.'
'Okay, you can do that while I get the drinks.'
Kim locked her car while he got the bag from his and then they walked across to the pub hand-in-hand. They entered and Kim saw the sign for the loo.
'I'll be one minute, literally hun.'
'Okay,' Bill replied as he walked to the bar.
He ordered a pint of lager and one of bitter, paid for the drinks and then went to sit in a corner table in the almost deserted pub. After a couple of minutes Kim reappeared from her visit to the ladies, glanced around, saw him sitting in the corner and joined him at the table.
'So glad you chose somewhere out of the way, I was panicking in case you sat at a table next to other people,' she said as she sat down. 'I wouldn't put it past you. You know just how uncomfortable I am with this.'
'Well I did think about it,' he said, smiling. 'But it's quiet anyway and it would have been too obvious.'
'Thanks for the drink,' she said, taking a big swallow from her glass. 'I suppose you want me to say it now, don't you?'
'Yes, tell me all about what you want.'
'Shit, this is so embarrassing! Saying it on the phone, by IM or in an e-mail is one thing but face-to-face with you is something else completely.'
'Kim, I've seen you tied down to the bed naked, licked your cunt, you've licked my ass; how can telling me what you want me to do to you be difficult?' he said, slightly louder than she would have liked.
'It just is, okay?' Kim said, her voice almost inaudible.
'Okay, so the sooner you spit it out, the better. By the way, you'd better not spit anything out later,' he said and then laughed.
'I won't Sir, you can be absolutely sure of that,' she said, smiling at him. She took a deep breath. 'Spanking, I want you to spank me please. Not as hard as last time. Jeeez that hurt. Hard. but not too hard and for longer, much longer.'
'You're going to get spanked. You've earned some serious spanking points over the last few weeks.;
'I know,' Kim said, blushing slightly.
'Last time you said “please stop” and I did. This time it's only your safe word that will stop my hand making very firm contact with your backside. So, what's your safe word?'
'You know what it is. I had to use it when I had the egg up my bum on full blast vibrate and you made me put my hands behind my head and told me to stay still.'
'Say it.'
'Garnet, it's garnet.'
'Okay, anything else you'd like?'
'Oh this is so squirm making. You're loving every minute of it aren't you?'
'Yes, of course, that's why I told you that you had to do it.'
'Right, I want to be tied down. Tighter than last time. Really firmly so I can't move.'
'You've been fantasising about it haven't you/'
'You know I have.'
'Okay, you have it. Anything else?'
'Yes. God this makes me sound like some sort of freak. I want you to whip my pussy.'
'Well, it won't be the first time and I have the new crop.'
'Yes I know. It looks so scary in the picture you sent.'
'Said it was a heavy-duty one didn't I. Not a toy, a real one that will sting like fuck.'
'Don't I know it. The thought of it frightens me and excites me at the same time. I'm terrified but want you to use it on me. See, total freak!' Kim said and then laughed.
'Well guess that makes me a freak too. I want to whip your cunt until you can't take any more.'
'That's just what I want.'
'Okay, so, spanking, bondage and pussy whipping. Anything else?'
'Yes, this time we're going to talk more please. I'm not trying to top from the bottom but you won't mind if I say things will you? Last time I was the obedient little sub who just did things meekly. It's not me Bill, I'm not comfortable with that.'
'Neither am I. Kim, I don't want a doormat. One of the reasons I kept after you was because you are so different. I could see that total obedience wasn't your thing. I could see you weren't happy with it. I have no intention of it being more of the same. If you have something to say then just say it.'
'I will Sir,' Kim said and she felt Bill's hand on her leg under the table. 'What you doing, checking I've got them on?'
'I know you have, I was watching when you came from the loo,' Bill said as he slid his hand further up her thigh.
Kim eased herself forward in her seat, closer to the table. Bill looked at her and smiled.
'Making sure I can reach?'
Kim flushed slightly. Then she felt the tip of Bill's finger brush gently over her pubic hair and she shivered. She looked around to see if anybody was watching and saw that there wasn't. As she looked back towards him he pushed his finger in between the lips of her cunt and moved it up and down slightly. Kim knew she was wet, she ached for him to touch her every time she saw him and now was no exception. He pushed his finger further in and she moved her hips closer to him, taking his finger deeper as she did so.
'You're a wet little whore today aren't you,' Bill said, his voice barely more than a whisper
'I'm you're very personal whore for the day Sir,' Kim replied, just as quietly.
Bill moved his finger back to the entrance of her pussy and then pushed it against her clit. Kim gasped as he pressed it hard against her engorge little nub.
'If you rub it I'll cum in seconds,' Kim said, trying to remain calm but feeling anything but. 'Everybody in the pub will know what we're doing.'
'Yes, you don't have quiet orgasms and tempting as it is,' he said, pulling his hand out from under her skirt. 'I don't want to get us thrown out of the place for lewd behaviour. Anyway,' he glanced at his watch. 'Time for us to go and take the early check in,' then winked at her.
They finished their drinks and stood up. Bill gathered the empty glasses and took them to the bar and then walked back and picked up his bag. Kim found herself wondering what he had in it this time. Together they walked across to the Travelodge and went into the reception.
'Hi,' Bill said. 'We have a room booked in the name of Evans. I rang about early check in too.'
'Yes Mr Evans,' the young receptionist replied as Bill handed her a ten pond note and she gave him the room key.'Number 21, first floor, on the right through the door.'
Bill took the key and they wandered off to find the room. The chambermaids were busy in corridor as they walked past. They found their room and Bill inserted the card in the lock, opened the door and held it whilst Kim walked in. He followed her into the room and closed the door behind him, dropped the bag on the floor and grabbed Kim's arm. Pulling her toward him he put his hand behind her head and kissed her hard on the mouth. Kim pushed her body against him and his free hand gripped her right breast firmly. Then, just as suddenly as he had held her he let go.
'Right, I've been waiting a long time for this,' he said as he walked across to the bed and sat down.'Strip.'
Self-consciously Kim moved across and stood at the foot of the bed as Bill positioned himself against the headboard.
'You know I hate this don't you?'
'You don't have to strip if you don't want to.'
'You know I will you evil man, I just don't like doing it.'
Bill just smiled and looked at her. Kim gripped the zip of her jacket and began to pull the tag. The front of her coat began to open and he watched intently as more and more of her body was revealed. When it was unzipped Kim slipped it off her shoulders and pulled it off her arms.
'Not the most glamorous garment for a striptease is it?' she said, remembering the first time he'd made her do this. This time she felt a little less self-conscious but far from comfortable.
'Kim, did I ever tell you that you have the most magnificent breasts?'
Kim smiled and let the coat drop to the floor, then unfastened her skirt and let that drop too.
'Oh, you gorgeous woman, you have no idea what you do to me.'
'I know what I'll do for you, does that count?'
'Well, let's start with you standing here,' Bill said, turning, sitting on the side of the bed and pointing at the floor in front of him.
Kim walked over a and stood in front of him. He reached out and ran both his hands up her stocking-clad legs. Stopping at her hips he slipped his hands behind her and gripped her bottom.
'Open your legs.'
Kim moved her legs apart.
Wider, much wider.
She moved her feet and stood with her legs wide apart.
'Good girl,' he said, releasing his grip on her bum and then stroking her pubic hair softly with his right hand. 'Put your hands behind your head.'
Kim lifted her arms and placed then as he'd ordered, as she interlaced her fingers and rested her hands on the back of her head she was aware that the action made her breasts more taut. Then she felt Bill's fingers part her lips and touch her clit.
'Do you want me to make you cum slut?'
'Yes Sir.'
'Say it then.'
'Please make me cum Sir.'
'Tell me when you're going to,' Bill replied as he began to rub her swollen clit.
Kim closed her eyes and moved gently to meet the movement of his hand. It took very little time for her to start to feel the first ember of an orgasm start to rise in her. He'd put her on a cum ban since her return from holiday and she was ready for this. Had dreamed of him touching her, rubbing her willing cunt.
'You're a wet little whore aren't you?'
'Yes Sir, I'm your whore and I'm wet.'
Bill increased the intensity of his movement and Kim moved her legs even further apart. She so wanted him to make her cum, had waited patiently for months for it to happen and she could feel it starting. The orgasm that had begun to build within her gathered pace and she felt herself racing toward a climax.
'I'm going to cum Sir,' she said, struggling to find the breath.
'How near?'
'Oh shit Sir, I'm so fucking close.'
Kim began to make the noises that Bill recognised as the first throws of her orgasm.
'You want to cum Kim, cum for your Dom?'
'Yes Sir, I want to cum.'
'Are you going to cum?'
'Yes, oh fuck yes.'
'Getting close?'
'Oh Jeeez, I'm going to cum!'
Bill removed his hand.
'No, No !'
'Not yet, you have some penance to do first. Now, pass me your panties.'
Kim walked over to her handbag and drew the garment from it, walked back to Bill and placed it in his hand knowing full-well what his intention was.'
'Turn around and put your hands behind your back.'
'Bill please.'
'Do I have to tell you a second time?'
'No, of course not,' Kim replied quietly, her voice trembling slightly.'It's just that I was so close.'
'Yes, I know,' he said as he stood up and walked across to his holdall. He unzipped it and pulled out a rolled up bandage. 'Ah, I see you've turned the right way around,' he continued as he walked back toward her.
Kim had turned to face him as he'd retrieved the bandage from the bag. She stayed facing away from the bed as he sat back down on it and she put her hands behind her back. She felt his hands touch her as he bound her wrists together with the bandage.
'Thought this was less likely than the rope to leave any tell-tale marks,' he said, binding her wrists tightly with the roll of bandage.'There, all done.'
Bill moved back on the bed .
'Turn around.'
Kim turned obediently to face him. The bandage held her wrists together tightly.
'Get across my knee.'
She climbed on the bed with some difficulty and then struggled to position herself across his knee. Manoeuvring her body without the use of her arms was not easy. Finally, after much huffing and wriggling she lay across his lap.
'I'm going to punish you for your disobedience now. You know what that means don't you?'
'Yes Sir.'
'What does it mean?'
'It means no safe word doesn't it?' she said, the slight tremor in her voice betraying her nervousness.
'Correct. Punishment and therefore no stopping it with your safe word. It will end when I decide and not before, is that clear?'
'Yes Sir, very clear.'
'And you consent?'
'Yes, it's what I deserve. When you said you couldn't come on the thirtieth I behaved very badly. I'll take my punishment.'
Bill placed his right hand on her right buttock and began to stroke her gently. Then, he raised his hand and brought it down fairly gently on her bum. He did the same with the left buttock, slapping her softly. He moved from left to right and back in quick succession, slapping her rythmically for perhaps a dozen or so times on each cheek. Then his hand came down hard on her backside. Kim gasped at the intenisity of the slap. Before she got her breath he slapped the other side just as hard. He continued to slap her, the spanking growing more and more intense each blow. It quickly reach the point where she began to struggle, to try to get away from him. To prevent the ever harder contact of his large hand on the soft white flesh of her now stinging bottom. She let out a cry. Not loud but audible. He stopped his onslaught immediately.
'What did I say I'd do if you uttered even one sound whilst I was doing this?'
'You said you'd gag me.'
Bill grabbed the panties that lay on the bed beside him and pushed them between her legs.
'Open up!' he said, in the voice that she always obeyed.
Kim parted her legs and he pushed her knickers into her cunt. He left them there, f***ed deep into her pussy, for what seemed like ages but was probably only a minute or so and then pulled them out.
'Open your mouth!'
She held her mouth open wide and he pushed the sodden things into it. Kim could taste her juice on them. They filled her mouth and made her gag. Then Bill began to spank her again, starting off with the same level of f***e as before. She bit down hard on her gag as each slap made her bum cheeks burn. The pain was so intense and her backside throbbed. She could feel it burning and knew her arse must be glowing red. She remembered the first time she had felt the full f***e of the flat of his hand on her, she had been shocked at just how much it hurt. The first time he'd spanked her it had been gentle, playful even, but that changed when he did it the second time. It was nothing like the first time. It wasn't role play, it was a good hard spanking. She had been surprised at how little she had been able to bear and had begged him to stop almost as soon as he'd started. Afterwards she had wished he'd carried on. This time there was to be no begging. He had said not even her safe word was going to stop this spanking and now she cursed herself for agreeing. The slaps grew ever harder and she envisaged the bruises that would be there when she looked at herself in the morning. Like the last time. The evidence of the spanking. It had been a week of making sure that Dave didn't see her naked. A week of sex on her back, in the dark. Fuck, she thought, how long are these ones going to last? Just when the spanking had reached the point where she wanted to spit the gag out and scream, he stopped. She felt his left hand move under her and realised exactly what he intended. Instinctively she opened her legs and then his hand found her cunt. He pushed his fingers in between her lips and she wriggled to allow him easier access. Then his finger touched her clit and began to rub. As he rubbed he recommenced the slaps on her arse. As the frequencey and f***e of the spanks increased he rubbed her swollen clit harder and faster. Within moments she was back at the edge of an orgasm.
'Please Sir, may I cum?' she begged as she spat out the knickers and tried to hold back what was becoming more and more inevitable.
'Yes, you filthy little slut, you have my permission to cum.'
'Kim was oblivious to the blows that rained down on her body as the intensity of her orgasm gripped her body. She writhed and moaned as wave after wave of the climax coursed through her. Trembling she cried out as her body shook. She suddenly became aware of the fact that Bill had stopped spanking her and withdrawn his hand from her sopping pussy. Her backside was ablaze and the searing pain told her just how much of a spanking she'd had. Tears were streaming down her face and she wondered just how bruised she was.
'Okay, enough.'
'Thank you Sir,' Kim said, between sobs.
'You're not going to do it again are you?'
'What, cum?' Kim said, turning to look at him and smiling.
'No you cheeky mare, do something that ends up with me having to punish you.'
'No Sir, never.'
Bill began to undo the bandage that held her wrists together. As the last of the wrapping was undone Bill ran his fingernail down her spine.
'Right, that's the punishment over with; you know what's going to happen next, let's see if you really can get up to ten.'...

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