This is my real story.


I was introduced to sex by my cousin s****r at a very young age... She used to suck my cock and then she used to shove it in her ass. i was totally unaware of all this but with the passage of time get my cock sucked and ass fucking became my passion. When i see a nice ass i can't controll myself.

I got married when i was 25 years old this was 15 years back. Soon after my marriage i used to fantasy about my wife's elder s****r's round pretty ass. It took me about two years to have her ass fucked for the first time and now its been over 13 years we have atleast twice a month ass bang session. (by d way tomorrow i am going to fuck her ass again and shall try to take pics and make some video with my iphone and than upload it).

My s****r in law and her husband to much party party couple but my wife doesn't like all this and i used to go with them alone to drink/dance parties. In parties we used to drink and dance and during that i used to touch her ass but behaving (i used to be afraid of her) as it is accidental and than i used to think and enjoy that feel of her round ass. To my luck one fine night we were dancing and drinking in a party she told me to accompany her to the bathroom. I fealt that she is bit more tippsy that night as soon as we entered in the room where bathroom was i just hugged her and sealed her lips with my lips and started rubbing her cunt. She was in a kind of shock but as she was tippsy she tried to stop me but never pushed me so i carried on with my advancements.

The moment i fealt she is ready i put my cock in her cunt and fucked her... After fucking her we cleaned ourselves during all that time she was sort of confused. After cleaned she said to me you know it's not right and you shouldnot have done this. First i told her that i am sorry i was not in my control being d***k than i asked her why the hell she let me do it she told me that she wanted to f***efull stop me but as she was a bit d***k too she also lost her control. Few more sentences like this i started kissing her and made her realise that i like her since day one and may be if she would have unmarried i would have marry her. When i fealt now she is normal i took promise from her that now we shall continue our discrete relationship which she agreed too and we left the room.

As this was a discreate kind relationship so initialy we used to book room in a hotel few drinks and then nice fuck.. My biggest problem was she never liked sucking cock and ass fucking and my passion was to get sucked and ass fuck. It took me months to make her realise how crazy i am about her ass during this time i also realised that she has the potential to become a sex slave. (AS SHE HAS BECOME NOW THOUGH SHE IS MORE FAT BUT I FIST IN HER CUNT, MAKE HER LICK MY CUM, FUCK HER ASS, I FIST HER WHEN SHE PEE (SHE LOVES IT NOW), WE LOOK FOR YOUNG GIRLS AND YOUNG BOYS).

TO BE CONTINUED..........................
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3 years ago
this turned me on thanks
3 years ago
go for it tiger
3 years ago
you have to continue