I did a porn movie just before Xmas last year! Now why would you think that anyone would want to see a sixty-six year old male doing silly things naked with two other guys? Well they do and they pay to see these things.

It was all very surreal when you consider that I went down to Bournemouth to do it; I would not consider Bournemouth to be a centre for too many things, let alone porn movies of gay old farts in full flight.

I was picked up at the railway station and in that moment I had met the cameraman, producer, director, sound man, lighting man, Foley artist, hairdresser, make up consultant, financier and cleaner. All of those qualities were rolled into the one person who was a happy, straight European gent.
We also picked up the other two members of the team and headed off for the location; which turned out to be a large Victorian house somewhere in Bournemouth or Boscombe. During the trip the producer etc., who we shall call Sid for the sake of convenience, told us the plot of the story and it was interesting and easy to remember.

The plot was that the three old farts, including one younger dominant fart, were playing cards at a table, fully dressed. We actually used UNO cards and made out it was Poker or something. I don’t play cards but I know how to slam them down and look serious.

At some stage not too long after the camera was rolling the game would appear to finish and I would sit there looking cool. Then it was basically follow the script but the script had to be made up as we went along.

The other two guys got it on by kissing each other and taking their clothes off so I did the same and found the more dominant of the two generated a powerful amount of interest in me and came and got started. He started on my neck and nipples and worked his way down which was all very nice. Then it was ‘cut’ and we had to move the table because he had gone out of shot!

With the table moved it was back to the action and this guy just went down and started munching on my cock and balls, still very nice and fun. Then the other guy came in and gave my nipples a seeing too.

I was about to turn turtle and expose my best asset and get it fucked when the action was cut again. This time it was for a move to the summer house; in the middle of winter!

To do this we all had to get dressed up again because it was separate to the house and we had to walk through the garden. When we got there it was all about setting up the shot with lights and camera, taking clothes off and hiding them out of shot.

We got down to business and basically it was the dominant male attempting to fist me and damn near succeeding. I can assure you that if I look a bit stressed on the video then it is because I was; it felt like this guy was trying to drive a London bus up my arse. This guy tried everything to provide a shot of my arse getting fisted but it just was not going to take the intruder; which caused a lot of shouting from my end.

The end result of a porn movie may seem to be a fest of fucking, sucking and tweaking and it if does then Sid has done his job this time. Making it is another story entirely. There were many interruptions and where in real life things may go along just nicely, when it comes to recording it as a video it has to be put together and is complicated.

The third gentleman decided that he didn’t want to be in a video after all so things had to be done again without him. When you do things for the fourth or fifth time it seems to lose its spontaneity so I have great respect for the real actors we see on our television each day. I also have respect for those that make video’s at home or go live because it is not easy.

All in all approximately an hour of video was shot which was edited down to thirty five minutes and then produced as a finished article of twenty five minutes in length.

All in all it was fun and so far I have not seen the finished article. We were paid expenses but I went there for the fun. We were also treated to a splendid lunch at a Gay restaurant in Bournemouth.

So I can now consider myself a porn actor and would happily do it again as there is a market to be met. I enjoy playing with youth and letting them play with me and there are any amount that seek the Older person; well here I am boys so let's get into it. Maybe I can convince Sid to make a youth fucking older guys movie; who knows...

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