The Humiliation of My Wife

Chapter 1

My wife Sally and I have had a pretty interesting marriage thus far. We had dated/been engaged for just over a year before we finally got married. And for the first year of the marriage, things were great. We had sex frequently, and to try and keep things exciting, we would often try new things to add variety to our sex lives. Sometimes it was just a matter of trying new locations, or perhaps new sexual positions. But the thing that seemed to rev both our engines the most was when we broke out of our molds and did some minor roleplaying.

Before I get any further into my tale, I need to describe my wife to you. Sally is a beautiful woman. She's 25 years old, 5'6" tall and weighs a slim 115lbs. She has striking brown hair that reaches to her shoulder blades and the most gorgeous blue eyes. Her frame is a curvaceous 36C-25-34 and her breasts are topped off by these nipples, that when hard, stick out and proclaim themselves to the world. My wife, for reasons which remain unknown to me, does not feel she is overly attractive, and will usually tend to wear looser, baggier clothing when she is out in public.

The moment in which our lives took a turn that neither of us could have anticipated, was early last summer. We had only been married a year and were still enjoying each other's company, both in and out of the bed. The evening was particularly warm and a bit muggy as well. It was one of those evenings where the humidity was high enough that you would think to yourself that it was probably going to rain later that evening.

Our home is in a nice suburb on a large piece of land which allows us the luxury of having a row of trees on either side of the house, effectively giving a buffer between our neighbours. Because of this privacy, we will often lounge around the house naked or have sex wherever we please and usually don't worry about closing windows or pulling blinds. On this particular evening, we were lounging in bed naked, not in a particular hurry to do anything because of the heat and humidity. We were having a light hearted conversation interspersed with some light petting here and there.

At some point, my wife made a particularly cheeky comment and I playfully swatted her on her naked ass. What I wasn't expecting was her response. Her face immediately flushed red and she let out a breathy "ooohhhh", and then she hung her head down and wouldn't look at me. With a rush of excitement, I decided to see how far she would let me go with this.

Sitting at the edge of the bed I sternly replied, "Young lady, for that terrible comment, you've earned yourself a spanking. Now get over my knee THIS INSTANT, or your punishment will be doubled."

Sally nearly leapt up off the bed and was laying across my lap before I even had a chance to blink. I had dreamt and fantasized of this moment for a long time, and had really never thought it would ever become a reality. Seeing my beautiful naked wife sprawled across my lap, offering me that gorgeous ass for a spanking, was more than my cock could take. I had an instant hard-on which I'm sure was poking painfully into my wife's belly.

Not knowing how far my wife would let me go with this, I applied the first few swats lightly on each cheek. When she didn't seem to protest, and in fact, appeared to be thrusting her ass up into the air to meet each smack, I gradually began exerting more and more f***e with each spank. After about 20 swats on each cheek, they began to take on a rosy glow. The sight of my wife's rapidly reddening ass only egged me on further, and I began spanking her with increasing f***e.

The harder I hit my wife's ass, the more she seemed to respond and thrust her ass back up into the air to meet the next spank. Soon I was practically wailing away on my wife's ass. It was now a deep red and I knew it had to be getting pretty painful, as my wife would now cry out an "OW" or "AAHHH" with each hit, but, nevertheless, would continue to thrust her ass right back up for the next strike.

The louder my wife would cry out, the harder I seemed to hit, yet she never once asked me to stop. In fact I noticed that as I continued my torture upon her now deep red ass, her legs began to part and I got my first glimpse off her beautiful pussy and asshole. Seeing this treasure seemed to push me to greater heights and, though my arm was beginning to tire, I renewed my efforts on her ass. As I was pummeling that gorgeous behind, my wife was now moaning out a constant "oowwww, ahhhhhh" and her legs continued to get further and further apart.

The feeling of dominating my wife was such a rush to me, greater than anything I had ever imagined, that I began to feel myself losing control of the moment. Without even thinking about it, I landed a hard smack directly on her now very exposed pussy. With a screech my wife's head shot back and let out an awful howl of pain, but she didn't ask me to stop and in fact spread her legs even further apart, offering me a greater target. Taking this as my cue to continue, I began to alternate strikes between her ass and her pussy.

With each smack to her pussy she would howl like a banshee, but she never once closed her legs. It was at this point that I noticed that my left leg was starting to get wet with pussy juice. The harder I hit my wife's pussy, the more wet she became, until my left leg was absolutely soaked and my hand was coming away drenched from each spank on the pussy. It suddenly dawned upon me that I wasn't the only one who appeared to be enjoying this spanking. My fucking wife was getting turned on having her ass and pussy spanked!! I couldn't believe it. This was beyond my wildest dream. This new revelation only spurred me on further. If I thought I had lost control before, I was definitely out of control now.

I was now beating my wife's ass and pussy with all my might and began hollering at her, "You deserve to have your ass spanked, don't you? You've been a very bad girl. Acting like a slut. You need this don't you?"

Between shrieks of pain, my wife would holler out a yes after each question and would begin screaming, "Yes, beat this slut's ass. I deserve to have my pussy spanked." She also began to grind her pussy against my leg between swats. After several more smacks on an ass which was now almost purple in color, her screams of pain began to turn into guttural grunts, like the sounds she makes when she's nearing orgasm. I realized that, not only was my wife enjoying the spanking, but she was actually getting off on the pain from it.

After several more vicious smacks to her pussy, my wife's body suddenly went rigid, her head shot back with her mouth wide open in the shape of an 'O', and she began to shriek, "AAAAAAAHHHHH, I'M CUMMING", over and over. Her eyes then rolled up and into the back of her head and her body began to shake violently to the point that she shook herself right off my lap and onto the floor.

After about a minute of convulsions, Sally slowly began to come around and take notice of her surroundings again. I could see her face was flushed with the exertion of the orgasm and she still kept her eyes downcast. Truthfully, I had never seen my wife cum that hard ever, and to be quite honest with you, the whole scene was a real turn on for me too.

Still in the moment and in no particular hurry to have it end, and having a hard-on which was rapidly becoming painful from my heightened arousal and prolonged hardness, I decided to see if I could take this game to the next level. Without really giving it any thought I stood up in front of her and in a very stern voice scolded her, "Now look at what you have done, you slut. You've soaked my leg in your cunt juice and given me a very painful hard-on. You had better be prepared to fix that problem, or you'll find yourself right back over my knee for another spanking. Is that understood, Slut?"

A very quiet, "Yes sir."

"Now get on your knees, cunt. We're finally going to put that mouth to good use." Without any hesitation, my wife scrambled up onto her knees and sat there looking expectantly up at me. Now you need to understand something at this point. Up until now, my wife had never had a man's cock in her mouth, and had in fact once confided to me that she found the thought of it kind of disgusting.

I reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair and rudely informed her that, "From now on Slut, whenever I grab your hair, you will open your mouth and leave it that way until I tell you otherwise." She immediately complied. I left her like that for several seconds, just basking in the moment. Here was my beautiful wife who, only an hour ago would never have considered putting a cock in her mouth, was now kneeling at my feet, mouth held wide open with my red swollen cock bobbing inches away from her face.

Finally, I could wait no longer. I took a step forward and placed my cock for the first time into Sally's mouth. She immediately closed her lips and began trying to suck me off. However, not wanting to lose control of the moment, and still enjoying the control I had over my now submissive wife, I began to thrust my cock in and out of her mouth. Taking a firm grip on her hair, I held her head steady and began to fuck her mouth as if it was a pussy. After several more strokes, each becoming more insistent than the last, I finally felt my cock bump the back of her mouth.

Immediately, Sally began to gag, and the sound of her gagging on my cock, only served to turn me on further. Completely in control now, and loving the sensation of dominating my wife, I began to fuck her mouth in earnest. Each thrust now pushed my cock against the back of my wife's mouth causing her to gag repeatedly. Eventually, I began to thrust even harder until I finally felt my cock pop into my wife's throat. When that happened, I immediately stopped and held my cock there, enjoying the sensations and the panicked look on my wife's face. Her eyes were wide open with fear as she now couldn't breath with my cock firmly lodged in the back of her throat. After holding it there for several more seconds, I eventually pulled out enough to allow her to breathe, but only for a short while before I thrust back in again and was once again down her throat. I began to alternate my strokes in and out of her mouth. Sometimes I would fuck my wife's throat with hard rapid thrusts, and at other times I would push my cock all the way down her throat and hold it there for several seconds.

Through my lust induced haze I began to notice my wife's breathing becoming more rapid, and that was when I noticed that she had her hands buried between her legs and was rubbing furiously against her swollen pussy. The harder and deeper I fucked her throat, the faster her hands would move against her pussy. Eventually, they were almost a blur, they were moving that quickly.

I again began to verbally berate my wife as I fucked her mouth. "That's right you whore. Take that cock down your throat. You know you deserve to be treated this way. This is how sluts like you need to be treated, isn't it?" With my cock firmly lodged in her throat, Sally could only nod her head yes. Taking this as my cue to continue, I continued my verbal assault. "I should have done this a long time ago. A slut like you needs to have her ass and cunt regularly beaten. And you had better get used to having your mouth used like this, because I'm going to be using it whenever I please."

The combination of having her throat ****d so brutally and of being verbally abused was too much for my wife and she once again began to cum. Sally had never had more than one orgasm in a night, and here she was having a second one so soon after the first. Her eyes once again rolled into the back of her head and she began to moan throatily around my cock, which was still lodged deeply in her throat. It was all too much for me and I felt my own orgasm begin to build. As it was for my wife, my own orgasm was also one of the strongest I had ever experienced up to that point in my life.

With one final thrust, I buried my cock deeply into her throat until my balls were resting against Sally's chin. I let loose the first few spurts of cum deeply into her throat, forcing her to swallow it before I quickly pulled out and began to shoot the remainder of my cum all over my wife's face and in her hair. I had never given her, or any woman for that matter, a facial before, and I have to say the feeling of it was quite overwhelming. I came more in that moment than I had ever come before. By the end of it, I was so weak in my legs I had to finally let go of her hair and sit back on the edge of the bed to prevent me from falling to the floor.

As I was catching my breath, I looked over at my wife to gauge her reaction to everything that had happened tonight, and that was when I had another shock for the evening. My wife was in her own little world, happily wiping the cum off her face and hungrily sucking it into her mouth. When she had eaten all the cum she could from her own face, she crawled over to between my legs and tentatively began to lick my now softening cock, cleaning it of any residual cum.

With a final lick of her lips, Sally sat back on her heels and waited quietly at my feet. My mind was filled with thoughts and emotions about what had happened here this evening. It was certainly the most erotic and sexually charged night of my life, and I'm pretty sure it was too for my wife, judging by her reactions. I had had fantasies about dominating women over the years, but had never really expected it to ever become a reality. Yet here I sat this evening, with my wife patiently kneeling between my legs, after having had her ass and pussy brutally beaten, her throat viciously ****d, and then given a final, humiliating facial.

The overpoweringly erotic feelings I got when I dominated and humiliated my wife was unlike any experience I had ever had before, and I didn't want it to end. I decided to see if this was also something my wife wanted to

continue doing. Believing that maybe my wife would be more truthful with me if I remained in my dominant role, I began to question her in my best domineering and scornful voice.

"You enjoyed having your ass and cunt spanked, didn't you Slut?"

A slight pause, before Sally meekly answered "Yes sir." Her face began to redden with embarrassment and her head hung low as she intently stared at the floor at my feet.

"And you also liked it when I used your mouth and throat to bring me off?"

Again a very quiet, "Yes sir."

"And you wanted me to use your face as my cum receptacle, didn't you?"

"Yes, sir."

I already knew the answer to my next question, but I knew that she needed to hear herself say it aloud before she could truly be free to act on it. I asked a very risky question which very easily could have back-fired on me. "Now I want you to be absolutely truthful with me Slut, or what you experienced here tonight will never happen again. Do you understand?"

A slow nod of her head.

"I want you to tell me that darkest secret you've been keeping to yourself all this time about what it is that really turns you on." I practically held my breath as I anxiously awaited her answer.

After what seemed an eternity, Sally's shoulders visibly slumped as if she'd been released from some great weight she had been carrying for a long time, and answered in a voice so quiet, I had to strain to hear the answer. "I get turned on by being used and humiliated."

I practically had to restrain myself from jumping up and doing a victory dance or something equally as stupid. But those words were magic to my ears. Not wanting to lose the momentum for fear of my wife getting cold feet, I immediately pressed on. "Do you want these experiences to continue, Slut?"

A small nod of the head followed by a quiet, "Yes, sir."

"Good. Then you will be required to follow my instructions to the letter from now on. Things will happen when I want them to happen - not you. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"You will be required to do whatever I ask, whenever I ask and wherever I ask, no matter how horrible or humiliating it might be. You will do all of these without question or hesitation, or you will be punished. Is that clear Cunt?"

"Yes, sir."

"To make sure you understood, I want you to repeat what I've just said." Again I wanted her to hear herself saying these things out loud so that it would serve to re-affirm for her, her new role in life.

Mustering what courage she had, Sally timidly began, "I must obey you at all times no matter how humiliating it might be. If I question you or hesitate to comply, then you will discipline me."

"Very good, Slut." Not knowing what else to say at this point, and feeling quite exhausted from the ordeal, I simply ordered Sally, "Get up Slut and go get yourself cleaned up. Come back to bed when you're done."

Sally quickly scampered up and ran off towards the bathroom. What a site it was to see my newly submissive wife running off with an ass that was still a dark red and showing signs of slight bruising in several places. I'm sure she'd find it sore to sit down for the next day or two, I chuckled to myself.

Chapter 2

In the days that followed that fateful night, I slowly began implementing some new rules and changing some things about my wife to suit my purposes. The first order of business was the way in which my wife attempted to dress herself. I immediately went through her belongings and threw anything out that was even remotely baggy or unrevealing. This didn't leave much for her to wear, so we went shopping for some new clothing.

Much to her chagrin, I began choosing clothing that was a size too small, or a tad too short, or a bit too see-through for her liking. She had a great body and I wanted to show it off, and I also knew it would embarrass Sally as well. For tops I would only choose things like transparent blouses, tank tops or halter tops that were all a size too small, to accentuate her beautiful breasts and show off her large nipples when they got erect. For the bottoms, I would not buy anything other than skirts, and all were too tight and too short. Sally had great legs and a perfect ass and these all showed them off to great effect. Of course, Sally didn't think so and found it very humiliating knowing that certain movements caused her private areas to become exposed.

The first few times we went out in public with my wife dressed this way was a real thrill for me, and for Sally as well. As we would walk through the mall, I'd observe the looks the men, and sometimes women, gave my wife. She was utterly humiliated being made to parade through the busy mall dressed this way. Wearing a small see-through blouse with a dark lacy bra on underneath, and a black skirt which was skin-tight and barely went below the bottoms of her ass cheeks. This was topped off with 4 inch heels, which caused my wife's hips to sway almost obscenely.

I know she saw the looks of pure lust on the men, and the looks of hatred and contempt from the women. Her face was a constant red and her nipples were rock hard, which, of course, made the whole picture even more obscene.

After these episodes, I could hardly wait to get my wife home and fuck the shit out of her. She was always very wet and horny as well. The sex after these times was always intense and ended up with both of us having very satisfying orgasms.

I also began instituting some new rules at home. One of the first was, while we were in a role playing situation, that she was not to speak unless she was spoken to first. If she had to ask a question, she was to get my attention and wait for me to give her permission to speak. Several days after that rule was introduced, I returned home from work and informed Sally that, "From now on Slut, you will no longer be allowed to wear clothing in the house unless I give you permission. Upon entering the home, you will immediately remove all of your clothing and remain that way until you are required to go out again. Is that clear?"

A quick nod of the head.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Or do you need to have your ass and pussy beaten again?" I demanded.

Quickly realizing what I meant, she immediately began removing all of her clothing until she stood naked in front of me. The sight of that beautiful naked body was starting to have an effect on me. I figured now was as good a time as any to introduce another rule to Sally.

"Also, whenever I enter the home I will expect you to present yourself in an appropriate manner. You will wait for me in the living room and will be on your knees facing the door. You will be sitting upright on your heels with your hands clasped behind your back and your knees spread as wide apart as they will go. You will not move from this position unless I tell you too. Understood?"

A nod of her head.

"Assume the position, Slut," I ordered.

She quickly dropped to her knees in front of me and clasped her hands behind her back as she sat back on her heels.

"Spread those legs further than that, Cunt. I want everything to be on display. Wider than that. Do I need to beat that pussy again to get you to obey?" I quickly barked as she tried to comply with my demands.

Still not feeling that she was as wide apart as she could go, and believing that a lesson was probably in order, I ordered her to stay put and not to move. I went into the kitchen and began rummaging through several of the drawers until I found what I was looking for. I took out a long handled wooden spoon which I thought would be perfect for what I had in mind.

Returning to my wife, I informed her that she was going to be punished for not complying with my demand right away and for not doing it correctly. She immediately began to plead with me that she was sorry and that she would never do it again and that I should give her a second chance. I cut off her pleas sharply by saying, "Enough, Slut. Your punishment is going to be worse now for speaking without permission. Or have you forgotten that rule too, Cunt?" I sneered.

She quickly shook her head no, but remained silent. I could see the pained look on her face as she realized that she had screwed up and was now going to get a worse punishment than she would have if she had only remained silent. Her shoulders visibly slumped as she resolved herself to take whatever punishment I dished out and do it in a manner which wouldn't disappoint me any further.

I then stood beside Sally and ordered her to start playing with her tits and nipples. Her face flushed a deep red as she began to fondle her breast and roll her nipples in her fingertips. Soon those bullets were rock hard and sticking out at least 3/4 of an inch.

"Pinch your nipples. Hard." She began to squeeze the nipples between her thumbs and index fingers bringing a grimace of pain to her face. "Harder than that, Slut." She increased the pressure and I could see the tips beginning to turn a dark color. After several more seconds, I allowed her to release her now sore nipples. I then ordered, "Place your hands under your tits and hold them up for me like you wanted them inspected." She quickly complied.

Without any warning, I brought the wooden spoon down hard upon her distended right nipple. A howl of pain erupted from my wife as she doubled over in agony. I immediately grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked hard on it bringing her head back up. "You will remain in place, or the punishment is going to get worse. This is your last warning. Do not disappoint me again," I chided.

I could see the crestfallen look on her face as she realized that she had disappointed me again. With shaking hands she bravely assumed the position and again held her breasts out to me. This time I brought the spoon down hard upon her left nipple. Again the same howl of pain, but this time, to her credit, Sally managed to stay in position. I began randomly applying strokes to both breasts evenly reddening the entire surface including the nipples.

After several minutes of this I stopped and inspected my handiwork. My wife was silently crying, but she did not move from the position I had placed her in. Her tits were a deep red with several spots showing early signs of bruising. I informed her that her punishment was not yet over. The beating of her tits was for speaking without permission and what was to come next was for not complying with my original demand quickly enough.

Looking at her exposed pussy I could see it was already soaked. Despite the intense pain I had just put my wife through, her pussy and legs were soaked and there was a wet spot on the carpet under her cunt. Again, confirmation that my wife got off on the pain.

I cautioned her again, "If you move again, your punishment will be doubled. Now get your hands behind your back and keep them there." Once they were in place, I moved the spoon down to her exposed cunt and began rubbing it around, getting the spoon wet with her juices. I could see the pleading look in her eyes and see that she wanted to beg me not to do it, but remembering her lessons, she remained silent. At first, I just lightly tapped it, not wanting her to know when it would strike.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, WHACK. Immediately following that strike, my wife's eyes nearly bugged right out of her head, as she reeled from the pain. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" her back arching as she fought to stay in position. She began panting, almost as a dog would.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, WHACK. A second time on her exposed pussy lips. Again her back arched and mouth opened in a pitiful wail. Despite the intense pain, her pussy was flowing with juices and her clit was so hard that it was poking out like a little penis. Her breathing began picking up in pace as the pain pulsed from her cunt throughout her body.

WHACK, WHACK. Two blows back to back. It was almost too much for my wife. Her mouth opened to scream, but no sound came out. Her hips began moving as if they had a mind of their own. A slow rocking back and forth which quickly began to pick up speed.

Tap, tap, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Three in quick succession. The stimulation to her erect clit and swollen pussy lips was too much for Sally. Her back arched once again and her body went rigid as she began to orgasm. Her hands were clasped so tightly behind her back that her knuckles were bone white as she fought to stay in position while having an intense orgasm. As the orgasm pulsed through my wife's body, I continued the assault on her now swollen and thoroughly drenched cunt.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Each new smack pushed her farther over the edge. Her eyes had rolled so far into the back of her head that all you could see was white. Her body was arched back almost to the point that she was lying down on her feet and yet she somehow managed to maintain her position with her legs spread wide open and her hands clasped tightly behind her back. Her breathing was ragged, to the point of sounding like she was hyperventilating. Shocks appeared to ripple throughout her body and it was evident that she had lost control. I began to worry that she might actually lose consciousness or worse.

Once I stopped beating her pussy, she slowly began to come down from the heights she'd been on. Her breathing began to slow, her body relax and she began to focus again on her immediate surroundings. She looked an absolute mess. Her hair was soaked from sweat, and was plastered to her head. Her skin was blotchy and flushed, her breasts a dark red with purple welts forming, her cunt was swollen and red, and there was a giant wet spot on the carpet under her. And yet, in my eyes, my wife never looked lovelier than she did at this moment.

That had to be the most intense orgasm my wife had ever experienced. I stepped back for a few minutes to inspect my handiwork. I liked the way her body looked after taking the punishment and specially the way it responded to the pain. I knew it certainly wouldn't be the last time I did that.

There was just one thing that seemed to be off about her appearance. After several more seconds of thought I realized what it was. She had too much cunt hair. It obstructed the view of my handiwork. "From now on, Slut, you will shave that cunt of yours and keep it bare. Failure to do so will of course result in punishment. I will conduct spot inspections, so be sure to be vigilant."

A quick nod of her head. I'm sure punishment was the last thing she wanted right now.

This whole scene certainly had an effect on me as well. My cock was rock hard and painfully trying to poke a hole through my pants. I quickly undressed, grabbed a handful of my wife's hair and began walking towards the dining room table. My wife had to quickly scramble to her feet to avoid being dragged by her hair. Once there, I pushed her head down until she was bent over the edge of the table with her ass sticking out and her bruised tits mashed into the table top.

"Spread your legs wide whore. Now reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart." In this position her ass was beautifully on display and her newly beaten pussy was now clearly visible. Her swollen pussy lips and legs glistened with the moisture from her cunt. Without another word I placed the tip of my cock at her cunt and buried it to the hilt on the first thrust.

"Unngghh," my wife grunted as my balls slapped against her badly beaten pussy. Knowing I wouldn't be able to hold out for long, I began jack-hammering into her cunt as hard as I could. For each thrust I would pull all the way out and then bury it to the hilt, until my cock bumped painfully against her cervix, and my balls would slap her poor abused pussy lips and clit. Each time I buried my cock in Sally, her body would be pushed forward on the table causing her bruised and beaten tits to rub back and forth on the table's surface.

A steady rhythm built up with my wife grunting in pain with each thrust. Soon I could feel the pressure beginning to build in my balls and just before the first spurt, I whipped my cock out of her pussy, grabbed her hair and pulled her head to my cock. She remained, however, in the position I had left her. She was still bent over at the waist clasping the cheeks of her ass and spreading them apart. Remembering her training, the moment I grabbed a handful of her hair, she opened her mouth and obediently awaited my next move.

The first spurt hit her on the right cheek, causing her to flinch, but she dutifully remained in position. Then it seemed as if the floodgates had opened. As stream after stream of cum erupted from my cock and began coating her face in a thick coat of white semen. When my cock finally finished spasming, I reluctantly released my hold on my wife's hair and took a step back to admire my handiwork.

What a sight she was!!! She was still bent over at the waist with her hands behind her holding her ass-cheeks apart, and her face and hair was covered in a thick coat of sperm. After letting her stand like that for several more moments, I calmly ordered, "On your knees, Slut, and clean that cum off your face."

She quickly released her hold on her ass and dropped to her knees in front of me and began scooping the gobs of cum off her face and licking her fingers clean.

"What a cum-hungry slut you've become. Look at you. You can't get enough of my cum. That's it, Slut, don't miss a drop." I continued to verbally humiliate her until she had it all cleaned up. "Alright Slut, get up and go get a shower. And shave that cunt while you're in there."

She quickly stood and scampered off towards the bathroom. My mind continued to fill with thoughts and ideas of things I could do with my submissive wife.

Chapter 3

My wife quickly learned and adapted to the new rules of the house. The moment she entered the house, she immediately undressed and always made sure her pussy was smoothly shaven. It only took a couple of spot inspections those first few days, in which stubble had been discovered, to quickly hammer home the lesson. After receiving a very painful spanking on her ass, pussy and tits, my wife never made that mistake again.

Every day when I returned home from work, I found my wife kneeling at the entrance to the living room, in the position I had described. Her hands were clasped behind her back, and her knees were spread as wide as they could go. I tell you, after a hard day of work, there's no sight better than your beautiful submissive wife kneeling naked in front of you displaying all of her charms for your inspection.

It was then, after we began to settle into a routine, that I decided it was time to spice things up a little, and add some variety to the mix. I didn't want to let my wife become complacent so I devised a plan to add some more humiliation to her life.

One evening after work, I informed my wife that we were going out. She assumed it would be another trip to the mall where I would show off her body by parading her up and down the main hall. When I didn't take the usual turnoff towards the mall, I could see my wife's face begin to cloud with uncertainty and, I think, a little fear.

She definitely knew something was wrong when I continued driving until we entered a seedier part of town, and I eventually pulled the car up in front of a XXX sex shop. Getting out of the car I could see Sally was very hesitant and was definitely afraid of what I might have planned for her.

As we entered the deserted shop, I could almost hear my wife breath a sigh of relief. She had never been in one of these stores before, and I know it made her very uncomfortable being here, worrying if someone we know might see her. At first I just casually strolled around the store looking at all the merchandise for sale, silently planning my next move. After several minutes, the bored looking clerk, a young man in his early twenties, strolled over towards us and asked, "Is there anything I can help you with, folks?"

I smiled a broad smile, and replied "Well actually there is. You see, my wife here," gesturing towards Sally, "is sometimes a very bad girl and needs to be punished." The moment I said that, I could hear my wife behind me gasp and knew she was turning several shades of red. That comment woke our drowsy clerk up. He eyed my wife with a new appreciation.

Licking his lips he replied, "Certainly sir, what can I get for you?"

"Well to start with, my wife has really sensitive nipples and when they get aroused, they stick out at least 3/4 of an inch." Sally turned a darker shade of red, but her nipples betrayed her. As I continued to humiliate her, her arousal became obvious as those tell-tale nipples hardened and threatened to poke a hole in her sheer, nearly transparent blouse. "I'm looking for a set of nipple clamps that can handle nipples her size. I want them to be adjustable, so if she's really being a naughty slut, I can tighten them, and I also want them linked by a chain, so she can be led around like a little doggie." Sally could only look at the floor now, she was so embarrassed. But her breathing had quickened and her nipples were as hard as I've seen them.

"Certainly sir. Right this way we have an excellent variety of clamps available." The man led the way to a display case on the back wall. "Might I suggest this pair?" he inquired, holding up a gold set that looked like two miniature vises with a screw in each for tightening, and they were attached together by an elegant gold chain.

"Hmmmm" I pretended to think about it for a few seconds. "I'm just not sure. Could you hold them up to my wife's tits so I can see what they look like?" I asked.

"Uhhh......sssssure", the clerk stuttered. With obvious shaking hands, the young man lifted the clamps up and held them in front of my wife's now hard nipples.

I took a step back and appeared to study the picture for a bit, before I replied, "I'm still not sure if they'll look right. Slut, undo your blouse and pull your tits out of your bra for me." I purposefully emphasized the word 'slut', and looked at her very pointedly. Her head snapped up and she looked at me with a shocked look on her face. She was about to say something in protest, when she saw the look I was giving her, and realized that if she didn't comply, the punishment she'd receive would only be worse for her.

With a resigned look on her face, Sally hesitantly raised her hands and began undoing the buttons on her blouse. When it came time to removing her tits from her bra, she again looked at me with a pleading look in her eyes, but she was only met with a stony gaze. Realizing that I would not accept anything else, her shoulders slumped, and with visibly shaking hands reached into her bra and removed both of her breasts.

There my wife stood, in the middle of a public store, in front of a complete stranger, with both of her beautiful tits hanging out for him to see. It was obvious to him, as well, how aroused my wife was, as her nipples were very hard and were jutting well out from her tits.

"OK, can you hold them up against my wife's tits again? I should be able to tell if they'll look good or not", I asked the clerk.

He again held the clamps up, but got a little more bold this time and actually held them against my wife's bare breasts. After a few more moments, I asked "Can you please put them on her? I want to make sure they'll fit and won't fall off."

Not only did my wife have a shocked look on her face, but so did the clerk. But not wanting to miss the opportunity, he hesitantly reached for my wife's left nipple, and gently attached the clamp. Once secured in place, he did the same for the right nipple and then stepped back. I have to say my wife looked stunning at that moment. Displaying her tits to a perfect stranger and then allowing that stranger to attach a set of nipple clamps to them, made her absolutely glow. She was still a deep shade of red and obviously found this humiliating, but was also getting intensely turned on by all of this, and it was showing. She was absolutely radiant in her beauty.

Enjoying the moment and not yet ready to have it end, I then asked the clerk, "Could you please tighten the clamps for me. I want to make sure they can go tight enough for my purposes, and I'd like to see if they have the right effect on my wife's nipples." The man again stepped forward and with obvious signs of nervousness but also arousal, which was evident by the tent threatening to poke through his pants, reached for my wife's tits.

We also made a trip to the lingerie store as I had thrown out my wife's entire collection. They were all too plain and again, unrevealing. Small lace items, g-strings and garter belts and stocking were the order of the day with matching lace bras. For footwear, we only purchased shoes with heels on them that were no less than 3 inches in height. What one might call "fuck-me shoes".

Grabbing both clamps at the same time, he began turning the screws equally. After several turns, I could see it was beginning to have an effect on Sally. Her face was showing signs of strain and soon became a mask of pain. I could see it was taking all of her control to not pull away or yell stop. Her whole body began to flinch with each new rotation of the screw, and she began to tremble and make some low mewling sounds. "Uunngghhhh, mmmmmm, aaahhhhhh." Her nipples were being horribly compressed and were now a very dark shade of purple. When it was obvious she was in intense pain, I asked the man to stop. He quickly stepped back and surveyed his handiwork.

What a site she was. Her entire upper body was a dark shade of red, she was breathing rapidly, her face in a constant grimace of pain and her tortured nipples a dark shade of purple as they proudly stood out from my wife's tits, held together by a delicate gold chain.

"I want to make sure the clamps will stay on so would you mind grabbing the chain and follow me?" I asked the clerk. Without waiting for a response I began walking away to another section of the store. He quickly grabbed the chain hanging between my wife's breasts and pulled on it as he endeavored to follow after me. Of course, with each yank of the chain, a new wave of pain would course out of her nipples and throughout her body. My wife scrambled to keep up with the young man, like an obedient puppy dog, not wanting there to be any distance between them so there would be no tension on the chain. After being led around the store like a dog by the clerk, I finally came to a stop in front of another display case.

Releasing the chain, the young man walked over and asked, "Is there anything else I can help you with sir?"

"Well, my wife has never had anything in her ass before, so I'd like to acquire some butt plugs for her to wear." Turning to my wife I ordered, "Slut, I want you to turn around and bend over at the waist." When she had done so, much to the delight of our young clerk, I then ordered, "reach back and lift up your skirt and then pull down your panties." With obvious distress my wife reached back and lifted up the tiny skirt until it was on her back and her entire ass was displayed to this stranger. Since she was only wearing a tiny little g-string, both globes were proudly on display. Again with shaking hands she grabbed the sides of her underwear and began rolling them down her legs until they reached her ankles. And as a final touch, I ordered "Reach back and spread your ass-cheeks apart. I want this man to get a good look at your asshole so he'll be able to tell me what sizes I need." With utter humiliation, Sally reached back and spread her ass-cheeks apart.

Now my wife's parts were completely on display for this total stranger. Her asshole and cleanly shaven pussy were completely exposed and again it was very obvious that this treatment was turning my wife on. Her cunt glistened with moisture and several rivulets of juice were running down her leg as we watched.

"So, what size do you think would be a good starter size?" I asked the clerk.

He reluctantly looked away from my wife's exposed charms and peered into the display case we were standing next to. He reached in and pulled out a plug, which at its thickest point, was roughly 2 inches in diameter.

"Excellent choice. Don't you think so, Slut?" I asked my wife. Remaining in position, she craned her head around and tried to see what the clerk was holding.

She quietly replied, "Yes sir."

"Great, we'll take it, and I'll also take this one and this one." I pulled two more plugs out of the case, each a little bigger than the last. The middle sized one was roughly two and 3/4 inches in diameter and the largest one was fully 3½ inches wide.

"OK, Slut, you can stand up now and get dressed. But I want you to leave your tits out of your bra, and just fasten the blouse over top. And don't take those clamps off." I could see the look of dismay on my wife's face as she had been sincerely hoping she could have removed the clamps which were causing her excruciating pain.

I quickly grabbed several more items from around the store and then paid for the lot of them, before returning to my wife. "Let's head back to the car now, Slut", I ordered. She quickly followed after me, anxious to get out of that store before I made her do more humiliating things. With each step she took, her raw, clamped exposed nipples would rub against the fabric of her tight blouse, causing more sensations of pain. By the time we reached the car, she was a wreck.

After seating ourselves, I ordered Sally to undo her blouse. Once done, I took a good look at the effect the clamps had on my wife' poor nipples. Deciding that she had probably had enough, and since she had been very obedient in the store, I reached up, loosened the screws in the clamps, and pulled them off of her tortured tits.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhh" my wife shrieked as the bl**d rushed back to her abused nipples in a flood of pain. When the waves of pain had passed, I informed my wife, as we pulled away from the curb, that she was to leave her tits out for the remainder of the drive home.

It was dark by the time we pulled into our driveway, so there was little fear that anyone would see my wife's naked breasts, as she ran to the door, waiting to be let in. Once inside, she quickly stripped off her clothes and ran to the living room to get in the position now very familiar to her for every time I return home.

I walked over to her, and reaching into the bag I carried, pulled out one of the extra things I had purchased while at the store. It was a studded collar designed to be worn about the neck. It looked almost identical to a dog's collar. I informed Sally "you will be expected to put this collar on the moment you return home and will keep it on, unless I tell you otherwise. This will be the only piece of clothing you will be allowed to wear while in this house." I reached down and fastened the collar in place. What a beautiful contrast it was to her milky white skin.

"We had a chance to try out one of our new toys tonight, I think it only fair that we try out the other one", I informed her. Grabbing a handful of hair, I again pulled her to her feet and dragged her over to the dining room table. Pushing her face down on the table I ordered, "reach back and spread your ass-cheeks apart, Slut. Spread those legs apart further. You'd better relax or this is really going to hurt."

Opening a jar of Vaseline, which was also purchased from the store, I put a dollop on the tip of the smallest plug. I took a moment to admire the view before me. My lovely wife holding her ass-cheeks apart for me, exposing that virgin ass and her very wet cunt. Already juice was beginning to flow down her legs in anticipation of what was to come.

"Now tell me Slut, have you ever had anything in your asshole before?"

"No sir."

"Are you scared?"

"Yes sir."

"You don't want me to ram this plug up your ass, do you?"

"No sir."

"Well like it or not, you'd better get used to it, because you're going to be wearing one a lot from now on in," I informed her.

A pitiful "yes sir."

Placing the tip of the plug against her sphincter, I began to slowly push and rotate it, inching it in slowly. I could tell Sally was worried by how tense she was, which unfortunately made it very difficult to insert the plug. "You'd better relax your ass slut, or I'm going to stop being gentle, and ram this thing up there as hard as I can," I warned her.

I could see my wife was trying to relax by taking some deep breaths to control her breathing. As I pushed on the plug I could feel the difference in her sphincter, as she began to relax. Inch by inch I worked that plug into her ass. The deeper I went, the wider her asshole was stretched as I neared the thickest part of the plug.

I continued to rotate the plug and would pull it out a bit before pushing it back in again, a little further each time. "Unngghhh, ooowww, ooohhhhh." My wife was grunting now with each thrust into her ass as she desperately tried to relax enough to allow passage for the plug. I knew my wife was in a lot of pain by now from the sounds she was making and also by the fact that her knuckles were bone white from gripping her ass-cheeks so hard.

The sounds she was making and the sight of her asshole being spread so wide for the first time ever were having a positive effect on me as well. My cock was rock hard and was desperately straining to get out of my pants.

With only another 2 inches to go, I began to push harder on the plug forcing it in with greater f***e. My wife was now crying out in pain with each thrust, but dutifully held her position. At this point I didn't care anymore. I just wanted to get the plug into her fast so I could have some release of my own. The pain from the final inch was excruciating for Sally as I savagely thrust it in with all my might, finally getting the fattest part of the plug past her sphincter. A pitiful wail of pain exploded from my wife as her asshole was stretched the farthest it had ever been stretched in her entire life. Despite the awful pain, my wife was also getting turned on by all this. Her cunt was soaking wet and streams of juice were coating her entire upper legs.

Without wasting another second, I quickly shucked my pants and underwear, grabbed my cock, and buried it deep inside her in one thrust. At that, Sally's head came up off the table, with her mouth forming a silent 'O'. The stimulation in her ass and cunt were causing an overload for Sally's senses. I was being none to gentle, and savagely thrust into her cunt with wild abandon. Each time I thrust into her, my body would also push the plug deeper into her ass so it felt like she was getting fucked in both holes at the same time.

Soon I began to feel that familiar tingling in my balls signaling that I was close to cumming. I could tell Sally was also close to cumming by the sounds she was making - little grunting sounds, and she was pushing back against me with each thrust so that I would go deeper and push harder against the plug in her ass. Grabbing a thick handful of her hair, I pulled her head back causing her to arch her back painfully, and used her hair to pull Sally's body back against me with each thrust. Pulling on her hair, I was now slamming into her cunt with all my might, until I could hold out no longer. Just before the first spurt, I quickly pulled out, yanked her head around and buried my cock deep into her mouth, forcing it down her throat. She instantly began to gag, and that sensation was enough to push me over the edge. Holding her head firmly in place with my cock lodged deeply in her throat, I let go a torrent of cum. Not even giving her a chance to breathe I began shooting spurt after spurt of cum down her throat. The sensation was awesome as she gagged and coughed on my sperm, some of it leaking out of her nose and mouth.

When I had finally finished cumming in my wife's throat, I reluctantly removed my cock from her mouth. She was practically in tears by now, as she hadn't been able to breathe for a while, and as a result, was nearly in a panic. With deep breaths she tried to calm down and swallow the remains of my sperm in her mouth. Releasing my hold on her hair, I informed her that she could stand up now and sent her off to the shower to clean up. I informed her, however, that she would not be allowed to remove the plug for a while yet. With a crestfallen look on her face, she awkwardly made her way to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Chapter 4

After that night, I began to insert the plug into my wife's ass whenever the urge overcame me. I might be sitting watching TV and would suddenly call her to my side. Ordering her to bend over in front of me, I would take the plug and work it into her asshole. Over time she became pretty good at relaxing and was able to take the plug with only a little pain. What she found difficult was trying to get around the house with the plug still inserted. I began to extend the amount of time the plug was in, forcing Sally to get used to the intruder.

One day I decided it was time to take the plug wearing to the next level. When she was on her way out one afternoon to get the groceries, I stopped her at the door and called her to my side. With a puzzled look on her face, she walked over into the living room where I was seated, and stood quietly beside my chair waiting for me to speak. Without a word, I held up the butt plug I had hidden at my side, and with a big grin on my face, waited to see my wife's reaction.

It was priceless. She knew right away my intentions, and you could see the thought of it terrified her. There was an absolutely horrified look on her face as she slowly shook her head no, but remembering her training, never said a word.

"Assume the position," I ordered. With a crest-fallen look she walked over in front of me, turned her back to me, spread her legs wide, bent over at the waist and then reached back and lifted her tight skirt up and pulled her panties down and off her legs. I never tire of seeing my wife bent over in front of me with her legs spread wide displaying that beautifully shaved pussy and tight asshole. It always causes my cock to harden almost instantly.

Scooping a small dollop of Vaseline out of the jar on the table beside me, and smearing it on the tip of the plug, I brought it to her sphincter and began pushing f***efully. This time around I wanted it to be hard and painful so that as she wandered around the grocery store, the pain from her asshole would be a constant reminder of what had just happened and would cause her to walk somewhat more gingerly, even with the plug still in her.

Pushing more aggressively that I had ever done before, Sally was soon wailing in pain as I savagely began working it into her asshole. Each brutal jab in was followed by an almost complete removal of the plug, only to be thrust once more into her. This continual stretching and then relaxing of her ass was causing absolute havoc for my wife. Her asshole was in agony, but the pain and humiliation of having this done to her was also turning her on again. The familiar odor of her arousal was soon evident as was the wetness which soon followed.

After several more vicious thrusts, the fattest part of the plug finally broke through her sphincter, causing a horrible howl of pain from Sally. With a hard slap to her ass, I told Sally to get up and put her underwear back on. She awkwardly stood and, after putting her underwear back on, looked to me for further instructions, praying I wouldn't utter the words that followed.

"Now off with you to get the groceries. You are not to remove the plug under any circumstances. The pain in your ass and the discomfort from the plug will serve as constant reminders to you of what a dirty slut you are. Now go!" I ordered.

With a face beet red from the recent activities and the verbal scolding, she awkwardly shuffled towards the door, wincing in pain with each step, as the plug rubbed against her tender sphincter.

These types of episodes increased over time, as I f***ed her to wear the plug outside more often and for greater periods of time. However, not wanting my wife to become complacent, and also wishing to push the boundaries further and further, I am always looking for new ways to humiliate my wife.

On my way home from work one evening, I had a brilliant flash of inspiration. Thinking back to the episode in the sex shop, and remembering how turned on we were from the night, I figured it was time to humiliate my wife again in front of a complete stranger. Before arriving home I had it all planned out in my mind. Just before pulling into the driveway, I quickly made a call to the local pizza shop and ordered up some supper for delivery. This way I knew I had roughly 30 minutes to enact my plan.

Of course, as I entered through the front door, I could see my wife was in her usual position. She was kneeling on the floor at the entrance to the living room, totally naked except for her collar, hands clasped behind her back and her legs spread wide open. Without uttering a word, I walked right past her into the living room, took off my pants and then ordered, "Get over here, Slut, and lay down on your back on the couch." She quickly scrambled up off her knees and ran to the couch and then lay down on it on her back.

"Now rotate around so your ass is against the back of the couch with your feet up in the air over the top. That's it, hang your head over the edge." She was sitting on the couch, except that her head was where her feet should be, and her feet were where her head would normally be. In this position, with her head hanging down over the edge of the couch, her mouth was in a perfect position to fuck it, just as if it was a pussy or ass. As well her beautiful tits and bare pussy were perfectly displayed and readily available should I wish to play with them while her mouth is being fucked.


"Open wide whore," I sneered and immediately pressed my cock against her lips. I had never fucked her mouth in this position before, but I found it very erotic, and highly stimulating. Her face was completely hidden to me, as I began sawing back and forth in her mouth. I imagined what it must be like for Sally, hanging upside down, and having no control over the one thrusting hard into her mouth. With each thrust of my body, my balls would slap against her face and nose.

In this position, Sally's throat was made very accessible, and it wasn't long before I felt that familiar feeling of my cock sliding into her throat. She immediately began to gag, which always served to turn me on further and push me to higher limits. You could see her throat swell as my cock f***ed its way down.

I reached down and grasped a nipple in each hand, and using my thumb and forefinger, began to squeeze and twist the nipples. I would ease off on the pressure every time I'd pull my cock out of her throat, to listen to her gasp for breath, and whimper from the pain. Then when I'd thrust back into her throat causing her to gag once again, I'd wrench and twist her nipples horribly to hear her try to scream while choking on my cock. The muffled sounds that Sally was making was turning me on even more and made me want to do it harder and faster. After abusing her nipples for a bit, I decided to turn my attention to her now damp cunt. Taking my belt out of my pants, I folded it in half, and without warning her, whipped it down hard right on her exposed pussy lips.

Her entire body went rigid, and Sally let out a pitiful wail muffled by my cock stuffed in her mouth. It's probably a good thing my cock was down her throat, because her scream would have been deafening. I began to alternate my blows between her nipples and her exposed cunt and thighs. This way she didn't know which part of her body was going to get hit next. I'd try to time the blows to coincide with when I jammed my cock into her throat. The combination of gagging and screaming around my cock was very stimulating and soon had me ready to blow my load.

Realizing that supper would be arriving soon, I quickened my pace until I felt that familiar tingling in my balls. With a few final thrusts into her throat, I quickly pulled out and began systematically cumming all over Sally's face. I had built up quite the load at this point and when I had finally finished, she had a nice thick coat of white cum covering her entire face and even some in her hair. It was probably the most I'd ever cum to that point.

Every time I cum on my wife's face, she would always scoop it off with her fingers and lick them clean. This time, I had other plans.

"Don't touch the cum, Slut. I want you to leave it on your face. I think it's appropriate make up for a whore like you, don't you think?" I asked.

Her face reddened at this humiliation, but it didn't stop her pussy from overflowing with juices. I knew she was close to cumming from the beating she had just had, and the fresh facial.

"Stay on your back, spread your legs wide open, and masturbate for me. You have one minute to make yourself cum, or I start beating that cunt of yours, and this time I won't stop," I threatened.

With a look of panic on her face, she immediately complied. Within seconds her hands were fairly flying across her cunt, madly rubbing her clit for all its worth. Figuring a little extra stimulation couldn't hurt, I began beating her tits again. Her cries of pain quickly turned to that familiar grunting sound she makes when she's close to cumming, and her hands were practically a blur. Several seconds later, her body went rigid, and she let out a loud and long moan , "Aaaaahhhhhhhhh, I'm cumming." All of this while still wearing my cum all over her face.

When she finally came down enough to catch her breath, I ordered, "Get up, Slut, and go fetch your bathrobe. And don't touch that cum." With a puzzled look on her face, she quickly stood and scampered off to the bedroom to fetch the robe. She knew she wasn't allowed to wear clothing in the house and was beginning to become concerned over what I might have planned for her.

She quickly returned and fastened the robe in place. By this time I had also replaced my pants. No sooner had I got the buckle fastened on my belt, when the doorbell rang. Sally's eyes went wide with horror, as it quickly dawned on her what I had planned.

She was absolutely mortified, and before I had even said anything, she was already beginning to shake her head no. Fortunately for her, she remembered her training and didn't say anything.

"Here's a twenty, Slut. Go pay the man for our supper," I said, handing her a 20 dollar bill.

With shaking hands, she reluctantly took the money and hesitantly walked over to the door. Her entire body was a deep shade of red, she smelled of fresh sex from her recent orgasm and the plentiful amount of pussy juice covering her legs and cunt, and there was a whole load of cum all over her face and in her hair. She looked, and smelled, like a complete slut!!!! And whoever was on the other side of that door would immediately know that too.

Hesitating, she finally reached for the handle and slowly pulled the door open to the delivery man. The moment he caught sight of her, his mouth dropped open and his eyes practically bugged out of his head. He had to be no older than 19, and I'm sure this was a sight unlike any he had ever seen before. My wife standing there in a very skimpy bathrobe with a collar around her neck, smelling like a whorehouse and with a fresh load of cum all over her face.

The man was obviously turned on by what he saw as he had a very evident tent forming in his pants. My wife immediately noticed this and, if it is possible, turned an even darker shade of red. Remembering the rules, my wife knew she couldn't say anything unless spoken to, so she was simply f***ed to stand there on display while this young man openly gawked at my nearly naked wife. Unfortunately for her, the man had been rendered speechless by her appearance, and so simply stood there staring.

After what seemed an impossibly long time, he finally cleared his throat and croaked out, "that'll be........uh.......umm............twenty dollars, ma'am." Finally getting her cue to act she quickly handed him the twenty dollar bill, grabbed the food and closed the door, much to the chagrin of the young man.

I made Sally eat her pizza with my cum still on her face, before allowing her to clean herself up. This became a game I played with her on occasion. Sometimes I would make her keep my cum on her face for extended periods of time in the house, so that she would always be wondering if I had plans to make her answer the door again. I replayed the delivery boy scenario several more times, always choosing a different restaurant, just to humiliate my wife more as each new stranger would get to take in my wife's whorish appearance.

Chapter 5

Again, never being satisfied with leaving things as they are, and always looking for ways to add to Sally's torment and humiliation, I had the idea one day to experiment with the butt plug at the local gym Sally attends. I require Sally to stay in shape so insist that she attend the local gym at least 4 times a week. As the weeks went by her figure became even more toned which only served to accentuate how beautiful and sexy she really was.

Thursday evening, just as Sally was about to head out the door, I called her over to me. With a worried look on her face, she quietly walked over and stood patiently at my side.

"Slut, after you have worked out, I have some instructions for you that I will expect you to follow to the letter. If you do not, I will find out, and the punishment for that disobedience will be so severe, you will wish you were dead," I threatened. She glumly nodded her head. "I want you to choose a locker that is located in the center of the locker room. Once you are done with your shower, you are to proceed to your locker, dress and then you will take this plug and shove it up your ass right there at your locker." A shocked look passed over my wife's face. She knew how busy the gym can get, and trying to put the butt plug in unobtrusively would be an almost impossible task should there be a crowd in the locker room. To make things even more difficult, I gave her a time line she had to follow. "You will work out for exactly 1 hour and then you will have 15 minutes to shower, dress and put the plug in. I will know if you shorten your workout any, so don't even think about it. I will expect you back in exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes, (knowing it takes between 5 and 7 minutes to drive to the gym). Is that clear, Slut?"

A meek, "Yes sir."

Taking the plug and a small jar of Vaseline and stuffing them in her purse, Sally nearly flew out the door, not wanting to waste any time. By the time she reached the gym, her stomach was in knots as she continually rehashed in her mind what was going to happen after her workout. Subconsciously, she probably realized that if she chose to cheat and put the plug in once she was in the car I would probably never find out, but her training at this point had become so ingrained, that she never even considered the possibility of disobeying an order.

As Sally made her way from one piece of equipment to another, her mind kept coming back to what she was going to be required to do immediately following her workout. Suffice it to say, her workout this day wasn't a very productive one as she was constantly being distracted by her thoughts. She was so distracted, in fact, that she never even noticed the dirty looks she was getting from Laura Dern, one of the secretaries who worked in the same office as me. The only way to describe Laura would be to say she was an absolute knockout. She stood tall at 5'8", had jet black hair with the greenest eyes you've ever seen, and the curves in her body could probably kill a man.

Unfortunately, she knew she was hot and carried herself in a haughty and arrogant manner. Laura enjoys the attention she gets from men, and certainly doesn't want to have to share it with another woman. She likely views Sally as a threat at the gym as the men also appreciate my wife's beauty and will lavish attention upon her as well.

Exactly an hour later, Sally dropped whatever she had been absently doing, and made a beeline for the showers. Quickly shucking the skimpy workout clothing, she ran to the shower, and washed her hair and body as quickly as she could. Her hands were practically shaking by now and she had such an awful knot in her stomach that she thought she was going to throw up. On weak knees, Sally hastily walked over to her locker, grabbed her towel and dried her body as fast as she could. Once done, she reached into her locker, retrieved her skimpy little bra and fastened it in place. She then took out the nearly sheer blouse which was several sizes too small and quickly buttoned it up. Lastly, she took out her mini skirt, which just barely covered her ass cheeks, and pulled it up over her legs and butt, fastening the clasp at her hip.

Checking her watch, Sally realized with a panic that she only had 8 left minutes to finish the job and get the butt plug into her ass. With a hurried glance around the room, she breathed an almost audible sigh when she realized that there was no one else in the locker room with her. This was a rare stroke of luck for Sally, as the gym is usually more packed in the evenings, and normally there are always people coming and going from the locker rooms.

Reaching into her purse, Sally removed the plug, opened the jar of Vaseline, and applied a liberal amount to the tip of the plug. Again with a nervous look about the room, Sally got into as comfortable a position as she could in order to facilitate putting the plug up her ass as unobtrusively as possible. Holding the plug in her right hand, she leaned forward until her weight was being supported by her left hand resting on the bench in front of her. She then spread her legs apart as best she could in the short skirt, reached back with her right hand and began trying to work the plug into her asshole as quickly as she could. She knew that at any minute, someone could walk through the locker room door and catch Sally in the act. This extra stress wasn't helping Sally any, as it caused her sphincter to tighten up more than usual, making it that much more difficult for her to insert the plug. Knowing she was running out of time, and fearing that someone was going to walk through that door any minute, she began forcing the plug into her ass as hard as she could. Her face was a mask of pain and fear, and she ground the plug in with vicious thrusts. She began to inadvertently make little noises of pain as she got to the thicker part of the plug.

"ahh, ohh, oww." She had to bite her lip to prevent herself from crying out loudly in pain. Through her haze of pain, Sally began to realize the effect her self-humiliation was having on her body. Her bare pussy was soaked with juices and it began to run in rivulets down her legs. Without even thinking about it, Sally brought her left hand to her pussy and began to rub her clit with a focused intensity. Within a minute of touching her pussy, Sally was near orgasm, and with one final thrust, pushed the plug all the way into her ass. This last twinge of pain was all it took to push her over the edge and bring on a short, but intense, orgasm. With flushed face, hair damp with sweat, and nipples hard as rocks, Sally stood up and again quickly glanced around the room praying someone hadn't seen that most humiliating of acts. With another sigh of relief when no one was spotted, Sally packed up her bag and hastily left the gym.

Racing through the traffic, Sally just made it home with a minute to spare. I was a bit disappointed as I secretly had been hoping she would have been a bit late so that I would have had a legitimate reason to punish my wife. Oh well, there will be many more opportunities I realized.

Chapter 6

Just last week, I received some amazing news at work. Because of all the new contracts I had recently won for our company, which equated to a shit-load of money for the Boss, I was given a promotion which came with a substantial pay raise. Unfortunately, it also had its drawbacks too. The new job meant that I would have a lot of traveling to do, which translated into being away from home regularly. Sally was happy for me about the promotion, but I could also tell she was upset about the prospect of me being away for extended periods of time. I had never been away from her for longer than a weekend, and those times were far and few between. Now she was facing the prospect of having me away for a week or more at a time. Sally never came right out and said it, but I could tell she was bothered. She never was very good at hiding her emotions, and tended to wear them on her sleeves.

As a way to distract her from my inevitable departure, I planned a weekend away for the two of us. It had been a while since we had any vacation, so would do us both some good to get away and relax, and, to be honest, I also had some ideas that I wanted to try out.

The place I chose for our getaway was about three and a half hours away, which was just far enough away that the likelihood of us running into someone we knew would be pretty low. It was a city I had been to before on several previous occasions, so was familiar with many of its sites and businesses. There was one particular motel I remembered which was perfect for what I had planned so, conveniently, this was where we ended up booking our accommodation. It was a larger motel built in the shape of a 'U'. The main office was at one end of the 'U' and the rooms were all outside access rooms opening up into the middle of the 'U', which was just a large parking lot. Each room was identical in appearance, having both a normal door for an entrance and also a sliding glass patio door next to it.

Without my wife's knowledge, I had arranged prior to our arrival to have a room at the end of the other 'U' (not the one the office was on). I did not let on to my wife that I had anything planned as I wanted the episode to be a complete surprise to her, thereby adding to the humiliation of the situation.

After unpacking our bags from the vehicle, I suggested to Sally we shower, then get dressed up and head out for dinner and a late movie. She loved the idea as it had been months since we'd been out to a movie together and so quickly began to get ready. I'm sure in the back of her mind she was wondering if I had something planned or not, but I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of knowing. I pretended for all the world as if we were just a normal married couple on their way out to dinner and a movie.

All through dinner my wife kept glancing at me wondering if I had something up my sleeve. I kept up the facade though, and acted like the perfect gentleman throughout the entire meal. Once we were finished eating, I paid the bill and we departed the restaurant without incident. By now, Sally was beginning to relax and perhaps convince herself that maybe this was just a dinner and a movie and that I didn't have anything planned for her. By the time we were halfway through the movie, all apprehension was gone from Sally, and she was thoroughly relaxed in my arms happily watching the flick.

Once the movie was over, we strolled casually back to the vehicle, and on the ride back to the motel Sally was completely at ease. I dare say she nearly fell asl**p, she was that relaxed. It was all I could do to not start snickering to myself, as I thought over the events which were about to unfold. It was going to be the most humiliating night ever for Sally.

Upon entering the parking lot, I drove right past our room and proceeded to a parking spot at the far end of the building our room was in. This drew a puzzled expression from Sally, but she was quickly appeased as I explained that as it was such a beautiful night, I thought it would be nice to end it off with a short walk.

Once the door to our room was closed, I dropped the hammer on Sally. "Take off your clothes, Slut" I ordered in my dominant tone of voice. The absolute look of shock on Sally's face made the entire evening worth it. She quickly stripped her clothes off until she stood naked in front of me.

"Put your collar on, Slut," I said holding her collar in my left hand. She took the collar and fastened it about her neck. I always marveled at how absolutely beautiful she looked naked in front of me with nothing but a collar about her neck. "Now here is what is going to happen. You are going to put this blouse and skirt on." The blouse was this tiny little nearly transparent button up shirt which left very little to the imagination. The skirt was simply a black rectangle of material that fastened about the waist by buttoning one end to the other. It was so short that it barely came to the bottom of her ass cheeks and so tight that the buttons were nearly popping from the stress.

"You will then take these clamps and this butt plug and walk to our car." In my other hand I held her nipple clamps and the middle sized butt plug (2 3/4 inch diameter) which, up until now, she had never taken anything that size in her ass before. "You will then climb into the back of our car and close the door behind you." We have a station wagon, so there would be lots of room for what I had planned next. "Once inside, Slut, you will strip naked. You will then take those clamps and you will put them on your nipples. You will then tighten them tighter than they have ever been before. I will caution you that if I do not think they are tight enough, then I will tie you spread-eagled on the bed and proceed to beat your tits and pussy with my belt until you can't even scream any more. Is that clear, Slut?" I asked, in my most threatening voice.

She meekly nodded her head.

"Then you will get on your knees facing the front with your ass raised high and your head down on the floor and proceed to put that plug in your ass." In this position, her ass would be visible to anyone looking out of the rooms across the parking lot, but Sally would not be able to see anything herself with her head down like that. "You will remain in that position, no matter what, until that plug is all the way in your asshole. Once the plug is fully seated you will then stay in that position for a further 100 seconds. I will expect you to count that time out loud, Slut. Only then will you be allowed to sit up and get dressed. However, when you do get dressed, you will only button the very bottom button of your blouse. And for the skirt, you will fasten only the top button, and I want the buttons aligned with the crack of your ass." Throughout my instructions, Sally's face became redder and redder as the full import of my words hit her, and she realized how humiliating the next few minutes were going to be for her.

"You will then exit the vehicle and walk back to our room and await further instructions at that time. Is that clear, Slut?"

"Yes sir," she quietly murmured.

"Then go", I ordered.

Grabbing the clamps and plug she turned, opened the door and quietly padded out of the room, closing the door behind her. I quickly ran, and from another bag, pulled out our video camera. Up until now, we had never filmed any of our episodes, so I knew that the introduction of the camera here would make this episode that much more humiliating. She would know that it would mean we would be able to watch her humiliation over and over, and if I chose, I could then also show it to someone else, which would also compound the humiliation.

Once Sally was sufficiently far enough away, I quietly crept out of our room and sneaked down the row of parked cars, remaining hidden from Sally. I did not want her to know I was going to be watching and filming her

humiliating herself. From my vantage point several cars away I observed my wife open the back hatch of our station wagon and climb inside, closing the door behind her. Flipping the camera on, I began filming Sally's humiliation. With only a slight hesitation, Sally undid the buttons on her blouse and skirt and removed both so that she sat completely naked in the back of our station wagon. Thankfully, due to the late hour, there was no traffic, nor anyone walking about.

Then, with another furtive glance around the parking lot, Sally reached down and picked up the clamps from the car floor. Reaching first for her right nipple, she attached the clamp in place. Then she did the same for the left one. Once both were in place, she reached up and with a hand on each clamp, began turning the screws. Zooming in with the camera, I was able to get a nice close-up of what she was doing to her nipples. After the first few turns, I noticed her nipples were becoming distended and darkening in color. Her face began to contort in pain and I could tell she was reaching her threshold. However, Sally continued to turn the screws several more turns until it was quite obvious that she was visibly in agony. Her nipples were almost black and looked obscene protruding from her pink breasts. Even from where I crouched, I could hear her yelps of pain. It was obvious she had taken my threat seriously about the tightness of the clamps and that she was really trying to please me

Seeing my wife doing all of this to herself simply to please me, made me realize how lucky I really was and how much I loved my wife. I was almost tempted to call everything off at that moment, but I realized that Sally needed this as much as I did, so I kept the camera rolling.

Once Sally was satisfied with the tightness of the clamps, she took one last look about the parking lot before getting on her hands and knees and then placing her head down to the floor of the car. Once she was in position, I moved closer to the car with the camera, so that I could film every detail of her self-humiliation. Reaching for the plug, Sally brought it up to her asshole and began attempting to push it in. However, without lubrication and due to her nervousness and the size of the plug, she was not making any headway. Beginning to get desperate as she realized that someone could come along any minute and see what she was doing, Sally began rubbing the plug along her pussy crack, working the tip into her cunt. Soon the plug was glistening with pussy juice and she was easily inserting the plug fully into her cunt.

Sally then took the slickened anal plug, and once again began trying to insert it into her asshole. This time, she was able to slowly make some headway, and began to very slowly fill her ass with this rubber invader. Using short plunging motions, Sally was able to work a little bit more of the plug into her ass with each thrust. As she got into a rhythm with her hands, she began, almost imperceptibly at first, to gently rock her ass back and forth against the thrusts of the plug. The more aggressive she became with her thrusts, the harder she pushed back with her ass.

It was all so surreal watching this through the lens of the video camera. I practically had to pinch myself to remind me that I wasn't just watching a video of someone else's life or experiences, but was in fact living the proverbial dream myself. Until recently, all these episodes were simply figments of my imagination, and I had truly believed that was where they would stay. I never imagined, even in my wildest, darkest dreams, that I would actually be living these fantasies out, with my wife of all people.

Shaking myself out of my reverie, I could see that the going was starting to get tougher as the plug now stretched her sphincter to the width of the smaller plug. She had never had anything larger than the smallest plug, and she knew that the last 3/4 of an inch was going to be the most painful. With rugged determination, Sally renewed her thrusting motion on her asshole and very slowly, and painfully, began working the last of the plug into her ass. Even through the closed windows, I could her ragged breathing and the occasional muted yelp of pain as the plug continued to stretch her asshole further than it had ever been stretched before.

Finally, with a particularly hard thrust, and a loud mewl of pain, Sally pushed the plug past its thickest part. I watched in fascination as her asshole quickly closed around the base of the plug, thereby guaranteeing that the plug was not going anywhere anytime soon. Remembering my instructions, Sally remained in position, and began counting aloud. That was my cue to quickly head back to the room and prepare for the final phase of her humiliation.

Once Sally had reached 100 she quickly sat up, reached for her blouse, and hastily put her arms through it. With dismay, Sally realized that with only the bottom button fastened, it would not take much for her breasts to fall out of her top, as well as the fact that the chain attached to her nipples was clearly visible swaying between her tortured tits. Her skirt, she realized would not offer any better protection than her top. With only the top button fastened on it, both globes of her ass would become visible with each step she took.

With a quick glance around the parking lot, Sally awkwardly climbed out of the back of the station wagon and closed the door as quietly as possible. Now Sally was faced with a difficult decision. If she made her way back to the room as quickly as she could, she would reduce the amount of time exposed, but the long strides would cause her breasts to come out of her top and would completely expose her ass and the secret hidden within. On the other hand, she could take her time heading back to the room by taking short mincing steps, which might keep her breasts in her top and would keep her ass covered as much as possible. In the end, modesty won out, and Sally opted to take her time heading back to the room so as to limit the amount of skin she was exposed, should anyone happen to come across her on the walk back.

The look of relief on Sally's face was almost comical when she finally reached the door to the room without exposing herself and being seen by anyone. The expression on her face quickly changed to one of dismay when she reached for the doorknob and found it locked.

With a stern voice, I spoke through the door. "Slut, the key is on the ground at your feet. You are to remain facing the door and will slowly bend over, keeping your legs straight at all times. Once the key is in hand, you are to remain bent over like that for a full 10 seconds, and only then will you be allowed to stand up and enter the room."

Sally quickly complied with my demands. With her feet shoulder width apart, she began to slowly bend over. Before she was even a quarter of the way down, her tortured tits fell out of her top and were swaying freely in the wind with the chain still attached between them. Once she was fully bent over, not only were her breasts completely exposed but so were her other most private parts. The skirt had fully parted in the back, exposing her shaven pussy and her newly filled asshole. The full import of this position was not lost on Sally and she realized that every intimate detail of her body was clearly exposed to anyone who happened to look this way.

Her face was a dark shade of red by the time she reached 10 and quickly stood up with the key in hand. With a shaking hand, Sally inserted it in the knob and quickly entered the room. Before the door was even fully closed, I barked out, "Strip Slut! I want to see your handiwork." I didn't want to let on, just yet, that I had been watching her performance.

With only 2 buttons to undo, Sally was quickly naked in front of me again, except for the collar around her neck. I made a great show of inspecting her nipples and ass, and as I did, I could see the nervous look on my wife's face. She was hoping that I would be pleased with the tightness of her clamps, as I'm sure they probably could not go any tighter than they were right now. The pain throbbing from her tortured nipples had to be excruciating by now.

"Very nicely done, Slut. Frankly I'm surprised." I commented. The look of happiness on her face from learning that I was pleased with her, almost melted my resolve to do what I had planned next, but with a deep breath, I pushed on. "You have done very well so far, Slut, and now there is one last thing for you to do."

While Sally had been counting to 100 in the back of the car, and then slowly making her way back to the room, I had taken that time to prepare the room for her. Turning off all the lights, except the corner floor lamp by the sliding glass patio doors, I had placed the video camera on the night stand beside the bed. The table was far enough back from the light that Sally would never see it. I had then removed several more items I had specially packed for this trip and finished preparing the room. I only switched the camera back on when I had heard Sally at the door.

"Turn around, Slut, and walk over to the patio doors. I want you to open the curtains fully. I have a little surprise for you," I said with a smile on my face. With halting steps, Sally walked over to the curtains covering the patio doors and slowly pulled them apart, aware that with the light shining on her, she would be visible to anyone who chose to look this way. As she parted them she caught sight of what I had attached to one of the panes of glass. Using a powerful suction cup, I had attached the largest, black dildo my wife had ever seen. It had to be at least 9 inches long, and thick enough that my wife wouldn't be able to wrap her hand completely around it.

The look of shock on my wife's face was priceless. All colour in her face had drained, she was wide-eyed and her mouth hung open in the shape on an 'O' as she stared at the b**st attached to the window. I had attached it low to the ground, and without it being said, my wife quickly figured out what the next step was going to be.

While she was staring at the monstrous cock I began to notice an odour in the room. I quickly realized that it was the smell of Sally's sex. Without any additional physical stimulation, she was getting wet from just the visual cues.

"Turn around, Slut, and face me," I ordered. Walking up to her I placed my hand on her pussy and immediately felt the wetness there. "Is my little Slut getting turned on thinking about ramming that giant cock up her cunt?" I asked.

A faint nod of her head, as I continued to lightly finger her soaking pussy.

"And the humiliation of having to do it in front of anyone who happens to be walking by, is also turning you on

isn't it?"

Again a nod of the head. Colour had returned to her face by now and her eyes began to flutter closed as she enjoyed the stimulation on her pussy.

"Well, here is how it's going to happen, Slut. You are going to get on your hands and knees and back yourself onto that cock. I want to see that cock fully buried in that cunt of yours as quickly as possible. If so much as an inch is showing, I will beat your tits and nipples mercilessly. Do you understand?"

A very quick nod of the head. Her face had a scared look on it now as she began to worry about how she was going to get something that big completely inside of her, as she had never taken anything even close to that size before.

"While you are fucking that cock, you will rub your cunt with one hand and attempt to make yourself come. You will, however, not cum until you have asked for permission. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir."

"Get down on your knees now, Slut." She quickly complied. Reaching behind me, I grabbed the blindfold I had brought and held it in front of her face. "You will wear this the entire time because I do not want you to know how many people will be watching your little show for me." I purposely worded it that way, because I wanted her to wonder if I had planned an audience for her. Not knowing would just increase the humiliation for her ten fold.

After fastening the blindfold in place, Sally began crawling backwards on her hands and knees until she felt the cock touch her ass. At the same time, I removed my clothes, grabbed the video camera from the night stand, and began filming her humiliation close up.

Sally reached between her legs and grabbed hold of the tip of the dildo and guided it towards her cunt. She was so turned on by now that the juices were already soaking the insides of her legs. Once the tip was inside, she began to back up further onto the cock. With my threat still fresh in her mind of beating her tits if she didn't have the cock buried as soon as possible inside her, she began impaling herself on the cock as quickly as she could manage. Lubrication wasn't an issue, but it was still very hard going as she had never been stretched that far before.

As she moved back and forth on the cock, taking a little more in each time, she began to finger her pussy. Her hand movements were slow at first, but it didn't take long before they were fairly flying across her clit. By the time she had 8 inches buried in her, she was grunting with the exertion, and a sheen of sweat was visible on her brow.

"Come on Slut, get that fucking cock in there now, or do I need to start beating your tits?" I hollered at her.

"No sir. Sorry sir," she mumbled. But her pace quickened.

Finally, after several minutes, Sally had managed to bury the entire length of the dildo up her cunt. She had lost all inhibitions now, and was hardly aware of her surroundings. The entire scene was beginning to overwhelm her senses. She was now ramming the cock in and out of her cunt with such abandon that with each thrust her ass would slap against the glass of the window spreading her cheeks wide open and shoving the butt plug further up her ass.

I could only imagine what the scene would have looked like from outside. Seeing her ass spread wide open with two large cocks filling both her holes and the window getting wetter with each thrust from her pussy juices.

Sally's hand was madly rubbing her clit and her still clamped nipples were rubbing against the carpet as she moved back and forth against the window. She was slamming back against the window so hard, that I began to worry she might actually break it. The sights and smells were overwhelming for me as well and I was stroking my cock with wild abandon with my free hand. Sensing that her orgasm was near, I reminded her, "Remember, whore, you are not to cum to without my permission".

Immediately, with laboured breathing, she began begging, "Please sir, let this Slut cum. This filthy whore needs to cum. Please sir, please!"

After making her grovel a little more I finally told her she could cum.

With a smile on her face, she quickened her pace even more and prepared for the most intense orgasm of her life. Just as she, and I, were about to cum, I yanked the blindfold off her face and allowed her for the first time to see that I had been filming her humiliation the entire time. A look of shock and humiliation passed over her face as she stared up into the camera, and then the orgasm slammed into her. With a scream, Sally began cumming with such an intensity that I worried she might pass out. She had buried the dildo completely inside her and held it there as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

Not able to hold out any longer myself, I ordered through gritted teeth, "Look up at me Slut," and as soon as she did, I let loose with stream after stream of cum all over her face and in her hair. By the time I had finished cumming, her face was covered in white streamers of cum, and the beauty of it all was that it had been captured entirely on camera.

I can't remember ever cumming that much and, when I was finally spent on her face, I allowed her to disengage from the cock and close the d****s. With gentleness, I reached for her breasts, and as I removed one clamp and then the other, accompanied by screams of pain from Sally as the bl**d rushed back into her tortured nipples, I told her how much I loved her and how proud of her I was for everything.

We cuddled together on the bed for a while talking about the evening and how she felt about the whole situation, including using the video camera, and she admitted that it had been intensely pleasurable for her, and that she enjoyed when I made her do things which humiliated her.

After a bit more time, I plugged the video camera into the TV and we watched her performance for the first time while making love on the bed. It was certainly one of the most memorable weekends we have had to date.


The video camera has now become a regular part of our daily lives. Most of our sessions are now taped and neatly catalogued in our bedroom entertainment center.

Sally also has adjusted well to my frequent trips out of town. Before I go, I make sure to leave detailed instructions with her on how she is to dress, what chores she is to perform, and what acts I expect her to do and when. This type of structure helps her cope with being alone and makes the time pass quickly and enjoyable for her. Where once she was reluctant about my going away on these trips, she now anticipates them as I always come home with another amazing experience planned and ready to go.
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3 months ago
Great story and very similar in ways to which I have my own wife trained (she still doesn't know I have her picture on here though). Loved the part about the dildo against the window and I think this is something I will get my wife to do. You really need her to start getting fucked by other men though, complete strangers of your choosing, never ever let her fuck anyone who she wants to fuck. Here's the way I have my own whore trained if your interested ;)
6 months ago
I liked the story, but it became hard to read. Did the character have concern for his wife? Did he at all care? It seems he was never gentle to her after that. I'm sure there should be something about that in here.
7 months ago
I loved this. Iv trained WhoreWife cuckcouples in situations like this including humiliation of the whorewifes cuckyboi.
Its especially great when the whorewife initiates brining her cuck into the picture unknowingly. Best is when I fully break them to full bore cleanup duty of both of us including his cocksucking me hard and wet then guiding my cock into one her slavewhoreholes. Her first gangbang then to finish her first forced black cock whorebang weekend long party !!!!!!!!!
7 months ago
Really sexy story... I loved it :-)
8 months ago
Great story!! Well done.
1 year ago
1 year ago
excellent story. really liked the xxx store part.
1 year ago
What a great story. I am curious as to how real is it as I have done these things to my own slut and she reacts the same way. I havent gone as far as you but I have had her do a threesome with another man. She was so turned on by it all that she just had orgasm after orgasm all 3 nights. She was so worn out after wards I had to let her recover for almost 2 weeks. After recovering it was another round of bondage and humilation. I find woman like this so powerfull and yet they need the structure that most men dont realize. May i add you as a friend?
I look foward to reading more perhaps a video to show just how real as we have on our page.
Stories like this just show how much we love our women!!!
Sir william Master and Owner of submissive dee.
1 year ago
good story