Recipe to cure rainy day boredom...

One boring rainy day, we decide to get together to make things a little more 'interesting.' After our usual small talk, we are just hanging out and you get up to pour a glass of water. Silently, I come up behind you and surprise you by wrapping my arms around you and kissing your neck. Shortly after the initial surprise begins to wear off, I reach into your shirt and squeeze your breasts. My hands continue exploring their way right down your pants and begin to pet your soft, smooth little kitty, getting you hotter every second. I can feel your soft skin turn moist as your body starts to react to my touch, leaving my fingers slightly wet with your juices as I pull my hands back up and continue kissing you passionately, now holding your face firmly between my hands.

We blindly move to a more comfortable area, couch, bed, etc. and begin undressing each other immediately. Soon after, there is no way we can stop, even if we wanted to. Our hearts are racing and our bl**d pumping, saturated with hormones telling us to engage in 'the act of mating.' Our instincts take over as we lay down and begin. You are lying on your back with me on top of you, the look on your face priceless as I enter you slowly and our bodies begin to get acquainted. Your soft skin giving me an electrifying feeling as my body slides back and forth across yours, slowly increasing the rhythm to a steady pace, our bodies becoming more and more addicted to the feeling with every thrust. As your juices begin to steadily flow out of you, slowly running down my shaft and onto my chest, I sense that your body is ready to fully accept me, and I increase the depth of each thrust accordingly.

Our breathing would be increasingly heavier as our lips get lost in each other, and the thrusting continues. Right about the time that our motions start to feel effortless and automatic, I'd start to increase the intensity again with a slightly faster pace, making the last inch of thrust into you a little harder than the initial slide in. My lips and tongue would find their way pretty much everywhere they could reach, paying special attention to your hard, sensative nipples, biting them lightly on occasion. Your body would be reacting to every sensation it feels by letting your brain know just how badly needed this is. Our pace would continue to quicken, as would the intensity of my thrusts into you. You'd feel me deeep inside as my cock pushes against your internal organs, making it feel as if they're being pushed up into your stomach. The continuous thrusting would turn into a bit of a circular motion as I push in, causing my hard cock to grind up against you, rubbing across your clit in the process.

Soon I'd be pounding into you so hard that it becomes difficult to focus your eyes on my face or anything else for that matter. Just as you grab tightly onto the bed to steady yourself, I pull out of you and get behind you as you quickly catch on to what I'm doing and turn around, lying face down on the bed and raising your hips and beautiful ass up to meet me. As our most sensative skins touch, I give a slight push and slide effortlessly back inside you. We are still a perfect, tight fit, but your juices are covering my cock and there is nothing but pleasure as we once again feel the intensity of each other's warmth and softness...inside and out. One of my hands would find it's way down to your breasts where I would be caressing your nipples, while the other hand wraps around to your front side and begins to softly rub your clit. I'd still be thrusting inside you with a vigorous, steady pace, and soon I'd begin to feel your body shake slightly, almost vibrating, then a little more and then I'd feel your silky-smooth pussy squeezing me even more as you begin to cum.

I'd continue the steady pumping as your orgasm takes control of you, slowing slightly to more consistent firm thrusts, knowing that my cum will be joining yours soon enough. Just as your body becomes a little more limp, my body starts to become more rigid and after a few more pumps, I pull out and you instinctively roll over onto your back. I grasp your ankles and bring them up to rest on my shoulders as I slowly lean forward and make contact with you again. I slowly penetrate your tightness and begin to work myself back and forth until I am reaching full depth again. The short break in the action while we switched up positions bought me a little more time before I cum, just enough to bring you to a second orgasm. After a few minutes of thrusting and pulling our bodies, I can feel you getting very close again and a few seconds later, it's happening. Your body reacts even more intensely this time, sending out vibrations and erratic squeezes from deep inside you.

I can feel every bit of it on my cock, and it's just enough to send me over the edge. I can no longer hold it all in and as my orgasm begins, I quickly pull out of you and straddle you, the tip of my cock exploding with spurt after spurt of slippery white fluid which quickly covers your firm round breasts. As I lay there on top of you, trying to catch my breath, you take the head of my cock into your mouth, sucking and licking it clean with slow yet strong motions. Moments later, I use that gooey cum on your tits as if it were some sort of lube, as I suck and caress your nipples.

After enjoying the tingling sensations caused by what we had just accomplished, we'd be up walking around a while later, when you'd feel me standing behind you, hands on your hips. It would seem an innocent move, just standing there slightly holding you...until you feel the unmistakable pulsing of my cock as it begins to stiffen again and teases you more and more as it grows with each heartbeat and becomes closer and closer to entering you. I can feel your wetness beginning again on the tip of my cock and after what seems to be only seconds later, I'm 'rock hard' again. Just as you feel my hands grip your hips very solidly, you begin to lean forward bending at the waist, and feel the warmth of my cock as I squeeze it back inside you with one quick motion...allll...the I look around to your face and see a look of pure bliss, and away we go, panting, thrusting, kissing.........

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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
odd perspective-tense combo, sounds like chat sex, but its in story form*