Part 1.. An Idea forms

My plan was pretty simple really… Find a fem-boi looking for a Sugar Daddy and change him to a her over a period of time… Simple in theory, Much harder then it would seem in reality. Being in my mid-40’s and rather well off from a few investments and a wealthy grand-mother I had plenty of time to indulge my more twisted desires. I got into Trans-Sexual porn a few years ago and I was hooked almost immediately. I do not think I am actually gay because the thought of ass fucking a man does nothing for me.. But on the other hand if that man had very feminine features, a small quiet voice, creamy white skin that was soft to the touch, full lips, pert breasts, and was properly shaved and hairless from his eyes brows down I would plow him from morning to night 24/7…
From what I have been able to find out… With hormone treatments and plastic surgery the total investment would be close to $100,000. So I called my attorney and had him set up an escrow account into which I deposited $200,000 just to be sure… When Larry asked what for I told him to come out to my place Friday night and I would show him. I was thinking with his connections around the country and world for that matter he might be able to help me in my pursuit.. I placed a few phone calls and set up the entertainment for the following Friday night.. I ordered up 2 of the sexiest T-GURLS I could find… $3,000 a night each…There is no way anyone could pick these 2 out of a crowd of women as the men in the group… It was going to be a FULL SERVICE night.. and, as usual, if they performed well for me and my friend they stood to make a nice bonus on top of payment… Having used this service a few times in the past.. well damn near once a week for over a year… They are familiar with me and all the gurls do their best to one up each other because they know if I am pleased with them they will get called more often… The 2 that I have chosen for Friday night with Larry are the best available… Actually, I was lucky to get them.. They are usually booked several months in advance… After making the arrangements I sat back in my chair and just smiled… Larry aint gonna know what hit him….
Friday morning rolled around and I had one last thing to do. I called Larry again and told him to be at my place by 7pm.. He asked a couple questions about the plans for the evening, I told him he was in for something that would blow his mind. Larry always claimed to be as open minded as I am, tonight we were going to find out if that is true.. As usual I told my Personal Assistant to take the night off. I do try to keep my personal life under wraps so to speak. I really have no desire to let the whole town know that the wealthiest guy in town is rather twisted. Best to put on a conservative front for all the nosey blue hairs and religious types. Not that I really care what they think, it just saves me headaches. My Assistant , Karen, knows all about this and what my plans are. She has been with me for the last 20 years and I trust her not only with my secrets but more importantly with my check book. She knows that the only reason I hired her at 18 years old, just out of high school, with no experience in the working world at all is because she was/is built like a brick shithouse.. 5 foot 3 inches tall of nothing but tits and ass. The best looking female I have ever met in my life and to this day I have not once had any sort of sexual desire for her. People think we are a couple all the time with how we interact with each other. I have been told more than once that I was heading for a sexual harassment lawsuit with her..
At 6:30 I hear Larry arrive and it’s not but a few seconds before he starts in with the questions about what I was so excited about and what the plans were for tonight. I reminded him about the escrow account he set up for me and said that tonight was directly related to that. Over a couple glasses of bourbon I explain that I am beginning a little project that I could really use his help with and tonight was my way of introducing him to what that project was. This seemed to satisfy him. At 7pm the doorbell sounds and I go to get our entertainment for the night… Even though I have used their services in the past it still amazes me how truly female they really look… I walk them to the Den to make the introduction’s … “Larry let me introduce Sara and Kim, These two beautiful young ladies are here to entertain us tonight” I say… Larry nearly chokes on his drink at the sight of them… They are both incredible. Sara stands 5’4” tall and goes about 100 pounds. Long, straight blond hair that hangs down to her shoulders. Skin so light and creamy it could pass for porcelain. Not a blemish on her anywhere… I have checked. Perky, upturned breasts capped by slightly darker areolas about the size of a half dollar and eraser sized nipples clearly visible thru her white silk blouse. I plan on using the plastic surgeon she used because that man is a true master of his work. As for Kim. She is slightly taller at 5’6”. More tanned then Sara is and clocks in at about 115 or so. Kim’s breasts are larger with just a hint of sag to them. She has almost no areolas at all, but her nipples extend more than ½ inch when they get hard. Which is almost all the time. I can see the Larry is VERY VERY taken with Sara.. After some getting to know you small talk a tell the gurls what I have planned… we are going out to dinner and some dancing then back here for the rest of the night.. Larry excused himself to go to the can and while he was gone I informed the gurls that Larry did not know about them and I wanted it to stay that way until I told them to show him. Larry was real touchy feely so I told Sara she would have to be careful he didn’t grab hold of her crotch and figure out what was up… Once he got back we head out.. I drove with Kim in the front with me and Larry and Sara in the back seat.. I didn’t take long before Larry had his tongue buried in Sara’s mouth and his hands under her blouse. Sara was good at keeping things above the waist.
About 45 mins later we arrived at what looked to be a closed restaurant. It wasn’t I just paid them to close down early so that we could have a very private intimate dinner. Yeah, Tonight is going to cost me a great deal of cash, but it was going to worth the price. Over our surf and turf dinner and several bottles of wine the gurls spent almost the whole dinner talking to Larry.. What he did.. if he was married.. k**s.. and filled him in on their future plans. After dinner the house band began to play and the gurls excused themselves to the ladies room. Larry took this chance to grill me some more… “How in the hell are these two dumber the shit bimbos going to help you in your project” he asked… I said “You will have to wait until we got home to get that answer. But trust me these two sexy gurls were absolutely perfect for what I have in mind”… I don’t think this was a good enough answer this time but the gurls had returned so the topic was dropped for now. With the band playing it was not long before Larry and Sara were up on the floor bumping and grinding on each other. I gave Kim a concerned look because I did not want Larry to feel anything that he didn’t think belonged on her. Kim whispered into my ear that while they were in the bathroom she helped Sara make sure everything was tucked and taped so that nothing would be felt… We danced for a few hours. Finally, about midnight I said it was time to head out… I paid the bill and back to the house we went. Again, looking in the rearview, Larry was all over Sara. Her shirt was open and he was giving those beautiful tits a very close inspection.
Back at my house I told the gurls it was time for them to put on a nice little show for us. I poured Larry and I a couple drinks and we sat down for a little gurl on gurl entertainment. The music started and those to visions of beauty were all over each other… kissing and sucking nipples… Kim produced a bag of clothes pins and began clamping Sara’s nipples and breasts… twisting them, making Sara moan with pleasure… After a good 30 mins of this I stood up and told the gurls it was time for a little more personal interaction.. They stopped their show.. Sara headed straight for Larry and Kim for me. Larry stood and Sara had his cock out in record time… Same with Kim.. These two knew their stuff. We sat back down, Kim and I watched Sara give Larry the cock sucking of his live.. I told Kim to go help her. As Sara worked the right side of his shaft, Kim worked the left. They were in perfect sync with each other. I wanted in on the action so I kneeled behind Kim and raised her skirt… Even though I had seen her ass many times in the past it was still a breath taking sight. Firm, well-toned cheeks with a small brown hole that was the most inviting sight I had seen since the last time I had her… I wet my thumb and into her dark hole it went.. Her moaning must have been felt by Larry because he let out a groan that was almost primal sounding. I pulled out my thumb and spit into Kim ass.. She knew what was coming. I placed the tip of a cock against her boi pussy and told her to push back onto me… She did as instructed and continued fucking herself on my stick while I reached over and fingered Sara’s boi pussy, giving her sack a few good squeeze’s as well… I had to tell Kim to slow down more than once. I didn’t want to cum too fast. We had been going for about 45 mins. The gurls sucking Larry’s cock and balls while I switched back and forth between those two beautiful assholes.. Fucking one while fingering the other. I then said “Gurls show my good friend Larry what proper young ladies do with a man’s cum”. It was not 2 mins before Larry was dumping his load into Sara’a mouth… After holding it in her mouth a while she dribbled his seed into Kim’s mouth and then they shared a wet cum covered kiss before swallowing anything left.
I could tell Larry was drained.. “Wake up son”.. I said “I still have a few surprises for you yet” All he could do was moan. I told the gurls to go get cleaned up a little and while they were gone Larry came back to Earth.. “Man that was the best cock sucking I have ever had” he said. “Yeah I know, Those two are real Pro’s… The night has just begun” I added. When the gurls returned I told them to stand next to each other facing us while we sat on the couch… “Now, are you ready for the reason I bought you over here and had these two beautiful creatures give you the cock sucking of your life” I ask Larry. “Finally.. Yes it’s about time you tell me what’s going the fuck on here” he said… I looked up at the gurls “ Have you prepared yourselves to show my dear friend here your most outstanding feature”… In unison both gurls answered “Yes, Sir”… “Show him” was all I said and both gurls dropped their skirts. It took Larry a couple seconds to focus in and realize what was going on… “WHAT THE FUCK… SOME GUY JUST SUCKED MY DICK… WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON MAN”…
Once his initial shock subsided I told the gurl’s to go entertain each other while I talked to Larry. They smiled and sank down to the floor into a perfect 69 position. As they worked each other’s dicks I started my explanation to Larry… “Listen b*****r here’s the deal.. I want one of these” pointing to the gurls. “I want to MAKE one for my very own and I need your help to make this happen” I ran down my plan about finding a fem-boi and changing him over the course of time into a beautiful sexy sexual plaything for me and anyone else I choose to share her with. “I figured the best way to get you on board with me in this little project was to show you how much pleasure one can get from a plaything like this” I told him. Larry seemed to be mesmerized by the show in front of him at the moment. I have to admit it was a very erotic sight.. Two of the most beautiful young ladies I have ever met sucking each other’s dicks… I could tell Larry was getting into it as well.. Even though he had just cum his dick was rock hard again. “Sara… I think Larry needs some attention” I said. At which point they broke off their show and each headed for us with mouths wide open… I could tell Larry was not too sure about this now but he did not protest as Sara sank her mouth on to his manhood. Within seconds he was laying back on the couch with his hands running thru Sara’s hair telling her what a good little cock sucker she was. I switched places with Kim. Placing her on the couch next to Larry while I kneeled between her legs, she held her legs wide open while I reached under the couch for a small bottle of lube… With her boi-pussy nice and greased I called Larry’s attention to what I was doing “Watch this” I said.. In one slow steady movement I sank into Kim’s bowels all the way to my balls… Kim let out a groan of sheer pleasure. I grabbed a hold of Kim’s legs behind her knees and motioned for her to give Larry a nice wet kiss… By this point he was hooked… He took her tongue without any hesitation and worked his way to her tits as I ass fucked her. “I think Sara could use some attention b*o” I told him.. Within seconds she was on the couch in the same position as Kim… I handed Larry the lube and said “Get ready for the best fuck you have ever had”. With that Sara was now impaled as well.
I told Kim to hold her legs now… with my hands free I began jacking her off. Squeezing her nut sack and jacking her dick right up to the point she was about to cum. I would slow down at that point to prolong things. Finally as I was approaching my climax I jack her until she spurted her load into my cupped hand… Soon after I added my load to my hand… then with Larry watching close I offered that sexy sweet creature a handful of sperm that she sucked down as if it were the nectar of the gods.. Licking my hand clean… Larry got the point and proceeded to do the same to Sara. I could tell he was not too sure about jacking off a dick… But to his credit he did take Sara’s rod in his hands and did just as he watched me do… It took him a little longer to blow his wad having just cum a little bit before but watching those two gurls kiss and suck each other finally got to him and he added his load to his hand. Offering his hand to Sara’s hungry mouth… “Thank you Sir” she said and sucked it all down as well.
With that, I took Kim’s hand and lead her upstairs. On the way out of the Den looked back over my shoulder and saw Larry lip locked with Sara. “You know where the guest bedroom is; see in two in the morning” I said…..

End of Chapter #1
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well written. on to part 2
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This is a great story.
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Great story and great idea. Where does one apply?
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Very nice, really looking forward to the transformation of the unwilling victim xxx
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exciting and different xx
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O M G I came with that one it was so sexual,erotic thanks
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nice .... my cock is rock hard
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Hot story, love hot sexy shemales.
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Very good. Please continue.
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wow luved to turned into a fem great story