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Sylvia was a petite lady of Mediterranean origin who, even after two k**s, had a figure to die for. She was married to George who managed a pizza restaurant in the city centre about 20km away. Sylvia was lonely.

I don't remember how I originally came to be involved with George and Sylvia but I literally tripped over her in the shopping centre one day she invited me back for a coffee.

About two hours later I arrived at her house and went to the front door which she answered at the same time as I rang the bell. It was summer time and she was dressed by then in a tiny bikini and a sort of long summer shirt over the top; no shoes.

We went into the kitchen and she made a lovely and very strong espresso that was served in two small cups. They were taken into the lounge room which was at the front of the house.

When I sat down she sat very close beside me and sort of looking up because even when sitting down 6ft 4ins looms over 5ft 2ins; it is slightly different lying down though!

We got to talking and she led most of the time telling me how her husband ignored her nowadays in many areas. Sex was obviously the main one and she was quite obviously busting to be fucked; however I decided to take it easy.

She said that George used to be great in bed and had a good thick and lengthy cock but of late the only thing he wanted to fuck was either his hand, her hand or her arse. She said she was happy to accept what she could get from him but it was only once or maybe twice in a week and she needed more.

She obviously wanted me to fuck her there and then and I was sorry to disappoint her because when it comes to fucking married women I always had one policy; do not do it in their homes.

Over the next month I used to pop around on a regular basis; thankfully it was within walking distance of my home but in a different suburb. I used to drink some of her beautiful coffee. On one occasion she was in her bikini and in the laundry of the house getting washing out of the machine. I went in there and we got to kissing and I would suck her nipples which drove her nuts.

I also used to play with her clit on the outside of the bikini and this took her from nuts to insane. She used to beg for me to fuck her there and then but something said to hold off.

It seemed after that that she did a lot of clothes washing because we always used to end up in the laundry starting off with her sitting on the machine. I would sick on her nipples, we would kiss and I would tickle her clit. She told me that each time after I left she would go and masturbate.

One day I guess that she had just about had enough of my reticence and whilst she was sitting on the washing machine she pulled down her bikini bottom and spread her legs so that I could see everything she had.

Well let me tell you that was an experience and a half. She had a pussy that was overgrown with the darkest Mediterranean pubic hair and it stunk! The first thing that sprung to mind was a shit-house door made out of fish crates; boy oh boy it was definitely off!

She spotted my reaction straight away and pulled up the bikini knickers and we retired to the kitchen.

She asked me why I didn't like her and I explained that her personal hygiene left a bit to be desired. George and other folks from the Med might appreciate the rankness that I was confronted with but not me.

I never have been a lover of pubic hairs on a woman, I like them as smooth as a cue ball. I certainly could not put my cock let alone my face down amongst that lot.

Sometimes the cock, which is remote from the nose, can handle rougher terrain than the sense of smell, but this one was very bad to the extent that I thought she must be suffering some complaint.

We had a conversation about all this and I left with a promise to return and a promise from her to clean up.

I never ever went back to her house after that but that was not the end of the liaison as she came around to visit me! The first time was about five days after my last visit when I saw her talking to a lady across the street from me. I went out and when she had finished there she saw me and came over; apparently that was a lady she dealt with on occasion on a business level.

We went into my house and had a very bland coffee and a chat and I invited her to return the next day; my wife was a shift worker and was due back in an hour but would be out the door the next day at 6.30am and not back till after 4.00pm.

Sylvia came back the next day about 10.00am and we had a coffee and got to chatting and she told me that she had made sure that everything was clean but she still had a biblical sized bush. I have always maintained a smooth persona so I volunteered to take the bush away and expose her pussy.

Sylvia was not sure about this because she felt that George would notice! I told her that George would definitely notice it if the bush had been there all their married life disappeared; I told her to tell him that she had been reading about this latest fashion in magazines and thought it would be nice to check it out. She said that if he complained then she would just tell him that he had not been paying her any attention so why would he worry. Good girl; made of stern stuff there!

We went up to the bathroom and she took her clothes off which was really the first time that I had seen her naked. It was brilliant, I had seen them before but her petite tits when viewed with the rest of the body were absolutely magnetic.

I bent down and sucked her nipples and of course got an erection on the spot. Her hand went down there and took hold of my throbbing manhood and she jumped. In those days I could muster 10" of thick cock and it looked all that much bigger because there were no pubic hairs. You could see it from the base of the shaft to the tip of the head and she was so impressed that she got on her knees and started sucking. I have to say now, with a certain amount of pride, that she could only get about half of it into her mouth but she sure as hell knew how to attend to it orally. If you use your imagination you would still come up short!

After a few minutes of 'hello getting to know you' we got in the shower and turned it on. The rubbing down that we gave each other was probably a bit over the top but I was in Hog Heaven when she got to my arse and cleaned that by massaging and penetrating with a couple of fingers.

I had a little plastic stool that I sat on to do the shaving and immediately decided that the razor and soap were not going to do the job on their own so the scissors had to come into action. I was amazed at the amount of bush that had to be cleared just to get down to being able to use the razor; these Med women certainly have thick growth.

Anyway to cut a long story short I cleared the thick bush and went to work with the shaving soap and razor. It took a fair bit of time to get the cue ball status that I prefer and I even did her arse and armpits. She looked like a different woman when I finished and when she looked in the mirror she was shocked at first and then got quite sexy, performing little gyrations that emphasised her pussy and arse. She was quite beautiful really.

After that I was down on my hands and knees having lifted the small circular grate in the shower and was getting rid of any evidence. All of a sudden I felt her hands on the cheeks of my arse so I wiggled it in fun. Then all of a sudden I could feel her fingers probing my hole and when I tried to look, without breaking my neck, I realised that it was not her fingers, she was actually rimming me and it was good.

It must have been a funny sight with me half way in the shower cabinet on my hands and knees with her face up my arse as she sucked on my hole; it remained that way for quite a few minutes and needless to say my diamond cutter returned and she set to milking it and sucking my hole.

After a while we went to the bedroom and christened my brand new water bed! She just jumped on it and got on all fours exposing her hairless pussy and arsehole. She then started wiggling it at me so I repaid the compliment, spread her cheeks and commenced to rim and suck her arsehole whilst all the time stroking my cock. She moaned at this and wobbled so much that it was fun just staying up her arse. She pushed back at my face so that she could get more tongue. The tongue being the strongest muscle in the body was also enjoying probing her hole. I could feel the muscle at the entrance opening and closing and I was able to get my tongue quite deep and have her hole close around it and expel it; she loved it and so did I.

This all took place many many years ago and lube was not a thing that was generally on sale in the supermarkets of the day, however my wife being a nurse had brought some home from the hospital. The great thing about this stuff was it was mildly anaesthetic and when it was applied to the cock it allowed you to go heaps longer than during a straight fuck. I believe that it had a similar effect on the pussy and everyone went on for hours; unfortunately I have never found anything like it since.

My wife brought this stuff home because my 10" cock required frequent servicing and sometimes she just did not lube up naturally. She never complained and seldom had a headache although most of the time I would just go it alone using her pussy as a depository.

This form of lube was within reach and I applied the required amount to my cock which had the effect of stiffening it but giving it a very mild anaesthetic as well. Sylvia's pussy was dripping but that was not the area of my interest as she had said that her husband used to fuck her arse. I decided I would do the same and the first she knew about it was when the head of my cock started to play around her hole.

At first she seemed to react negatively but then her hole pressed against my cock which by then had completely drained all the bl**d from my brain so all I wanted was the use of her body. Very difficult to think sensibly when your cock has control of body and brain!

I remember so well looking down and seeing my cock up against her what seemed to be such a tiny hole; after all maybe George's cock was not that large, she did seem surprised at mine.

I pushed down with my right thumb on the top of my head and it started to penetrate her arse and at the same time I heard a sharp intake of breath from her followed by a small 'squeak' and then the exhalation of air. When she did this the hole relaxed and the head started moving inwards. I could see the hole stretching to accommodate my diamond cutter and there were sounds coming forth from her that indicated that this was new territory. Then all of a sudden the head popped inside and she let out a cross between a moan of pleasure and pain.

At this point I let it rest for a moment until she had caught her breath again then I started to move slowly in and out, probing a bit deeper with each stroke.

It was obviously a lot larger than anything George had given her but she took it and moaned a bit but asked for more and more. I went in as far as I could and that first time was within ball swinging distance but not the whole weapon. I just gently fucked her arse and she kept asking for it harder so I took it up a couple of notches but nothing violent.

After a little while I took it out and being the gent that I am I gave it a wipe down and surveyed her wet pussy. The first thing was to get rid of some of natures lube so I got down there and sucked and sucked her pussy which just about made her cum. I have to admit that it was the sweetest pussy around and nothing like the repulsive a****l I was confronted with a week or so earlier.

I just buried my face in her pussy as she rested on the bed doggie fashion. She spread her legs and pushed per pussy onto my face and it was brilliant. I turned her around and put her on her back and offered my cock for sucking telling her that I needed priming. She told me that I should not leave anything inside her and I thought that was funny because I was going to plunder her pussy and not her mouth.

She did a great job sucking my cock as I tried to shove it down her throat but that only induced gagging which is never good. I told her then that I was going to fuck her brains out and did she want it doggie or on her back and she said that she wanted to see my face all the way through.

So there she was on her back with her legs up in the air and a great view of both holes and I was about to fill in the one I had yet to visit. I rubbed my very hard cock against her pussy, tickling her clit and the pussy flaps until she demanded I get in there and fuck her. I started my entry to her warm, moist pussy and just kept on going until it was all in there. I was watching her face all the way and some of the time her eyes were closed and she moaned and other times they were wide open as she came to terms with the size of the weapon. Never the less she took it all and I was most certainly ball deep inside her with her legs around my bum trying to push more of me into her.

Just to be there with my cock that far in her was unbelievable in the feeling that she owned the cock and was looking after it just right. I often felt like I had died and gone to heaven. The feeling of completeness with all of my cock inside her was blissful and she just lay there with her pussy occasionally sucking at it. I have never worked out what it was but there was something like another set of lips that seemed to be sucking at the eye of my cock, it was very pleasant and sensuous; so we both just lay there and luxuriated in the feelings.

There must be something in the male brain that activates movement because after a while my cock started to stroke in and out, it was not a conscious move, just a desire to do it and she loved it.

I had her wrists held down above her head as I started fucking her properly and was able to sink my head down and suck her tits. She just took everything I could give to her and moaned in pleasure begging for more, deeper and harder.

I really got up to just about pounding her with my fucking but she was way away in another world and then she started to stiffen up, her body arched and my cock just instinctively knew it was time to lay a load in her pussy. It is not often that two people can reach an orgasm together but we did it it that day.

Her body was literally wracked with the orgasm to the extent that she almost lifted me up in the air; the strength behind it was awesome. By the same token my cock achieved an amazing sense of power and my orgasm was indescribable with my seed being pumped in great spurts into the pussy of this lovely lady. I don't remember cumming that heavily at any other time before that.

After everything calmed down we both went and had a shower and another coffee and she left. I hope that she felt as satisfied as I did.

We had five more liaisons like over the next months but nowhere near as intense. One day after I had not heard from her for a week or two I drove past her house and it was empty with a 'SOLD' sign outside.

Some considerable time later I found out that she and her husband moved to another City; he had got another job and she was pregnant.

I never was sure about her request 'don't leave anything inside' as I presumed that she was talking about cumming in her mouth. I sure as hell dumped a load in her pussy but she never said a word about it.
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