Richie & Mummy Episode 3

The lorry driver's name was Jim. I opened my mouth wide to take his hardening cock, and started sucking hard on it. Richie had climbed up into the cab too, and had begun to wank his young pecker. “Isn't my Mum beautiful?” he asked the trucker. “Shit, you go around fucking with your mother?” Jim asked. “Why not? She's fucking stunning and hornier than any girl my own age I've ever fucked. We've just been in the pub and she's been showing off her cunt and titties to all and sundry. That makes me so hot! I had to go into the men's room and jerk myself off because I was so hot.” “She sure is one fucking hot slut, and beautiful to match. Hey babe, I'm nearly about to cum, I want to fuck you now” said Jim.

His lorry was one of those long haul types with a bed at the back of the cab, and I took his rigid cock out of my mouth to ask “How do you want to fuck me sweetie?”. “Lie on your back and I'll do you missionary – this time anyway” replied Jim, laughing. I lied on my back in the cab's bed, and Jim climbed on top of me, guiding his cock into my cunt which was gaping wide open and as wet as could be. His cock wasn't huge, about six inches, but nice and hard, and he rubbed it up and down over my pussy from my engorged clit to my twitching ass. “OMG, OMG, OMG I am so fucking horny babe, jam that hard cock of yours up me and fuck me hard, yeah fuck me, make me cum!” I screamed. Jim slowly pushed the head of his cock into my dripping wet pussy cunt. “Oh yeah, you feel so good, you slut. Take this cock all the way up you!” and Jim slammed his rigid cock the rest of the way up me, so that I could feel his balls slapping against me, and his furry belly was getting tangled with the hair on my cunt. He started to increase his speed and as he fucked me I could hear the beautiful sloppy sound of his cock slipping in and out of my wet cunt. I love that sound, it has to be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

All the while, Richie was watching his Mummy being fucked, a new experience for him, and he was stroking his cock hard. His beautiful boy cock was rigid and his bell end was shiny with pre-cum and a lovely purple-red colour. “OMG Mummy I'm going to cum in a minute. It's so fucking horny watching you take a stranger's cock up your cunt, ohhhhh Mummmy where should I cum?” asked Richie. “Come up here baby and shoot your load into Mummy's mouth. I want to swallow your seed, I want you to fill my stomach with your cum baby boy!” Richie moved across the cab so that he was kneeling on the seat near my face. I opened my mouth and reached out to guide his cock towards my face. “Oh Mummy, I'm about to cum, oh my God, my balls are so full of fucking spume for you, drink my cum you fucking cum slut whore, ooooooohhhhh yes, yes, yes, aaaaahhhh!!!!! I'm cumminnnggg!!!!! Holy fuck, oh shit, drink this mother, aaaahhhh!!!!”. Richie shot his huge load into my mouth, spurt after spurt of jism shot down my throat, and although I nearly gagged, I closed my mouth and made sure that I swallowed every drop.

Jim could no longer restrain himself as my son wanked his cum into my mouth, and soon he was yelling “I'm going to cum, oh yeah, you fucking bitch, take this load of cum up your hot cunt!” and he gave me a beautiful cream pie because we had been fucking bare back. He collapsed on top of me with a huge sigh, then said “Baby, you are one incredible fuck. I'd like to do this again.” Ritchie then pointed out that he hadn't made me cum, so he apologised, and began finger-fucking me, initially with one finger, then two, then three. “Oh yeah Jim, finger fuck me until I spurt all over your hand, oh yeah, OMG, OMG oh yeah, fuck me harder, harder, pump my cunt until I cum. Oh yes, yes, yes, OMG I'm going to cum, yes, aaaaahhhhhh oh fuck, fuck, FUCK YES!”. My body bucked off the bed and contorted as I spurted a huge wet load of girly cum all over Jim's hand and the bedcovers.

We all started to dress, and as we did we talked. I asked Jim if he knew of any good dogging sites, or where I could meet any other truckers. “Most of us long haul truckers are away from home for days or weeks at a time, so we get desperate for a nice cunt to fuck. Just wanking off in the cab is a bit boring, even if I am watching x-hamster videos on my iPad LOL.” He thought for a minutes then said “There's a layby on the M** a bit further out of town. I'm sure you must know it. It's the one that was a curve on the old road, but when they put in the dual carriage way it was bypassed. Between the motorway and the layby there are lots of trees, and there's a forest next to it. Do you know the one I mean?” Richie and I agreed that we knew where he meant. “What are the best times?” I asked, “and do the cops patrol it?” Jim replied “The cops tend to patrol known dogging sites on Friday and Saturday nights. If you come through the week you'll still get truckers stopped there who are desperate for some action, but unlikely to get picked up by the filth.”

I kissed Jim on the mouth, fucking his mouth with my tongue, and said that I hoped that we could meet up again. He said that he did this route regularly, and agreed that he'd like to fuck me again.

Richie and I said goodbye and got back into our car. “Fucking hell Mum, you must be the horniest fuck slut in the country!” said Richie. I giggled and said “I certainly hope so my darling boy. Do you like your new Mummy? Do you want to watch me fucking other men or should I just fuck you baby?” “I love fucking you myself AND watching you fuck other guys. I am so enjoying our new life together. Having a fuck slut cunt whore mother is more beautiful than you can imagine. It makes me love you and want you even more, you beautiful son-fucker.” Richie reached over and kissed me on the mouth, and his hands moved down to play with my exposed tits. “I'm going to fuck you when we get home,” said Richie, “but I've also got an idea that I want to talk to you about.”

But that, of course, is another story for another episode.

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18 days ago
so hot - love these stories
10 months ago
you do write very well sam
10 months ago
Loving this series so far
10 months ago
Mommy should treat him like a cuckold. It will be very hot!
10 months ago
She is a horny bitch,,,can't wait for the next episode.