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A thousand words about: Fisting.

Somewhere around here, I must have mentioned that I like fisting, ‘cause I get lots of messages asking me about it. Some people say stuff about how they’re worried ‘cause they don’t see how a fist could be shoved into them. But that isn’t what fisting really is. Fisting is a slang expression for this:

A picture’s worth a thousand words. This is how the hand should enter you and go deeper in you for exploration. It needs to have lots of lube. Lots. You also need to be pretty warmed up already. Fisting can't be the first thing you do in a session. Fisting needs foreplay.

Hope that helps. Have fun.
Posted by Azalia 4 years ago
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3 years ago
Thanks for the post
3 years ago
Lovely lesson: short and sexy - Peter Pan
3 years ago
good explanation
4 years ago
I love to fist and to train girls to enjoy it. awesome explantion and your profile is great