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This happened over the summer it was a very nice warm day out sun shinning was a great day to be outside. It was early morning around id say 9. I was out back on my deck enjoying the warm sun drinking my morning coffee. i see the lady next door come out letting her dog out she waved i noticed her in just a long t shirt i could see her sexy legs tan from the summer sun. Her long dark red hard resting gently over her very full dd's. Waving back i smiled feeling myself stir in my shorts. She went back in the house an as i got up to go in myself she came back out calling me over to the fence. So i walked down the steps to the fence she asked if i could help her move a few things in her living room she need to scrub the carpets. So i said not a problem an walk over to her front door where she greeted an welcomed me in. Once inside she had me help her move the couch an a chair all the while i felt my erection wanting to grow harder as i admired her. Once dont she asked if id care for a cup of coffee i couldnt resist. I took a seat at her table watching as she walked. She fixed the coffee for us an turned her back to me bending down to pick up papers that had fallin to the floor. What a view i got there it was lips wet with excitement my erection instantly began to grow. She playfully turned an smiled as she stood she then walked ot the table handing me my coffee. She smiled as she peeked down seeing my erectin growing faster an harder. She had a look of a shock but quickly she changed my thinking her hand slid up her belly gropping her left tit. i sat watching feeling her leg rubbing my growing cock. i reached out gripping her thick curvy ass hearing her moans as i felt her sexy ass. she pulled an tugged her shirt off exposing herself to me. i leaned in kissing her all over as she tweeked an pulled her nipples. Before i knew it i had her on the table on her back my mouth eagerly licking at her sweet tight pussy. Feeling her juices running down my chin pooling under her as i worked her deep. Her hands holding my head as i tongue fucked her deep. I got a shock when she moaned an her body shook as she squirted. The first time i ever seen it an oh my it was sexy to see. She climbed down dropoping to her knees eagerly pulling my shorts down exposing my big black cock. she gasped as she see's how big an hard it is she strokes it as i hold her head sliding my cock in. I began to fuck her throat working it deep in this needy sluts mouth. Her slobber dripping off my cock as she suck an slurps. Her fingers rubbing pulling my big full balls. She was giving great head but i knew it was time to fuck her pussy hard. I pulled her to her feet bent her over the table spread wide i took hold of my cock slapping her wet pussy lips rubbing it up an down her lips an pushing on her clit. I held it as i started to slide in her slowly inch by inch letting her feel my cock. Her moans grew as more of my cock entered I began to thrust in an out my cock getting wetter an wetter with each deep thrust. Her pussy squeezing my cock tight as i fucked her tight married pussy. Her sexy ass wiggled with each hard slam into her wanting pussy. I felt her orgasm building as i pulled her by the hair telling her not to cum telling her i would let her know when she could cum. She moan begging me to let her cum but i kept dening it as i fucked her harder an faster. Feeling the my cock was really wet i pulled out laying her back on the table slapping her tight ass with my cock. She begged me to enter so i held my cock to her tight ass easing it in slowly. she held my cock as she worked more in til she had all she could in her i began to slowly ease in an out letting her get a little loose before i began to fuck hard an deep. With out warning my hard thrust pounding deep in her juices soaking the table as i began to feel my balls filling more my explosing soon coming. I making her reach down an start to finger herself as i take her ass making her still hold back her orgasm. Right at i pull out of her ass i stroke an tell her to cum as i began to groan as my cock erupts. Shooting long thick jets of cum all over her body tits face spurt after thick spurt. SHe screamed in pleasure as she squirted soaking her legs an my chest as i finished shooting my load. Moving to her mouth she leaned over eagerly sucking me taking the last few drops of cum tasing herself on me. I went upstairs an showered as she cleaned up. she gave me a kiss an thanked me for the help an told me that she may need my help again soon. AN She held true to that.
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