well bout time i got off my lazy ass and upload more doujins
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herp derp...finally decided to sign up for an acc after all these years of anon fapping. My goal is to upload my favorite hentai/ecchi pics that have accumulated on my hard drive. Did I mention that I like SoF. That was probably the dullest intro ever. Well this should distract u.

Omar is GOD and he'll make u jizz in yer pants with his orgasmic music. I'm totally fantasizing about Omar's tight Puerto Rican ass rite now but other than that I'm straight even though I'm from TEXAS and we're either Steers or Queers. Full Metal Jacket FTW!!! I'm ATDI's bitch and Omar's gotta keep the pimp hand strong while Cedric's getting gang by Jim, Paul, and Tony. All kidding aside my username comes from my favorite song of all time and that person (Omar Alfaro RodriguezLopez) is the lead guitarist in that band. It's Chanbara by At the Drive-In, btw. So let's enjoy some Omar gifs.

FANBOI SQUEAL OF DELIGHT! Omar's so cute! ^///^

And now for EPIC GIF

Delicioso! Nothing better than being drenched in cum.

Some 3DPD gifs as well; Let's start with the tits.

When u got tits; u gotta titfuck

Best way to churn that milk into some cream

And speaking of cream

Let's not forget dat ass

Cum into the HOLE! Always. ;D

HEADSHOT! Talk about taking a selfie.


Watery spurter VS Viscous dribbler. Who will win?
Trick question b/c in Double Armipit Fuck everyone wins.

And let's end it with some Selena Castro from Breast Worship 3

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1 day ago
Loved the song you used in your second HMV of the collab, the one that came with a warning label.
2 days ago
nice profil !
3 days ago
Hey dude.
6 days ago
really? wow i can't wait
6 days ago
yeah still got a lot more i got to upload.
6 days ago
wow u added alot of stuff! :)
9 days ago
i love your profile! :)
16 days ago
4 hours.. getting closer ^_^ (but still)
19 days ago
Love your futa vids!
19 days ago
great videos. love it all. :)
will tell me of the anime of the redhead girl gif ?
25 days ago
Looks like you get a lot of deserved praise, but here's more:
thank you very much for the lovely doujins & the amazing HMVs.
Best wishes for 2015 with more great HMVs from you ^_^
1 month ago
Such an amazing profile! Love all the new videos. Keep up the great work.
1 month ago
Aaahhh the pursuit of perfection!!

(I'm back btw!! Yay!) ^_^
1 month ago
Dropping by to say thanks for the latest set of hentai galleries & looking forward to your my next favorite HMV of the month.
1 month ago
www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftFTm7ElIns O_O

I never trusted cheerleaders ^_^ great song I know you'll make a great hmv with it.

I always thought this song would make a great hmv to.

2 months ago
i love watching ur hentai
3 months ago
Yooooo aya! Love your profile!
7 months ago
Thanks for all the great vids ^-^ *hug*
11 months ago
seriously you have the best HMV's ever!!
11 months ago
great video
11 months ago
nice work
11 months ago
Thanks for the invite. I like Mars Volta and At the Drive In too, but I can't say I'm gay for Omar. lol
11 months ago
best vids ever!
11 months ago
I love your videos!
12 months ago
And very proud of being from the same country as Omar :) Love At The Drive In, The Mars Volta and her solo projects
12 months ago
Nice! I totally agree with your view from Omar being a god of music!
1 year ago
Thanks for accepting my invite. I take it you make the HMVs or do you just upload ones others have made?
1 year ago
Thanks for accepting my invite :)
1 year ago
Thanks for the add love the pictures and videos.
1 year ago
what a hot profile!!!