Sharing some of my private messages

I got a message from a man asking "I have a panty fetish and I was wondering if you could help by describing the panties you are currently wearing."

Here is what I wrote up for him (and for all of you too!):

Hi! I have a few fetishes of my own. I have kind of a military fetish, and I love satin panties, so right now I'm wearing olive drab satin panites. Kind of low cut. I guess you'd call them bikini cut.

A lot of the time, I keep my panties on when I masturbate or have sex. Rubbing on the satin teases me unbearably and makes me cum hard.

So for example, I'll press my vibrator to my panties and the satin will vibrate on my clit and give it a buzzy feeling that makes me pant and gasp until I can't see straight, and then the buzzing suddenly jolts deep into me like lightning and I cum with a desperate shout.

Or I'll be standing with my panties on, and I'll have a guy behind me and shoving his cock between my thighs. He'll feel the satin and my soft thighs, and I'll feel him rubbing the satin. It's more than enough to get us both off. I like it when a guy cums in that position. I can look down and see his cock sticking out in front of me, just under the panties, and he shoots out--it almost looks like I have a cock.

I like that thought, btw. I think it must be awesome to have a cock. I like to put guys in my satin panties and rub them and feel their cock get bigger and harder until it bulges out of the top of the panties and he cums and squirts up onto his stomach. Sometimes I rub him with my hand, but sometimes I put on satin panties too and rub the two of us together so his cum shoots up between us and gets on both of us.


Then there was a guy who mentioned something about gags. It got me thinking, so I sent him this reply:

You know what my favorite way to be gagged is? My gf stuffs satin panties in me then does stuff to me until the panties are soaked. Then she stuffs the panties in my mouth. My own taste makes my head swim. Then she really gets to work on me--licking, sucking, biting, fisting, fucking me with her toes, fucking me with household objects, using a plug-in vibrator so I can't just hope that she'll have to stop when the battereis wear down. With the gag muffling everything, I'm totally free to cry out and shout and scream as loud as I have to.

Then when I'm soaked in sweat and exhausted and trembling and slippery between my thighs from all my squirting, she stretches out on top of me and rubs us together. That's the main way she likes to use me to cum. She holds me like a man in missionary position and she takes the gag out with her teeth and pushes her tongue into my mouth. She keeps my mouth filled with her tongue the whole time she's mounted on me like that, rubbing and sliding and rocking and grunting.

I didn't know she was like that when I met her. Sometimes she says she didn't quite know it about herself either. She actually has an innocent and friendly look. How we met, and how our relationship has grown, and how we share men sometimes, should be a story for some more posts.


I also heard from a guy who loved to take a woman by the hair when he's doing her in doggy, so I shared one of my experiences in a reply:

One time I was in doggy with a guy behind me. He held my hair in one hand like a rein and started banging me hard, but I thrust back against him harder until he gave up and I took over. I worked my hips and squeezed him tight inside, like I was holding him and pulling on him, not just sliding on him.

Without realizing it, I think, he pulled my hair back harder and harder until I was kneeling upright and leaning back against him. His cock pushed into me at an angle and rubbed me hard. I shouted until it was a squeal and squirted straight out in front of me. It really was an ejaculation.

A big shove from behind and I felt his cum pump inside me, warm and squishy. He still held my hair back tight as I gasped for breath and moaned out a few more waves of pleasure. When things settled down, he let go and held me around my breasts from behind for a while and nibbled my neck.
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3 years ago
Three lovely sexy letters. The first one makes me wonder whether you'd like to use strap-on?

What you do with satin panties is high level kinky stuff, classy compared to most bdsm.

Thank you for writing your experiences, Azalea.
3 years ago
Interesting. You are so naughty.
4 years ago
I think I love you. Wait... no.. ..yes. Yes I do. I do love you. marry me.
4 years ago
good post !
4 years ago
4 years ago
wonderful lil'stories
4 years ago
wow I love your last story BBE I squirt all the time thanx for sharing xx