MILF gets what she asks for Part 2

The two of you spend some time resting up a talking a bit. You both shower. He teases you during this time. You can barely get washed up as he continually plays with both you clean holes. He then directs you to wash him. Every inch of him. You start with his hair. From there his face, then arms and chest. You move down toward your favorite parts, and he stops you.
“Wash my feet, then you move up from there”, he instructs.
You do as you are told. As you get on your knees, he places a foot on your shoulder. As you was his feet, you cannot take your eyes off this cock. You want it so badly. He switches feet and your desire for his member does not go unnoticed. Once finished, start to bring your mouth close to his cock and he suddenly brings you to your feet. He turns off the water and opens the curtain.
“You should have asked for it instead of just going for it. Now you will have to pay the consequences. Dry me off the we will settle up.” You do as you are told and dry him off. All the while you are wet and cold. He walks out and sits on the end of the bed. “Come here and lay over my knees. I told you we would have to settle up.” All you can think about is the mixture of excitement and dread of it all. You want a spanking so bad but you know your ass is wet and it is going to sting, a lot. You do as you are told and move into position. You can feel the heat radiating from his cock.
He starts with faint swats on your cheeks. It stings more then it hurts. The slaps get progressively harder. You start to feel your ass heat up. The hotter it gets, the more it hurts. You whimper with each stroke, but he can see the look of pleasure mixed with the pain on your face. He is enjoying this as much as you are. “Get up. I think you get the message. Get on your knees and put your arms behind you”. You obey. He ties your arms behind your back. He goes to the night stand and pulls a large dildo from the drawer. He moves behind you and places it in your pussy. “Now lower yourself onto this and hold it with your feet.” He then stands in front of you.
“You wanted this earlier. Now you get. You do not get to touch it. You will have it the way I want you to have it.” He stands in front of you with his half erect cock only inches from your face. He moves in closer and lays his cock on the bridge of your nose and his balls resting on your lips. “Open up and tongue my balls. When I am satisfied with that, then maybe you get my dick.” You open your lips and let his balls slide into your mouth. Your tongue swirls around them while you hum on them to make them vibrate. He rubs his fat cock all over your face while you suck his sack. Occasionally he pulls this scrotum from your mouth and wipes it on your cheeks.
“I think you earned it. Open up.” He grabs he back of your head and rams his cock into your skull. He fucks your mouth hard and fast. You gag now and then but not enough for you to ask him to stop. You enjoy being tied, helpless and used. He slows his pace and make you look him in the eye while he uses your face for his pleasure. You are completely submissive, totally passive. A cock in your mouth and a phallus in your slit. You probably could not be happier.
He begins to pick up the pace again. With every stroke in and out of your mouth, you gently bounce up and down on that rubber cock. You are getting very close and he knows it. His hands move to your shoulders and start to push you up and down on that toy. He pulls his cock from your mouth and lets it bounce on your face as you ride your fake dick. Second by second you are getting closer to exploding. He continues to push you down on the dildo with one hand then begins to jack his cock over your face. With one last push he slams you down on the toy. Just as you are about to scream from the intensity of your orgasm, he shoves his dick in your mouth and unleashes a torrent of cum. You struggle to swallow it all. Some of it seeps from the corners of your mouth. He wipes it up with his finger and has you lick it off.
You are untied and allowed to remove the dildo from you pussy. “Now clean it off. You must always clean your toys.” You do as you are instructed. Slightly disappointed, you place it back in the drawer and now your pussy fills empty.
“Now let's get dressed. Wear something slutty. There is a video store with some private booths I want to check out. Maybe we will meet some new friends”.
Hearing these words, you almost orgasm all over again.
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