I am way to scared to go dogging and can be a bit shy to go to gay venues but I have needs and as a sub bottom I really do need to be comprehensively shagged; the more often the better.

Some time ago I went to a 'north' London sauna once and when I walked in the door the fellow at the counter asked me if I realised it was a Gay sauna. I am a very straight looking guy and if you thought I was gay you may say a very dominant top, but the truth lies elsewhere.

I told the young fellow that I realised what the establishment provided and after the payment of the obligatory £14 I went in.

I had been to other saunas but let me tell you that it was worth the entrance fee just to walk in the door of this one. The place was brilliant; it was clean, bright and dark in the right places and full of folks that had a smile on their faces; and I do mean full.

The changing facilities were great as was the spa, sauna, steam room, tv room, and the mysterious dark room; not to mention their very own performing arts centre.

I am not a small body and neither am I particularly attractive and in my opinion and that is why they have dark rooms, just for me! However I do believe that the towel they gave all of us was not designed to be put around the waist or hide anything. At least by holding it in a particular way I could hide my tiny cock of which I am not too proud but it is all I have now.

In any Gay sauna I love the steam room so that is where I normally head after a shower or jacuzzi and shower. Being a born optimist the first thing I do before going into the steam room is to break open a sachet of gel and give my hole a good lubricating. There is always a heap left over and I just sit in the steam room and after a very short time and when perspiration takes over I rub it all over my body.

This time I went into the steam room and there were two guys there so I sat down; there never seems to be much chat in these places. After a couple of minutes one guy left the room so I stood up and rubbed the balance of the gel over my chest and cock and sat down. Then it is a continuous massaging of cock, balls and nipples and even though you are doing it yourself it is brilliant.

I thought at first that this guys foot touched me by mistake but then it crept up my leg obviously in search so I sat back and opened my legs wide exposing my cock and balls. The foot continued upwards until it found my equipment and rubbed and kneaded it; I was in hog heaven with my eyes closed.

That rubbing stopped and he moved closer and commenced to massage my whole body with his hands, which I just sucked up and enjoyed. He bent down a bit and started sucking on my right nipple whilst still massaging my cock and balls.

Whilst I have but a tiny cock I have large balls and this guy really gave them a work out; even to the extent where it was pleasantly painful. He slowly went down with his lips to my tiny cock and took it in his mouth and sucked and sucked and sucked hard. It does get a sort of erection and did exactly that for him; in fact I thought I was going to cum and blow my £14! What silly things go through your mind at a time like that.

My brain sort of exploded a bit as the lube allowed his hand to slip under my balls and find my hole which he started to probe with a finger. There was nothing I could do in retaliation because of the position I was in, I simply could not reach.

At this point another guy came into the room but this new presence did not deter either of us. My anonymous partner indicated that he wanted to step up the relationship with my hole and got me to turn around.

There is no doubt that someone was massaging my hole with their cock but the thing that made me take notice was that after a short while my partner there started rimming me. I nearly exploded this time and partially lost control.

I became aware of the other guy sitting down beside me and massaging my back and the area of my hole which was not being licked, sucked and probed by tongue. He reached down underneath and grabbed hold of my tiny dick and big balls in his hand and gave them an almighty tug which was a tad painful but not unacceptable.

At this point the rimming ceased and the door opened and close and my anonymous partner left and remained that way to this day but what a wonderful experience. I stood up and the other guy kept a hold of my cock and balls and pulled them down like he was trying to take an apple off a tree. I managed to retrieve my equipment and thanked him and he in turn said 'You were about to cum and I just saved you £14.' I thought to myself how great minds think alike and I do think I was about to cum. I went and had a shower.

Now this place was fair hopping that afternoon and a Sunday at that! I went up to the tv room which had padded benches stepped like in a sauna. I sat on a top one and watched the standard issue porn of boy meets boy, chit chat, clothes taken off, kissing, sucking and then the best bit, the fucking with associated moans. I never moan I just say 'more' and 'harder'

There was about eight other guys of varying ages sitting there watching and keeping the engine ticking over. For the uninitiated I mean that they were sitting there stroking themselves and keeping the erection up.

Unfortunately when you are only clothed in a small towel and a rubber band with locker key, there is nowhere to hide the eyebrow tweezers so I had to stroke mine with two fingers. That did not do a lot for my ego or cock but seemed, with the help of a fucking great big cock plundering a small arse on the tv, to give it some kind of life. After a few minutes I threw caution to the wind, put the towel beside me, laid back a bit, spread the legs and stroked my minimalist equipment.

After a few minutes of doing this to no avail this one young chappie jumped off the bench opposite and came over and started squeezing my balls and played with my cock. I thought to myself that I would be more than happy to let him do this for as long as he wanted so I sat back and enjoyed the attention. This attention very quickly turned into him sucking and chewing on my slightly enlarged cock. Next up was two other guys that sat either side of me they played with and sucked on my nipples; now this was getting better by the moment especially as the guy doing the sucking had found my hole and was fingering it.

So there I am sitting there enjoying all of this attention when there was a little bit of movement and shadow. When I opened my eyes there was this guy standing in front of me on the lower bench with an enormous cock that he proceeded to put in my mouth.

Now I have one guy still sucking my cock and fingering my hole, two others sucking my nipples and rubbing me all over and a massive cock in my mouth; which was getting more demanding by the minute.

It seemed but only a minute of sucking on my part before the cock was noticeably harder and his movements more intense. All of a sudden he let out with one of several almighty groans as he shot his creamy load into the back of my throat and to be honest it was so much that I had difficulty swallowing it without gagging. It was an immense and thick load, so thick that if he had hit the ceiling with it then it would have still been there years later.

I actually swallowed three, four maybe even five waves of cum then I licked his cock clean and he carefully backed off as he was balanced precariously and one's balance is not the best after a large orgasm.

Many times I have been complemented on my oral skills and this guy was no exception and announced to all and sundry that it was the best blowjob he had had anywhere at any time. It was then that I realised his big body had obscured my view of the audience. There were heaps in there watching me get a seeing too, it is only a standard sized room but I reckon there were about thirty guys in there with their motors ticking over.

When this big guy blew his load in my mouth I reckon that he must have decided that was where he wanted to invest his £14 because I never saw him again and the other guys kind of melted into the background. Maybe I was set up for that performance, but if so then it was brilliant.

Whilst that was a great bit of fun it was far from the end of the day. I was talking to one guy and told him I was basically looking for a good shagging and he told me that he could not help but what I should do.

There are private rooms of some sort in all these saunas and this place was well fitted out. Many folks will understand me when I say that there are these benches in the rooms, some single and some double, and they each have a mattress in them. What I had to do was go into one of these room and leaving the door open bend over and place my hands on the mattress, then spread my legs and open up my cheeks so that passers by can see my hole or at least the entrance way.

He told me to lube up big time and just sort of be provocative with my arse and wait for the action. This I did and within a few moments I got all excited as this person entered the room. He emptied the bin and left as he was apparently a member of staff! Not a real good start so I stood there wiggling my arse and eventually a guy came in and stood beside me. Everyone seemed to want to drag my balls to the ground this day because that is what that guy wanted to do but at least he fingered me as well, then he left. The next person to come in made a valiant attempt to fist me and I made a valiant attempt to accommodate him but his hands were just that much too big.

There were several folks that came in and did nothing but look, maybe even put a finger up my hole but did not stay. The third main contender came in and I could feel his cock being banged against one of my cheeks, then I could feel it about to plunder my hole but it got withdrawn, which is somewhat confusing when you cannot really see what is taking place. Although I could see through my legs that he was down on his knees wanking as hard as he could. Then joy of joys I could feel his tongue rimming me and he was sucking hard and wanking hard then all of a sudden he spurted big time and it was all over.

The last guy that came in played with my cock and balls and fingered my arse and he asked me if I wanted to be shagged. I said that I would love it and he said to come with him and we went to a large room which was some kind of small auditorium and on the small stage was what looked like a house painters 'A' frame trestle, the type where they have two and put a plank between them to get to the higher part of a wall.

Anyway this piece of kit looked more up market than that and had cushioning, stirrups and wrist restraints. The deal was that you spread your legs and bend over the trestle then your ankles and wrists were restrained. I did all this and it was a tad uncomfortable at first then I was lubed up.

After a few seconds there was a trickle of folks and then a rush and of course I realised that I would be performing before an audience, or at least getting shagged before one. This did not particularly worry me and I just hoped I would not let the side down so to speak, but there was a level of trepidation I guess.

The first guy came up and to be honest with you I could see very little, but feel a lot. This guy commenced by sniffing poppers and making me do the same. I felt the head of his cock pushing and sniffing around my hole then he banged it in with all the power he had. Now that made me squawk and the audience cheered him on and not me!

I don't know if it was the poppers but he lasted less than thirty seconds before he came. There was a Master of Ceremonies because when the first bloke finished he shoved something up my hole which I guess was like a reverse douche; then he wiped it clean and applied more lube.

I can take some big stuff up my hole and love every minute of it but this next bloke was barely making the entrance. Never the less he went through the motions and it was all over in a couple of minutes but I swear I could not feel him.

The next guy must have been going for a world record in personal weight. When he went to put his cock in my hole he had to lift up his stomach and plop it down on my back and he also had a tiny cock. I shouldn't really complain because at least his works!

The next guy came along and it was made clear that it was the first time that he had fucked a guy. He had a decent rod and got it up and running and with a bit of guidance from the MC managed to pop it past the entrance. He kind of gently pushed in and pulled out and pushed in a bit, then, as expected, he let out a moan and pushed it in as far as it would go and I could honestly feel it pumping.

The now non-virgin says that it was much better than pussy as it was tighter and warmer. A nice comment.

The MC did his job and the next cock in line came up and the first thing he did was to start spanking me and telling me I was his bitch and how he was going to fuck me so hard.

I wasn't quite ready for the start of the spanking but he was not to be the only one that day to spank me. Then he shove his cock in my hole and with a lot of cussing and what amounted to a virtual ****, he pushed me almost off the stage area. It was violent and I have to say that I have never experienced anything like it since.

For some reason the ego of this guy did not let him drop his load in my hole but he insisted on wanking it out and over my back. Maybe to show what a big fucker he is. I thought him a total idiot but he was a bit of fun.

I really don't know how many guys fucked me that day but I understand that it only went on for about twenty minutes to half an hour. Everyone that got to me was done and dusted in about two to four minutes, some even quicker.

When it was all over the MC and I went to a private shower room where he washed me down and cleaned out my arse with a douche that was fitted to the shower.

After that pounding you would think I would have a gaping hole that you could drive a truck into and it would all be sore for days after but I had no after effects and never have.

Due to parking restriction, even on a Sunday, I was only at this establishment for about three hours. I remained for a while after the performance and sucked and swallowed a couple of guys. Got shagged by one other who had wanted to come forward during the performance but was shy but I never ever got rid of my own load.

When I left the young fellow on the desk commented on the fact that I had enjoyed myself. Apparently the whole show is recorded on video and they watched it live downstairs. He said that if I wanted it wiped they would do so, if not then they would use it in house. I told them to go for it so I may have been a silver daddy star even then.

I believe that I got my £14 worth!

Is every day in a sauna like that? Well I think not, I think I was just lucky that day and the long drive was more than worth it. I go to saunas that are more local to me and sometimes there is little or no action but normally if I go into a room and do the arse wiggle someone will come and play.

After this particular visit I had to relieve myself with a big wanking session on the webcam from home. It is not easy with a retired cock but it can be done if I wear a cock ring. Also the pleasure is more intense especially when I know that heaps of folks are watching me do it live on the internet.

100% (5/0)
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2 years ago
Thanks for a great erotic tale
2 years ago
Very erotic love to read more storie from you