Mummy & Richie Episode 2

I was putting the dishes into the dishwasher and as I leaned over Richie commented "Great ass Mum, but why are you wearing panties? I' d much rather get a peek at your beautiful Mummy cunt." I turned to smile at him, and as I put my arms around his neck, my son kissed me deeply, darting his tongue into my mouth. His hands went down my back and massaged my bum. "Richie, you're making me horny darling" I whispered in his ear. He just laughed then kissed me some more before turning me around and gently pushing me against the kitchen bench. I heard him unzip his jeans and felt his stiff cock pushing against my ass as he reached around and began playing with my large boobs.

"Oh my gorgeous boy, that feels wonderful. Yeah, knead my nipples just like that, make your Mummy all hot and bothered." My tits were on fire as Richie twisted my huge nipples hard, and my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. He had pulled up my hair at the back of my neck and was smothering me with kisses. Then he pushed me down onto the kitchen bench with his left hand, and I felt him pulling my knickers aside with his other hand, and guiding his rigid cock into my damp pussy. "Ooohhh yes baby, your cock feels wonderful inside Mummy's cunt. Mmmmmm fuck me my darling boy." After his initial slow entry, he began to speed up his pumping and soon I could feel his furry ball sac swinging to and fro, and hitting my pudendum with every stroke. Suddenly he yelled out "Oh yeah Mummy, I love fucking you, I'm going to spurt my baby juice up your beautiful pussy, and fill the womb I came from. Oh yeah, oh yeah, I'm going to come up your cunt, I'm cuuummmming, I'm cuuuummmming. Uuuunnnggghhhh!!!! Oh yes, yes yes!!!!" And with that I felt his big cock pumping load after load of hot fucking boy jism up my engorged cunt.

Richie gently pulled his cock out of me, and as he did strings of cum dribbled out and down my legs. I love the feel of fresh cum running down my thighs. "Sorry that was such a quickie Mum" he blushed, "but I just desperately needed to fuck you. Do you mind?" I tousled his hair. "Of course not, silly. Now that we are pleasuring each other on a regular basis there will be times when one or other of us simply needs a good shag. LOL." "But you didn't cum darling Mummy. I feel bad about that because I've made you really horny. What can I do to give you a nice big orgasm?" After thinking for a few minutes I suggested that we go out to the pub. He looked a bit confused, but went off to get changed.

When he came back down, I was wearing a see through top, my shortest skirt, very, very high-heeled slut shoes, and heavy eye make up, plus red lipstick. Richie stood back and looked before he let out a long low wolf whistle. "You look absolutely fucking fantastic! People will think you're my girlfriend, not my mother." "Thank you darling. What do you think of this?" I lifted my skirt to reveal that I wasn't wearing any knickers, and my neatly trimmed bush allowed my pussy to be clearly seen. " Now that you're fucking a real woman, I think I'm going to call you by a man's name - when we're out you're going to be Richard, ok" He nodded with a big smile on his face and led me to the car.

When we parked at the pub I made sure that I was somewhat "careless" of how I got out of the car, and a guy in his 30s who was walking his dogs got a nice surprise view. He walked past with a big smile on his face, and I waved at him to show that I knew he had seen up my skirt. I settled into a seat in the pub whilst Richard bought me a large glass of red wine and a coke for himself, as he was driving. The only other people in the pub were a couple of guys playing pool, and some watching football on the large screen telly. I had chosen a table between the gents loo and the bar, so that there was a good chance of being seen as guys walked past. Initially I sat with my legs crossed and my skirt pulled up quite high on my thighs. Once I was sure that a couple had noticed I moved how I sat on the chair, so that now I had my legs wide open under the table and my pussy cunt completely on show. As they were coming back from the loo, every one of the blokes slowed slightly to make sure that they had actually seen what they thought they did. I smiled straight back in their faces to make them absolutely sure that I was doing it deliberately.

After about ten minutes, a middle aged guy came over and asked if he could buy us a drink. We said sure, and he came back with our orders and a red wine for himself. His name was Gino and he owned the local Italian restaurant apparently. We started talking and he seemed very nice- we were all getting on very well. Richard excused himself to go to the gents. With me sitting there as exposed as I was, he probably needed a good hard wank LOL. When my son had gone into the loo, Gino pulled his chair closer, put his hand on my thigh and said "You're a very sexy lady. I like what I see. Does your boyfriend ever let you off the chain?" " I don't need to be off the chain, we allow each other to fuck around if we both agree that the other person is nice and looks like a decent fuck...." " Well I've been told before that Gino is short for Ginormous LOL!" "Oh I like them big - just how big are we talking Gino?" He then whispered that his cock was only 7 inches long, but really thick, and most women he'd fucked needed lots of lubricant to even get the head of his cock inside their cunts, let alone take all the way up to the hilt. "Don't worry, I once took a black chap who was 11 inches long, but admittedly he was long and thin. And I like a challenge!"

Richard returned and I told him that Gino might want to visit us sometime for some "fun". We swapped phone numbers, and Gino gave us the business card for his restaurant, telling us to come for a meal on the house any time. There was a bit of general chatter as we got up to leave, and we walked back past the guys at the bar, so they could get a good view of my generous boobs through my see through blouse. I gave them a smile and a wave, and we headed out to the car. As we drove home, my son told me just how horny it was being in the pub with his mother showing off her cunt and tits to all the blokes in the pub. It had indeed given him a huge hard on, and he recounted to me how he had stroked his cock hard until he had cum all over his hand at the urinal . I told him about my conversation with Gino, and we discussed the idea of a threesome, including them giving me spit-roast.

We were both getting incredibly horny again, and I still hadn't cum from earlier. My cunt was dripping wet, the lips were swollen, I started to frig myself in the car. When we stopped at traffic lights, the lorry driver in the next lane glanced down and saw me with my skirt around my waist, and three fingers pumping in and out of my sopping wet cunt. Just as the lights changed I orgasmed, bucking my ass off the passenger seat, and spurting girly cum everywhere. The lorry driver blew his horn. When I looked up at him he gave me the thumbs up sign. I told Richard to pass the lorry, then pull over into the next lay-by. The lorry pulled into the lay-by behind us. I got out of the car and walked around to the passenger door of the truck, and climbed in. "Fuck you're one sexy slut." said the driver. "Would you like to fuck me?" I asked. He just nodded dumbly and undid his trousers. I took his knob in my mouth and started to suck him off.

But that's another story....
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