f***ed to fuck

when i was a senior in high school i was sitting outside listen to some music when a chubby white k** walked up to me and asked if i was gay i said no (even though i really was i just didnt want anyone to know) he said hey its cool b*o if you are i've seen you checking out my friend a few times ( the truth was i was really looking at him). i accidently no i check you at i tryed my best to correct myself but i could tell by the look on his face it was to late. he told if you dont follow me ill tell everyone that your gay and love sucking cock. so i had no choice i didnt want anyone to know in my school so little people went there that they didnt use the other half of it that where he took me we went into one of the rest rooms. he said that we were going to fuck and that ill love it or he'll tell. i said ill what you want he pushed me up against the wall. he sai take your pants of and boxers to i undress like he told me to then he got on his knee and started sucking my dick (it was only 7inch at the time) it felt so good i couldnt help but to moan he called hiss bitch and asked if i like it. it felt so good i just moaned louder i could tell was about to cum so asked if he stop i didnt want to cum yet he got off his knees and said its my turn. he said get on your knees and sucking my dick like a good boy "yes sir" was all i said i took his pants off and teased him an little a was playen with his balls and licking his shaft he was moaning uncontrollable he moaned stop teasing me all ready so i put his cock in my mouth and went to work i could fell his cock throbbing in my mouth he pushed me away and bent over asking me fuck him in his tight ass and again "yes sir" i shoved my cock deep in his ass and started pounding away he asked if i would come in his ass. so i did want he wanted i came a full load in him he moaned so loud that i came a little again "now its my turn" he bent me over and rammed his cock in me that i started crying.he its ok cause im going to make you fell better he felt so good inside that i moaned every time he moved his cock i asked him if he would cum inside me.he said remember your my bitch you do what i want when i want it. he called me his little bitch.he said get ready i could his hard throbbing cock inside meat the last second he pulled out and put his cock in my mouth and told swallow it all.when he came at frist it was to much i started chocking he just pushed his cock deeper in my mouth and yelled swallow it all i finally was able to swallow it all. he said good boy thats how you do it (i cant lie i had a huge smile on my face he said meet me outside again tommrow so we can go again.

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3 years ago
Yes i love a good suck and fuck story you also made me cum thanks
3 years ago
Despite the grammar it was a good story
3 years ago
Great story