Working Away From Home

Im an engineer by trade and my job sometimes takes me to different parts of the country, customers want me to design a specific peice of machinery for them.

I had an appointment with a firm just on the outskirts of Manchester, my company had booked me into a nice hotel for 3 nights whilst i was up there.

After my first days work i went back to my hotel and had a shower, got dressed and set out to find a nice restuarant for my evening meal, the consierge had suggested i went a particular restuarant that he new and gave me directions.

I got there it seemed very nice sat down at a table ordered a drink and a meal, after about 5 mins this woman came in, she looked gorgeous long shapely legs, high heels short black skirt just above her knees,a red top that you could just see her bra through, she sat at the table opposite me but facing me.

I could not help but keep looking at her long legs and she caught me looking 2-3 times and just smiled at me so i kept on looking, my dinner turned up and i asked the waiter to fetch this beautiful woman a drink, he went away and brought her back the drink and told her it was from me.

She looked at me smiled and said thank you, i said if you are on your own perhaps we can have our meal together, with this she stood up and sat opposite me on my table.

We started to talk and her meal turned up. as we sat there talking and eating she told me her name was Sandra,but she was a girl with a little twist, this got my mind racing and after some more probing she said she was a shemale, wow all my luck has come at once, we started talking about our sexual likes and i told her that i had taken a cock up my arse and would love to try it again, the meal ended very quikly after this and very soon we were on our was back to my hotel.

We entered the room i pored her a drink and sat on the couch, i lent over and we started to kiss very gently, parting each others lips and swapping tounges, god my cock was bursting out of my trousers, she started to rub my bulge and my hand started up her stocking clad leg which parted allowing me easy acces to the bulge in her red knickers.

We were both starting to rip each others clothes off and i was down to my boxer shorts, Sandras skirt was off her blouse was open to the waist her bra was above her lovely tits when we went through to the bedroom.

We fell on the bed and very soon i was naked and Sandra only kept on her stockings and suspenders and her high heels, i saw her gorgeous cock it was as thick as mine but a lot longer it must have been over 8 inches, i went down on that gorgeous pole with my mouth and statred sucking it for all i was worth.

We stayed in the 69 position for about 10 minutes, the feeling of pure lust was washing over me, i needed to feel this cock deep in my arse, i asked Sandra to please take me use my arse, she got up opened my legs reached into her handbag and took out a tube of lube and rubbed it around my arse, slowely pushing in a finger, then 2, i was in heaven.

Sandra said well are you sure you want my cock, i begged her to fuck me, please Sandra use my arse, with this i felt the large head of her cock at the entrance of my hole she leant forward applying a little pressure as her cock head broke into my arse, she waited for a while then pushed a little more in and out until i could feel her balls touching my arse i was in heaven frantically pulling on my rock hard cock that was ousing pre cum like a river.

Sandra looked at me and said im going give you the fucking that you want Barry and started to fuck me fast and hard, i was in heaven, Sandra was starting to really go at it and i could feel her cock getting bigger,i said Sandra when you want to cum please explode in my mouth, she just nodded and kept fucking my arse, my hand was working like a piston on my cock.

Sandra let out a moan, pulled her gorgeous cock from my well used arse with a plop and moved up my body to my waiting open mouth, i could see the head of her cock was bursting as she was squeezing her cock, i took that gorgeouse cock into my mouth as it started to throb and felt the first squirts of her orgasm hit the back of my mouth, at this point my own cock just exploded, my cum came rushing out as i have never seen me shoot so much cum before, i kept swallowing Sandras cum until her cock went soft and i licked and cleaned it for her.

We both fell onto the bed and started kissing again,both mixed in each others swet and cum, you could smell our sexual exploits in the air the aroma was turning me on as we kissed deeper and stared touching each other,needles to say Sandra stayed the night and met me each night i went back to my hotel until i finished my job.

We have met a few times since and i introduced her to my wife Barbara, but thats another story.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

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4 months ago
Excellent story. I always wonder whar sex with a shemale would be like
5 months ago
wish you would write more stories!!!
6 months ago
quick quick we want the other story ..................
8 months ago
Wish I had her for dessert!!!
1 year ago
great sotry.. got me horny.. wishing I was there
1 year ago
a dream
2 years ago
great story..what about barbara?
2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
Nice story, lucky you picked the right restaurant. Or maybe the concierge knew something.. ;-)
2 years ago
Tremendous story - I wish I was in the restaurant when she walked in and sat opposite
2 years ago
wooow coool
3 years ago
hot!! love to have sex with a shemale!
3 years ago
Take me with you next time?
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice story, lucky dude
3 years ago
mmm very good and yes enjoyed it very much, i was hard all through it, would love to hear about the time with your wife mmm