Okay so I have been thinking about it for a while but today I did it, I went into the premises and up the stairs and waited my turn.

A gorgeous young lady beckoned me in to a room where I took clothes off, not all of them, just some.

Then she sat me in a reclining chair and started to play with my nipples! Now I do not get a hard on nowadays but I definitely got a flicker in the knickers so to speak.

She very carefully massaged one and then the other and did all manner of horny things with her hands.

Then after a moment or two she smiled nicely at me and 'HOLY FUCKING OUCH!!' That was the left one pierced. Then she snipped a bit off the piercing stick, fitted the bar to the end and pulled it through and that made they eyes water too. Next was the bit at the end which was screwed on and that did not hurt at all.

The human brain is an amazing piece of kit because when she went to do the right nipple she again smiled and 'HOLY DOUBLE FUCKING OUCH!!!' the piercing stick went through. I thought to myself that the first one didn't hurt like that, but it did; the brain just did not want to remember it.

On both occasions I can tell you that the split second when the piercing takes place sure as hell straightened me out and I do mean that, my legs shout out and I said words. Apparently not bad words but words or expletives none the less.

One can suffer paralysis by analysis in many areas and this was one for me. It is something that I have wanted to do for a while but I asked folks and even had a look at on-line videos. The videos tell the truth, your friends and acquaintances DO NOT!! None of them said it hurt, they all said it was pretty cool which once again makes me believe that the brains of these people don't want to remember it either.

I thought that it was important to impart to others that it does fucking hurt but like all men I am tough and my brain has forgotten the pain.

Anyone contemplating nipple piercings should just go and get it done, take no notice of this story or your friends or even enemies; just go and get it done.

I did also enquire about other piercings lower down the body and she told me that a couple of rings in and around the cock would be no problem. I don't know if she was teasing me but she said that most guys get an erection when it is being done and if not she gets one for them or maintains the one given to her.

I am thinking about it but right now I am proud of my nipple pins so guys and gals you should go and get it done. If an old fart like me can get it done then so should you and it really doesn't hurt!
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