Friends s****r

A few years ago i was at a friends house attending his summer party. Lots of our friends an alot of his f****y was there having a very fun time. It was late evening an the drinks were flowing everyone was having a great time people drinking an dancing. As i sat watching my eyes were on my best friends s****r, what a view. There she stood 5'5 thin sexy body very nice tan id guess an nice c cup tits in this thin cute yellow summer dress it was about thigh length. Her long black hair flowed down her back as she danced away. I felt my cock growing with every passing second as i shifted in my seat i seen her smiling my way i smiled back an sipped my beer. I got up to head to the bathroom i went in the house to the basement bathroom as i walked out there she was standing smiling. I smile an say "its a great party your f****y has here" she giggles an reply "yes its fun as she does walking forward her hand slowly slides down her checks rubbing her breast. My cock ached in my boxers as she stands in front of me an says i know you want me shocked all i can do is nod an turn red. She then reaches grabbing my bulge gropping it thru my shorts mmmmmmmmmmmm very big she says as she fumbles with my belt pulling my cock out with a shocking look as she see's her first ever black cock. I moan as she grips it an drops to her knees taking the head in her mouth. leaning back against the wall i hold her head moaning feeling her eagerly begin to work my cock. I slide my hips as she sucks an strokes i look down seeing my best friends s****r working my cock i moan an groan louder as she slurp an slobbers my big full balls fulling with a massive load. she pulls off my cock an strokes begging for me to cum. I pulled her mouth to my cock moaning keep sucking me deep. I moan as i slid more an more of my cock in as she sucked an stroked. Soon my body was getting tense an i could feel my cock ready to blow. As i just about say im cumming she pulls out an my cock explodes shooting spurt after spurt on her face over her head in her hair as i throb. Moaning loudly as i erupted she sucks as my balls empty my cum running down her face. catching my breath she stands licking her lips she looks at me an says "ive been waiting for that" Smiling knowing this wasnt the last time we would play together. She went in the bathroom to clean up i went back out to the party.
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1 year ago
Nice Story!