f***ed to fuck 2

so i meet tht guy again when i was sitting sitting outside getting high he walked over to me and said "hey get up its time for me to fuck" i said no and tht i didn't care if he told everyone tht i was gay and tht he's not going to fuck me again. he said no bitch get up know your going to let me fuck or im going to fuck u by f***e.i stood up and pushed him away and walked inside i really he to take a piss so i walked in one restrooms i didn't know at the time but he followed me and this time he brought some of his friends.he said tht i told you i was going to fuck now they get to fuck to he had three over weight guys with him.i said no fuck this shit this isn't going to happen get the fuck out of my way one of his fat friends punched me in the stomach and told me get on my knee's and suck his dick i knew tht i was out number so i didn't even try to fight back .he told me everyone's name james,scoot,sam,and his name is tony james was the one tht told me get on my knee's and i did i took his cock out of his pants and started to suck his cock when scoot hit me in my face and told me tht i had better deepthroat his cock so i pulled his cock out of his pants and started suck him and james off they both smiled at me and told tony he was right this k** knows how to suck cock like a pro.i could feel both of their cocks throbbing in my mouth and hand.Scoot stood me up and pulled my pants and boxers down and said."i hope you liked sucking on my cock cause now im going to fuck the shit out of you". his dick is 9inc (at time the time i had never had anything tht big before) i was scared when he started teasing my asshole then he randomly shoved his cock up my tight ass i was moaning so hard tht one of them came over to me and gaged and so i could moan so loud he was at lest pounding my ass for 20mins he was throbbing so much tht i got hard off it he yelled in my ear. i know you would like it he came so much in my ass tht before he pulled out i could feel his cum pouring out my ass. i was crying from how much it hurt he told me"don't start crying now the other three haven't gone yet bitch."james took me by my side and told me in my ear."dont be so scared i don't fuck like scoot does"scoot had left my ass gaping open so janes had no trouble putting his 9inc inside me,he grabed my cock and started jacking me off and he slowly fucked i could feel him siding in and out every time james was the only one tht i liked tht fucked me because he was gently even thought i know it was still ****.he had made me cum from jacking me off then he came in my ass.i was weak form standing only sam and tony where left but they had just left scoot before he left he said.tht when james fucks somebody like tht then tht person belongs to him and nobody else will have any.then he hit me in the face again and walked off.james helped me up and told hid tht tony had tolld them tht he found a new fuck toy but james had always liked me before any of it happened i gave him a hug and started crying thanking him for helping me and promiseing him tht i would do what every he said no questions asked.
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3 years ago
This coulkd be a series havefun thanks
3 years ago
nice story u could work on ur spelling and put spaces after each person is talking so people know that person in done talking