From Russia with love ;)

OK, This is my First true story Sex adventure and there will be more ;)

So one of my friends named Sona messages me one day saying shes going to a club in the city and she wanted to know if her and some of her friends can sl**p over. So obviously me being a guy, I'm like yeah sure as long as I can get some enjoyment out of it ;). She (Being super prude lol) says she doesn't wanna wanna be eattin' out because she doesn't wanna complicate our friendship. But she said she was bring to friends so I was allow to get some action out of them ^_^. One was a girl I've already met named Janna who never really had a interest in me and the other, a Russian girl named Sivir. So I smoked some weed, and around 1am I was in Manhattan. Now when I got there they were all in huge jackets they apparently had to take from the club because theirs got stolen lol. So I couldn't really see how good the Russia look but she had a really cute face and I loved that Russia ascent. I took the girls to my apartment in the Bronx and Janna was the first to caught some Zzz's. Sona and Sivir decided to hang out in my room and by that time I was High off my ass lol so I was playing some League Of Legends (A PC Video game) and the Russian was just talking to me and I cud tell she was loving the rigid rogue gamer look I had going on. So some time went on and I got my personality back lol I was talking to Sivir about sex and different things like that and Sona had finally passed out. So I get in bed and Sivir wants to sl**p in my bed to and again like a real man I say hop in and after one movie, she was on top of me biting my lips. I rolled on top of her and took control, I went from her lips to her juicy lips ;) taking off her pants I noticed she wasn't even wearing underwear that got me harder then a rock! She held my face down on her clit till she started to twitch, I gave her a courtesy and went to put on a condom and went in. And OMG she was the tightest girl I've ever been in and I mean she wasn't even a virgin it was insane. But after a little bit The condom wasn't doing it for me and once it went off It was hard resisting to cum in her tight pussy! But I survived and came on her stomach,she cleaned up then went into sucking my face off haha. Two funny things about this story, from meeting her it only only took 5 hrs to get into her pants. Now I know there's guys that get things done faster but for me, that was a personal record ^_^ and two, that morning when they all went home Sona Messages me again and shes questioning the hell out of me, come to find out she was watching when I was using my tongue ring on that tight hole! I thought that was so hot. ^_^
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