Teaching my ex-s****r in law some manners

It had been a very warm day, and the house was hot. The air conditioner was trying to keep up but it was tired. It was close to 1:30am when I decided to get up, I was thirsty and needed something cold. I knew there wasn't anything left in the house so I threw on a pair of shorts, shirt and sandals and headed to the local mart.

The store was a good size market, for the 24 hour variety. It carried just about everything you can image. I pulled up beside a sporty new convertible that look vaguely familiar and made my way inside.

I rounded the corner of the first aisle, and spotted my ex-s****r in law. She was a bitch, super bitch to be exact. She never liked me. From day one she strutted her ass around the in-laws house like she was a fucking princess, always rubbing it in my face that I worked for her rich daddy, and treating me like I was some low life hired help. Any time my wife and I would cross words, she would offer her two cents, and it was always demeaning to me in some sense. Anyway, other then having a great set of tits, I can say she never really did if for me.

Her s****r and I were married for a few years before deciding to part way. I wish that would have been the end of my contact with the f****y, but when you have c***dren together, it's never that easy.

So I see her and duck away, not wanting to catch her eye. At first she looks like she is lazily sauntering about the store, until I notice that her saunter, is more an attempt to keep from falling over d***k. I dodge her aisle after aisle always a few steps behind her, watching her. It wa about then that I realized she wasn't wearing a bra. Her perty tits sway as she moves about. The cooled air being pumped through out the store had her nipples hard and straining against the light fabric of the colorful summer dress that d****d her shoulders.

As I rounded the last aisle, I whole heartly expected to see her rounding the far end, and making her way back towards the registers, however as I turned the corner she was standing close to the shelve, on her tipy toes reaching for an item that had been pushed to the back, just out of her reach. I watched as she turned to one side, then the other hoping she could find someone to help her. I stepped back and watched as she tried again. I decided, it wasnow or never, and quickly make me way over to her before she turned around.

I moved into her, and pinned her between myself and the shelf, placing both hands on either side of her to block her escape, and to brace myself. Into her ear, in a low sexy groan, I asked “I can help you with that”.. she froze in her spot, unable to escape from the crowded space, she just nodded a quiet yes.

I moved closer, taking a deep breath and inhaling her perfume. She tried to turn to see who it was that offered her help, and to clear the space between us, but I grabbed her around her waist and pulled her against me, not allowing her to see me. “Is that your Tommy?” she asked, trying to guess who had a tight hold on her.. into her ear, I whispered “you smell delicious, good enough to eat” with that I felt her relax just a bit. “Is that you Jon?. Is that you Mark?.. she threw out a few names, trying to turn around to see who it was. I pushed her forward against the shelf and held her there. Her scent was intoxicating, even if she had always been such a fucking stuck up bitch. I wanted her. I wanted her bad. But having the situtaion in control, I wanted to teach her a lesson, and now for the first time, I was in the position to make that bitch beg for me.

Holding her tightly against the shelf, I made my move. Pushing her hair to the side, her neck was exposed to me, the loose soft brown curls offered no protection as I pressed my lips against her and started to kiss my way down. She stood quietly, then let out a soft moan... “is that you Tommy?
She repeated. Tommy was her ex, with whom she recently split from, but they were working on getting back together. He was built much like me, the same height, same body frame, we even wore the same cologne. So I could see why she kept asking me, if I was him. I kissed her neck, knowing from the years of being married to her s****r, and seeing her necking with various boyfriends, that this really made her hot, easy as they say.. it was her biggest weakness, and I used this knowledge to my advantage. I was slowly working her up, making her horny and fuckable.

I pulled at the spaghetti straps of her summer dress, down over her shoulders and kissed the soft skin along her shoulder line. She reached for my hand and pulled it up to her tit and purred as I started to rub it lightly. Her nipples were as sensitive as her neck. Before long she was moaning with every touch and every kiss I laid down.

I pushed my hardening bulge into her ass, and she pushed back. My hand left her tit and wandered down the length of her leg, grabbing the gathered fabric I pulled it up. Her skin was soft, smooth and well kept. I ran my hand lightly over the exposed skin inching my way up towards her mound. She ground her ass harder into me, as I neared the front of her dress. I pushed my hand closer to her pussy and was surprised to find that she wasn't wearing any panties. Somewhere in the act of being seducing by my advances she slipped her hand down between her legs and was rubbing herself. My hand moved closer, and she wrapped her fingers into mind and brought them to her clit. Together we rubbed her wet cunt, slowly bringing her to a boil. She had lost all interest in trying to figure out if I was Tommy, or anyone else. She wanted to get off. She need to cum.

She ground her ass against my cock and groaned that she needed to feel it in her mouth. I pulled back and teased her, “The only way you can have my cock in your mouth was after I filled her wet cunt with it”. I continued to stroke her stiff bud, as her hands dropped off and worked feverishly trying to free the hard cock, hidden inside my shorts. She worked it free and started stroking me, up and down, slowly building speed while letting out soft moans, as I worked her clit

I felt her body start to tremble, than shake. She filled my hand with a squirting gush of her juice. Her knees went weak, as I propped her up holding her firmly around her waist.. She was like putty in my hands. I pulled my hand from beneath her dress, and offered my fingers to her mouth.. Eagerly she sucked them into her mouth, sucking each finger individually, before licking between my fingers and the palm of me hand. “You taste amazing Tommy: she cooed, going on about how much she missed his sweet cum.

“Fuck me now” she begged as she worked my cock up and down. I pulled at the back of her dress and lift the hem. Her ass, a sight to behold, was perfect. It was perfect for fucking and before I was through with her.. I was going to own it.

Her juices ran down her leg, as I inched my cock into her. “Oh yes Tommy, I've missed this the most”, she moaned as she rocked back against me. “You must be enjoying this” she grunted, “you’re so fucking big tonight, I can't believe how big you feel”, you're filling me up and making me feel so good”. I held back, as she begged me.. “Please fuck me” she whimpered... “I need you, I need you to get me off right here and now”. “Please Tommy”

I sunk my thick vieny cock deep into her with one solid trust, pushing her hard against the shelf. She pushed back meeting me every thrust.. We fuck hard. Her legs spread wide, she stood there with her hands spread wide, holding tightly to the shelf. I plowed into her again and again, as I edged closer to busting my nut inside her..

She moaned in pleasure with each deep thrust, begging me to give it to her harder.. “Fuck me harder” she cried out.. “cum for me, I want to taste my juices on your cock”.. I pulled her close to me, “ bend forward bitch” I whispered, “I'm going to fuck your ass”.. she just groaned in delight and nodded in approval.

I pulled my coated cock from her and lined it up against the tight pink wrinkle between her cheeks and pushed.. She grabbed her ass cheeks and offered a clear view as she parted them for me.. I f***ed my way in further, and she cried out in pain.. “I have never had a cock in my ass, so please go slow and be gentle” she begged, but I didn't care, and pushed onward.. soon my whole cock was inside her.. I held her still for a moment so she could get used to having her asshole stretch. I pulled back and started a slowly easy rhythm, before long she was slamming herself against me.. matching me stride for stride.

As I neared cumming I decide it was time to feed her my seed. “Get on your knees, and keep your eyes closed” I demanded. “If you open your eyes I will not finish fucking you”.. she dropped to her knees, there in the last aisle of the grocery story, waiting for me to feed her my cum coated cock.

I whispered, “How badly do you want my cock in your mouth”. She whimpered a slight moan, and said.. “Please don't make me wait, I need your cock in my mouth.” “Fill me with your cum, please don't make me wait a moment more”..

I pulled her dress down fully exposing her naked body, and ran the purple head along her lips. With every pass, she opened her mouth trying to take me inside, but I continued to deny her.. I want her to see who she just fuck, who she just offered up her ass to, whose cock she was begging for.

“Stick your tongue out” I whispered in a low demand. She lapped at my cock as I jerked it back and forth, occasionally sticking it into her mouth for lubrication.. I jerked faster and harder as I was closing in on my humiliation of her, and she still had no idea that it was me..

She sucked me balls as I jerked.. I pulled away from her, and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her near to me, high on her knees, and with her face flatten and ready for a load.. “Open your mouth” I whispered, not wanting to give away my true identity. Her hands worked feverishly on her clit, hoping to bring herself off, just as I did..

Just as her orgasm started, I squirted the first jet of cum across her face, and over her hair.. By the time I was done, I left a full load of cum covering her face, hands, head and tits..

My intent was never to fill her mouth with my cum, but to squirt it all over her face and hair and humiliate her for all the times she treated me like her own personal doormat.

As my last jet sprayed over her. “Open your eyes” I demanded..
Instantly a look of disgusted rolled over her face, she knew who it was that just fucked her good.

I stood over her and all high and mighty, and to my surprise she, licked her lips and said, “I have been waiting for that for a long time, glad to see you finally grew a set of balls loser”

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2 years ago
hahaha.. I am sure your sis in law would be coming over to visit you.. Cheers!!
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
what a cunt slut
3 years ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet

but revenge is sweeter
3 years ago
nice revenge
3 years ago
Sweet revenge.
3 years ago
bitter to the end LOL
3 years ago
i want to fuck my sister-in-law just like that.
3 years ago
Back in 1987 I fucked my brothers third wife Karen once while he was out,ol James never knew lol,she wasn't so high and mighty and classy as he had thought. What memories of Overlandpark Kansas lol.
3 years ago
Great way to end it I am now hard and ready for action
3 years ago
Great story,hope u get her again
3 years ago
Very instructional
3 years ago
Good story.