My 40 year old fiancée Suzie lived about 250 miles from me. Our engagement was the result of a year long long-distance relationship.

Her parents were wealthy, lived in an elite suburb and held f****y gatherings on every holiday. The summer ones were the best, because they were held around the f****y swimming pool.

Suzie's was a f****y of women. She had two older s****rs. They ranged in age from the mid forties to forty (Suzie was the baby).

Her father was quite a bit older than her mother, ages 79 and 63 respectively. Suzie is always talking about and describing her siblings and parents, along with warnings about how to get along with them.

The oldest s****r, Christine, is smart and likes to argue and flirt and generally be the center of attention whenever men are around. The next oldest, MaryAnn, is a sweet gal and divorced from an abusive husband. Her father, a retired bank president, was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's.

Her mother, like her eldest s****r, liked to be the center of attention and was oddly competitive with her daughters in this regard. She was strict and unfeeling towards the girls when they were growing up, but treated the girl's boyfriends and male cousins as though they were young princes, lavishing praise and treats on them. Suzie thinks mom wanted a son, but never got one.

Physically, the four women resembled each other, all brunettes, Christine being taller and thinner, MaryAnn being kind of plump, Suzie was the most attractive (in my biased opinion). She stood medium height, had medium sized breasts, an amazing smile, broader gymnast shoulders, and a full ass that turned heads at the supermarket.

Their mother, who insisted I call her Mom, looked like an older version of Suzie, the difference being she was slightly shorter, had larger breasts, a little more ass, wore glasses, and had graying hair. She could have been the three girl's older s****r.

Suzie says Mom looked like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with salt & pepper hair. Mom dressed like June Cleaver (Beaver's mom) and carried herself in a cultured manner.

Suzie was about the most sexual woman I had ever met, multi-orgasmic, always wanting to talk about this or that sexual fantasy, some fulfilled, others yet to be.

According to her, this hyper sexuality was a trait she shared with her s****rs, and, she joked, probably her mother as well, at least perhaps when she was a bit younger. The girls referred to it as "The f****y Curse."

This particular occasion for getting together was the Fourth of July. I drove the 250 miles to attend the obligatory event. It was to a sunny afternoon poolside BBQ, with swimming, eating, beer and drinks.

Suzie's two teenage c***dren were spending the holiday weekend at their father's (she is divorced), so it was the two of us, along with her s****rs, their husbands/boyfriends, and mom and dad.

Neither Suzie nor I liked to drink and drive, but Suzie insisted we indulge to be more sociable and make the day less boring. Her mother and father don't drink. When the subject came up, her mother offered to drive us back to Suzie's, about 20 miles away, if neither of us felt fit to drive home later.

This particular day everyone was in high spirits, drinking, swimming, eating, talking, and joking. The three s****rs all looked great in their swimsuits, all forgetting their ages and acting like college k**s around the pool. I swear Suzie and Christine would make great centerfolds for some "Adult Mature" magazine.

Her mother and father cooked up quite a feast at the grill. After we had our meal, MaryAnn and her boyfriend said their goodbyes and left. About 8:30 that evening her mother and father retired indoors, leaving Christine, her husband, Suzie and I to drinking and talking about old times.

I had never before seen Suzie drink much more than a couple of glasses of wine. That day she drank quite a bit, preferring Margaritas, mixing them for herself and Christine. We three guys had been drinking beer, but it ran out about the time her s****r and boyfriend left, so the guys switched to rum and coke.

It was getting kind of late and around 11:00 PM Suzie's mother came outside to visit with us. Apparently she had put the old man to bed around nine o'clock and decided to be naughty and have one Margarita with us.

She convinced Suzie and I to stay the night, telling us to sl**p in the extra bedroom where we had all been changing into and out of our swimsuits. Suzie didn't need much convincing. She had quickly gone from being the life of the party to being barely able to hold her head up.

Christine and her husband soon departed as they lived nearby, leaving just the three of us and it seemed the night would soon come to a close. Suzie convinced her mother to have one more Margarita, the alcohol apparently causing Suzie to take more liberty with her mother than usual. Her mother obliged and seemed to be getting little tipsy herself.

Suddenly the alcohol hit Suzie hard. She went over near the fence and threw up, but then said she was ok. She lay down in a lawn chair and passed out cold. Her mother went over and checked on her and said we'd soon have to put Suzie to bed.

Mom sat back down and sipped on her drink while talking my ear off about various episodes in the raising of three girls.

She recounted a time when the girls were in high school and she had to strictly enf***e the rule of never letting them leave the house without wearing a bra. She said they would die if they'd heard her telling me that, and laughed.

I mentioned how nice the pool was and Mom said we were welcome to come over to swim anytime. She said it hardly got used anymore, but occasionally she liked to slip out on warm summer nights and skinny dip while looking up at the stars.

She told me this in strict confidence and made me promise never to breathe a word of it to Suzie. We both had a good laugh over this.

The alcohol was bringing out a silly side of her I had never witnessed before. She told me Suzie and I should come over late some night and skinny dip, after the old man went to bed, of course. She said a bomb could go off and he wouldn't awaken. She said she promised she wouldn't peek, and we laughed again.

It was time for Suzie to go to bed. I picked her up and carried her into the house while Mom held the doors for me. Afterwards, Mom said she was kind of a night owl and went into the front room to watch television.

Being wide awake myself, I said goodnight, but instead of going to bed, I went back out to the pool area to smoke a cigarette and polish off my rum and coke. I had the notion I might have a quiet swim later, after I saw all the lights go out and everyone was in bed.

I sat at the patio table facing the back of the brick house for what seemed a long time, but probably only about a half an hour or so. I then saw what looked like a light being turned off from the side of the house, probably the kitchen. A few moments later, something else caught my attention.

The windows that were nearest the pool on the ground floor were from an unused bedroom. I wouldn't even have noticed it had I not been looking at the house, about 30 feet away.

The louvered vertical blinds of the windows nearest to me were slowly being turned opened. As it was dark inside the room, I couldn't see who was doing it, but thought perhaps Suzie had awakened and was looking for me. Either that or Suzie's mother was inside checking up on me.

Then I saw the lights come on from the next room over, her parent's bedroom. Those vertical blinds were closed so I couldn't see in, but the light coming from across the hallway somewhat illuminated the other bedroom with the open blinds. I didn't see anyone in there.

I could see the shadow of a person moving around in the parent's bedroom, and then the light went out. I assumed everyone had now gone to bed.

Then the light was switched on in the unused bedroom with the open blinds

Suzie's mother walked in. Dressed in the same belted type print housedress she had been wearing earlier, she slowly walked over to the closet doors and opened them and began to look at the hanging clothes.

She didn't appear to be in any hurry, first shifting her weight to one hip, then the other. Apparently not finding what she was looking for, she walked over to a dresser and began opening and looking in the drawers. She took several items from drawers, looked at them and then put them back.

Finally, she took something out and set it on the bed. She walked back over to the bedroom door and very slowly shut it, appearing to not want to make any sound. Facing the window but not looking in that direction, she began to undue the belt to her dress.

The 63 year old woman undid the belt from her trim waist, then began to unbutton her dress from the top down. She paused at the button between her breasts, seeming to have a little difficulty with it.

She appeared to be breathing quite heavily, her breasts rising and falling with each breath. She got it at last and continued on.

After the last button, she took the dress off one shoulder, then the other and let it fall to the floor. Her panties and bra looked like something a younger woman would wear, more Suzie's taste.

She reached behind and undid her bra, pulling it off. Her tits were larger than Suzie's and they jiggled as she folded the bra and laid it on the bed. Then she bent over and picked up the dress, laying it on the bed as well.

She slowly shimmied out of her panties, standing a little straighter up than natural while doing so. She had some bush between her thighs, but it well trimmed.

She turned away and bent over, giving me full view of her round ass while she took the panties off one foot, then the other.

Completely nude, she walked back over and shut the closet doors. The folding doors both had full length mirrors, giving me both front and back views at the same time. Wow.

She acted a bit confused or distracted. Walking back over to the bed, she picked something up and walked back over in front of the closet mirrors.

She had a one piece bathing suit, kind of a shiny silver or gray color. She held it up to herself as if trying to decide what it would look like on her.

She stepped into it and pulled it on. Tight fit, low cut back, tits bulging out the front, she carefully tucked everything into place.

She stood there looking in the mirror and for a moment I had the illusion her reflection was looking directly at me.

She slowly opened the bedroom door, looked up and down the hallway, and then switched the light off. Then it dawned on me. She was going for a swim!

I turned my chair around away from the house so it faced the pool. Playing dumb was all I could think to do.

From the side of the house I faintly heard the door open then shut, then the soft padding of bare feet along the paved walkway. She opened the chain link gate stepped in and shut it, then walked towards where I was.

Only the dim underwater light illuminated the blue pool bottom and sides, but the moonlight was bright enough that the small pine trees cast shadows. You could hardly miss Mom wearing that almost fluorescent silver bathing suit.

I was aware I had a raging hard on, so I crossed my legs and sat in such a way that it wouldn't be readily seen.

When she saw me she whispered "Oh, are you are still up? Fancy meeting you here mister!" and quietly laughed.

It seemed kind of naughty, talking quietly like we didn't want anyone to hear.

She said, "I just checked on Suzie and she's sl**ping soundly, I even shook her shoulder to see if she was ok, but she was dead to the world. I'll bet she'll feel awful tomorrow."

Then she said "My hip was aching so I decided on a warm swim. It usually helps."

As she spoke she rubbed her hand along her right hip while turning towards the pool. She was standing so close I could have bent forward and bit her ass cheek.

She knew how close she was too and stood there for an unnaturally long time, as if deliberating what she would do next, facing away from me.

She had to know my eyes were moving up and down her. They were practically blocked from looking anywhere else. For a moment I wondered if she expected me to reach over and rub her aching hip. With her bare ass cheeks showing from under the tight suit, it was tempting.

Then she very ladylike walked away towards the pool, one foot in front of the other, very sexy. She descended the steps into the pool, all the way cooing about how warm the water was and how good it felt.

She drifted around the pool a bit, floating on her back and paddling in such a way as to thrust her breasts out of the water as far as possible. She rolled onto her stomach and seemed to stare at me as she swam across the pool towards me doing the breast stroke.

She said, "This feels as good as you-know-what, well almost," and giggled quietly, then added, "Gawd, if the girls heard me say that they'd die. I must be a little tipsy."

She walked up the poolside steps and sat down on the top step, the water just to her waist. She said, "This is my favorite spot, you HAVE to try it."

I arranged my hardon up towards my belly button so that it wouldn't be too conspicuous, stood up and walked over there.

I was wearing a loose fitting cotton shirt and trousers, no shoes. I rolled my pant legs over my knees and sat on the poolside with my feet in the water.

We were fairly close, but she said "Are you going to sit way over there? How are we gonna talk?"

I slid over towards her a bit more and she said, "Oh I see, afraid of getting a little wet are we?"

I said, "No, not really, but if you hadn't noticed, you're wearing a swimsuit, I'm not".

She said, "Oh silly boy, is that all? Slip them clothes off and get in, I won't see anything I've never seen before---no, no, I'll close my eyes."

I felt so excited my ears were ringing. Suddenly the idea of her watching me undress aroused me as much as her little strip show earlier.

I stood up and removed my shirt. She giggled and held her hands to her eyes, turning way.

She didn't watch, but as I took my pants off, she said, "By the way, was that a roll of quarters in your pocket, or were you just happy to see me?"

She laughed, a little too loud, but she held her finger to her mouth and said, "Shush you shameful old lady."

I took a seat on the top step next to her. She turned towards me and looked down at my hard cock poking above the water. She quickly turned away, tilting her head towards the night sky.

"Oh my goodness!" She said, "We REALLY need to move down to the next step!"

We both slid down one, the water coming to just below her tits. Her mood suddenly changed. She seemed to be regretting the situation we found ourselves in and looked at me with tears in her eyes.

She said, "I'm so sorry; you won't ever tell Suzie what a shameless mother she has, will you?"

I said, "Of course not. You wouldn't tell her what a shameless fiancé she has, would you?"

At that her mood improved considerably. She whispered, "Never! It will be our little secret".

After several minutes of just sitting there, looking up at the sky, she said, "Tell me a secret as we sit here in the moonlight, something really naughty you've done, the naughtier the better, but it has to be true, promise?"

I said, "Ok, but you have to confess something naughty to me in return." She smiled and shook her head yes.

I said, "About ten years ago, my ex wife caught me cheating with another woman. She came home early from a trip and caught us in the act, right in her own bed. My ex was a very straight-laced woman, so I was shocked to hear that as punishment, and the only way to keep the marriage together, I had to watch her have sex with another man."

"Oh my gosh, really?" She said, "Did she go through with it?"

"Yes.", I said, "I had to sit on a chair in our bedroom closet with the door ajar when she came home with her young stud in tow. They came in there and they did everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!"

I continued, "I have to tell you, I had never seen my wife so sexually aroused. I'm afraid I also got very turned on by the whole thing. My ex later confessed that what turned her on the most was knowing I was watching. She made me promise that we would never speak about it again."

Mom's mouth opened wide in disbelief. She was breathing very heavily; the story seemed to have her beside herself. She put one hand to her heart, her other hand slipped below the water towards the top of her thighs.

She said, "Not to pry into the details too much, but did you watch her, uh, well, you know..."

"Suck his cock?" I interrupted. Her eyes got wide awaiting my reply.

"Oh hell yes, she sucked him, fucked him, and then took his load right in the mouth when he finished. I couldn't bring myself to kiss her for a week."

I interrupted her next question and told her now it was time for her true confession.

She said, "Well ok, here goes." She took a deep breath to calm herself.

"I haven't had sex with a man in ten years. I've always considered myself a very sexual person."

She paused for a few moments, and then continued. "Since I first met you, I've masturbated practically every day thinking of having sex with you, having you watch me undress---and other things. I confess I have a rich imagination."

"Does that make me crazy, or some kind of pervert?" She asked.

I smiled and answered, "No, not at all, that's pretty normal. A lot of people have rich fantasy lives." I put my hand on her shoulder, fingering her bathing suit strap.

She continued, "I have to tell you---I've never given or received oral sex, my husband didn't believe in it, so I fantasize a lot about that too."

She slowly glanced down to my cock, then back into my eyes.

Then I said, "Wait a minute, I told you about something that happened and you are only telling me about things you imagined happening. Are you saying you've never actually done anything you consider naughty?"

She said, "Ok, you got me. I'll tell you a real secret. Earlier tonight, before I came out here, I, uh, well, deliberately stripped nude in the window, knowing you were out here and would see me!"

Then I asked, "did that excite you?'

She replied, "I came out here, didn't I? I knew it was so risky I got Goosebumps, but I just couldn't stop myself."

I slowly stood up. My throbbing erection was staring her directly in the face. She stared at my cock, licking her lips, and her hand slowly came towards it. "Can I touch it?" she asked.

I nodded my head yes. Her hand went over it gently fondling and squeezing. Her other hand seemed equally pleased cupping my balls, lifting then up and down like weighing them.

Her mouth came towards it and she said, "Can I taste it?"

I pulled back just before her lips touched and said, "Yes, but not yet, stand up!"

She stood and I took her hand and walked her back towards the chairs. About half way I stopped, turned towards her and took hold of her bathing suit shoulder straps.

I pulled them off her shoulders, then down more, exposing her breasts. She seemed to catch her breath.

"Be careful with those" she said. "They are SO sensitive!"

She shuddered in an involuntary spasm when I bent down and gently sucked one of her bullet hard nipples, then the other.

I got on my knees and pulled the suit slowly down past her pussy. I let a finger slide gently over her pussy lips and was surprised how much of her natural wetness was there, especially for a woman her age.

I stood up and walked around behind her, she began to turn towards me but I told her to stand still.

I rubbed both hands down her back and over her ass cheeks, and then slid a finger down from behind to gently touch her wet pussy again, and she bucked in a spasm of pleasure.

I whispered in her ear, "Mom, I'm gonna lick your pussy until you cum."
She whispered, "Oh yes baby, lick my pussy, then let Mom suck your big cock."

I asked, "You going to suck it dry?"

She whispered "I'm gonna swallow every drop of your man-juice baby!"

Our hands were all over each other; she knelt and took my cock deep into her mouth, sucking hard.

I had to literally pull her off of it, her lips making a wet popping sound when they released, and I pushed her over to the padded recliner.

She sat down and her mouth attacked my cock again. I pulled away so I could lay her down and spread her legs.

I wasn't two minutes into licking her clit and finger fucking her before she was crying tears, saying, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, gawd, I'm cumming!"

She was getting a little too loud and I was afraid someone might hear. She was in a trance, oblivious.

I thrust my cock into her pussy and her hips were bucking as hard as mine. She lifted her legs up so high her knees almost touched her shoulders.

For a moment I was concerned she might hurt her bad hip, but then I thought this is probably the cure she needed.

While I was fucking her, I put a finger to her mouth and said, "Show me how you can suck off another man while I fuck you."

She sucked hungrily, first on one finger, then three at once.

I pulled them out of her mouth and said, "Are you gonna be my little fuck toy?"

She gasped, "Yes, yes, momma's gonna be your little fuck toy."

And I said, "And do lots of naughty things?"

And she gasped, "Oh yes, yes, anything---oh god I'm cumming again!"

When her orgasm subsided, I pulled out and lay on my back. She knelt over me so her mouth was above my cock, opened wide, stuck her tongue out and said, "Fuck momma's mouth baby, fuck my mouth!"

Her tits jiggled furiously as her head pumped with her mouth clamped tightly on the shaft. It actually did feel like I was fucking her mouth and the harder I pumped, the more she liked it. I was amazed that after all her fucking and orgasms, she was humping my legs as she sucked.

I started cumming. She didn't miss a beat, and her mouth squeezed my shaft tightly. She squealed and swallowed, again and again.

A little white cum trickled out the side of her mouth, but she caught that with her hungry tongue.

She knelt there, panting to catch her breath, looking at the head of my cock.

She said, "Oh gawd I love the taste of cum!"

We both fell back exhausted. She looked over at me and said, "Do you think we can do this again?"

I said, "Oh yes, that was the best!"

She looked at me, truly surprised and said, "Really? You aren't just saying that?"

I winked and said, "The best, without exception."

She got a broad grin and with a naughty giggle said, "Imagine what my girls would think of that!"
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1 year ago
Great start, where's the rest of it? No sequel?
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Send her my way
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omg that was awesome. i wanked my heart out reading it
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Fantastic story. Would love to hear more.
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Mmmm, Great Story... reading this story made my Cock Sooo thick Hard & Erect that HAD to drop my pants down around my ankles and with a Firm Grip, I Squezed my Thick Pulsating Dick, Stroking and Jerking Off until I Spurted, Spewed & Ooozed Sticky CUM on the Floor!
Naughty Johnny in California... You wanna See it?

I Like Jerking Off & Doit a LOT:
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This was a great story
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Love it! Very realistic.
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Very hot, very real. Excellent!
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I would love to get into a situation like that!