Naughty Domination

Hey, you! I wanna' tie your hands behind your back, throw you on my bed and push your face into my pillows as I push your ass into the air, tear off your panties and spank your smooth, white ass cheeks until they are red! Then I would grab a good hand full of your hair and pull your head back until you were upright on your knees and bite the nap of your neck as I pinch and twist your hard, rasberry nipples...Then I would drop my hand from your nipples and lightly spank the front of your shaved mound, smacking your hooded love button as I pull your head back further, covering your mouth with mine in a passionate, aggressive french kiss..."Stick out your tongue!" I would command and then suck it into my mouth, in and out, as I vigorously massage your clit. Then, suddenly, I would shove you forward again, head down, red ass up and spank your cheeks more, occasionally spreading them as I lean forward to lick your sweet little asshole and slide my tongue down into your wet snatch, swirling my tongue around your erect clit and probing your ass with my thumb...Then, when I couldn't take anymore, I would mount you from behind, parting your wet lips with my thick meat, thrusting into you like an a****l, spreading your ass open and pulling your bound hands for leverage in my assault. I would revel in your gasps and moans and the way your legs quiver and as my cock filled you from behind, I would lube your asshole and slide my thumb all the way in and massage with a rotating motion, feeling myself through the thin wall of flesh...As your ass slowly loosened with my caresses, I would pour more lube into it until finally, I would pull out of your sweet pussy and push my meat slowly into your rectum, a little at a time until your warm muscles relaxed enough to accept me all the way to the hilt...Then I would take a "7 vibrator and push it vibrating all the way into your pussy...Oh, the exquisite sensation of your whole rear end buzzing and vibrating as I slowly slide in and out of your tight ass...When I couldn't hold back anymore, I would pull your head up and to the side, using your hair as leverage and pull my throbbing meat out so I could squat close to your flushed, sweaty face.."Open your mouth...Show me your tongue!" I would command and then I would stroke a big, creamy cum explosion all over your tongue and into your mouth as you look up at me, panting and shaking, the vibrator still buzzing away in your pussy. When the jets of cum subside, I would pull back your head and give you a passionate, creamy french kiss, licking your chin and mouth clean...
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