Club Sex...

On a cool October night, you and I are hangin' at The Co-op having a few drinks and enjoying each others company with a sprinkling of intense, tantalizing kisses...After a good bout of kissing, I ask if you would like to go somewhere a little more private...You say you would love that, so I take your soft hand in mine and lead you upstairs into the office of the club..Luckily, I have a key, because the door is locked. We go in and after putting a CD in the computer, we settle on one of the three couches and begin to kiss very passionately...We are both very turned on and I'm kissing your neck and and ears while I gently squeeze and pull on your nipples through your thin blouse...You are wearing a short skirt and sheer, black stockings that go just above your knee....You are very turned on and suddenly, I slide down onto the office floor, on my knees in front of your sexy ass! I begin to kiss the inside of your left thigh near the knee and slowly kiss upwards, savoring your sweet flesh...I kiss until my mouth is resting on your pantied crotch, letting my hot breath out slowly to warm your moist, swollen labia...You groan with pleasure and slowly grind your hips back and forth. You can't take my teasing long, and suddenly you reach down and pull your panties to the side, revealing your sweet, pouting lips glistening with dew...I have no resistance, so I lean forward and begin to lap away at your smoothly shaved pussy...You are panting and shaking as I eat away like a starving man at a buffet...I feel adventurous and you are freshly showered, so I take your legs under the knee and push them back toward your shoulders, causing your ass to tilt upwards...Then I slowly swirl my tongue around, sliding it down through your wet, open lips and beyond, stopping at your sensitive little asshole and swirling with a warmth and ease like you've never known before...You are so turned on, you reach down and begin to furiously massage your clit while I eat your ass...I can tell your near climax, so I slide my tongue back up through your sweetness and suck your clit into my lips, flicking my tongue rapidly back and forth until your entire body shakes with an awesome orgasm....When your tremors begin to subside, I lick down between your lips, hungrily lapping up your sweet cream...You are panting and trembling as you try to recover from your intense orgasm...You look so sexy all spread open on the couch, with your stockings still on...Occasionally I lean forward to teasingly slide my tongue through your wet lips, savoring your nectar, causing you to jump with the electric shock of over-stimulation. "Oh, Diablo...That was soooo awesome!," you say between gasps. A big smile spreads across my wet face. "I enjoyed it very much myself..." I respond. I rise from the floor and plop down on the couch beside you, pulling you over on to me..You look deep into my eyes and then begin to passionately kiss me, your tongue occasionally snaking out to kiss the wetness from around my mouth. As you do, your bare sex bumps against the rigid tower of excitement that is pushing upward in my pants. "Damn...You really did enjoy that.." you say, a devilish grin appearing on your face. You roll to the side and reach down with your hand, admiring my bulge. "Somebody wants out..." you say, teasingly squeezing me through my thin slacks. I groan with expectation. You fumble with my button and unzip my pants...I don't wear underwear, so my thick, swollen meat springs into view, throbbing in the air. A dew drop of excitement glistens on my purple mushroom. "Oh, that's nice...I think he's happy to see me.." you taunt, gently stroking my shaft. "I think he wants a kiss..." With that you slide down and pull my meat to the side just below your chin. You look up at me with a sexy smile, your beautiful eyes shine deviantly. locking on mine as you slide your tongue out to slither around my swollen head, kissing away my dew drop of excitement. Then, suddenly, you thrust your face down, engulfing over half of my cock in the warmth of your wet mouth. "Oh, yes...Oh, that feels so fucking good!" I groan, pushing my hips forward. As you pump with your mouth, you stroke my shaft with your hand. Your eyes are still locked on mine and your tongue is swirling around the bottom of my shaft as you alternate from firm sucking to a loose, slippery mouth fucking. The awesome sensations and the sight of your pretty face pumping up and down on my meat are pushing me close to the edge. I reach down and grab a handful of your hair, pulling your mouth off my cock with a loud slurping pop and twisting your face to the side...With my other hand, I grab my thick shaft and smack your wet lips and your cheeks as you pant and moan softly..Then I piston my throbbing meat back between your pouting lips and you vigorously thrust your mouth up and down, 'till my head is hitting the back of your throat, your eyes watering..."Oh, baby...Oh..I'm gonna' cum if you don't stop!!" I manage between hitched breaths. You stop long enough to say "You tasted me...It's my turn..." then you begin sucking me in again. I feel the white fire of ecstasy building in my groin and my whole body begins to shake. "Oh...I want to see...stick out your tongue!" I groan at the last minute. You pull my slick member from your mouth and pump away with your hand. Your eyes locked on mine, you stick your tongue out as far as you can and place the tip beneath my growing head. I can't hold back anymore! "Oh...g-god!!" I manage as the jets of white cream begin to erupt all over your tongue and into your mouth, dribbling over your lips and onto your chin. I hear you gulp once and say "Don' some.." I finish cumming, my body still shaking, and pull you up to me for a passionate kiss. I can taste myself in your creamy french kiss and I lower your wet open sex down upon my still rigid cock. You groan and grind your hips back and forth as we share a cum-filled kiss. I lick your chin clean and share with you some more, as you begin to bounce your sexy ass up and down on my rod...We kiss passionately, our mouths savoring the intermingled tastes of our ecstasy as you slide your warm, wet flower up and down my still throbbing meat...I twitch and gasp at the deep sensations as I am hyper sensitive from having just cum. "Mmmm...You tasted so good...Fuck me, Diablo!" you groan as you thrust down on my flesh spear. I slide my hands around from your hips and squeeze your ass, peeling your cheeks open, giving me deeper access to your warm tunnel..."We taste good together...In fact, I may have to eat you some more before this is over..." I manage between hitched, panting breaths. You push yourself all the way down on my rigid cock and begin grinding your hips back and forth as I slip one of your erect, pencil eraser nipples into my mouth...I flick my tongue back and forth, occasionally sucking a quick breath in to chill you then swirling my tongue and lightly biting your nipple, all while pulling you back and forth with my grip on your spread cheeks, my thick meat buried to the hilt. The delicious friction overcomes you and you begin to shake, your pussy clenching and getting even wetter as you cum..."Oh...Oh god!" you cry out as your body shakes on mine, your sweet juices dripping down my balls and wetting my lower abdomen. You collapse against my chest and I roll you over onto your back, kissing you softly, sucking your lips, one at a time, into my mouth as you tremble...Then I slowly slip my cock out of your creamy pussy and kiss down the front of your body until my face is between your legs, my mouth gently sucking and licking your sweet juices as I spread your lips wide with my fingers. "Mmmm...You are so sweet...I could eat you forever, baby..." I moan as I lap away. "That feels so good....I want to feel you inside me again.." you say as you run your hands over my smooth head. I kiss my way back up your body and push my swollen meat back into your exsquisite warmth. You gasp and wrap your arms around my neck, your warm breath making goosebumps down my spine as you gently nibble my earlobe. I slide slowly in and out, gradually gaining momentum in my thrusts...I push your legs up, your knees touching your full breasts which are bouncing in rythme to my thrust, sitting up and pulling my feet forward as I sit on my shins...My left hand holds your right leg against your breast as my right thumb massages your swollen clit in a circular motion as my cock thrusts in and out deeply, occasionally hitting bottom and making you gasp. "Oh...Fuck me, baby! Fuck me hard!" you command as I pummel your sweet sex. Suddenly, I roughly flip you over and, with an arm beneath your hips, pull you waist up onto your knees...The site of your wet, excited pussy and your sweet ass, wet with your juices is too much to resist! I lean forward and eat your slippery asshole from behind as my fingers explore your pink folds, my thumb pressing and strumming your clit. I push the tip of my tongue into your ass and wiggle it as I work my fingers in your snatch...Suddenly I rise, scooting up behind you and pushing my meat into your swollen, pink flower. You begin thrusting yourself back and forth on my pleasure spear as I squeeze an ass cheek with one hand and spank you with the other, your cheek blushing pink with my repeated slaps. I reach up and grap a handful of your hair, moist with sweat, at a point close to the roots and pull your head up, using your hair like reins to thrust even harder into you. You are gasping and yelping to the rythm of my assault and I squeeze and open your ass with my free hand, massaging your slippery asshole with my thumb as we fuck. I feel the muscles around the opening beginning to relax and slowly work my thumb in to your ass all the way to the hilt...I can feel the bump as the ridge of my mushroom tip plunges in and out of your pussy, causing your ass to tighten and loosen as I wiggle my thumb deep inside.."Oh...Oh fuck!" you shout, your legs trembling. I can feel your ass and pussy spasm around me as you orgasm again and my cock swells even more as I start to cum, my head smacking the back of your tunnel as my warm cream squirts deep inside you, filling you with my essence. We both shake as the final spasms of our ecstasy slowly subsides...I slip my wet cock, coated with both of our juices, out and slip my arms between your legs and lift you up until you hang inverted, your legs on either side of my face, bottoms up...I lean my face forward and lick and suck your well fucked flower, savoring our flavor as you suck my still erect meat into your mouth...We lick and suck each other clean and then collapse into each others arms. After we catch our breath, I look at you inquisitively..."Yes?" you ask, cocking an eyebrow at me. "Wanna' go back downstairs and do a shot?" I ask, grinning...
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