Life ..

I sit here naked at my laptop typing away telling this narrative. It is a bit of history as I know it.

I have been contacted by a young guy that wants to be with an older male and this is not unusual, I have had the pleasure of many young men in the past few years, the youngest being eighteen years of age, or so I was told. I understand now he was a bit younger and I don't know his name or anything so it is irrelevant but good.

I have done all the right things, had a shave and a shower, douched out my arse so there are no nasties around, put a bit of smelly stuff on and lubed up. So whilst I feel a bit like a whore I am not charging and will let him fuck me bareback. I leave it to the partner of the moment to make the decision for themselves whether they want to wear a condom or go au naturel.

I have never in my life worn a condom for sex as it was never a requirement. In the sixties along came the pill so having sex with a female was a gimme and believe me we went berserk. It is said that if you can remember the sixties then you were not in it. I do remember emigrating from the UK to Australia but the rest will no doubt come back to me one day; oh yes I did also get married.

I make no distinction between the sexes nowadays and will engage sexally with either so needless to say I have received a considerable amount of cum either orally or anally, or all over the bl**dy place. I have also slopped out many pussies in my time and all of this is meant to be protein and good for you so maybe that has helped me live the life I do.

When I was a very small k** I was always anally interested and used to play with bits of soap in the bath, squeezing them up my tiny hole.

When I was about ten years old I went to a swimming pool with a friend of mine and he decided he would like to fuck me but I really doubt that we knew what that was. Anyway after one fruitless attempt he managed to penetrate me and whilst it was a tad uncomfortable at first it felt nice when he was in. Then he panicked because he had this enormous erection and could not withdraw. After he calmed down so did the erection and all was well.

In my early teens a male friend and I used to get into bed and play with each other. It started off as wanking races then got more intimate. Try though I might I could not get him to fuck me but we used to suck each other off; I used to suck him dry and swallow but he could not do that.

I told my story about my first fucking in another story that is here online on my profile I guess. I was sixteen and whilst I had had experience with my young male friend I had not had any with an adult.

He was about 48yrs of age and was the first person to suck me dry and later to bend me over on the sofa, put his cock in my hole and fuck me till he came. I got kind of addicted to it after that and at one time he invited a whole bunch of young friends around. It was a great party but I was the centre of attention and I sucked them all and they all fucked me one after the other, leaving their spunk in me. The host made me squat over a towel and drain it all out before he showed the boys how to really fuck a young 'un.

People often say how they got fucked so much they could hardly walk or sit down for a week. I copped some major action in my teens and never encountered that problem. I must have had an arse with a gape like the Euro Tunnel but it never worried me and never has.

At this point I must have had an epiphany because at the ripe old age of 21yrs I lost my heterosexual virginity; I am led to believe that I scored a direct hit and she got pregnant. On reflection I doubt if I was the father as the timing just did not work out; it was a borderline immaculate conception. Anyway she never pursued the matter.

It was just after that encounter that I left the UK and spent many years in Australia and rather like a small time crook, I went straight.

I went so straight that I never touched another cock for many many years and not only that but I was married three times and fathered about eleven k**s. I was a damn good fuck with a full 10" throbbing cock; one lady measured it one day and another had her first orgasm at the age of 35yrs having had two great k**s fifteen and ten years before.

I do say about eleven k**s because mostly I was just a sperm donor in the natural sense in that it got around that I was a good fuck with good genes and I used to fill in the odd lady. So if you ever read about a woman with five k**s to five different fathers, well it was an industry for me and I don't condemn them. I do however own up to the last two whom I love dearly.

Several years ago I became single again and went to live on the Gold Coast which is about 110km south of Brisbane. That is where I got back into the Gay culture but basically non scene. To see me now you would think me quite straight; the most dangerous ones.

I got chatting with a guy online and he eventually came around to see me. I think he must have thought I was having regular partners because when we got down to business he just about blew the wax out of my ears when he fucked me. Man did he do the hard yards there. I have to say that he was the first live and spitting cock to get into me in many a year; however I have had a lot of practice with a dildo and the odd piece of fruit.

One of the unfortunate by products of advanced years is that the 10" throbber is no longer available and this is compounded by type two diabetes and tablets. Nowadays I can raise a bit of interest but there is a lot of use of cock rings and similar aids. It will not stand of its own accord any more and certainly cannot penetrate; so when one door closes another one opens, sort of.
but you have to seek it.

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body and I decided that I would make it work for me and my partners together with my hands and the odd dildo and other aid if necessary.

I get great enjoyment out of oral sex performed on guys or gals but primarily on guys. I enjoy the feel of a hot stiff cock in my mouth and it gives my control freak side a bit of fun. I can work a cock like you would work the volume on your iPlayer. Guys usually just lay back and play cool for a while then with a flick of the tongue, a nip of the teeth, a suck of the lips and you get a reaction. Once you have that reaction then that man is yours!

You have basic control of his life for the next few minutes. Robin Williams the comedian once said 'there is only enough bl**d in the body to service the brain or the cock but not both.' Once you have the cock control of another the brain goes into a holding pattern. Sure it does work but it is thinking about ejaculation and the buzz that goes with it.

I can then bring the person on to within a short distance of ejaculation then slowly let them back down and bring them back up again and that alone feels brilliant. It is an art form because if you let them down too fast the brain engages and all is lost.

I like to pleasure the guys over many minutes until it is obvious that it is not going to be controllable for much longer. I take them to the point where they want to graph my ears and fuck my face but I offer them my hunny hole and have never had a knock back. It is always lubed up and ready and they think they are kings when they plunge into it and within a minute they are hollering like stuck pigs as they empty out their cum into my arse. Job done and they go home.

Whenever I am at the Sauna I do not aim to suck the guys dry because the fact of life is that after you cum you lose interest When it has cost you about £15 to get in the door it is more fun to muck around and get your money's worth than go home after half an hour.

I enjoy male to male sex immensely. I like to be used, which does not mean that you can torture of beat me. I am quite large and you might get me angry but I don't mind a bit of nipple or cock and ball torture. My next step is to investigate BDSM and see if that is for me.

I like being fucked and particularly during Group Sex where I was once spit roasted by ten guys. They all fucked me orally and then emptied out by fucking me anally. It sounds a bit perverted but what the fuck, we are here for a good time not a long time and at the end of the night eleven guys went on their various ways quite happy.

Timing is perfect as the young fellow has turned up, or it may be the Postman, but someone is ringing the door bell. Let's see what he has for me ..

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